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Enhancing Truck Safety with Jobox Replacement Locks One can never skimp on the quality of security measures on a cargo transport vehicle. Be it pickup trucks, long haul trucks or service vans, investing in the right kinds of replacement locks and other safety features will keep prying eyes at bay, thus securing the cargo being ferried from theft or pilferage. Using strong boxes such as Jobox aluminum reinforced box, secured by top of the line replacement locks, provides added security. These locks are specifically meant to guard your cargo and other ferried boxes with the utmost care in place. These locks are of special importance for handy in service vans and trucks that are required to be left unattended for long periods of time, especially while the technicians spend time with their work, indoors are you the owner of one such cargo vehicle? Premium locks for added protection Cargo vans and transportation trucks are usually at the mercy of the outside world. The fact that these trucks generally following a predictable route to their destinations significantly increase the chances of malevolent encounters with vindictive sources. In most cases, only the driver is left in charge of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and cargo. Letting just one person defend against potentially lethal hazards can result in impossibly life threatening and insurmountable losses, especially when driving down stretches of lonely roads at night.Thus it is recommended that you install heavy duty boxes from reliable companies such as Jobox, along with reliable replacement locks to cater for greater protection. Using these locks will not only improve upon the security metrics, but will also reduce your insurance premiums, as they can help cut down the pertinent risk factors by a large extent. Common types of additional locks Like all aftermarket accessories for cargo vans, there is no one size fits all for locks. You can either choose a simple, additional locking mechanism, or opt for a costlier,

sophisticated locking equipment. You choice is entirely based on how important the cargo/ equipment is and how frequently the truck will be left unattended on a regular basis. Deadbolts are among the simplest, yet most effective types of locks for vans and trucks. They are tamper proof once they are installed and can be easily customized to fit the side doors or the read doors of the van. The most primitive types of these are operated by a mechanical key, but advanced versions are fitted with a remote sensing tool and can be controlled using a wireless controller. The slam lock, like the name suggests, is a contraption that locks the door once it is slammed shut. This type of lock is used extensively in delivery vehicles, where the driver is expected to carry the goods from the van to the client personally, while leaving his truck unattended. Since the locking mechanism kicks into place as soon as the door is shut, the driver does not have to waste precious seconds locking the door every time a delivery is to be made. The arm plate lock has an extra metal encasing over the door lock, thus making it harder for burglars to access the lock. If you need an arm plate lock, it is recommended to reinforce the interior walls of the truck as well. Properties of good replacement locks The stock locks that are installed by manufacturers offer a fair degree of protection, but they do not have the resilience that specialized locks can provide. Here are a few reasons why you should opt to upgrade the existing lock on your vans.  In most cases, these locks sit quite comfortably over existing locks - be it door locks or interior cabinet locks - and can be operated with ease.Most trucks use the same locking mechanism, irrespective of which automotive companies made them. Hence, it is easier to remove existing locks and fit in new ones in their place. Since the new locks can be housed in traditional locking modules, there is no need for drilling or additional changes to the hull of the truck to accommodate these new locks.

 High quality replacement locks are usually made of aluminum or other types of corrosion resistant alloys, thus, exposure to natural elements such as moisture, dust and heat does nothing to compromise upon their structural integrity. This very property also adds to the longer life of these locks that enable the highest levels of security.  These types of locks can be used to secure both the cargo area and the drivers’ door as well, thus protecting not only your equipment and freight, but keeping your driver safe as well. These replacement locks cannot be picked easily and one has to use the right key to get it opened under any circumstances. Better insurance premiums Compared to your car insurances, commercial van insurance covers a much wider domain as far as loss, theft and accidents are concerned. In most cases, the insurance premiums for the cargo and the equipment being ferried by the truck also depends on the degree of safety that the van can provide. In both cases, the varying insurance premiums depends heavily on how secure the van is. Having a heavy duty security system in place will reduce the probability of theft and damage to the vehicle when compared to the stock locking systems.The two most common ways of securing your cargo vans is by installing quality holding boxes and fitting secure locks. Jobox aluminum holding boxes Additional holding boxes are installed as a part of the upfitting process on a cargo van. These metal van boxes fit snugly in the contours of the van interiors, thus providing a secure cargo holding area, without compromising on the aesthetic of the interiors. These boxes can be fitted permanently inside the van, or can be detachable depending on the specific business requirements. Installing permanent fixtures might require a fair degree of drilling and welding to secure the box permanently on to the interior shell of van. While a removable box requires the installation of a suitable housing that secures the box firmly, it is easily detachable when required.

Despite the fact that these boxes are robust and sturdy, it is important to secure these Jobox van boxes with suitable replacement locks in order to protect the equipment and goods they hold.

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Enhancing truck safety with jobox replacement locks  
Enhancing truck safety with jobox replacement locks  

Secure your cargo van with the right kinds of Jobox van boxes and replacement locks. Read on to learn more about how these accessories will...