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EDITORIAL The Pueblo Chieftain FRANK S. HOAG, General Manager, Publisher, President—1904-1963


FRANK S. HOAG, JR., Chairman, Publisher, President—1931-1989

Our Values

HAT WAS once the biggest eyesore along the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo soon will be home for the Center for American Values. The center is the vision of retired Pueblo dentist Adolph “Rudy” Padula. It is to be housed in the old Sportsmart building at 101 S. Main St., next to the riverwalk. Renovation of the structure is weeks away from completion. As part of the center, Dr. Padula recently entered into an agreement to purchase 142 contemporary photographic portraits of Medal of Honor recipients by noted artist Nick Del Calzo. Dr. Padula’s deep personal connection with the Medal recipients and their stories of valor began when he, his son Brad and associate Frank Provenza co-produced the documentary “Beyond the Medal of Honor” after Pueblo hosted the 2000 National Medal of Honor Society convention. The film aired on PBS in 2004 and was distributed to more than 17,000 high schools in the U.S. by the Ross Perot Foundation. The film is still in use in classrooms around the country. Dr. Padula has enlisted Pueblo native and Medal recipient Drew Dix to help in the development of the center. Mr. Dix calls the portrait collection invaluable, capturing the true image of the nation’s surviving Medal recipients,

ROBERT H. RAWLINGS, Publisher and Editor

many of whom are camera shy and only participated at the urging of one another. He says the portraits will provide a backdrop to a center that will seek to draw recognition to the nation’s nonmilitary as well as military successes. One example, he notes the center’s focus will include the “tremendous success and risk-taking in business that made us so strong.” Indeed, the building also will have spaces for businesses of various types. The backers note that these times draw attention to the need for a national initiative to recognize and preserve the values on which this great country was founded, and they are hoping the center draws state and national interest. As Mr. Dix puts it, “Pueblo is a natural place for it with the Home of Heroes. And there are a lot of great people here.” Among activities envisioned for the center are leadership sessions, corporate training seminars, ceremonial activities, educational opportunities and public tours. Dr. Padula sees this venture as a unique opportunity to fulfill his philanthropic wishes. The center’s mission statement puts it succinctly: “A nonpartisan organization recognizing the need to honor the extreme sacrifices made to help sustain America’s values. We strive to ensure these extraordinary actions are preserved ... forever.”

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Our Values  

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