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NCCC Atlantic Region 2010 CLASS 16 “I’VE LEARNED” •

That it’s not about your age, it’s about your “A”

How to hold your pee while waiting to use the 1 bathroom for 11 people

It works better to complete a job imperfectly then to not complete it at all

That you meet some interesting people at 3 AM in the Philadelphia train station. For instance…evidently the ice age is coming.

What it is like to get up in the morning and go to a job you love.

How little I need to be happy

That garden tools make the best weapons

That eventually everyone on my team became attractive to me

Though your first reaction may be to run far away, flatulence actually brings people closer together

Patience and flexibility are much more than virtues but a way of life in AmeriCorps.

That bad habits are harder to break than good ones are to learn

Caffeine cannot actually replace the need to sleep

If you bite a goat in the neck you will establish dominance

How to co-exist with spiders

How to earn myself a set of beads on Bourbon Street

That if you scratch it, it will indeed get worse

That the best road trips are the ones you take with friends in a giant government van

Wearing the same pair of pants for a week straight really isn’t that hard to get used to anymore

That a wood stripper will remove human skin but not human hair

How much a team is impacted by each individual member

That you can’t find love in a 15 passenger van

That it takes more patience than you knows or understands to live and work with 10 diverse, opinionated people.

It ain’t easy being green!

That a man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the amount of hair he can grow on his head and face in a ten month span.

The different forms poverty takes

That going Commando ain’t so bad

How to sleep almost anywhere at anytime

That in AmeriCorps you never know when your next meal is coming so when the food hits the table, IT’S ON…

That all you need in life is what you can fit into a red spike bag

That buying underwear is better than washing underwear

What “shark week” is and to just ignore the girls when it happens!

That making a difference is as much about the work we do as it is about the attitude we exhibit while doing that work.

Electric shocks sometimes feel good

What it is like to have four seasons

With no other entertainment, 8 Corps Members can be transfixed by a bug circling a light fixture and a cell phone sound track.

Steel toes are a good investment

Seeing potential in something and executing a vision is probably the most fulfilling thing in the world.

That the AmeriCorps NCCC Atlantic Region Class 16 got some serious things done for America!!!

2010 Class 16- I've Learned  

List of what NCCC Atlantic Region Class 16 Members learned over the service year.

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