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Get to the Point Eastern Region Mission Statement: Safety First, Standards Always, Selfless Service in Everything We Do. October 8, 2008

“Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” -William Shakespeare

Volume XIV, Issue 24

Rep the ‘A’ to the Max. Kudos to Badger 3 and Raven 7 who left the Point on Sunday morning to make the 25-hour drive to Austin, Texas in two days! Raven 4 participated in the Camp Sunshine Pumpkin Fest this past weekend in Cumberland, Maine. They didn‟t break the world record, but they did help carve, light and distribute about 26,000 jack-o-lanterns! Raven 5 did some “Outside the Box, Inside the Box CAPping” this week by posting signs about AmeriCorps inside the Port-a- potties at their base camp.

According to Raven 5, “It has been very well received and we have gotten several comments about our “reading material.” Eagle 3 participated in a districtwide pep rally at Pascagoula High School called “Destination Graduation.” They had a CAP booth alongside Northrup Gruman, the District Attorney‟s office and several other businesses and organizations. The event was held to promote students staying in high school and a community-wide effort to reduce the drop out rate.

Life After AmeriCorps Inside this issue: Specialty Role Updates




No Politics in the ‘A’


Raven 6


Disaster Update


Bursting the Ameri-Bubble


Ahhh! Only 36 days until graduation and we are all homeless and jobless. Don‟t worry, the Project Department has your back. The Resource Library here at B-15 is teeming with college guides, test preparation materials, books about job interviews and “knock „em dead” resumes. For those of you looking for a new and interesting job, there are books and guides about jobs in the non-profit sector, jobs abroad, jobs outdoors... Your Team Trainer has a list of what materials are in the Resource Library.

If you are applying to college, don‟t forget to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as the FAFSA. Also, to see a list of the 78 colleges that match the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award go to: for_individuals/benefits/ ed_award_match.asp. To use that $4,725 Education Award simply visit your page at:

Per tradition, there will be a slideshow highlighting the entire Corps shown at the Awards Ceremony on November 12. Please e-mail any photos that you are dying to have in the slideshow to Sophie at or

Specialty Role Updates CAP Representatives: We are still missing CAP Final Project Reports for Round 3 from the following teams: Badger 6, Eagle 1 and 6, Raven 1,3 and 7 and Wolf 1, 4 and 5. Please FedEx or e -mail these to Sophie or Janet ASAP! You are not required to complete Formal CAP Events while on disaster, but it doesn‟t hurt to talk up NCCC to anyone who will listen! We have not received any CAP Event Summary sheets from any of the teams not on disaster. Remember, schools are back in session and

we still expect three formal CAP events from each team, especially since it‟s fourth round and, by now, everyone is a genius at recruiting and telling the NCCC story of service!

tember 12. All Team Leaders received an e-mail listing the missing items from each team this past Monday. If you have not turned in these items, please do so by emailing or ASAP!! Reminder: The deadline for Media Representatives: We are still missing Media Final Round 4 yearbook photos and enProject Reports for Round 3 from tries is Wednesday, October 22. the following teams: Badger 4 and The remaining teams and due 6, Eagle 1, 4 and 6 and Wolf 4 and dates for Team Spotlight articles for 6. Please FedEx or e-mail these to Get to the Point are: Badger 7 and Sophie or Janet ASAP! Eagle 7 due Monday, October 13; YEARBOOK entries and photos and Raven 7 and Wolf 7 due Monfor Round 3 were due Friday, Sep- day, October 20.

Attention Media Representatives!! Headshots of each CM and TL in their formal T-shirt are due by October 22! Please e-mail all photos to Sophie at or

Lights, Camera, Action! There are stars amongst us. Tamra Helm and Justin Wolfe, both of Wolf 1, had a reprieve from their Corps Member duties in the Okeefenokee Swamp in order to take part in the marketing video

being shot as part of the new NCCC outreach campaign scheduled to be unveiled during Class XV. Tamra and Justin were among 11 Corps Members, Team Leaders and NCCC alumni asked to participate in the video. The NCCC cast members, representing the current campuses, Tamra Helm is shown on the monitor while spent three days in a Bal- reading lines for the new NCCC video. timore studio reciting lines under hot lights and recreating ordinary NCCC For an insider perspective, visit Jusprojects in a studio. “It was pretty nerve 2008/09/movie-stars.html racking,” Justin admitted on his blog, “but I got tin‟s blog at: Members from the four NCCC campuses act in front things done.” Page 2 of a “green screen” for the new NCCC video.

No Politics in the ‘A’! Given that we are in the final weeks of a Presidential campaign, I wanted to remind everyone to continue to be careful and not discuss politics while in the „A‟. Political activity is perfectly ac-

ceptable while not on duty or in uniform. But, please do not attend a rally, hold a sign, wear a button...while on duty, wearing your uniform, while using a government vehicle... It is the Hatch Act that governs the political activity of government employees at the Federal, State, and local levels. If a reporter/sponsor/community

member asks something like, “Who are you going to vote for?” and you are wearing your uniform, an acceptable answer is something like, “I hope whoever wins the election continues to support NCCC and national service.”

All STLs and UDAs are now back in office! Call them if you need anything!

Raven 6 Raven 6 is living it up in the Garden State, but let me assure you, it is nothing like the movie. The team wakes up every morning afraid to crawl out from under our blankets and sleeping bags, our only escape from the cold New Jersey air that engulfs us at Camp Sun N‟ Fun. You can now see your breath inside the open air cabins, and it‟s not much better in the kitchen or the bathrooms; needless to say, the number of showers taken per week by members of Raven 6 has decreased by 60 percent. Other than the bitter cold, we are thoroughly enjoying our time at camp, especially around the fire pit. All the pyros on the team (Cammo) now have an outlet for their obsessions, though the camp is quickly running low on wood. At any rate, the fires are a nice break from the cold, and they are really bringing the team together. Cabin 10 is also a favorite, hosting computers, a wireless connection, couches, mysterious liquids that appear over night, a DVD player and a TV with cable where Heather and Brooke find their guilty pleasures in Gossip Girl

by Amanda Pfaff and 90210, where Amanda can hardly separate her own reality from that of One Tree Hill, and where Liz demands Thursday nights for Supernatural, regardless of whether or not the vice presidential debate is on. The team spends one day a week working at the camp, right now they are setting up for the Halloween walk, one of the annual fundraisers. We spend the day being creative in the themed cabins, some of which include pirates, witches and wizards, UFO and spider maze. Basically, we‟re making something similar to a haunted house at the camp, only to keep it family friendly, it will not be scary. Regardless, we love playing with costumes, decorating the rooms and coming up with ideas for the event. The other four days of the week Raven 6 works at the Camden Children‟s Garden, quite possibly the most amazing host organization and sponsor that NCCC has ever witnessed. The staff is hilarious and we‟re always laughing about something, whether it‟s little Freddy, or Carlos swearing up and down that

Jeff has tried to kill him on several occasions. We love being at the garden, not just because of the Carousal and Spring Ride, and the staff, and the kids, but we get to choose from a variety of work; weeding, installing new additions to the garden, putting up and painting trim, helping design, build and paint sets for upcoming festivals, and working the festivals. In fact, on the September 29, Cammo paraded around the garden, talking and posing with kids, with a fairy on his arm, as he was clad in a blue velvet wizards robe, lined with shiny silver sequins, and a wizard hat to match. Of course, the best part was that the robe was about a foot too short for him, and his Ameri-Boots were stealing the show. All in all, the team is head over heals for this project, and we sure are going to be sad to leave when all is said and done. But until then we‟re just going to enjoy the time we have and try our best to stay warm!

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Disaster Update! First off, a disaster acronym for your knowledge: ERV: It‟s a Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicle that drives around communities affected by disasters handing out hot meals. On Monday, October 6 Red Cross called for a team to be deployed to work in Houston, Texas at a shelter. This new composite team is being led by Jayme Winebrenner of Raven 4 and includes: Cody Broadhurst and Annie Braine of Raven 4, Alex Curtiss and Amy Wang of Raven 6, Christian Burrows and Amy Ross of Eagle 4, Maxwell Hughes and Kelsey Lantz of Badger 5, and Jennifer Russell of Eagle 3.

Texas Badger 2 and Raven 5 are in Galveston running logistics for the FEMA base camp. Raven 3 and Wolf 5 are also in Galveston loading and riding on ERVs. Badger 4 is in Galveston helping to staff a Red Cross client shelter. Badger 3 and Badger 6 are in Austin working with FEMA in Disaster Response Centers (DRCs) to help hurricane victims register for FEMA assistance. Raven 7 is also in Austin being trained to do needs assessments in different communities. Eagle 1 is in Beaumont staying at the Ford Arena Base Camp and working at two DRCs in Port Arthur and Buna.

Louisiana Raven 1 is in Baton Rouge on a FEMA deployment working with Catholic Charities to run a call center and input information from calls into a database. Raven 2 is in Lake Charles mucking and gutting homes. Wolf 2 is in Chavuein wrestling alligators out of the homes that were destroyed by the hurricane and making lots of gumbo for the people of Texas. Eagle 6 just ended their assignment in Houma and is headed to their project, Hands On Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi. Robin Nixon, Chris Quaka and Sean Kuether are all in Texas working with the Disaster Cadre!

Class XIV Awards Last week each member received a nomination sheet for the Class XIV Awards in the FedEx These pink sheets are due to Janet Boyer by Friday, October 24!

Bursting the Ameri-Bubble Monday, September 29 NASA‟s Phoenix spacecraft discovered evidence of past water at its Martian landing site and spotted falling snow for the first time.

Thursday, October 2 Vice-Presidential candidates Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin attended their first and only debate in St. Louis.

Tuesday, September 30 As 12,000 worshippers gathered in the City of Jodhpur for the start of a nine-day Hindu religious festival, a sudden panic caused a stampede that killed at least 200 people and injured at least 60 more.

Friday, October 3 After the House reversed course and gave final approval to the $700 billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, President Bush quickly signed it into law, authorizing the Treasury to undertake what could become the most expensive government intervention in history. After the bailout was signed into law, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell below 10,000 for the first time in five years. “Today,” said an

Wednesday, October 1 A new study suggests that the AIDS virus has been circulating among people for about 100 years, decades longer than scientists had thought.

income strategist, “is watching the sky fall.” The government reported the loss of 159,000 jobs in September, the worst month of retrenchment in five years. Saturday, October 4 In the American League, the Boston Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and will play the Tampa Bay Rays who defeated the Chicago White Sox for the AL title. In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Chicago Cubs and will play the Philadelphia Phillies, who defeated the Milwaukee Brewers, for the pennant. Page 4

Get to the Point Class XIV Issue 24 Oct 2008  

The weekly campus newsletter from the Atlantic Region campus in Perry Point, MD. This issue from October 2008 Class XIV

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