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Covering Daniels County and portions of Western Sheridan, North Roosevelt and Northern Valley like the morning dew THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 2011 Official City and County Newspaper SCOBEY, MONTANA 59263

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Big Beaver Port Of Entry IS Closing March 31st

SAND ELECTRIC has been in the process of setting up a base of operations in Scobey the past year or so, but now the committment has become much greater with the purchase of the former Outlaw Trail Cafe building on the corner of 1st Avenue West and Janus Street. The building has mostly been vacant since the restaurant relocated to Main Street. Josh Sand (left), owner of the company was in Scobey earlier this week when we caught the electrician playing the role of carpenter, building shelves for equipment and supplies in the new Scobey location. The location will provide an operations base and supply storage, rather than a store front, for his new employee, master electrician John Stanley. He had been living and working in the Scobey area for a short time previous to the building purchase. Josh told the Leader they are staying busy and have a lot of work already lined up. “It should be a good deal for everyone” he said, “It will save a lot of driving and windshield time, saving money for the clients.” Work will still be scheduled and dispatched from the Glasgow phone numbers, “We may eventually become a store front and need a secretary at this location, but for now, we’ll see how things go,” he said. The location will not only provide supplies storage and a parking lot for his equipment . . . living quarters are in the plans for Stanley in one end of the building. The past few months, Jasmyn deSousa has been renting a portion of the building and will be able to stay on as a renter with her Jazzy Style Grooming for pets. —Leader Photo, burl

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Weekend Forecast

Thursday 3/3 some sun High 28° F / Low 3° F Friday 3/4 mostly cloudy High 13° F / Low -2° F Saturday 3/5 snow or flurries possible High 12° F / Low 5° F Sunday 3/6 cloudy High 16° F / Low -4° F

Local Market Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Wheat 14% protein 10.50 #1 Durum 8.65

Lavey Charged With Misappropriation of Premiums/Theft

Next Public Centennial next issue as to some of the Retirement Party; Charges have been filed in District Court, by the State of Meeting Is April 11 ideas. It was the consensus Kjos & Bradford

H L A public meeting was 22 -5 held Monday, February 28th 16 -5 with a good attendance from -2 -19 the community, -4 -25 Possible activities for 6 -27 the Scobey 2013 Centennial 24 3 were discussed at length. Committee 37 1 Centennial

U.S. Weather Service Readings taken daily at the official station, located about three miles N.W. of Scobey at the Tande Ranch.

Elsewhere in this issue there is an official notice concerning the permanent closure of the Big Beaver Port of Entry, which is the Canadian counterpart of the U.S. Port of Whitetail, MT. In the notice, travelers are advised to enter Canada at other crossings, after March 31st. The Canada Border Services Agency first made the announcement in July of 2010, all unbeknownst by the American government, which at the time, had already started a multi-million dollar renovation to the Whitetail Port. There has been efforts Canadian organizations, N.O.P.E. (Not Our Port of Entry) and Ports to Prairies, assisted by several interested Americans to keep the port from closing. Hopes were to get the American and Canadian border service people and other elected officials to come together for a meeting, which to our knowledge, has not happened. At this writing, after several hours of making phone calls, emails to politicians and government agencies and getting referred to many different offices from Washington State to Washington,

Chair, Sue Hagan, feels that getting the activities planned and nearly finalized is a priority at this time along with logo designs etc. Input is being sought by the committee. A more complete report will appear in the

of the group to not pursue an all class reunion at the same time as the centennial. The next public meeting is Mon. April 11, 7 p.m., Nemont Friendship Room.

PRO Coop is throwing a dinner & dance retirement party for longtime employees Ken Kjos and Ron Bradford, 5 p.m. Friday, March 4, Dutch Henry’s in Peerless.

STRATTON’S CARPET INSTALLATION of Plentywood was installing a vinyl tile with a hardwood look to it last week at the Catholic Center in Scobey. Perry Stratton (not pictured), Chad Moore (left) and Joe Quam (right) started on the job Monday, February 21, and finished it Friday, February 25. It doesn’t look like a gymnasium anymore, does it? Perry said they’ll tackle the Catholic Center’s kitchen floor in the near future. — Leader Photo, mike

Montana, accusing a Scobey insurance agent, Eugene, “Tip” Lavey of “Misappropriations of Premiums/Theft (Common Scheme)”. He as been summoned to appear in District Court in Scobey on Wednesday, March 16 for an initial appearance. Documents filed with the Court say he allegedly, through a series of acts, misappropriated for his personal use, a total of over $56,000 in premiums paid by clients, from May 1, 2008 through April 30, 2009, in over 200 transactions. An investigation began on November 11, 2009 when the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance office received a complaint from a Farmers Insurance Exchange senior auditor, who had conducted an audit of the defendant’s business in Scobey. The auditor alleged that from March 2009 through April of 2009, Tip Lavey, who was a Farmers Insurance agent at that time, had misappropriated over $8,900 in premiums entrusted to him by 89 insured clients. Subsequent investiga-

D.C., we do not know for sure what the American side plans to do. Very likely close, but when? Or will Canadians be able to enter the U.S. but not leave through that port.? Not likely. It appears that no one in Customs and Border Protection, at any level, has been given a directive. This was somewhat confirmed by CBP public affairs officer, Lynn Shozda of Sweetgrass when she told us that she has not yet heard anything as to the official closing. If the upper echelon isn’t aware of when this will take place, do the employees know when their jobs will be re-located? Late in September of last year, Senator Jon Tester announced that the Department of Homeland Security would begin the process of the Whitetail closure, but Congress would have 90 days to review the proposal and after the 90 days, a 60day public comment period would be opened up. Then a final decision would be made. We should be at about the end of the public comment time period. And, it appears to be the end of the road at Whitetail.

tions by the Commissioner of Securities and Insurance were conducted and the resulting investigations determined that there appeared to be many other instances of misappropriated funds during the May 2008 to April 2009 time frame. These felony charges are punishable by fines up to $50,000 or imprisonment not to exceed 10 years or both. Mike Winsor of the Montana State Auditor’s Office and Special Assistant Attorney General will be acting as the Special Deputy Daniels County Attorney and attorney for the State.

J.O Motor Inn On Main Has New Owners; New Use

The J.O. Motor Inn, on the north end of Main Street in Scobey was sold recently by Norman Juel to J & H Harvesting (Mark Jensen & Jesper Hansen). Plans are to do some fixing up on the place to serve as living quarters for the company’s growing harvest crew. The motel has been closed for many years. Among other names, the location was also previously known as The General’s Motor Inn and the Knight Hotel.


DANIELS COUNTY LEADER, Scobey, Montana 59263

Things, Ideas & People . . .

funded liabilities totaling nearly two and one-half million dollars. In comparison, North Dakota’s problem is less than a million and Minnesota’s is more than fifteen million dollars. (None of the above figures include any health care programs.) –MG *T*I*P*

It was a big responsibility for a 4-yr. old, but John Carney handled it well. He opened the gate to Disneyland the morning of February 9. This allowed the many thousands of visitors to enter into the famous theme park; and also to leave later on. Wow! John’s folks, Todd and Dori, John and his little sister Kayla, were the first in line to enter Disneyland that morning and while waiting were visiting with employees. The gentleman at right asked John if he would open the gate when the time came and he agreed. (Notice the control w/cord in his hand, with the button which opened the gate.) When given the word, John pressed the button, the gate opened and the crowd poured in – led, we assume, by the Carney family of Scobey. *T*I*P* Lickety split is a term not used as much as it was a number of years ago. It means “very fast” or “headlong.” The “lick” in the phrase is associated with speed because of how fast the tongue moves in the mouth and “split” is probably associated with another term, split second. *T*I*P* It has been reported that many public pension funds around the nation are now underfunded. There can be several reasons for this. The recession causing lower interest on public investments for a couple of years is one major reason. Many pension funds did not follow prudent “spread the risk” plans. A connected problem is that while the recession continues officials are loath to make increases in payments to the various pension plans during this era of general belt tightening. An under estimation of ever increasing longevity in the U.S. has also contributed to the current shortfalls. Some experts point out that similar situations have arisen in years past and the pensions always bounce back. If not, state and local governments are required by law to keep the pensioners’ monthly checks coming in. These include most government workers such as police, fire fighters, highway patrol,            teachers, legislators, judges — general PERS. This under funding is not included in the much publicized debts in many states. The various pension funds in Montana have unDC TRANSPORTATION Scobey……………..$1 per stop Flaxville, Peerless…………...$2 Plentywood………………….$20 Glasgow…….$30 Wolf Point…..$30 Williston…….$40

A recent morning with another inch or two of snow saw this writer out early to clear a path on the sidewalk before it became packed down by pedestrians heading to the school. Only two sets of tracks were evident in the new snow – those of a deer and of a dog – it was assumed. Back inside, warming our feet, a different possibility entered our mind. We might have actually seen evidence of a wildlife saga. Maybe that second set of tracks were those of a coyote – even though it was only a block off Scobey’s Main Street. That predatory canine could have been hoping that the deer was so weakened by the, long, tough winter that it would be easy prey. Upon looking for evidence of an encounter between the two, nothing was found nearby. So, we will never know if that second set of tracks were made by a coyote or by his relative, a friendly neighborhood dog. A winter such as this one, with lots of snow cover, always causes various wildlife to seek refuge in towns. –MG *T*I*P*


Thank You

Thank you to all my family and friends who helped celebrate by 80th birthday. A special thanks to all the kids for helping make the party a special day. For those who were not able to attend, thanks for the phone calls and birthday cards. Thanks again,

Jim Hinton

M-F 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday open til 9 p.m. Sat. 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sun. 9 to 2 p.m

Closing Weekdays From 2 to 5 p.m.

487-2722 – 15 Main Street – Scobey Good Luck Boys at Divisional!

Get your Pizza for the road!!!

Corned Beef & Cabbage & Trimmings For Lunch & Supper - March 17

Book Quote– “Julian brought his mother to Montana with him. She had a brother in Wolf Point USED EYE GLASSES & HEARING AIDS for the lions who promised to help them get settled on their claim. Club may be dropped off at WolFE-DaniEls agEnCy. Justice by Larry Watson.

Scobey Gun Club Annual Meeting

Tuesday, March 15th • 7 p.m.

Nemont Friendship Room in Scobey New York Life Insurance Company "The Company You Keep"®

See Your Local Agent

Don C. Lekvold

Registered Representative for NYLIFE Securities, LLC

See Don about Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance & Retirement Plans

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(Adjacent to Hoversland Law Office)

See Don or Kim For All Your Insurance Needs "Providing Insurance For Northeast Montana"

487-2629 or fax 487-5931 104 2nd Ave. East • Scobey, MT

Annual Meeting Grain Growers Oil Company

Wednesday, March 23 2:00 p.m.

Nemont Friendship Room Scobey, MT

FLAXVILLE CARD PARTY – Flaxville Local non-profit Development Corporation (lDC) is having a Card party on sundays, March 6th at 2:00 p.m. in the Flaxville school Building. $8.00 per person includes lunch. KIDS CLUB – thursday, March 3rd right after school at scobey Methodist Hall. all children welcome age 5 through 6th grade. RED BONNET BABES – meet tuesday, March 22nd, 11:30 a.m. at D.C. lanes in scobey. BRYNLEE OIE MEMORIAL BLANKET DAY – saturday, March 26th, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at nemont Friendship room in scobey. UNITED INSURANCE & REALTY J. Perry Wolfe

Equal Housing opportunity

REAL ESTATE LISTINGS – – 410 Main strEEt in scobey - nice yard close to hospital & post office, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, sprinkler system in yard. Detached single car garage. – HALF BLOCK from Post Office in Scobey – 1 bedroom, 1 bath on main floor, 2 bedrooms upstairs, additional bath in basement, single car attached garage, new siding 2009 – 3 BEDrooM, 1 1/2 bathroom, upstairs balcony, 1088 sq ft on main floor, 840’ second floor, 3 car detached garage all on a nice lot, 1 block from park. – PRICE REDUCED to $149,900 - 2 bedroom, 1 bath, main floor; 1 bedroom 1 bath - finished basement with attached large car garage. Air conditioning & yard sprinkling system. – FarM BuilDings For salE to BE MoVED – 2 - 3000 bushel bins located north of Four Buttes, Montana. People who collect coins, guns, jewelry, art, China, or stamps need to be sure their homeowners policy adequately protects their collection. Your regular homeowners policy gives you some protection – but this is based upon an average household and average possessions. Arrange the special protection you need with a “homeowners endorsement” or “personal articles floater”. Talk it over with WOLFE-DANIELS AGENCY. They work for YOU! “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life. IT GOES ON.”

Tom Hagan, Sec.-Treas.

Grain Growers oil Company

Flaxville 474-2231• Scobey 487-2741

WOLFE-DANIELS AGENCY • INSURANCE Box 150 • Scobey, MT 59263 • Ph. 487-2252 or 5361


Louise Hammar 1930-2011

Louise Hammar finished her life’s work February 21 in Scobey. Louise Eileen Linquist was born in Scobey March 29, 1930 to Earnest and Lena (Brayko) Linquist. She was the only girl in the family with four brothers. She married Lloyd Hammar in 1949 and they managed the Tip Top Club until it burnt in 1955. They then moved to the farm south of Scobey and there they raised their family. He died in 1968. Survivors include sons Jim (Micki), Don (Robin) and Ken (Dede), and daughter Linda (Wayne) Zundel of Portland; nine grandchildren, several great grandchildren, and a brother, Jack Linquist, of Choteau. Three brothers, Donald, LaVerne and Jim preceded her in death. Louise was well known for her baking and cooking skills. In her years on the farm, she grew a large garden and raised chickens and turkeys. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas her regular customers enjoyed

DANIELS COUNTY LEADER, Scobey, Montana 59263

a huge fresh turkey which she hand delivered. She also enjoyed playing Santa on Christmas Eve for neighborhood grandchildren and did this yearly until her own grandchildren came along. She enjoyed visiting with friends and relatives and maintained life-long friendships. Louise kept up with community news by listening to her scanner and, in the CB era, was known as the “Hot Mama Base” and the name Hot Mama stuck with her for life. Family was important to Louise and she shared her Ukrainian heritage and taught her family the traditions and also shared them with friends. Louise remained on the farm until 1994, when she moved to Scobey. Services were February 26 at Scobey Lutheran Church by Rev. Paul Landeraaen and burial was in Daniels County Cemetery. Pallbearers were Chance, Joe, and Kelby Hammar; Ross Fladager, Mark Vondel, and Tom Bronczyk. Carla Rask provided music and Waller Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. EXTRA COPIES of the Leader, current or back issues, wanted to be sent by mail, send a check, cash or stamp to the extent of $2.00 per copy, to include mailing and handling to THE LEADER, Box 850, Scobey, MT 59263

Jordan A.



Consultation by Appointment Ph. 487-2702 Scobey Office Hours Nine to Three Mon. thru Thurs.

Arlie Garrick 1934-2011

Funeral services for Arlie James Garrick were held Tuesday, March 1 at Plentywood Lutheran Church. Arlie died at St. Bernadine Medical Center in San Bernardino, California early Wednesday, February 23, where he had been hospitalized since heart surgery earlier in the month. He was 76. Arlie, the son of Donald and Laura (“T-Bone and Barney”) Garrick, was born at Plentywood on December 28, 1934. He attended the first four grades in Plentywood until the family moved to Medicine Lake in 1945. Arlie grew up there and graduated from Medicine Lake High School in 1953. After graduation, he worked with his father in the family garage, and also as a wedding photographer on the side, developing pictures into the wee hours. He played drums with The Rhythmettes, a dance band put together by Vance Peterson. In 1959 he spent one year at Northrup Institute in Inglewood, California to earn an Airframe and Pow-

Daniels Memorial

Healthcare Center

"Committed to providing excellence in rural community healthcare." Website:

105 5th Ave. E • Scobey, Mt

Call our appointment desk at 487-2296 to schedule an appointment with any of our providers.

487-2296 Business Hours: Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Dr. Donald Sawdey Elizabeth Kleppen, PA-C Cindy Murray, PA Ashley Anderson, Audiologist Dr. Brian Bell, MD, FACOG/OBGYN

Infant & Child Nutrition Seminar — is presented by Cindy Murray, PA-C on Wednesday, March 16 at 2:00 p.m. in the Lutheran Church Library. This is during the regularly scheduled story hour at the Daniels County Library. Parents are welcome to bring their children to story hour, and then join Cindy across the street in the church Library for a brief presentation with a question and answer session about proper nutrition for infants and young children. Monthly Foot Clinic is being held Tuesday, March 15 at 1:00 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Center in Scobey. Daniels County Seniors – It's time to Pamper Yourself!! For only $10.00 have your feet soaked, toenails cut and filed, and feet lotioned and examined for issues related to diabetes and other health concerns. Referrals will be made to the DMHC Health Clinic for further care if necessary. Free Services for Seniors while you wait! Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Readings All services provided by Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center Staff

erplant mechanic’s license, and started working for Western Airlines in Los Angeles as an aircraft mechanic in 1961. He worked for Western for 26 years, then 7 years with Delta in San Diego and Salt Lake where he retired in 1994. On June 20, 1987 he married Judy (Southland) Merrill. In the fall of 1998 they moved to Hemet, California, where they have lived since. Arlie enjoyed restoring his cars, and flying his model planes, and helpWe’re 72% Over ! r e th e



ing Jim Hatfield restore his Cessna 337 airplane. Besides Judy, his wife of Windshield Repair 23 years, Arlie is survived Gordy & Sue Cornwell by step-children Steve Merrill (Cheri), and Kim HoopScobey er; three grand children;two 487-5348 brothers, Everett “Ed” (Nancy), of Yuma, Arizona and Larry (Jo), of Plentywood. Tom • Phil • Candy Arlie was preceded in death by his parents, a grandson, Tyler Merrill, and by a sister, Vicki Lane. Fulkerson Funeral Home of Plentywood has charge of Homes • Garages • New Construction arrangements. Remodeling • Painting • Wall Paper


The Scobey Golf Course is currently undertaking a significant fund raising effort to replace pieces of the current irrigation system, which is 27 years old, and various other equipment. The Board and members have set a goal of $115,000.00.

Cash Donations Scobey Ladies Golf League ...................$500.00 D.C. Leader.............................................1000.00 Scobey Reunion Class ‘80,’81 & ‘82.......958.73 Fitch & Nancy Hons...................................50.00 Vink Monuments ......................................500.00 Independence Bank................................1000.00 Iris Higgins .............................................1000.00 Service Drug ...........................................1000.00 Milo & Karen Stangeland .......................100.00 In Memory Elsie Nees Lynn Nordwick .......................................1000.00 In Memory Elsie Nees Jim and Margaret Martin .......................500.00 Stan and Julie French ..............................500.00 Larry and Karen Schaefer ......................500.00 Farmers Union Carriers ............................50.00 Charlie and Diane Archer .......................100.00 Ben and Connie Danelson .......................150.00 In Memory Elsie Nees In Memory Bill Tande In Memory Art Hagan Mike and Bonnie Tade ..........................2500.00 Jim and Darlene Fossum .......................1000.00 Fike Crushing, Inc. ................................3000.00 In Memory Richard Leibrand Scobey Youth Golf ..................................1000.00 Jerry & Cec Raaum ...............................2000.00 Terry Mohn .............................................2500.00 Clarence & Dorothy Howard ..................500.00 Nemont Telephone .................................6000.00 Anonymous .............................................1000.00 Kevin & Karla Rasmussen ....................2500.00 Scobey Mens Golf League .......................502.00 Grain Growers Oil Co. ..........................1000.00 Esther Kramer..........................................250.00 Eric Tade .................................................1000.00 Rick & Deanna Ward ............................1000.00 Mike & Paula Jensen .............................1000.00 Beacon Community Foundation ...........2000.00 Don & Laura Hagan ..............................2360.73 Gordy & Sue Cornwell ............................500.00 Don & Irene Oaks ......................................50.00 Plainsmen ................................................2000.00 In Memory Bill Tande Allen Juel ................................................1027.18 Ken Hoversland........................................500.00 Northern Border Dist...............................500.00 Pat McDonnell ........................................1000.00 Twin Glass.................................................100.00 Williamson Rental ....................................100.00 Dorothy Hagan .........................................500.00 In Memory Art Hagan Solbergs ...................................................1000.00 Ben and Connie Danelson .....................2000.00 Casey Danelson.......................................1000.00 Scobey Lions .............................................500.00 Anonymous .............................................1000.00 Beacon - Marvin and Ellen Tade Family Endownment ...........................500.00 Fishell Construction .................................500.00 Perry & Judy Wolfe ...............................2500.00 Anonymous ...............................................100.00 Cliff Hagfeldt ..........................................1000.00 Don Hagfeldt...........................................1000.00 Montana Abstract Co. .............................100.00

Farm Equipment Sales ............................500.00 Milton & Jere Lee Gunderson ................150.00 Gordon Hillstrom .....................................100.00 Carl & Karen Odegard............................500.00 Mark & Tracy Frederick .........................100.00 “Dwain “”Baldy”” Sell” ..........................200.00 Anonymous .............................................1702.80

New As Of March 1—

Don & Carol Ann Gunlikson ..................100.00 In Memory Bill Tande Bernie’s Body Shop, Inc ........................1000.00 Independence Bank....................................25.00 In Memory Tom Cote Jason & Kim Wolfe ..................................100.00 In Memory Tom Cote Eric Tade ...................................................180.00 In Memory Tom Cote PRO CO-OP ...........................................1000.00 Danny & Renee Wolfe..............................250.00 In Memory Tom Cote Darrel & Mayra Tade ..............................500.00 In Memory Tom Cote....................................... Scobey Reunion Class ‘59 and ‘60 ..........275.00 Susie Carter ................................................25.00 In Memory Tom Cote Rex Gaustad ...........................................1000.00 Pat Anderson ............................................500.00 TOTAL CASH ..................................$65,381.44 Donations By Promissory Note To The Golf Course Jason Wolfe ...........................................$1000.00 Don Lekvold ...........................................2000.00 Cale Handran .........................................1000.00 Mike Stebleton........................................1000.00 Laura’s Salon..........................................1000.00 Kevin Criswell ........................................1000.00 Craig & Desiree Wall .............................1000.00 William Pearce .......................................1000.00 Tanner and LeeAnn Trower ..................1000.00 Marlenee Farm & Ranch, Inc. ..............1000.00 In Memory Jack & Elsie Nees Shelley & Terry Buer .............................2000.00 Jim Lekvold & Shirleen Baker .............1000.00 John & Jodi Braut .................................1000.00 Garrett Lund ..........................................1000.00 Kory & Dana Leininger.........................1000.00 Total In Promissory Notes ...............$17,000.00

Grand Total As of March 1- ...... $82,381.44

PLUS— Gifts to Raffle, Sell Or Auction Mark & Deanna Jensen & J & H Harvesting ........ retail val. $13,553 2008 Demo ACG Roadster Golf Cart

If you would like to make a donation, mail to: Scobey Golf Course Improvement Project, Box 684, Scobey, MT 59263 Remember when a loved one passes, memorials can be made to the Scobey Golf Club too.

The Scobey Golf Course is offering a promissory note option for donating over 4 years at an interest rate of 5.25%. This is a great way to stretch your donation out over a few years! Talk to your tax person if you would like to sell grain or cattle for the project. If you could help with a financial or labor donation, or need further information, please contact a member of the Course Improvement Project Committee: Allen Juel Dick Marlenee Ben Lee Danelson

Don Marlenee John Braut Jason Wolfe

Burl Bowler Matt Goettle Rex Gaustad

Don Hagan Cale Handran

Once completed the entire community will take great pride in the new updates to the Scobey Golf Course.

Thank You To All Who Have Donated So Far —Scobey Golf Club


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Legislature’s Focus Sharpens As Session Passes Its Midpoint

Community News Service • UM School of Journalism

Battles over taxes and spending for education, social services for the needy, and institutions like the prisons will push their way onto stage in the Legislature’s second half, but lots of other dramas remain to be played out, too. Of the slightly more than 1,000 bills introduced so far, roughly a third of those are probably dead or stuck in limbo. But that still leaves a lot of lawmaking to do before the session’s scheduled end on April 21. Here’s a roundup of major legislation still kicking in Helena: Medical marijuana – The question of how to regulate Montana’s medical marijuana industry awaits the Legislature’s decision on whether to repeal the voterinitiated law that allows the medicinal use of cannabis. House Speaker Mike Milburn’s bill to repeal the 2004 law passed the House easily and now goes to the Senate, where its fate is less certain. Even if it passes, no one is sure whether Gov. Brian Schweitzer will sign it. Waiting in the wings are bills to put stricter controls on who can obtain, grow and dispense medical marijuana. A referendum asking voters to repeal the medicinal marijuana law in 2012 also could be in the works. DUI – The movement to crack down on repeat DUI offenders is advancing. The most successful bills so far include a House measure that would require twice-daily

testing of repeat offenders as their cases move through court. House Bill 106 is now in the Senate. The House will get a look soon at two Senate attempts to limit the problem. Senate Bill 15 would create the crime of aggravated DUI for drunken drivers whose blood-alcohol content is more than twice the legal limit of .08. Senate Bill 42 would empower police to get search warrants requiring that DUI suspects take breath or blood tests. Other surviving bills include one that aims to ensure that prior DUI convictions are counted when judges sentence repeat offenders. Lawmakers may also decide whether to allow counties to punish adults who knowingly provide alcohol to underage Montanans at social gatherings. Workers’ compensation reform – Reducing the high cost of workers’ comp insurance is a high priority for business, and the House has passed a bill that promises to reduce employers’ premiums. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Scott Reichner, R-Bigfork, focuses on limiting workers’ claims, much to the dismay of Democrats in both houses. The measure heads to the Senate, which has tabled a competing proposal supported by the Schweitzer administration and written by a committee representing labor and industry. Sponsored by Sen. Ryan Zinke, R-Whitefish, that bill focuses on limiting payments to health care providers. Abortion – Emotions are running high as social conservatives seek to make the most of their majority. Senators have passed bills requiring parental notification of abortions involving girls under the age of 16 and prohibiting abortions by providers who qualify to offer health services under the new federal health care law. The House passed a bill aimed at preventing women from being coerced into having abortions. It would require a pre-abortion evaluation to determine if the woman was undergoing the procedure of her own free will. The House killed a bill that would have required pre-abortion ultrasound exams. The House also advanced two proposed constitutional ballot measures, including one saying that Montanans have no specific right to an abortion and prohibiting public funding of abortions. The other would define a person to include fetuses. Environment/Energy – Over Democrats’ protests, Republicans are pushing hard this session for bills rolling back environmental laws and regulations in the hopes of creating more jobs in natural resource and energy development. High on the GOP’s list is Senate Bill 317, which would revise the Montana Environmental Policy Act, the law that allows for reviews of potential damage caused by development projects. The measure directs the state to consider a project’s economic benefits and restricts the grounds on which a project’s critics can sue. Senate Bill 233 would allow a project to continue while a court considers challenges to a MEPA review. Daniels County Vision Clinic

Dr. Jon Kolstad Optometrist

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Another surviving bill would revise Montana’s 1998 voter-approved law banning new gold mines that use the cyanide leaching process. Senate Bill 306 would allow new mines provided that they process their ore in existing leaching facilities. Other bills advancing include House Bill 550, which seeks to give the state authority over any federal effort to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in Montana. Meanwhile, Montana’s 2005 law to encourage the development of new renewable energy businesses is being challenged by Republicans who say its incentives only increase costs for consumers. Bills are moving forward that critics say would gut the act’s purpose by allowing utilities to count much of the hydropower they already use toward quotas of energy the law says they must buy from renewable sources. Another bill would make it more difficult for small wind power and solar energy developers to sell power to major utilities. Death penalty – Efforts to abolish Montana’s death penalty moved forward when the Senate passed a bill to replace it with life imprisonment. That bill now moves to the House, where it faces tough odds. A similar bill passed the Senate two years ago, but died in a House committee. Gay Rights – The House passed legislation that Continued on Page Five

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. . . to everyone for all of the kindnesses shown both Jim and I during my recent stay at Daniels Memorial. Special thanks to Dr. Sawdey and all of the employees there who treat everyone with kindness and care and also to the people who called, sent cards, flowers, books and came to visit. Thank you so much.

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THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 2011 From Page Four

would overturn the Missoula’s anti-discrimination ordinance that bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender expression. That measure moves to the Senate. The House also killed a bill that would have banned discrimination against sexual orientation and gender expression under the state’s Human Rights Act. Guns – Over a dozen bills dealing with gun rights or hunting are making their way through the session. A bill to eliminate the need for a concealed carry permit in cities for eligible individuals moved to the Senate after a close vote in the House. Also advancing are bills to permit the use of silencers in the field and strengthen Montana’s Firearms Freedoms Act, which passed last session. Casualties include a measure which sought to imprison federal officials who enforce federal gun laws that conflict with the Firearms Freedom Act and a bill that would have limited weapons seizures by law enforcement. Stream access – Expect a clash in the Senate over a House bill that seeks to exclude irrigation ditches from the Montana law that gives recreationist access to the beds and banks of streams and rivers. Anglers, hikers and others fear House Bill 309’s definition of irrigation ditches could be used to exclude access to many state waterways. Landowners, however, say the bill would help them protect their property. The bill stems from a 2008 Montana Supreme Court ruling that allowed recreational access to a slough running along musician Huey Lewis’ property in the Bitterroot Valley. Nullification – Several nullification bills crashed in the session’s first half, but others survived. Among the living is Senate Bill 106, which would compel Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock to join other states in a multi-state lawsuit seeking to repeal federal health care reform. Another survivor is House Joint Resolution 14, which declares that states retain the right to decide when individual liberties may be abridged and that states “are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to general government.” A bill to nullify the federal Endangered Species Act, House Bill 321, passed the GOP-controlled House but was referred to the House Appropriations Committee because it has the potential to cost Montana nearly $500 million dollars in federal support for highways and other state programs. Eminent domain – The Senate is scheduled take up House Bill 198, an industry-backed attempt to ensure that state-approved development projects have the power to condemn private property under Montana’s eminent domain law. The bill is in response to a legal dispute in Glacier County over land the Montana-Alberta Tie power line project wants for its proposed line from Great Falls to Lethbridge, Alberta. Ranchers and farmers say the bill threatens their property rights. Meanwhile, the House is scheduled to consider a Senate bill that would give Montana the power of eminent domain over some federal land within its borders. The measure is a response to the federal Bureau of Land Management’s new “Wild Lands” designation, which allows the BLM to withdraw land from development without the approval of Congress. Physician-assisted suicide – Efforts to implement the Montana Supreme Court’s 2009 decision allowing physician-assisted suicide in Montana have stalled in the Legislature. Senators voted down a bill to ban the practice altogether and tabled a measure to create guidelines and regulations consistent with the Supreme Court decision. -Reporters Jamie Bedwell, Cody Bloomsburg, Jayme Fraser and Dan Viehland contributed to this report.

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Sheriff’s Report Skip Baldry, D. C. Sheriff 1st Half February 2011

Feb 1 - Citation issued for careless driving; Citation issued for criminal mischief Feb 2 - Officer provided traffic control for stuck vehicle; Officer provided traffic control for a road closure; Officer provided traffic control for a road closure Feb 3 - Pager and siren tests; Officer provided traffic control for a road closure Feb 4 - Person complained about car illegally parked by school; Officer responded to a vehicle crash; Officer responded to four vehicle crashes; Person reported a hit and run Feb 5 - Person reported a hit and run Feb 6 - Citation issued for driving under the influence of alcohol; Citation issued for operating with a foreign drivers license; Officer responded to a domestic disturbance Feb 7 - Person called 911 because an electrical outlet was smoking. Fire chief turned power off Feb 8 - Person reported a ring missing; Person complained about 4-wheeler spinning around on Mill St; Officer had person move a vehicle parked to close to intersection; Officer responded to a disturbance at a bar; Citation issued for disorderly conduct Feb 9 - Officer responded to a vehicle crash. Contacted MHP Feb 10 - Person reported a man needing assistance. Officer investigated and issued statewide attempt to locate. Roosevelt County located missing/confused person; Person reported being stuck in ditch; Person reported stuck truck on Hwy 13. Officer responded for traffic control; Pager and siren tests; Officer assisted a confused person

Feb 11 - Officer did a trailer inspection Feb 12 - Officer responded to a vehicle crash Feb 13 - Person reported a possible fire N of Flaxville. Officer and fireman unable to locate; Paged ambulance for patient transport Feb 14 - Officer removed a dead deer from city limits; Officer had a civil assist Feb 15 - Officer fingerprinted a person; Citation issued for filing a false report to authorities.

N.E. MT Relay For Life To Start Season

N.E. Montana Relay For Life season kick-off event will be held Saturday, March 12 in conjunction with the second annual Skate for a Cure event. Action will begin about 4:00 p.m. at the Valley Event Center on Hwy. 2 west, Glasgow. Skaters competing will include those from Glasgow and Miles City. All monies go to the N. E. Montana Relay For Life in the fight against cancer. The kick-off is a time for Relay For Life people to come together to just have a good time.


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Daniels County Dispatch Office, in Scobey, is accepting applications for a part time, fill-in radio/911 dispatcher. On the job training. Applications can be picked up the Sheriff’s Office at 106 Railroad Ave. East, Scobey, MT. Qualifications: 1. Good moral character 2. Capable of obtaining certification on the Criminal Justice Information Network 3. Capable of maintaining confidentiality 4. Basic typing, computer skills necessary Starting wage is $9.84 an hour Daniels County is an equal opportunity employer.

Daniels County Sheriff’s Office Box 392 • 106 Railroad Ave. East Scobey, MT 59263 Phone 406-487-2691

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LEADING OFF IN SPORTS TRIVIA On February 25, 1940 the New York Rangers defeated the Montreal Canadiens 6-2 at New York’s Madison Square Garden. What made this game so significant? LAST WEEK’S ANSWER Question: What team captured the first-ever East C Division Girls’ Basketball Tournament championship in 1977? Answer: Nashua Porcupines.

DORSETH BREAKS SERIES RECORD John Dorseth set a new series record February 21 during Monday Night Men’s League at D.C. Lanes. The Scobey kegler rolled a 255214-289—758 to break the previous record of 242-245258—745 established in 2002 by Tony Lantz. Yes, you’re right, Dorseth did just miss a perfect-game 300 in game three. In the tenth frame he made strike on his initial roll, left the 7 pin standing on the second throw OPHEIM HIGH SCHOOL junior Gwynn Simeniuk flips and picked up the spare on the an underhand layup against Fairview during the championship game of the East C Divisional Tournament. The third roll for a 289. Spartans lost to the Warriors and then a challenge from

Saco-Whitewater to finish third. — Photo by Kyle Myhre SPEAKING OF THE GAME OF BOWLING The City Bowling Tournament is set for this weekend (March 5-6) at D.C. Lanes in Scobey. It all came down to just a solid effort, the Spartans came up on the short end of one thing: experience. SPORTSWATCH Fairview’s Masyn Klose, a 51-42 final score. Thurs., Fri., Sat., Mar. 3-5 — Scobey’s loss meant a Basketball: East C Division Boys’ Morgan Klose, Tiffany Kit- Tournament, Sidney High School tleson and Jordan Gifford Monday night challenge from (Radio: KCGM 95.7 FM, www. have all captured a Montana Saco-Whitewater, whose and click Class C Girls’ Basketball experience was evident again on KCGM link for internet streamState Tournament champi- when at 8:18 p.m. the Paning); State C Girls’ Tournament, onship; Jade Benson, Demi thers were officially celebratHamilton High School. Sat., Mar. 5 — Wrestling: Henderson and BriAnn ing a 55-41 victory over the Scobey Small-Town AAU Wrerst- Nelson have not. Spartans. ling Team at Williston Invitational. Saco-Whitewater’s Mac- Fairview and Saco-White Sat., Sun., Mar. 5-6 — Bowling: City Bowling Tournament, D.C. ey Cox, Angie Crowder, water were moving on to Jessica Davis and Brianne Hamilton while the Spartans Lanes, Scobey. Thurs., Fri., Sat., Mar. 10- DePuydt have all played were headed home with the 12 — Basketball: State C Boys’ in the State C Tournament East C’s third place trophy Tournament, Bozeman. title game, against those and a 21-4 overall record. Fri., Sat., Sun., Mar. 11The pairings for the State 13 — Basketball: 19th annual same Fairview girls; Macki Makoshika Boys and Girls Youth Kilgore, Karsen Drury and C Tournament beginning toBasketball Tournament, Glendive. Gwynn Simeniuk have not. day (Thursday, March 3) on Tues., Mar. 15 — Shooting So in order for the Scobey Dale Berry Court at Hamilton sports: Scobey Gun Club annual meeting, 7 p.m., Nemont Friend- Spartans to place in the top High School are: Ennis (22-3) two at last week’s East C vs. Joliet at 12:30 p.m.; Belt ship Room, Scobey. Fri., Sat., Sun., Mar. 18-20 Divisional Tournament in (23-0) vs. Saco-Whitewater — Basketball: 13th annual Jeff Glasgow to secure a berth (20-6) at 2 p.m.; HarlowtonJurgens Memorial (JJMT) Youth in the this week’s State C Ryegate vs. Drummond Basketball Tournament, Glasgow. Sat., Mar. 19 — Wrestling: Tournament in Hamilton, the (20-4) at 6:30 p.m.; Fairview Scobey Small-Town AAU Wrestling road had to pass through the (24-0) vs. Winnett-Grass Team at Wolf Point Invitational. Fairview Warriors and Saco- Range at 8 p.m. Fri., Mar. 25 — Shooting Whitewater Panthers, who ••• sports: Daniels County Friends The Spartans opened the faced each other for the 2010 of the National Rifle Association (NRA) Dinner and Auction, St. state title in Great Falls with divisional tourney Thursday Philip’s Catholic Center, Scobey, Fairview winning 58-42. at 1 p.m. with a convincing social hour 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m., Culbertson came close 46-24 victory over the Froidauction to follow. to doing the Spartans a huge Lake Redhawks, their largest Fri., Sat., Sun., Mar. 25-27 — Basketball: Plentywood Lions favor in Saturday’s consola- lead at 43-15 early in the Club Youth Basketball Tournament, tion — a Cowgirl win and fourth. Plentywood School; Wolf Point Scobey was in the State C Senior post Drury was Invitational Boys and Girls Youth despite the outcome of the 5-of-8 from the field and Basketball Tournament. Sat., April 2 — Poker run: The championship — but Saco- 3-of-3 from the free throw Fourteenth Annual Far-Reaching, Whitewater’s experience line to lead all scorers with Foot-Loose, Frost-Free Bartender showed. Crowder canned a 13 markers while Simeniuk Switch and Poker Run in Flaxville, pair of 3-pointers for a tie with and Kilgore both shot 4-of-7 Four Buttes and Scobey (this is a 1:23 left and a one-point lead from the field. sport, isn’t it?). Sat., Sun., April 16-17 — Bas- with 58 seconds to go, fresh- Froid-Lake (24) vs. Scobey ketball: 7th annual Scobey Lions man Shyla Gairrett sank Club Lil’ Roar Youth Tournament, a free throw for a 69-all tie (46), first round, Thursday, Feb24 — Froid-Lake: Whitney Scobey School. with 42.4 left and DePuydt, ruary Anderson 0-0 0-0 0, Nicole Kirby Wed., June 1 — Pro football: First day of training camp for with 6.3 ticks remaining on a 0-0 2-2 2, Skyler Ereth 0-0 0-0 0, Saskatchewan Roughriders of the nice cross-over move in the Lacey Hove 0-0 0-0 0, Carlie AnderCanadian Football League, Mosaic key, hit the game-winner in a son 2-3 1-3 5, Callie Hendrickson 1-8 1-2 4, Danielle Sundvold 0-2 Stadium, Regina. 71-69 final. 0, Jackie Thompson 0-5 1-2 Fri., June 17 — Pro football: Scobey met Fairview 0-0 1, Ashlin Johnson 1-1 0-0 2, Kacie Edmonton at Saskatchewan, preseason, Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Saturday night in the chamSee Page Seven pionship game and, despite Field, Regina, 7 p.m. MDT.

Spartans’ March To State C Halted By More Experience

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SCOBEY SENIOR Karsen Drury looks for two points against the defense of Fairview’s Lexi Cayko during Saturday’s championship contest. Jade Benson of the Spartans looks on. — Photo by Kyle Myhre From Page Six Hove 0-3 0-0 0, Shelby O’Toole 0-2 4-8 4, Rachel Reiter 1-9 4-5 6. Totals: 5-33 13-22 24. Three-point field goals: 1-10 (C. Anderson 0-1, Hendrickson 1-5, Thompson 0-3, Reiter 0-1). Fouls: 11. Rebounds: 28 (Hendrickson 8, C. Hove 6). Turnovers: 21. Assists: 2. Blocked shots: 0. Steals: 9 (Reiter 3). Scobey: Demi Henderson 2-9 0-0 4, Jade Benson 1-5 0-0 2, Tyanna Dunbar 0-0 0-0 0, Lindsay Reller 0-4 0-0 0, Carly Vink 0-0 0-0 0, Karsen Drury 5-8 3-3 13, Macki Kilgore 4-7 0-2 8, BriAnn Nelson 3-13 0-0 9, Gwynn Simeniuk 4-7 1-1 10, Dani Richardson 0-0 0-0 0, Sarah Dietrich 0-0 0-0 0. Totals: 19-53 4-6 46. Three-point field goals: 4-15 (Henderson 0-4, Benson 0-1, Nelson 3-9, Simeniuk 1-1). Fouls: 21. Rebounds: 34 (Drury 8, Nelson 6, Simeniuk 6, Henderson 5, Kilgore 5, Reller 3, Dietrich 1). Turnovers: 15. Assists: 12 (Henderson 7, Benson 3, Drury 1, Reller 1). Blocked shots: 1 (Drury). Steals: 7 (Nelson 3, Benson 1, Kilgore 1, Simeniuk 1, Vink 1). Quarter scores: 17-6 Sco, 36-10 Sco, 40-15 Sco, 46-24 Sco.

••• Trailing Culbertson 3730 with 1:07 left in the third period of Friday’s first semifinal, the Spartans showed all in attendance what they’re made of by pulling off an 18-0 scoring blitz. Three-point field goals by Benson and Nelson with a Drury deuce sandwiched in between gave Scobey a 38-37 advantage at the quarter break. Drury started the fourth with an inside basket, Henderson followed with a 15-footer, Drury received a nifty bounce-pass-assist from Henderson for another two, Kilgore drilled an 18-footer and Simeniuk, on another assist from Henderson, made a layup. In a span of 5:13 the Spartans went from being down 37-30 to leading 48-37. A short jumper by Kilgore, two free throws by Simeniuk and four freebies by Benson in the final two and a half minutes protected the double-digit lead.

(Henderson 1-5, Benson 1-1, Kilgore 0-1, Nelson 3-8). Fouls: 17. Rebounds: 34 (Henderson 8, Simeniuk 8, Benson 7, Drury 3, Nelson 3, Kilgore 2, team 3). Turnovers: 16. Assists: 14 (Henderson 5, Benson 4, Nelson 2, Drury 1, Kilgore 1, Simeniuk 1). Blocked shots: 1 (Simeniuk). Steals: 7 (Benson 3, Henderson 2, Drury 1, Simeniuk 1). Culbertson: Janae Reyen 2-8 2-3 6, Shellie Williams 2-3 0-0 4, Maria Wind 0-0 0-0 0, Morgan Martell 0-0 0-0 0, Chelbi Brugh 1-7 0-0 3, Bailey Nickoloff 3-11 8-11 14, Shelby Weeks 1-4 0-0 3, Caitlin Hoffman 4-13 0-0 8, Alexia Scott 3-6 0-0 6. Totals: 16-53 10-14 44. Three-point field goals: 2-8 (Reyen 0-2, Williams 0-1, Brugh 1-2, Weeks 1-3). Fouls: 18. Fouled out: Nickoloff. Rebounds: 28 (Nickoloff 11, Scott 5). Turnovers: 17. Assists: 9 (Reyen 3). Blocked shots: 1. Steals: 7 (Brugh 2, Nickoloff 2, Weeks 2). Quarter scores: 13-13, 24-20 C, 38-37 Sco, 56-44 Sco.

••• In the first 13 minutes of Saturday’s championship the Spartans managed to lead Fairview five times and be tied at 2, 4, 7, 9, 12 and 16 before the defending state champs took the lead for good. After Henderson made a free throw to knot it at 16 with 3 minutes to go until halftime, the Warriors used an 8-0 run to take control, getting a 16foot swish out of Gifford, a 14-footer from Lexi Cayko and two buckets from allstater Morgan Klose for a 2416 lead. Henderson’s basket with two seconds left made it 24-18 at intermission. The Warriors took their largest lead of the game at 29-18 at the 6:16 mark of the third when Morgan Klose swished a trey from the right baseline. The inteSee Page Eight

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Tune-ups & Overhauls Scobey (56) vs. Culbertson (44), semifinal, Friday, February Tractors • Semi's • Combines 25 — Scobey: Demi Henderson AC Repair 3-11 0-1 7, Jade Benson 2-5 4-4 9, Karsen Drury 4-4 2-2 10, Macki Kilgore 2-6 0-0 4, BriAnn Nelson 3-10 2-3 11, Gwynn Simeniuk 6-11 3-3 15. Totals: 20-47 11-13 56. Three-point field goals: 5-15

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BASKETBALL — Lil’ kid halftime hoop: It was Friday, February 4, when some of the elementary kids from Scobey and Opheim provided the halftime entertainment during the Saco-Whitewater at Scobey girls’ varsity game. Opheim third grader Kortney Nelson — number 25 in your program — was one of the participants and judging from the expression on her face she was sure enjoying herself. Spartan boys’ stat chat: The Scobey varsity boys have outscored their 20 opponents 1032-723, a 51.6-36.1 average, and made 129-of-227 (.568) free throws. The Spartans have made 123 three-point field goals, led by Drew Baldry with 45 and followed by Ethan Aldrich with 25, Kale Love 24, T.J. Snare 19, Ryan Rasmussen 6, David Meyers 3 and Logan Hansen 1. Spartan girls’ stat chat: At the East C Divisional Tournament in Glasgow the Spartan girls hit 70-186 (.376) total field goals, 16-53 (.301) being from behind the three-point line, and 23-37 (.621) free throws. The Spartans had 60 turnovers in four games, an average of 15. For the season, which ended Monday night with an overall record of 21-4, the Spartans outscored their opponents 1092-678, a 43.6-to-27.1 average. They made 155-244 (.635) free throws. They made 61 three-point field goals, led by BriAnn Nelson with 24 and followed by Demi Henderson with 16, Gwynn Simeniuk 14, Jade Benson 3 and Macki Kilgore and Lindsay Reller 2 each. Check it out: The pairings for the East C Boys’ Divisional Tournament, which starts today (Thursday, March 3) in Sidney, can be found by flipping this page to the next and discovering the Banjo’s Club 109-sponsored bracket advertisement. For those of you who can’t make it to Sidney for the tourney, don’t forget Scobey radio station KCGM 95.7 FM will be airing every game live. Clip out or make a photo copy of the Banjo’s bracket and use it to follow the tourney while tuned into KCGM. State A Girls: Here are today’s (Thursday, March 3) first-round pairings of the State A Girls’ Tournament in Belgrade: Billings Central vs. Dillon, 12:30 p.m.; Butte Central vs. Libby, 2 p.m.; Laurel vs. Anaconda, 6:30 p.m.; Columbia Falls vs. Belgrade, 8 p.m. State B Girls: Here are today’s (Thursday, March 3) first-round pairings of the State B Girls’ Tournament at the Butte Civic Center: Baker vs. Missoula Loyola, 12:30 p.m.; Broadus vs. Malta, 2 p.m.; Three Forks vs. Fairfield, 6:30 p.m.; Shepherd vs. Deer Lodge, 8 p.m. GOLF — Hang in there, the weather will be breaking soon: “The only sure rule in golf is he who has the fastest cart never has to play the bad lie.” — Mickey Mantle


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From Page Seven

rior play of Drury produced three baskets, including a nice 180-degree pivot with a cross-over follow-up to the hole, and two free throws by Nelson cut the deficit to 33-30 with 1:15 left in the quarter. On four occasions throughout the contest Kittleson drove right through the heart of Scobey’s defense for layups, one which occurred with 1:02 left in the third for a 35-30 score at the quarter stop. Twenty-six seconds into the fourth the 5-foot-5 junior dropped in a long 2-pointer for a 37-30 lead. A Kilgore free throw followed by a fast-break layup from Simeniuk made it 37-33 with six minutes left but that is as close as the Spartans would get. Kittleson added a field goal and two free throws, Morgan Klose converted a fast-break layup and Gifford closed out Fairview’s scoring with 7 points — a field goal and 5-of-6 showing from the charity stripe in the final 1:26. Stat-wise, Fairview’s 11-to-17 advantage in fouls led to seven more attempts at the free throw line, where the Warriors sank 13-of-17 for 76.5%! And a 9-to-15 difference in turnovers led to a 17-to-10 points-off-turnovers advantage for the two-time defending East C champs.

Daniels Mem. Healthcare Center in Scobey will be offering a weekly telemedicine program, “Group Lifestyle Balance” for diabetic and pre-diabetic patients aimed at making positive lifestyle changes. The program will run from 5:30 – 6:30 pm, beginning Wednesday, March 9 and will run for 16 consecutive weeks. This program is free to anyone with a referral from their Primary Care Provider. Each participant must be an adult with a body mass index of over 25; have one other cardiovascular risk factor; have a diagnosis of pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, or metabolic syndrome; and be interested in lifestyle changes. Participants are asked to commit to the entire 16 weeks. Lifestyle Balance is based on the CDC DPP project that shows lifestyle can prevent or delay the onset of diabetes with a 58% success rate. The program includes a binder, weekly lessons, Calorie King book, one lab SCOBEY JUNIOR Macki Kilgore heaves a free throw draw of a lipid panel and during Saturday’s title tilt against the Fairview Warriors, fasting blood glucose at 16 weeks, weekly log books, who won 51-42. — Photo by Kyle Myhre weekly personal updates Henderson with 3:51 left in 7 (Simonson 2, Cox 1, Crowder and feedback. Participants the game brought the Spartans 1, DePuydt 1, Davis 1, Gairrett must be able to go into their 1). Blocked shots: 0. Steals: 5 within 40-33 but that’s as (DePuydt 3, Cox 1, Crowder 1). clinic for weekly weight and close as it was going to get as Quarter scores: 20-11 S-W, 29-16 send in log books in preDePuydt converted a 3-point S-W, 36-25 S-W, 55-41 S-W. paid envelopes that will be ••• play 15 seconds later. provided. EAST C DIVISIONAL DePuydt (11-15 FG, 4-4 Classes will feature inFebruary 24-25-26-28 FT for 26 points, 11 RBs Glasgow High School teractive teaching by a team and game-winner with 6.3 Thursday from Billings Clinic consistseconds left in consolation Scobey 46 Froid-Lake 24 ing of an RN Certified DiaCulbertson 50 Hinsdale 21 win...tourney MVP?) got it Fairview 67 Nashua 24 betic Educator, Registered done on both ends of the court Saco-Whitewater 54 Circle 43 Dietician, Exercise Physifor Saco-Whitewater, hitting Friday ologist, and Social Worker. 6-of-9 field goals and 6-of-8 Hinsdale 32 Froid-Lake 24 (LO) This team has an expected 75 Nashua 30 (LO) free throws for 18 points and Circle Scobey 56 Culbertson 44 (SF) success rate of weight loss grabbing 16 rebounds, all Fairview 51 Saco-Whitewater and lifestyle changes. 45 (SF) defensive. Contact your local Saturday The Spartans, just like Healthcare Provider or KarCulbertson 66 Circle 61 (LO) in the championship, had Saco-Whitewater 45 Hinsdale la Hansen, RN at DMHC by more fouls (25-11) than the 22 (LO) Monday, March 7 for more Panthers, leading to 20 more Saco-Whitewater 71 Culbertson 69 information and to pre-regfree throw attempts for the (CONSOLATION) ister. Fairview 51 Scobey 42 (1st) victors, who sank 17-of-28 Monday (.607) while Scobey was 3-of- Saco-Whitewater 55 Scobey 41 e-mail your ads and news to the 8. Another big stat, as was (CHALLENGE) Leader at also the case in the title game, was the points off turnovers, which the Panthers owned 20-5.

Fairview (51) vs. Scobey (42), championship, Saturday, February 26 — Fairview: Lexi Cayko 2-4 0-0 4, Morgan Taylor 1-1 0-0 2, Masyn Klose 1-1 2-4 4, Morgan Klose 6-17 3-4 17, Brittany Schneider 0-0 0-0 0, Jordan Gifford 2-9 6-7 10, Tiffany Kittleson 6-8 2-2 14. Totals: 18-40 13-17 51. Threepoint field goals: 2-10 (Morgan Klose 2-7, Gifford 0-3). Fouls: 11. Rebounds: 27 (Gifford 8, Kittleson 6, Masyn Klose 5, Morgan Klose 4, Cayko 2, team 2). Turnovers: 9. Assists: 5 (Morgan Klose 2, Gifford 1, Kittleson 1, Schneider 1). Blocked shots: 0. Steals: 5 (Morgan Klose 3, Cayko 1, Masyn Klose 1). Scobey: Demi Henderson 3-8 1-3 8, Jade Benson 1-3 0-0 2, Karsen Drury 8-14 0-0 16, Macki Kilgore 0-2 2-4 2, BriAnn Nelson 2-4 2-2 8, Gwynn Simeniuk 3-11 0-1 6. Totals: 17-42 5-10 42. Three-point field goals: 3-10 (Henderson 1-4, Benson 0-1, Nelson 2-3, Simeniuk 0-2). Fouls: 17. Fouled out: Nelson. Rebounds: 25 (Drury 6, Simeniuk 6, Kilgore 3, Nelson 3, Henderson 2, Benson 1, team 4). Turnovers: 15. Assists: 5 (Nelson 2, Benson 1, Henderson 1, Simeniuk 1). Blocked shots: 0. Steals: 4 (Benson 1, Drury 1, Henderson 1, Simeniuk Scobey (41) vs. Saco-White1). Quarter scores: 12-12, 24-18 water (55), challenge, Monday, F, 35-30 F, 51-42 F. February 28 — Scobey: Demi ••• Henderson 1-10 1-4 4, Jade The Spartans held an 11- Benson 0-5 0-0 0, Tyanna Dunbar 10 lead with three minutes 0-0 0-0 0, Lindsay Reller 0-0 0-0 left in the first quarter of 0, Carly Vink 0-1 0-0 0, Karsen 4-13 0-1 8, Macki Kilgore Monday’s challenge game Drury 0-3 1-2 1, BriAnn Nelson 2-4 0-0 against Saco-Whitewater, 5, Gwynn Simeniuk 10-18 1-1 which tipped off at 7:02 23, Dani Richardson 0-0 0-0 0. p.m. By 7:13 p.m. they were Totals: 17-54 3-8 41. Three-point goals: 4-13 (Henderson 1-5, behind 20-11 at the quarter field Benson 0-2, Nelson 1-3, Simeniuk break as the Panthers went 2-3). Fouls: 25. Fouled out: Nelson. on a 10-0 run — Davis with Rebounds: 32 (Simeniuk 12, Drury a 15-footer, Cox two treys 6, Henderson 5, Benson 3, Kilgore 3, Nelson 1, team 2). Turnovers: 14. and DePuydt a deuce. Assists: 5 (Henderson 2, Benson Scobey pulled within 1, Nelson 1, Simeniuk 1). Blocked 22-16 on Simeniuk’s 3-point shots: 1 (Drury). Steals: 5 (Benson play but Saco-Whitewater, 1, Drury 1, Henderson 1, Nelson 1, Reller 1). Saco-Whitewater: Kiana starting with Crowder’s Simonson 0-5 0-2 0, Chelsea Ma3-ball at 4:14, went on another vencamp 0-2 1-2 1, Shyla Gairrett run for a lead of 29-16 at 0-2 0-2 0, Jessica Davis 4-6 1-2 the half, where the Panthers 9, Macey Cox 3-6 2-2 11, Angie Crowder 4-10 7-10 16, Brianne were 11-of-21 (.523) from DePuydt 6-9 6-8 18. Totals: 17-40 the field, including a 4-of-6 17-28 55. Three-point field goals: performance from beyond 4-10 (Cox 3-6, Crowder 1-4). Fouls: the 3-point arc. The Spartans 11. Rebounds: 33 (DePuydt 16, Crowder 5, Davis 3, Simonson 3, were 7-of-22 (.318). Cox 1, Gairett 1, Mavencamp 1, A 3-point field goal by team 3). Turnovers: 11. Assists:


Eastern C Divisional Boys Tournament March 3-4-5 Sidney, Montana

Game 5

Good Luck Spartans at Divisional Tournament!! Congratulations girls on a great season. Instant Cell Phone Backup price reduced to $9.99 See This Item And Many Other Undiscovered Treasures In Our Discount Isle!

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Cafe 487-5954 • Bar 487-5957 Shelley & Terry Buer • Scobey, MT

Best of luck Spartan Boys at East C Divisional Tournament in Sidney, especially #21 (Kray Buer) & #13 (David Meyers)


Spartan Girls

on a very successful season!

GO SPARTANS! Good Luck from Banjo’s Club 109

Game 1

Scobey Savage Game 7

Thurs. 1:00 p.m.

Overall Records

Froid-Lake Scobey Nashua Fairview Culbertson Lustre Christian Savage Dodson

19-2 18-2 16-5 16-6 14-7 13-6 11-10 9-10

Game 2

Game 10 Fri. 1:00 p.m.

Fri. 6:30 p.m.

Lustre Froid/Lake

Sat. 11 a.m. Consolation

Sat. 6:00 p.m.

Thurs. 2:30 p.m.

Two advance to State in Bozeman, March 10-11-12 Challenge game, if necessary Monday, March 7


Sat. 8 p.m. Game 3

Game 9

Fairview Game 6


Game 8 Winner

Thurs 6:30 p.m.

Sat. 9:30 a.m.


Bracket Brought To You By Fri. 2:30 p.m.

Banjo’s Club 109 Bar & Casino

Game 4

Fri. 8 p.m.


Coming Saturday, April 2

Nashua Thurs 8 p.m.

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Grapplers Good In Glasgow Meet

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2011 SCOBEY SMALL-TOWN AAU WRESTLING TEAM — Back row from left, Pre- Whenever YOU Intelligently Help witt Leibrand, Walker Welchlin, Wyatt Welchlin, Martin Farver, Dylan Meyers, An- Your Own Community You Help Yourself, Your ders Knudsen, Parker Cromwell; front row from left, Colton Rush, Ender Young, J.P. Family and Your Friends Braut, Payton Leibrand, Rio Booth, Chance Smith, Braxton Wolfe, Cameron Anderberg, Joshiah Jaynes, Aiden Baros. Not pictured are Aiden Fishell and Austyn Fishell. Coaches are Kerry Cole and Terry Farver. — Leader Photo, mike th

Scobey • 487-5141

Scobey Lutheran Church

is complete, but we need history from groups or committees for the last quarter century - 1986 to 2011.

Please turn in your reports to the history committee or to the church office by March 10, 2011!!

Attend the 100th celebration July 22-24, 2011!

View web site at

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THE SCOBEY CHEERLEADERS not only performed their dance routine very well Saturday, February 26, at the District 3C Boys’ Basketball Tournament in Scobey but also this past Saturday during halftime of the championship game of the East C Divisional Girls’ Tournament in Glasgow. They’ll perform it again Saturday (March 5) night at the East C Divisional Boys’ Tournament in Sidney. Kneeling in the back, from left, are Tiffani Trangsrud and Amanda Thievin. In front, from left, are Libby Olson, Summer Lee, Kari Baker and Zoë Haugo. — Leader Photo, mike

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The Scobey Small-Town AAU Wrestling Team had a very successful day during its second meet of the season Saturday, Febraury 26, at the Glasgow Invitational held at the Glasgow Civic Center. Twelve of the 15 Scobey youngsters represented the community in outstanding fashion by placing in the top three against competition from Havre, Chinook, Malta, Glasgow, Wolf Point, Poplar, Sidney, Plentywood, Williston and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Placing were: Aiden Baros, Tot Division, 36 pounds, first place; Chance Smith, Tot 56.7, first; Braxton Wolfe, Tot 40, first; Cameron Anderberg, Tot 42, third; Payton Leibrand, Bantam 68, first; J.P. Braut, Bantam 44, second; Ender Young, Bantam 42.5, third; Rio Booth, Bantam 66, fifth; Parker Cromwell, Midget 63, first; Wyatt Welchlin, Midget 107, first; Martin Farver, Midget 78, second; Prewitt Leibrand, Midget 107, second; Walker Welchlin, Midget 81, third; Anders Knudsen, Novice 85, fourth; Dylan Meyers, Novice 73, fifth. The Scobey Small-Town grapplers kicked off their 2011 season at the Baker Invitational February 19 with about 350 kids competing. Seven Scobey boys competed: Meyers, Novice division, 75 pounds, third; Austyn Fishell, Novice 75, fifth; Farver, Midget 80, third; Prewitt Leibrand, Midget 112, second; Payton Leibrand, Bantam 70, first; Aiden Fishell, Bantam 60, fourth; Baros, Tot 40, fourth. Both Farver and Meyers lost their championship match and had to turn around and wrestle for”true second.” Both lost and finished in third. Next action for the Scobey Small-Town Wrestlers is Saturday, March 5, in Williston at the high school starting at 9 a.m. MDT (if in Sidney for the East C Divisional Boys’ Basketball on Saturday and have time to kill until evening games head 40 miles northeast to Williston for some wrestling action).


Lunch will be served! – Watch for more details in next weeks ad

Anything to Do With Grain . . . We Handle It!

Poly Flighting Assemblies Anything To Do With Grain, We Handle It 406-487-2216 • Toll Free 1-888-255-4790 email: website:

Box 1177 • Scobey, Montana 59263 -formerly Allen Juel Properties-


Rep. Knudsen Reports

by Rep. Austin Knudsen, HD 36

The 62nd Montana Legislature reached its official halfway mark on February 24th. Known as ‘transmittal,’ at this point most bills from each chamber (House or Senate) have to be voted on and sent to the other chamber for action (kill or pass on to the Governor). The House of Representatives has passed several pro-business tort reform bills, as well as a number of healthcare bills aimed at putting Montana in charge of our healthcare decisions, not the federal government. One of the pieces of legislation I am most proud of is HB 334, which is a comprehensive reform of Montana’s abysmal worker’s compensation system. Montana currently ranks last in the nation for worker’s compensation rates. We have the highest work comp rates in the country by a long shot, and we would have to reduce rates by more than twenty percent just to reach 49th. A forty percent rate cut puts us right in the national average for rates. Our bloated work comp system is one of the major roadblocks to business growth in Montana. A local Sidney oilfield company testified that his company would save more than a million dollars in work comp just by moving across the state line to Williston. If signed into law, HB 334 will reduce Montana work comp rates and make us more business friendly, and I am a proud co-sponsor of this important bill. Another piece of legislation that I’m carrying in the House is SB 317, a comprehensive reform of Montana’s environmental laws. This bill passed out of the Senate, and must now be vetted in the House before it goes to the Governor’s desk. SB 317 continues protecting our environment, while also recognizing that Montanan’s have the constitutional right to pursue economic prosperity by developing private property. SB 317 will prevent frivolous lawsuits from environmentalist groups suing to block responsible natural resource development in Montana. While this isn’t an issue in northeast Montana (yet), it is a major impediment to resource development in the rest of the state. If the Bakken oilfield keeps developing in our area, it is only a matter of time these groups start filing lawsuits to stop Montana oil drilling because they will claim it contributes to global warming. This would be devastating to our local and state economies, which is why I think it is so important that our environmental laws be reformed now. As always, I appreciate communication and input from home. I can be contacted via email at austinforhouse@, ph. (406) 5394268, or mail: MT House of Representatives, P.O. Box 200400, Helena, MT 59620.

DANIELS COUNTY LEADER, Scobey, Montana 59263

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Senior Citizens Calendar . . .

Activities held at the Senior Center on Main Street in Scobey (ph. 2434) include: Thurs. Mar. 3 - bingo 1:00 p.m. Fri. Mar. 4 - pinochle 1:30 p.m. Mon. Mar. 7 - cards 1:30 p.m. Wed. Mar. 9 - coffee hour 2-3 p.m. Thurs. Mar. 10 - bingo 1:00 p.m. Fri. Mar. 11 - pinochle 1:30 p.m.–Vicki Stratton, coordinator

SCOBEY SCHOOLS LUNCH MENU Mar. 7 - chicken tender, potatoes, corn, salad, hot apple slices Mar. 8 - mini corn dog, potatoes, green beans, salad, vegetable sticks, pears Mar. 9 - fish patties on a bun or nuggets, potatoes, salad, peas, rice pudding Mar. 10 - roast beef dinner, mashed potatoes, gravy, buns, corn, peaches Mar. 11 - cheese pizza, salad, corn, vegetable sticks, orange slices

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DANIELS COUNTY LEADER, Scobey, Montana 59263

County Extension Opheim School Looking Into 4-Day Service News Nicole Winkler County Agent • 487-2861

COMING EVENTS: Mar. 15 - Fumigation Workshop, Helena Mar. 16 - Fumigation Workshop, Billings Mar. 17 - Fumigation Workshop, Miles City Mar. 18 - Initial Training for Private Pesticide Applicators. Glasgow Mar. 18 & 19 - Farm Expo, Plentywood Mar. 28-31 - Agent to Healthy Home Training, Bozeman Fumigation Trainings Scheduled for March— Fumigation Trainings are scheduled for Private and Commercial Pesticide Applicators. New federal rules for applying certain fumigants will be explained in one-day workshops to be held March 15 thru 17 in Helena, Billings and Miles City. Speakers from MSU Extension, the MT Dept. of Agriculture and Degesch America will explain the new rules and how to write fumigant management plans for rodent and structural fumigations. Attendees will also practice writing fumigant management plans. The meetings will run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. each day and will be held March 15 at the Red Lion Colonial Inn in Helena; March 16 at the Bighorn Resort in

Daniels Memorial Healthcare Center Notes Dr. Sawdey With A Word About Lifeline Screening

Over the last month I have had many requests to explain the Lifeline Screening that is coming to Scobey in mid-March. Essentially, there are several national companies that use ultrasound to evaluate the large vessels of the neck and the large vessel of the abdomen in order to find blockage in this area. Further, I notice that the Lifeline will do a bone density study in the heel to evaluate for osteoporosis. These are what are considered ‘screening tests’. This means that in a general population, people may have risk factors for early disease such as blockage of the carotid arteries, but presently have no symptoms related to that condition. The idea is to find something going on before it becomes a big deal. While this sounds very good, I am not clear about the quality of the tests or the instruments that Lifeline uses. Medically, we do not generally screen the population as a whole unless there are some additional risk factors. For example, we will do a screening ultra-

Billings; and March 17 at the Eagles Club in Miles City. The Environmental Protection Agency revised its fumigation rules after young children in Utah, South Dakota and Texas died from accidentally breathing the fumes of aluminum phosphide fumigants. A commercial applicator contracted to kill rodents apparently applied the pesticide too close to the children’s homes. New EPA regulations completely ban the use of aluminum or magnesium fumigants around all residential areas, which include houses, apartment buildings, nursing homes, schools, day cares and hospitals. They can still be applied around non-residential buildings, but the buffer zone has increased from 15 to 100 feet. People who attend the workshop can receive five private applicator recertification credits, as well as six commercial/government applicator recertification credits. Register by March 10th. Contact Cecil Tharp at or (406) 994-5067. For more information go to www. and select ‘News! Fumigation Programs from March 15th to March 17th.’ sound of the abdomen in a male between the ages of 65 and 75 that has a history of smoking. This is a recognized need as established over years of study and is approved by most insurance companies because of the value this test has. It is also approved by Medicare. Further, we do not screen the carotid arteries unless people are having neck pain, stroke-like symptoms or are going in for some type of heart artery treatment, as its value has not been established as above. Lastly, the heel bone density study (the kind that Lifeline Screening uses) uses ultrasound technology that is not ideal for detection and treatment of osteoporosis. Be advised, however, these are screening tests and if they come back positive for problems, then you need to go on and have further evaluation by better technology. My personal belief is that if you wish to invest your family’s treasure in these sorts of evaluations, they are certainly not going to hurt you. As for the individual company providing these services in Scobey in mid-March, I really cannot speak to them as they are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which is the mechanism we use to judge the authenticity of these sorts of studies. I hope this answered any questions you may have.



be missed. And, if a school activity, requiring students be absent, was planned and Backhoe Service for a Monday, the week’s schedule could be slid to run Septics • Water Lines • Foundations Tuesday to Friday. Mr. Ray pointed out Gravel • Road Maintenance • Demolitions that there are pro’s and Tired of farming around that rock pile or old foundations con’s. The instructional and buildings in your field? Do you need a spring developed or a watering hole cleaned out? day is lengthened by 37 Give us a call and check out our new 140 Volvo Excavator. minutes which may be It’s fast and ready to work. felt more by the younger Dan Fugere Dean Stephenson students than by the older Greg Haldorsen 406-539-9263 406-783-7741 406-783-7131 students. The amount of teacher / student contact P.O. BOx 4200 ScOBEy, MOnTana 59263 time would be the same (if not more) but over four days instead of five. Buses would be driven about 20% less-saving on gas, wear and tear, and maintenance. Teachers that commute long distances would also save in a similar fashion. Those that don’t travel would enjoy a shorter work week which, it has been reported, improves morale. And as we compete to hire Sherri McCrory, Agent teachers needed to replace Give it your best shot. 525 W 1st Avenue those that retire - a shorter Plentywood, MT 59254 We'll be rooting for you!!!! Bus: 406-765-1821 work week may be an tive to come to Opheim. There are a great many points that need to be disLike a good neighbor, State Farm is there. cussed.” Mr. Ray has scheduled a meeting to discuss the 4-day week on Thursday, March 10, at 6:30 in the home economics room. Everyone is urged to attend. —Janet Bailey, rpt.

Fugere Trucking

On Wednesday, February 16, Ed Ray, Superintendent of School in Opheim introduced the idea of a 4-day school week, to the district board. During the discussion that followed, the school board directed him to get the word out and solicit the thoughts of the community. A few years ago the state changed the requirements of the school year from 180 student days to 1080 student hours. This change allows local schools a great deal of freedom in setting up their school’s calendar. This is not a new concept and it’s a concept that may not work for everyone, but Montana currently has about 20 schools operating on 4-day school weeks. Colorado and South Dakota have had a 4-day school week for years. Saco is currently running a 4-day week and from reports from their superintendent, an elementary teacher and a few of the students that Mr. Ray spoke with - they love it. Hinsdale and Nashua are currently considering adopting a 4-day week. There are always pro’s and con’s to any change, but what Mr. Ray likes best is e-mail your ads and news to the the fact that they can al- Leader at ways go back if it doesn’t have positive results. The calendar can be constructed to have the same start and end dates that they had this year. A typical week would run Monday through Thursday. The students, who now start class at 8:30, would start at 8:15 and run twenty-two minutes longer, dismissing at 3:35. The main purpose for a 4-day week is that student attendance is improved. With students leaving for various activities such as sports, music, FFA, etc., the school day gets interrupted and the teachers have a difficult time advancing instruction. If those absences, when possible, were planned for a Friday, no instruction would

Good Luck Teams!!



State Farm, Bloomington, IL

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Plentywood Electric

formerly Allen Juel Properties Scobey, MT 406-487-2216 1-888-255-4790 email:

113 N. Main Street • Plentywood, MT


Digital Home Advantage plan requires 24-month agreement and credit qualification. Cancellation fee of $17.50/month remaining applies if service is terminated before end of agreement. Programming credits apply during first 12 months. $10/mo HD add-on fee waived for life of current account; requires 24-month agreement, continuous enrollment in AutoPay with Paperless Billing. Showtime offer ($39 value) requires AutoPay with Paperless Billing; after 3 months then-current price applies unless you downgrade. DISH Platinum offer requires qualifying HD programming, AutoPay with Paperless Billing; after 3 months you must choose to continue subscription. Free Standard Professional Installation only. All equipment is leased and must be returned to DISH Network upon cancellation or unreturned equipment fees apply. Limit 6 leased tuners per account; upfront and monthly fees may apply based on type and number of receivers. HD programming requires HD television. Prices, packages and programming subject to change without notice. Offer available for new and qualified former customers, and subject to terms of applicable Promotional and Residential Customer agreements. Additional restrictions may apply. Offer ends 5/17/11. SHOWTIME and related marks are registered trademarks of Showtime Networks Inc., a CBS Company.



DANIELS COUNTY LEADER, Scobey, Montana 59263

School Costs Up­— According to Montana Taxpayers Association, Montana public schools Items taken from weekly issues 75 spent a million dollars more years ago, from the Daniels County in the 1934-35 term than in Leader, est. 1922 (continuation of the the previous year and had Scobey Sentinel, est. 1912). 3,257 fewer students. Job Seekers Must Amateurs Perform— Re-register— Everyone in Daniels An amateur hour sponCounty who is actively sored at the Catholic hall by seeking employment, should the Catholic study club saw re-register with the National many of Scobey’s talented re-employment Service be- young people compete before March 15. If roads are fore a packed house. The in such shape that applicants program was under the sucan not get to Scobey, they pervision of Father Conaty. may register by mail by Dorothy Berry won first simply addressing a letter or prize with a tap dance; Marpostcard to the Employment garet Rhodes won second office in Scobey and their with a vocal solo and Vernames will be placed on the non Nelson was third with a baritone solo. employment list.

Years Ago

30 Tons Coal of Coal— Friday morning last week snow plows finally cleaned the road to the Dickman Coal Mine near Whitetail and by Saturday night 30 tons of coals had been hauled from there. Farm Income Gains— Montana farmers reaped a cash income of $96,438,000 in 1935. This figure includes rental and benefit payments under the agriculture adjustment act. A 19% increase from 1934, this figure is nearly double that in 1932. Wheat held state-wide first place in cash income, followed closely by cattle. Chicken Hawks Removed From FFA Contest— The Scobey Chapter of the FFA has decided to take the chicken hawk from the list of “enemies” to be killed in the contest now in progress. Reason is that it is only one type of hawk here that bothers chickens and all hawks are of a benefit to farmers with a diet consisting 90% from insects and rodents.

R-Y Road Being Opened— The R-Y has been plowed south of Flaxville as far as the Frederick School. After completing the R-Y, plans are to open the east road as far as Tony Linder’s. Taken to Prison— Sheriff Henry Lowe of Roosevelt County took Kirby Lindquist, a transient, and Wayne Nefzger, a local boy, to Deer Lodge to begin five year sentences for attempted robbery. They had entered a building on Wolf Point’s Main street and attempted to hold up 9 or 10 men at 1:30 Friday morning. A gun in the hand of Nefzger fired, wounding Reid Taylor. No Funds for Road West; Some to be Oiled— It appears there will be no funds for the proposed farm to market road west from Scobey, although a tentative survey may be made. Highways from both Scobey and Whitetail to the Canadian border are expected to be oiled this summer. The latest session of the Highway Commission resulted in the largest letting of contracts in the state’s history.

J & H Harvesters Jensen - Hansen Trucking Death— Mrs. O. W. Jay, pioneer Grain - Machinery - Fertilizer resident of the Flaxville Mark community passed away at 406-487-2756 Res. 406-939-7444 cell / Jesper 406-939-7911 the clinic Hospital WednesScobey, MT 59263 day. Diabetes was the cause

GlasGow stockyards Inc.

of death and she had been seriously ill for some time. Born Ada Rush, she was married to O. W. Jay in 1909 in Iowa and they came Montana in 1912, first to Medicine Lake and then to Flaxville. He died a year ago. It is expected that she will be buried beside her husband at the Flaxville Cemetery.

public notices


Check out the Leader website at: Introductory offer! Paint & Primer in one

• Our highest quality paint • Our most durable finish • Superior coverage


KEN W. HOVERSLAND, KEN W. HOVERSLAND, P.C. 102 2nd Avenue East P. O. Box 687 Scobey, Montana 59263-0687 Telephone: (406) 487-2641 Locals— Attorney for Personal MORE than 30 were Representative

present at the Scobey Lutheran Mens Club’s monthly meeting Monday evening. MRS. John Lapke of Madoc went to Scobey Monday and returned Tuesday. MISS Mae Lapke is now employed at Reiner’s Bakery. MRS. Earl Otto and Mrs. Walt Wade entertained friends with a bridge party at the Wade restaurant in Flaxville. FRANK Hewett is around again after being confined to bed last week. JAMES Gilbertson, who has been at CCC camp, is in hospital with acute rheumatic fever. GRAVELING of the road north of Peerless will be resumed Wednesday. INEZ Feltis and Clifford Noel are sick at the school dorm this week. WILLIE Spear was called home because of the illness of his father and his brother, Donald. OSCAR Grendal’s friends had a birthday party for him at the Odd Fellows Hall in Whitetail. FLOYD Williams is now working for Juy Robertson. FIVE BIRTHS: to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Norman a girl March 4; to Mr. and Mrs. R. V. McIntyre a boy, March 2; to Dr. and Mrs. R. R. Jones a daughter, Marcia Irene, Feb. 29; to Mr. and Mrs. Ellie Gaines, a son, Feb. 28; to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gibney a son, Patrick Raymond, March 3.



Flat Enamel Satin Semi-Gloss


Good Luck Spartans! Congratulations Girls on a well played season!

Probate No. DP-10-2011-3 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed personal representative of the above-named estate. All persons having claims against the said deceased are required to present their claims within four months after the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. Claims must either be mailed to James T. Miller, the personal representative, return receipt requested, care of Ken W. Hoversland, P.C., PO Box 687, Scobey, MT 59263, or filed with the Clerk of the aboveentitled Court. Dated February 11, 2011.

*Limit five gallons per customer. Available at participating stores.

Wilson's True Value DuWayne & Carrie Wilson

Scobey • 406-487-2628



/s/ JAMES T MILLER Personal Representative of the Steven W. Miller estate Pub. 2-17-11, 2-24-11, 3-3-11



For more than 70 years Waddell & Reed, Inc.

north edge of Scobey Security Fenced & Lighted Call TOLL FREE


24 hour hotline 406-323-INFO (4636)

Member SIPC

Willard Fladager Financial Advisor 1465 HIGHWAY 2 NW SUITE C HAVRE, MT 59501 Toll free 1(877) 406-7526 8985 (06/09)

Lund Chiropractic Dr. Patrick Lund

303 Smith Ave, Scobey

call for appointment

783-7459 cell


P.O. Box 129 Glasgow, MT 59230 (406) 228-9306


Thursday, March 10th –

Monthly Stock Cow and Bred Heifer Auction All Classes of Cattle sell at 9:30 a.m. with Bred Cattle to sell at 1:00 p.m.

Tentative Early Consignments:

Just a few of our services include... Activities Private Rooms Resident Outings Home-Style Dining Beauty Shop Gift Shop Rehab Services

Medicare Certified Medicaid Certified Excellent State Surveys 78 Licensed Beds Clean Rooms Around the Clock Care Spiritual Services

** 100 Black Whiteface/Red WhiteFace/Red and Hereford Bred Heifers, Bred Red Angus, April 1 Calvers ** 50 Black Bred Heifers, Bred Black, March 20 Calvers ** 1 Holstein Springing Heifer ** Brown Swiss 3 or 4 year old Gentle Cow with nice 250# Calf at side

Thursday, March 17th – St. Patrick's All Class Cattle Auction Thursday, March 24th – Special Feeder Auction and All Class Cattle Auction Thursday, March 31st – All Class Cattle Auction

Come tour our Nursing Home facility and meet our dedicated and caring staff.

Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (


DANIELS COUNTY LEADER, Scobey, Montana 59263


real estate

PHONE (406) 487-5303

Ken W. Hoversland, P.C. Law Offices

Office Hours 9 to 5 Mon-Fri. for other times call for Appt. 102 2nd Ave. E. Scobey, MT

Classified KEY NUMBERS: on last line of EACH want ad appears a key . . . p-paid, c-charge, tfc-til further notice charge. These respective letters always are preceded by a number. . . 12-14c, for instance, means first insertion began the 12th issue of the year and will run thru issue number 14, charged. 11tfc means the ad began on the 11th issue of the current year and will appear in each issue thereafter until customer advises stop. Leader issue number is found each week at the upper left hand corner of the front page, just under the "flag" denoting name of publication.


BEEF – by whole or half, COMPUTER SOLUTIONS grain fed. Kaare Gaustad need help with your com783-7768 Scobey 9-11c puter? Give me a call! Pamela Lindell 716-864-4839, TOW ROPES & STRAPS – Scobey 7-10p several lengths and sizes available. Shortline Ag Inc., SCOBEY LUTHERAN Church – Scobey, 487-2216 2tfc 100th Anniversary history is complete, we need history HAY FOR SALE – Call Darel from groups or committees Planz, Coronach, Sask. 306- for 1986 to 2011. Please 267-7948, 306-267-4548 turn in reports to the history or 306-267-5711 9-14c committee or church office by March 10, 2011. Attend ROLL TOP DESK - used 4 1/2 the 100th celebration July ft, good condition. Barb Gi22-24, 2011. View web site rard, 487-2656 or 487-2611 at www.scobeylutheran. Scobey 7tfc com 8-9c

PARTS CARS $299 each – ‘95 Chev Lumina LS; 1992 Oldsmobile. Solbergs, 487-2821 Scobey 4tfc 2002 F150 FORD LARIAT – excellent condition, loaded. 783-8080, Austin Erickson, Scobey 9tfc

help wanted TIRE TRUCK OPERATOR – needed at Grain Growers Oil Co. in Scobey. 487-2741, ask for Tanner. 9tfc LOOKING FOR FULL TIME Ranch and Farm employee with experience. 783-5224 or 783-7102 Mike Ferestad, Scobey 9tfc

Scobey Tire & Auto

Guns Cleaned & Repaired for Sale Guns - Ammo Scopes Binoculars & more also small engine repair

Stuart Reed 779-7557 - daytime 779-3500 leave message Flaxville, MT

HOUSE FOR SALE – 3-4 bedroom, 2 bath, partially finished basement w/new carpet. Main floor wood, new kitchen countertops, sprinkler system, carport, open patio. Call for details or appointment. 406-4872083 or 406-531-6462 Lacey Dickinson, Scobey 7-10p FOR SALE – 1900 sq ft house at 403 Janus in Scobey. New furnace and water heater. $75,000. 701-370-3488 Tim Goff 6-9p FOR SALE – older 4 bedroom home in Scobey. Contact Lee Cook 779-3693 49tfc FOR SALE – Nice country home on 40 acres. Wade Tryan 779-3540 Flaxville 51tfc HOUSE FOR SALE – 409 Timmons ST in Scobey. Two unattached garages (four vehicles). One garage heated. Two lots with mature trees. RV hookup in back yard. Call Carmen at 487-5070. 51tfc

FOR SALE – 3450 sq. ft., 5 DREAM MANUFACTURING, bedroom, 3 bath on 2 lots; LLC - Custom fabrication & 24x24 garage. New roof in welding (aluminum, stain- spring 2010. 503 4th Ave W, less & steel) Mig, Tig, & Scobey. Asking $195,000. Stick. Ag equipment, truck Call Mitch Graff 783-7431 7tfc & trailer, gas & diesel repair & rebuilds. Shop & portable equipped. Contact Steve FOR RENT – 1 bedroom apts Nash, Redstone, MT 406- with rental assistance for 895-2200. 50tfc elderly, handicapped or disabled. Also available to LOOMIX DEALERSHIP in the non-elderly. First month rent area. Call J & J Loomix, Josh is free. Henderson Apts., Green 783-7308, Scobey Scobey. Equal Opportunity 33tfc Housing. Contact Brad and Sherri Henderson toll free at 9c PRINTING – envelopes, coun- 866-332-2859 ter sales tickets & business forms, posters, newsletters ONE OR two bedr. apts. and more. Call the Leader, available – federally subsi406-487-5303, Scobey tfc dized for low income persons and families. Grandview WE REPLACE more trans- Apartments, Scobey, phone missions than engines! Call 783-5501. EHO, TTY 71115tfc Solbergs today for your 406-783-5501 transmission flush and oil change. 487-2821, Scobey FOR RENT – 2 bedroom fur 45tfc nished apartment in Scobey. Call R&R Properties 4746tfc SELL YOUR LAND the auction 2300 way. www.tandeauction. com 26tfc

FARMERS UNION CARRIERS in Scobey has a General Manager Position available. Warehouse, Propane & Transportation. 401K, Health Plan. Send resume or call Todd Nelson at (406) 487-2660 for BUYING: IH TRACTORS, also more information. 9-10c some related equipment and parts. Send information to Reis Engines, Box 253, Varina, Iowa 50593 or Ph. 712-288-6442 8-11p

Wheel Alignment & Balancing TUNE-UPS TIRE SALES & SERVICE MIKE FARRIS, Manager 487-2428 Scobey

All Breed Dog Grooming Jasmyn deSousa Professional Groomer

406-697-9579 Scobey, MT

Melissa Lund-Holum

Senior Portraits, Weddings, Family Photos, Sports Photos, and more

406-487-2048 Scobey 406-783-7693

sale -- rent

Leader Classified Ads Are Online For Free at


Lund-Holum Photography

Jazzy Style Grooming

Certified Pet Business Professional

Ph. 406 487-2641

All LEADER classified ads must include name/firm and address: RATES: 30¢ a word (minimum $5.40). Additional same insertions FOR RENT – 1 bedroom apartment, newly remodeled, fully at 25¢ a word; discount for advance payment. furnished (dishes, sheets, blankets, etc.) in Scobey. Monday noon deadline for insertion or change that week. Call R&R Properties 474 Display classified adv. $6.00 per column inch (3 inch minimum). 2300 8-9c LEADER ADS GET RESULTS!

for sale


Twin Glass

Dallas R. Williamson


Scobey, MT

Grain Hauling

For your Grain Hauling Needs call Load All Trucking 35tfc

See us for all types of body work & painting

Expert Windshield & Glass Installation –– All Work Guaranteed! –– 1934 FORD COUPE


Our Scobey Nemont front office is undergoing remodeling. We are still able to serve your needs at our main office.

Signs clearly mark where you need to go to conduct business at Nemont during this remodeling project. The temporary office is located to the east of the main entrance. Nemont apologizes for the inconvenience and thanks you for your patience.

What do “low cost” chemical suppliers

really do for you?

Grain Growers has two full time agronomists dedicated to maximizing your bottom line. Grain Growers has a large inventory of all the chemicals you need. Grain Growers uses the best quality products. Grain Growers has two spray planes and one self propelled sprayer to get in and get the job done when you need custom application. Grain Growers has the shop and employees to help keep your equipment running so that your down time is minimized with break downs. Grain Growers is your local chemical supplier who knows and understands your needs, give us a call to talk about your spring chemical needs!

Grain Growers oil Company

Flaxville 474-2231 • Scobey 487-2741

Hours: M-F 8 to 5 – 24 Hour Towing

Thievin Auto Body

487-5100 • Hwy 5 East • Scobey • Mike Thievin

Our business belongs to the people who use it!!!

As your cooperative we operate for the benefit of our members and pay cash dividend returns!

Statewide Classified Network Get to Over 512,880 Readers Per Week Call the Leader For Details 487-5303 AUCTION AUCTION: ALL NEW/NEARLY NEW office equipment/furnishings, computers/electronics. View at www. 10am Saturday, March 19, 2011, Fairgrounds, Helena, MT. Mandeville Auction Service, 406-442-5834; 406-439-5793. #087 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

Kim Lodahl • 406-581-6099 based out of Plentywood, MT

Nemont Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

FRAC SAND HAULERS with complete rigs only. Tons of Runs in warm, flat, friendly and prosperous Texas! Great company, pay and working conditions. 817-769-7621, 817-769-7713. #088 EDUCATION/INSTRUCTION TRUCK DRIVER TRAINING. Complete programs, refresher courses, rent equipment for CDL, Job Placement Assistance. Financial assistance for qualified students. SAGE Technical Services, Billings/ Missoula. 1-800-545-4546. #089 FOR SALE - EQUIPMENT SAWMILLS - Band/Chainsaw - Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. Build anything from furniture to

homes. In Stock ready to ship. From $4090.00. www.NorwoodSawmills. com/300N 1-800-661-7747. #090 HELP WANTED GREAT CAREER OPPORTUNITY in Montanaʼs service of fi rst choice. Earn more with the skills you have. Learn more of the skills you need. In the Montana Army National Guard, you will build the skills you need for a civilian career, while developing the leadership skills you need to take your career to the next level. Benefi ts: √$50,000 Loan Repayment Program. √Montgomery GI Bill. √Up to 100% tuition assistance for college. √Medical & dental benefi ts. √Starting at $13.00/ hr. √Paid job skill training. √Call 1-800-GO-GUARD. NATIONAL GUARD. Part-time Job…Full-time benefi ts. #091 HELP WANTED MISCELLANEOUS ATTN: COMPUTER WORK. Work from anywhere 24/7. Up to $1,500 Part-time to $7,500/mo. Full-time. Training provided. or call 1-888-304-2847. #092

Statewide Classifieds Appear in 64 Montana Publications! Get In On It Today! LIVESTOCK CENTRAL MONTANA GELBVIEH GENETICS BULL SALE March 19, 2011, Lewistown Livestock Auction. 50 Gelbvieh Balancer and Angus bulls and 25 heifers. For catalog call (406)538-5622. #093 MORTGAGES/CONTRACTS QUICK CASH PAID FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE NOTE! Local Investor buys private mortgages, trust indentures & Land Installment Contracts. Call Today for a FREE Bid on buying a portion or all of your note. We also lend on Real Estate, must have at least 40% equity. 406-721-1444. #094 WANTED GUITAR WANTED! Local musician will pay up to $12,500 for pre-1975 Gibson, Fender, Martin, Rickenbaker and Gretsch guitars. Fender amplifiers also. Call toll-

CALL the Leader at 487-5303 . . . & Place Your Ad in 57 Weeklies & 7 Dailies With One Call & One Check!


Beulah Edland 1917 - 2011

Beulah L. Edland (93) died February 28, 2011 at Daniels Memorial Nursing Home in Scobey. Services are this Saturday, March 5 at 2:00 p.m. at the United Methodist Church in Scobey. Beulah was born April 2, 1917 to Herbert and Ada Anderson on the family farm at East Poplar, Saskatchewan, Canada. She grew up with her three brothers and thee sisters on the farm, having great fun skiing with homemade skies her dad made and playing on a gymnasium he built. Education was always important to Beulah and she would have gone to “Normal School” after graduating from high school, but her dad didn’t have $100 needed for it. Instead Beulah came down to Scobey to care for the Conboy’s son and while working there met her future husband, Lloyd. They were married July 28, 1941 in Glendive, Montana while she was working on a dude ranch near Terry. They rented a house in Scobey and Lloyd farmed near Peerless. In 1942 Lloyd enlisted in the U.S. Army and was stationed at Camp Hahn, California. Beulah followed shortly after, taking the train. She found work at a tuna factory and

DANIELS COUNTY LEADER, Scobey, Montana 59263

Consolidated Aircraft as one of the “Rosie the Riveters”. They continued to live in California until Lloyd was sent overseas to Germany in 1944. After the war they moved a house from the farm to Scobey and Beulah lived there until entering the nursing home in August 2010. Being very conservative, Beulah was a talented seamstress, taught by her mother, sewing many of her clothes and her daughters clothes as they were growing up. She worked at Kitzenberg’s Clothing Store after her daughters started school. Beulah was instrumental in the beginning of the operation of DanielsSheridan Federal Credit Union and was the manager for 26 years, retiring in 1985. She enjoyed playing in a bridge club for 25 years, and continued playing even after entering the nursing home. A highlight of her life was traveling, including many states, Mexico and Europe. She will be remembered as a small person with a big spirit. Beulah is survived by her two daughters, Linda (Gene) Lemke of Bonita Springs, Florida and Cheryl (Myron) Halverson of Scobey, three grandchildren, five greatgrandchildren, and, one sister, Delores (Elvin) Dahl of Minot, North Dakota. She was preceded in death by her husband (Dec. 30, 1976), parents, three brothers and two sisters.

Northside Tire & Auto 101 North Main Scobey, Montana

8 am to 6 pm Mon-Sat


or 487-5371 after hours

Relay for Life Meeting March 14

The N.E. Montana Relay for Life wants you to mark your calendars for Monday, March 14, 2011 at the Glasgow Elks Club. The first team meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. with a committee meeting to follow at 6:00 p.m. Join us as we are in full swing,bmaking plans for the 2011 N. E. Montana Relay for Life event to be held August 12th at the Glasgow H.S. Track. Come with lots of idea’s to share. We look forward to seeing you as we celebrate ‘Fight Back & Remember’ in our continuing to make a difference in the Fight against Cancer! MAILING ADDRESSES The mailing addresses of the parents of Shelaine Arin Hellickson, 19, of Parker/ Elizabeth, Colorado who passed away February 14, are: • Terri Hellickson, 10247 Highland Meadow Circle, Apt. 23-203, Parker, CO 80134. • Layne Hellickson, 35200 Cimarron Trail, Elizabeth, CO 80107.

FWP License Year Began March 1

Montana’s 2011 hunting and fishing licenses—including conservation, fishing, spring black bear and turkey, upland game bird, deer and elk hunting licenses—are available now at all FWP Regional offices and license providers. March 1 began the new 2011 license year for Montana hunters and anglers. The new license year is especially important for earlyseason anglers, and for those who enjoy ice fishing. Most 2011 licenses are also available on the FWP webpage at Click Online Services.

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Elise Harrold Cosmetologist

Scobey, MT

Manicures & Acrylic Nails


Country Cuts & Curls

CLOSED this weekend Mar 4-6

Enjoy the Boys Basketball Tournament

Scobey, MT

Whatever Your Budget, We Have A Vehicle To Get You And Your Crew To Tournament, Safely and in Style . . . Good Luck Spartan Boys at Divisional This Weekend!

Congratulations Spartan Ladies On A Great Season! 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan White; 140874 miles; V6, 3.3 Liter; Automatic; FWD; 7-Passenger Seating; Air Conditioning; Air Conditioning, Rear; AM/FM Stereo; Cassette; Cruise Control; Dual Air Bags; Power Door Locks; Power Steering; Power Windows; Privacy Glass; Second Sliding Door; Tilt Wheel; Towing Pkg was $4,995 Now $3,999 1997 Chevrolet Suburban 1500; Dark Green Metallic; 211163 miles; V8, 5.7 Liter; Automatic; 4WD; ABS (4-Wheel); Air Conditioning; Air Conditioning, Rear; AM/FM Stereo; Cassette; CD (Single Disc); Cruise Control; Dual Air Bags; Leather; LT; Power Door Locks; Power Seat; Power Steering; Power Windows; Premium Wheels; Privacy Glass; Roof Rack; Third Row Seat; Tilt Wheel; Towing Pkg was $6,950 Now $4,999 2001 Chevrolet Venture; Sandrift Metallic; 135094 miles; V6, 3.4 Liter; Automatic; FWD; ABS (4-Wheel); Air Conditioning; Air Conditioning, Rear; AM/FM Stereo; CD (Single Disc); Cruise Control; Dual Air Bags; LS; Power Door Locks; Power Seat; Power Steering; Power Windows; Premium Wheels; Privacy Glass; Quad Seating (4 Buckets); Roof Rack; Tilt Wheel was $5,995 Now $4,999 2003 Cadillac Escalade; Silver Sand; 93102 miles; V8, 6.0 Liter; Automatic; AWD; ABS (4-Wheel); Air Conditioning; Air Conditioning, Rear; AM/FM Stereo; Bose Premium Sound; Cassette; CD (Multi Disc); Cruise Control; Dual Air Bags; Dual Power Seats; DVD System; Leather; OnStar; Power Door Locks; Power Steering; Power Windows; Premium Wheels; Privacy Glass; Roof Rack; Running Boards; Side Air Bags; Tilt Wheel; Towing Pkg; Traction Control was $19,850 Now $18,999 2006; Chevrolet Uplander; Dark Blue Metallic; 102345 miles; V6, 3.5 Liter; Automatic; All Wheel Drive; 7-Passenger Seating; ABS (4-Wheel); Air Conditioning; Air Conditioning, Rear; AM/FM Stereo; Cruise Control; Dual Air Bags; DVD System; F&R Side Air Bags; MP3 (Single Disc); OnStar; Parking Sensors; Power Door Locks; Power Seat; Power Sliding Doors; Power Steering; Power Windows; Premium Sound; Premium Wheels; Privacy Glass; Quad Seating (4 Buckets); Roof Rack; StabiliTrak; Tilt Wheel was $13,595 Now $9,999 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ; Black; 45256 miles; V8, Flex Fuel, 5.3 Liter; Automatic, 4-Spd w/Overdrive; 4WD; ABS (4-Wheel); Air Conditioning, front and rear; Premium Sound; AM/FM Stereo; MP3 (Multi Disc); DVD System; Navigation System; OnStar; Autoride Suspension; Cruise Control; Dual Air Bags; Dual Power Seats; Leather; Oversized Premium Wheels; Parking Sensors; Power Locks & Windows; Power Steering; Privacy Glass; Quad Seating (4 Buckets); Roof Rack; Running Boards; StabiliTrak; Sun Roof; Third Row Seat; Tilt Wheel; Towing Pkg Was $37,995 Now $36,995 2009 GMC Yukon Steel Gray Metallic; 18990 miles; V8, Flex Fuel, 5.3 Liter; Automatic, 6-Spd HD w/Overdrive; 4WD; ABS (4-Wheel); Air Conditioning; Air Conditioning, Rear; AM/FM Stereo; CD (Multi Disc); Cruise Control; Dual Power Seats; Leather; OnStar; Parking Sensors; Power Door Locks; Power Steering; Power Windows; Premium Sound; Premium Wheels; Privacy Glass; Roof Rack; Running Boards; StabiliTrak; Third Row Seat; Tilt Wheel; Towing Pkg was $42,950 Now $39,999 2010 Chevrolet Traverse; Red Jewel Tintcoat; 11578 miles; V6, 3.6 Liter; Automatic, 6-Spd w/Overdrive & Shift Control; AWD; ABS (4-Wheel); Air Conditioning; Air Conditioning, Rear; AM/FM Stereo; Cruise Control; Dual Air Bags; MP3 (Single Disc); Parking Sensors; Power Door Locks; Power Seat; Power Steering; Power Windows; Premium Wheels; Privacy Glass; Roof Rack; Side Air Bags; Tilt Wheel was $34,595 Now $32,999

Call Bargain Bob Or Wes Today

Your Transportation Headquarters Serving NE Montana For Over 66 Years

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