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Who we are America Through TimeÂŽ is an imprint of Fonthill Media LLC, registered in South Carolina. We have a specific book series named America Through Time, but we also use the imprint as a generic name for all of our local and regional books in the U.S.A. The founder and president of Fonthill Media is Alan J. Sutton. His name is synonymous with local interest publishing in the U.S.A., U.K., France, Germany, and Belgium. He has also published books in Ireland, Canada, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. His major contribution to local interest publishing in the United States was when he launched his Images of America Series in 1994 under the imprint of Arcadia Publishing. He sold that business to the current owner in 2002, but maintains a keen interest in following the growing success of Arcadia. America Through Time was launched in 2013, and since then a modest program has been built, primarily in the northeast. We are now expanding nationwide to allow the series to cover all of the United States. Sales, marketing, publicity, and distribution for America Through Time is undertaken by our colleagues at Arcadia Publishing/The History Press. To avoid confusion, it should be emphasized that America Through Time and Fonthill Media LLC are not part of Arcadia/The History Press. We are a separate and independent book publishing company. Our association with Arcadia is solely due to the fact that we use their sales, marketing and distribution facilities. All contractual or editorial matters should be addressed to us at America Through Time, 12 Sires Street, Charleston, SC 29403. Alan Sutton started his publishing career through his keen interest in history. He is pictured here in the inner ward of Manorbier, a ruined 12th-century Norman castle in Wales.

What we do We are independent, conventional trade book publishers specializing in history with offices in Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A and Stroud, U.K. We also publish national and international history under the imprint of Fonthill Media. Our catalog includes over 500 titles covering a variety of subjects including Archaeology and Ancient History, Aviation, Biography, Local History and Heritage, Military and General History, Sport, Transport, and Industrial History. Our local and regional history titles are published under the imprint America Through Time. Our titles are published simultaneously in print and electronic formats and supplied to the general book trade as well as specialist outlets. Most titles are aimed at general readership level, but with a more specialist, or in-depth focus on the subject matter in hand. Our books are printed using conventional technology, and not as “print on demand.� We have high standards and our books are of the best quality. Our national titles are mainly hardcover, and our local and regional books are primarily paperback.

Why we have mailed this brochure We are seeking out individuals and history organizations passionate about their local communities who may be interested in authoring an America Through Time book. We also wish to publish any other form of appropriate local and regional history outside of the series. We pride ourselves on the use of color in our books, but we are also willing to accept projects which are text based, or text with black and white photographs. As well as publishing local and regional history, we are able to act as publishing advisers. If an organization wishes to self-publish, we can act as editorial and manufacturing consultants. We have vast experience in all phases of the publishing process, including design and book production. We love hearing from potential authors, so if you are interested in contributing to our America Through Time series, please get in touch! Additionally, we accept unsolicited submissions in the subject areas of: •  Archaeology and Ancient History • Aviation • Biography •  Local History and Heritage •  Military and General History • Sports •  Transport—Railroads, Street cars, Canals & Maritime •  Social History Please note that we will not consider new fiction, or subjects which are outside of our general scope of publishing. Please see the submissions page for more details about how to submit your idea to us.


America Through Time The America Through Time series was launched in 2013, and has largely been based in the northeast. We are now expanding nationwide to allow the series to cover the entire United States. While each Through Time book is a unique reflection of the communities they exhibit and their individual authors, a “typical� book in the series consists of around 91 black and white historical photographs alongside the same number of new color photographs, offering comparative or alternative views of various landmarks, streets, buildings, and other locations within a community. This layout provides a rich, colorful illustration of the multitude of changes communities across the United States have experienced through time. Often with the help of local libraries and historical societies, authors are able to present a visual, historical record of lost traditions and eras past. Moreover, the series acts as a marker in time, a photographic record of the year in which it is published. As such, books in the America Through Time series are an expression of pride for the communities they represent. Authoring an America Through Time book can be an individual or collaborative effort involving multiple authors, historical society members, or photographers.


America Through Time The Specs

96 pages

6½ × 9¼ inches


11 ounces

Full-color printing (black and white images can be reproduced in a rich sepia tone)

Around 91 black and white photographs and 91 new color photographs, arranged with captions to exhibit how a community has changed over time


Submissions Our submissions procedure is simple and short. For an initial contact, please supply one page only containing: •  •  •  •  • 

The Title A brief description of the proposed book (200 words maximum) A brief description of yourself (100 words maximum) The proposed word count The nature and number of illustrations/photographs

You can use the submissions form on our website at Alternatively, you can email your submission to, or mail it to:

America Through Time 12 Sires Street Charleston, South Carolina 29403











Publishing with America Through Time®  

We have put together this 16-page brochure full of information on our publishing focus, subjects of interest, series and overall publishing...

Publishing with America Through Time®  

We have put together this 16-page brochure full of information on our publishing focus, subjects of interest, series and overall publishing...