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Adopt a Crop 2012-2013 Harvest


America’s Farmstand is proud to announce its 2012-2013 farm participants for the Adopt a Crop™ program. Now you have a whole new way to support small family farms while enjoying seasonal goods. From seafood to fresh squeezed juice to organic vegetables, America’s Farmstand provides a new way for your family to experience eating food straight from the farm. Based on the farmer’s growing cycle, not warehouse supplies and freight delivery schedules, your family will be able to eat food based off of proper seasons and life cycles. Adopting a crop allows you to not only support healthy eating for your family, but to also support a small family farm as it continues to provide food grown thoughtfully and with respect to the environment. Here are answers to some important questions regarding Adopt a Crop™. What is Adopt a Crop™? Short of getting your hands dirty in the soil pulling up vegetables, Adopt a CropTM is one of the best ways to reconnect with America’s farmers. Similar to a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, Adopt a CropTM allows you to lend a small family farm monetary support as it gets ready for its season, whether that be a season of growing crops, fishing, or raising cattle. Your funds could provide farmers with seeds, feed, or fishing nets. Then, you get to reap the rewards of a strong, supported, harvest with fresh from the farm produce, meat, fish, and more. Unlike CSAs, you aren’t limited by your proximity to farms. You can Adopt a CropTM of scallops off the coast of Connecticut and fresh peaches from Georgia then look forward to your bounty come harvest time.

Why is Adopt a Crop™ important? Like many other businesses, farms are faced with upfront initial expenses; however they are fairly unique in the fact that these expenses are, at minimum, a yearly financial burden. The successes of last year’s harvest often determine how much can be invested the farm this year. Farmers are at the mercy of weather, demand, timing, and sometimes luck. It can be hard enough to support a family let alone raise a family and run a successful farm. Farming equipment is expensive, sustainable agriculture practices require costly additional attention, there’s no cutting corners or making things ‘easier’ by the use of industrial farming techniques like spraying chemicals or using genetically modified seeds. All of these factors culminate into stress and anxieties come time to prepare for the next year’s planting. By providing farmers with capitol for their next crop, you remove some of their financial burden. You make it easier for small family farms to continue to care for their land with integrity. They can prepare the farm without worrying about also providing for their family, and you’ll show them that there are plenty of people who support their incredible effort to make wholesome fresh food the right way. America’s Farmstand is elated by your involvement in our Adopt a Crop™ program. It’s the perfect gift for you or someone you care about because it gives you the rare opportunity to help support an important cause, small sustainable agriculture, while reaping the rewards with delicious farm foods. We’ve had the chance to see and taste the amazing products from small farms across America and now it’s your turn. You get the chance to sample straight from the farm, super fresh, foods while learning a little more about where they came from and the farmer that grew them. We hope you get an extra enjoyment out of knowing that you directly supported and positively impacted a farmer and the family that grew your crop. That’s an experience you may never get at the super market.

Adopting Bomster Scallops Seafood lovers from across the country travel to south east Connecticut to visit Bomster’s seafood shop. The Bomster family has had a shop on Stonington’s dock for over thirty years and in that time they have developed a loyal following of customers who consider their scallops some of the best in the country. The scallops come in after ten to twelve day fishing trips in the Atlantic. While still at sea, the seafood is harvested, shucked, and rinsed in seawater. The scallops are flash frozen right there on the boat to ensure freshness and quality, just hours after being caught.

Unlike most operations, these scallops are sold dry which means they are packaged with salt water and are free of preservatives or additives. The term dry is often misinterpreted or thought to mean dried out. Scallops that are sold wet are preserved with chemicals, such as Sodium Tripolyphosphate which is used to eliminate odors. They are also rinsed with fresh water and because scallops act like sponges they absorb the water and lose their natural “milk.” By packaging them dry, Bomster scallops are free of harsh chemicals and maintain their original flavor. The scallops cook with a beautiful golden crust and are perfect over pasta or served alone with a squirt of fresh lemon.

Savor the tantalizing taste of home grown and fresh picked.

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Adopt a Crop Sallops  

Adopt a Crop Sallops