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Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address recalled There was no cheering or clapping following one of the most memorable presidential speeches in American history. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was short — only two minutes long — and was delivered like an invocation. “It came out more like a prayer than a speech and you don’t applaud after a prayer,” James Humes, a noted author and former presidential speech writer, told a crowd of 35 Wednesday gathered at the Center for American Values. Humes’ presentation was titled, “Abe Please Don’t Go to Gettysburg! The Inside Story of the

there’s no picture of it,” Humes said. “But the very brevity of the talk, enhanced its beauty. Yet it took a shot in a theater, a showdown at Appomattox and the freeing of a million slaves to make the Gettysburg Address eternal.” Lincoln relied heavily on Bible verses in authoring his speech, which his family pleaded with him to not deliver. There had been several recent deaths in Lincoln’s family, Humes said, and at the time of the speech Lincoln’s son was

ill with a 103-degree fever. Still, Lincoln wanted to go and he worked tirelessly at finding the right words for the event, Humes said. “He wrote seven drafts. Lincoln wanted majestic words, so he used words from the King James version of the Bible.” Humes said the part, “Brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty . . .” comes from passages in Genesis, and the ending “shall not perish from the

earth” comes from Proverbs. ‘‘He used (‘shall not perish from the earth’) for impact. What he was saying was that if we as Americans don’t adhere to its values . . . We will die as a nation,’’ Humes said. Also at the event, the Center for American Values gave out its HIP (Honor, Integrity and Patriotism) Awards to local students. Winners included: First: Bryan Romer, Centennial High School,

for his project, “Not Everyone Can Be a Hero.” Second: Bradley Davenport, Centennial, for his project “Hero.” Honorable mentions: Erin Bogard, Centennial, “Jay Vargas and My Mother: One in the Same;” Chelsea Canada, Centennial, “My Hero;” Ryan Patterson, Centennial, “Medal of Honor;” and Kaylene Khosla, Roncalli Middle School, for “The Cost of Serving Your Country.”




Gettysburg Address.” Lincoln’s f a m o u s words on Nov. 19, 1863, on the Pennsylvania g r o u n d where 51,000 James A m e r i c a n s Humes died in the decisive battle of the Civil War, caught those in attendance by surprise. For one, Lincoln’s address at the national cemetery dedication followed a two-hour speech by Massachusetts politician Edward Everett, the event’s orator. “It was so short, the photographers weren’t even ready. That’s why






earth” comes from Proverbs. ‘‘He used (‘shall not per- ish from the earth’) for impact. What he was say- ing was that if we as Amer- icans d...