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About the cover The cover illustration shows a composite of architectural details for three current building projects at American University: McKinley Building, on main campus, is being renovated and expanded to house the School of Communication (back cover and lower left); North Hall is a new student residence under construction on main campus (top); and an existing building at 4401 Connecticut Avenue NW is being refurbished as the future site for WAMU (right).

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From the Chairman of the Board of Trustees This annual report, and the year it reflects, is testament to American University’s strong foundation, steady financial performance, and strategic plan that provides a road map for ongoing change. Even with the recent challenges of the national economy, AU has continued to invest in its greatest assets—our students and faculty—and is creating a campus for the twenty-first century. While AU’s campus appearance is about to change as guided by the recently approved campus plan, our facilities improvements are prudently structured, are programmatically precise, and will make AU an even more attractive draw for future students and distinguished scholars while providing a more powerful presence in the nation’s capital. We have just completed the fourth year of our strategic plan, American University and the Next Decade: Leadership for a Changing World, and we are making steady progress on the plan’s 10 strategic and 6 enabling goals. While holding the line on tuition costs and increasing our investment in financial aid, over the plan’s first four years we invested some $100 million in the plan’s objectives, which reflects the board’s confidence in our goals and AU’s ability to achieve them. This investment is already showing significant progress, with new faculty hires, a stronger academic profile, teaching innovation through modern technology, institutional prominence, and new campus buildings about to emerge. As many of the nation’s finest universities have been forced to retrench, AU has marched steadily forward. Beyond AU’s astute financial planning, strategic direction, and dramatic facilities improvements, the true strength of AU is our people—a diverse campus community firmly rooted in the core values of academic achievement, social responsibility, and service and the alumni whose ongoing involvement and support is crucial to our future. Enjoy the annual report, and we look forward to the ongoing progress.


Jeffrey A. Sine


From the President American University has just completed a remarkable year, one that—in the words of our strategic plan—was transformational. Our faculty, students, and staff continued to excel. In their fields of study, our faculty continued to grow in stature and influence. Spurred by outstanding teaching and support, our students were a source of constant pride through their accomplishments in the classroom, in service to our many communities, and on the fields of play. Our staff members were repeatedly recognized by their professions for distinguished achievements. In the core elements of our institution’s mission, American University is doing important work. Our facilities future, built on the 2011 campus plan approved this year by the D.C. Zoning Commission, will create more than one million new square feet and provide as much new space as AU has developed over the previous 25 years. The AU campus will change dramatically in a very short time as we develop two eight-acre parcels into thriving parts of campus and create modern housing, student amenities, unparalleled teaching facilities, faculty offices, and new homes for WAMU 88.5 and the schools of law and communication. Externally, the spotlight shines on AU with an array of prominent guests bringing the world to AU, capped this past year by former president Bill Clinton accepting AU’s first Wonk of the Year award. American University is and will continue to be a great resource for our city, our nation, and the world. We are testimony to what a community of smart, passionate, engaged, and active faculty, staff, and students can accomplish.


Cornelius M. Kerwin


American University has always pushed boundaries. Whether it’s faculty uncovering the sociological causes of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in D.C., students fighting to rid the area’s rivers of pollution, or alums working tirelessly to end poverty, the people at AU have never shied away from challenging the status quo—or themselves. Now, with the D.C. Zoning Commission’s approval of its campus plan, the university enters a new phase of carefully planned construction that will help create an environment to push those intellectual boundaries even further. “We will develop as much space in new facilities during the next five years as we have in the last 25 years, and the results will be truly transformational,” said Don Myers, chief financial officer, vice president and treasurer. A few highlights of that transformation: North Hall construction and an addition to Nebraska Hall will bring much-needed residential spaces to AU’s main campus. The School of Communication will move into the remodeled and thoroughly modernized McKinley Building. WAMU will move into a renovated 96,000-square-foot building at 4401 Connecticut Avenue NW. The Washington College of Law will move from Massachusetts Avenue to AU’s eight-acre Tenley Campus, just a block from the Tenleytown-AU Metro station. New buildings, with underground parking for 400, will increase the law school’s space by 50 percent. East Campus development will incorporate a mixed-use complex of six buildings, including three residence halls, academic and administrative buildings, the Admissions Welcome Center, and underground parking. As AU president Neil Kerwin noted, “This outcome truly will enable American University to begin a new chapter in its history.”


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115,000+ ALUMNI

FUTURE OF When it comes to pushing boundaries, there’s no better example than the School of Communication’s new home—AU’s iconic McKinley Building. McKinley will be transformed into a sophisticated hub of digital classrooms, learning labs, and distinctive public spaces, all accessed through a contemporary glass entrance. But the building’s historical façade and up to 75 percent of its structure will be preserved. This pairing of past and future, of legacy and state of the art, reflects SOC’s commitment to providing students with the latest technology along with a solid foundation in communication theory and practice. The move to McKinley will more than triple SOC’s current space. And because of AU’s dedication to sustainability, the highly ranked school will strive for LEED* Silver certification. SOC’s new home will contain several cutting-edge features: •

Malsi Doyle and Michael Forman Theater. The 150-seat theater will be a state-of-the-art space for film screenings, master classes, and national conferences and symposia.

Media Innovation Lab. Advancing SOC’s educational philosophy of convergence across disciplines, the multimedia lab will provide a place where communication strategists, filmmakers, and journalists come together to create content.

Digital classrooms. Faculty and students will meet in high-tech classrooms and a focus group teleconference suite.

Former AU trustee Michael Forman generously donated $1.5 million for the theater, and his earlier challenge fund was vital in underwriting architectural plans for the building. The campaign to raise additional funds for SOC will be ongoing during the construction phase. “McKinley will provide a world-class home for a world-class community of students, faculty, and staff,” said SOC’s new dean, Jeffrey Rutenbeck. “For the first time in its history, the School of Communication will have a dedicated place to bring together and amplify the innovative energy that has defined SOC since its inception.” *Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design


They want to let the election solve some of these issues, and so nothing’s going to happen.



These [Olympic] games are about inspiring you guys to move. That’s what I want you all to do with ‘Let’s Move!’



DAVID GREGORY, SIS ’92 Speaking December 5, 2011, at the School of International Service, the host of Meet the Press explained congressional inaction on the country’s vital challenges. Gregory also cautioned students not to limit themselves to news slanted to one perspective. MICHELLE OBAMA Accompanied by Samantha Cameron, wife of the British prime minister, the first lady came to AU’s Bender Arena on March 13, 2012, for a mini-Olympics competition as part of her fitness campaign to combat childhood obesity.


Peace and stability can only last if improving the environment is one of the things you do to shore up the peace process. JANE GOODALL


Teaching for the test is exactly what we should do as long as the test reflects what we want them to learn.



JANE GOODALL Speaking at AU on September 21, 2011, International Peace Day, the world-famous primatologist and anthropologist said a sense of urgency is what keeps her traveling 300 days a year to promote peace and conservation. Goodall recalled that she had observed chimpanzees in the field a full year before one approached—and reached out to touch her. MICHAEL BLOOMBERG Joining the mayors of Los Angeles and Chicago at AU, New York City’s mayor spoke March 2, 2012, during an education forum hosted by education secretary Arne Duncan and moderated by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. Bloomberg defended the role of testing in public education and the rights of parents to have access to data on school performance.





VETERANS Almost 200 veterans of the armed forces call AU home base. For the second year in a row, G.I. Jobs magazine named American University a Military Friendly School, a designation honoring the top 20 percent of colleges, universities, and trade schools nationwide that are doing the most to embrace U.S. veterans as students. The ranking is based on stringent benchmarks that evaluate the policies and support systems used to recruit and retain military and veteran students. A source of pride for the university is its support of the Yellow Ribbon Program. This annual financial aid program, which AU joined voluntarily, is an agreement with the Department of Veteran Affairs to fund tuition expenses exceeding the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefit for qualifying veterans. That amounts to as much as $17,500 per year for each veteran. AU also helps vets navigate the maze of paperwork needed to take advantage of such benefits through its Veterans Liaison Network— a go-to network of 15 individuals in different university offices. Just as critical to adjusting to life on campus is the student group AU Vets. John Kamin, a School of Public Affairs student who served two tours in Iraq and is the group’s president, found the circle of veterans’ support vital in adjusting to life outside a war zone. “Making that transition with other soldiers and marines, other people who had been deployed to Iraq, offered me a kind of safe harbor,” Kamin said. Last fall, AU Vets widened the circle. Group members fanned out across campus to address College Writing Program classes that were reading David Finkel’s The Good Soldier, which offered vivid on-the-ground reportage of the 2007–08 surge in Iraq. “The first reporter I spoke to from the [student newspaper] said she couldn’t focus in biology [class] after that lecture,” Kamin said. “To see the kind of impact it made on students was a reward in itself.”


alumni volunteers





COMMUNITY When it comes to protecting the environment and boosting sustainability, recent AU graduate Carol Foster walks the talk. Foster, a School of Public Affairs graduate who earned a 3.96 grade point average while pursuing a long list of volunteer and community service activities, won the 2012 President’s Award. AU’s highest official honor for undergraduates, the award recognizes exceptional accomplishments that reflect American University’s ideals, including service to the D.C. area. Saying that Foster served her community is an understatement. Now a staff assistant to U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), she participated as a student in a yearlong study gauging the impact of plastic bags on freshwater ecosystems. Because of her involvement, the D.C. Council asked her to testify on behalf of the Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act—legislation that resulted in D.C. businesses charging customers five cents per disposable bag as a way to discourage plastic bag use. As director of the AU student government’s bike lending program, Foster opened up the free service to faculty and staff. Now, it has more than 550 registered users, annual sightseeing tours, a new locker site, and new bikes. She was so successful that Tulane University, the bicycle planning commission of Cleveland, Ohio, and other organizations sought her advice. She accomplished all this while volunteering at the Calvary Women’s Shelter, Prevent Child Abuse America, Relay for Life, and Women for Women International. “Volunteering is so important in building and maintaining a strong community because it really gets people to stop and think beyond themselves and explore how we’re all intricately connected,” said Foster. “People often think in terms of the individual, but I believe that true success can’t occur unless we work in such a way that improves the lives of those around us as well.”




LIVING SPACES You never forget your college roommates. Late-night discussions about the meaning of life. Insights into the ways of another culture. The forging of lifelong friendships. Whatever the particulars, living on campus is a big part of the college experience. That’s why building new student housing, starting with the eight-story North Hall, and expanding and improving existing facilities is a top priority in American University’s campus plan. “Where and how students live during their college years can make substantial contributions to their learning and sense of connection with the university,” said Gail Short Hanson, vice president of campus life. “We want our residential facilities to provide communal spaces that facilitate student engagement and personal living spaces that satisfy students’ preferences for more privacy and multipurpose use.” On a campus where the last major housing project was finished in 1987, more student housing with contemporary designs is essential to meet growing demand from undergraduates. Each fall, about 300 students temporarily live in triples—converted from doubles—and 200 others live in nearby apartments leased by the university. Additionally, about 500 students are housed on Tenley Campus, future home of the law school. Construction of the $34 million North Hall, on the northwest corner of main campus, will be completed in the summer of 2013. The suitestyle residence hall will provide 360 beds with shared living rooms for upperclassmen, plus an 8,000-square-foot fitness center that features exercise rooms and state-of-the-art equipment. By more than doubling the fitness space on campus, this facility will support AU’s wellness goals. A three-story addition to Nebraska Hall, also scheduled to be finished in the summer of 2013, will add 150 new beds in apartment-style units. Along with the recently completed renovation and modernization of Letts Hall, these projects will significantly enhance the quality of AU’s residential community. Finally, on the East Campus complex, now site of the Nebraska Avenue parking lot, three residence halls, constructed around a quad, will house 590 students in double rooms, each with a private bath. Ground will be broken for the complex in the summer of 2014.


We’re talking about significant social change. It’s about how do we end poverty. . . . So I try not to get sidetracked into anything else.



Disability is not often talked about, and there’s a lot of stigma toward it. We’re going to try to break down those barriers with this club.



MARK BERGEL, CAS/MS ’87, PHD ’96 Bergel is founder of A Wider Circle, a nonprofit organization in Silver Spring, Maryland, that collects and distributes furniture free of charge to poor people transitioning out of homeless shelters and places like women’s crisis centers. Bergel works 16 hours a day, seven days a week, for his cause. ALLIE CANNINGTON, SPA ’14 As president of the newly formed Disability Rights Coalition, Cannington is working to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. In September 2011, Cannington served as an official rapporteur to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


People feel lost, really confused. A lot of people tried to call banks and couldn’t get help. They’re glad to know someone cares.



Our candidates benefit from the application process itself, which encourages them to reflect on and refine their academic and career objectives. PAULA WARRICK


ASHLY HINMON, RIGHT, WITH CHRISTINE LONERGAN As part of Washington College of Law’s Take Back Your Home project, the two law students advise homeowners facing foreclosure on their legal rights and warn them about scams. The project, founded last year, has 70 student volunteers. It is the only such organization of its kind in the D.C. area. PAULA WARRICK As director of the Office of Merit Awards, Warrick, along with her Career Center colleagues, plays a vital role in AU students’ perennial presence among the winners of top scholarships and awards, as evidenced in 2012 by AU’s 16 Presidential Management Fellowship finalists and a school record 14 Fulbright scholars and one alternate.





WAMU 88.5 is American University’s boundary-pushing news and information service. Home of the nationally distributed Diane Rehm Show, WAMU has long been a broadcasting star. Indeed, it has risen to become one of the nation’s top three public radio stations. That transformation is now complete with the award-winning station’s impending move to 4401 Connecticut Avenue in northwest Washington, D.C. As the building’s anchor, WAMU and its music service, Bluegrass Country, will occupy more than half of the building’s 96,000 gross square feet. The remaining space will be used for other university administrative and academic purposes. WAMU’s new home, ready for occupancy in early 2013, will allow the station to double its current operating space in a world-class broadcasting facility while offering first-floor, street-level visibility and underground parking. The multiplatform station, with about 787,000 listeners in the greater Washington area, has more than 120 employees and also broadcasts from 88.3 in Ocean City, Maryland, on the Delmarva Peninsula. Its websites host more than 350,000 visitors a month. “We are pleased that WAMU will soon be housed in a facility that will provide an environment for future programming growth to better serve our listeners,” said AU president Neil Kerwin. “As a valuable service to the region, WAMU is one of the best examples of American University’s commitment to multiple audiences in our D.C. community and beyond.” WAMU’s current home, a 23,000-gross-square-foot facility at 4000 Brandywine Street NW in D.C., has been the station’s home since 1993. “A first-class radio station depends on a great staff and an appropriately sized and outfitted facility,” said station general manager Caryn G. Mathes, who last summer was elected to National Public Radio’s board of directors. “Our intention to continue our growth into a broadcasting powerhouse will be achievable, and our goal of truly being a community institution can be more readily realized.”





Bill Clinton is now officially the number one wonk. Speaking January 2012 at American University, the former president accepted the Kennedy Political Union (KPU) honor of being AU’s inaugural Wonk of the Year. “I loved when people made fun of me for being wonkish because I figured people wanted a president who actually knew something,” the 42nd commander in chief quipped before thousands of onlookers crowding AU’s Bender Arena. The award, presented by KPU, a student organization, recognizes a wellknown person who embodies the characteristics AU students admire— someone who is smart, passionate, focused, and engaged and who creates meaningful change on our most important and challenging issues. Clinton is certainly all those things. In 2005 his foundation created the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual conference that convenes global leaders to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. Those meetings have brought together more than 150 heads of state, 20 Nobel Prize laureates, as well as prominent CEOs, philanthropists, and others. Members have made commitments to improving millions of people’s lives that, when fully funded, will equal $69.2 billion in value. Clinton epitomizes precisely what AU values through its wonk campaign, a way of branding what the university represents—brainy, passionate, engaged citizens committed to positive change. The campaign has won the university a good deal of media notice and a growing chorus of plaudits. Topping off those awards in June 2012 was an Emmy for best single spot commercial, which followed nine national CASE Circle of Excellence Awards—the most prestigious recognition a university can receive for work in higher education advancement and communications.


We kept telling the students what this was about and who was on the President’s Committee. People like Forest Whitaker and Yo-Yo Ma . . . I don’t think they believed us. KYLE DARGAN

We need to raise our visibility in the city and raise the perception of our quality among my peers in other business schools. MICHAEL GINZBERG


KYLE DARGAN Last spring the AU creative writing professor and award-winning poet led a group of D.C. high school students to read their poetry at the Library of Congress and later at a White House event. Dargan led workshops to prepare the students, who also published a collection of their poetry. MICHAEL GINZBERG After becoming dean of the Kogod School of Business in July 2011, Ginzberg set to work building on a strong foundation of programs, faculty, students, staff, and facilities. Part of that task involves differentiating Kogod—with its outstanding programs in such fields as international business, finance, and accounting—from its competitors.



The partnership between the Post and AU [is] a classic win-win. We benefit from the talent of AU students, and they benefit from the real-world experience we can give them. VERNON LOEB


American University was the perfect place to house this initiative because they already had a robust Russian studies program. SUSAN LEHRMAN


VERNON LOEB A local editor for the Washington Post, Loeb is a key player in an innovative partnership between American University and one of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers. Seven School of Communication students have written more than 200 bylined articles in the Post since fall 2011. SUSAN LEHRMAN The businesswoman and philanthropist, who funds AU’s Initiative for Russian Culture (IRC), worked with Sergey Kislyak (right), Russia’s ambassador to the United States, and Peter Starr (left), dean of AU’s College of Arts and Sciences, to establish a program to connect American and Russian students. The IRC seeks to overcome Cold War stereotypes of Russians and present a more accurate picture of their lives and culture.



LIFE SCIENCE Industries that will dominate business—pharma, biotech, health care, and IT—are shifting from the West to nations like China, India, South Korea, and Brazil. And that shift to global innovation is good, according to Kogod School of Business professor Tomasz Mroczkowski. Mroczkowski, author of The New Players in Life Science Innovation: Best Practices in R&D from around the World, said, “We’re witnessing a new phase in innovation, an expanded universe of global research and development.” This globalization of research and development occurred against the backdrop of the U.S. and European financial meltdowns. Investment funding shrank in the West but increased throughout Asia, where national efforts focused on boosting research. China, for example, had already begun its Torch program, which linked science and industry, created tech markets, and promoted academic entrepreneurship. This combination of financial strain and international technical expertise has driven Western life science companies to collaborate with companies from other nations. Another effect has been outsourcing. In the pharmaceutical field, for example, one study estimated that 32,000 French jobs may be at risk in the near future unless new policy responses are adopted. Large companies such as Lilly have outsourced most of their pharmaceutical functions, and Merck has closed many of its European R&D labs, choosing to partner with Indian companies for drug development. Meanwhile, by 1990 the number of Asian students receiving engineering degrees had exceeded that of the United States and Europe combined. Still, the United States will remain the most attractive high-tech market, the best destination for R&D, innovation, and universities, Mroczkowski maintained. Huge opportunities for partnering and collaborating with global firms will present themselves. “Innovation is in the network,” Mroczkowski said. “If it’s a global network and it can collaborate and exchange information—that’s going to give us some really new kinds of exciting innovations.”



NUCLEAR NONPROLIFERATION Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, keeping nuclear, chemical, and biological weapon expertise from spreading to terrorists and hostile states has been a top U.S. priority. Unfortunately, bureaucratic limitations often hobble attempts to tackle such an enormously challenging task. School of International Service professor Sharon Weiner reached that conclusion after interviewing more than 150 scientists, program managers, policy makers, and others in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, and parts of central Asia for her book Our Own Worst Enemy? Institutional Interests and the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Expertise. Nonproliferation programs, Weiner found, have produced mixed results. Between 1991 and 2008, for example, the U.S. government spent more than $1.2 billion to discourage proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) through a host of programs to find new industries to employ WMD scientists. Yet at best those programs created jobs for only one in five such experts. Part of the problem was goal displacement, a tendency Weiner said all organizations share. “If the goal doesn’t fit in with what they normally would do, they make the goal look like what they would normally do. Because they’re rational, they [change] the goal to something that they can demonstrate success in or that they can measure more easily.” And so some programs switched to the familiar goal of transparency. Out of nowhere, the Russians were being asked to reveal the identities of their key nuclear weapons scientists, a request unlikely to encourage cooperation. For all their shortcomings, however, the programs yielded the United States invaluable benefits, said Weiner. “Were these programs worth it? In terms of nonproliferation, probably not,” she said. “But in terms of overall U.S.-Russia relations, I think they were crucial to lay the foundation that means that Russia today still has the potential to be a partner for the U.S. And that was worth it.”


These transitions are very difficult. It’s great on one level, frustrating on another. On the one hand, a lot has changed; on the other hand, the military is still in control.



I want to make sure that the students are connected with the broader community in the fields we cover. JAMES GOLDGEIER


DIANE SINGERMAN The School of Public Affairs professor was awarded a $250,000 Ford Foundation grant to study alternative methods of housing, local governance, and urban development in Egypt. She is a leading expert on Egyptian politics, gender issues, social movements, globalization, public space, protest, and urban politics. JAMES GOLDGEIER Soon after becoming the new dean of the School of International Service in August 2011, Goldgeier, an internationally known scholar, former director of George Washington University’s Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies, and author or coauthor of four books, discussed his goals.


Courts care what affected communities think about fair use. . . . Now librarians are on the record with a powerful statement of their values. PETER JASZI


If you have hepatitis, which is inflammation of the liver, you’re more prone to get liver cancer.



PETER JASZI In January 2012, the Washington College of Law professor, together with Patricia Aufderheide, director of the School of Communication’s Center for Social Media, announced the release of the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries. The code spells out reasonable approaches to fair use of copyrighted materials. KATHLEEN DECICCO-SKINNER In August 2011 the AU biology professor won a $381,871 NIH grant to investigate a possible link between skin cancer in mice and a missing gene. Mice lacking that gene show more inflammation than normal mice, and scientists have long hypothesized a connection between cancer and inflammation.




BOUNDARIES Twenty years ago, women pushed the boundaries of national politics. “The Year of the Woman” in 1992 saw a 70 percent increase in the number of women in Congress. In March 2012, campaign veterans of that heady time gathered on AU’s campus to show how things have changed—though not necessarily for the better. Among those veterans was AU alum Connie Morella, SPA/MA ’67, the former congresswoman from Maryland, ambassador to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and ambassador in residence at AU’s Women and Politics Institute. So why have women’s gains in Congress lost momentum since that historic year? “I think they lack the confidence factor,” Morella reflected. “They often think they need 45 PhD degrees to be eligible to run, to be qualified. Men have got more confidence. And I would add to that the poisonous rhetoric, the environment of politics. They feel, ‘Do I want to expose my family or myself to this?’” Other veterans of 1992 also weighed in on the discussion at AU: •

Sylvia Garcia, candidate for Congress in Texas: “While it’s great to celebrate Women’s History Month and look back at 1992, isn’t it regretful that 2012 will probably be remembered as the year of the attack on women? Rather than celebrating successes, we’re having to fight those elements in our country that are trying to turn back the clock.”

Josie Heath, Senate candidate from Colorado: “In 1992 we thought a woman’s place was in the House and the Senate. We think the same thing in 2012.”

Claire Sargent, Senate candidate from Arizona: “Some of us were accused of running because we were women in 1992. In fact some said we campaigned on, ‘I’ve got breasts, vote for me.’ Well, I said and I say again, ‘It’s about time we voted for someone with breasts. After all, we’ve been voting for boobs long enough.’”



JOINING THE FIGHT ON HIV HIV/AIDS infects 3.2 percent of Washington, D.C., residents over the age of 12—a rate worse than in some developing countries and among the nation’s highest. So for AU, becoming an institutional partner in the District of Columbia Developmental Center for AIDS Research (DC D-CFAR) was a chance to help our community fight a persistent and deadly disease. “Most people in the U.S. probably have no idea that there is somewhere in this country where rates are so high,” says Professor Kim Blankenship, AU’s representative to DC D-CFAR. The center, funded by the National Institutes of Health, is a collaboration between AU, Children’s National Medical Center, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and area universities. Twenty other such centers across the United States also work to create a multidisciplinary approach to detecting, preventing, and treating HIV infection and AIDS. “What makes AU unique among the other partner institutions is that we have a lot of people studying HIV/AIDS from different social science perspectives,” says Blankenship, chair of the Department of Sociology in the College of Arts and Sciences. “Whether that is an anthropologist studying migration, a sociologist studying gentrification, or a scholar in the School of International Service studying the ways these problems affect international relations, AU brings something very important to this partnership.” Such an approach is vital. While the biological aspect of health care is extremely important, promoting its benefits without grasping the social dimensions is bound to fail. “A vaccine can work 100 percent of the time,” says Blankenship, “but if people don’t to take it because of religion or suspicion of the government, it won’t work in reality.” Blankenship, whose research and publications focus on race, class, and gender analyses of health, is also director of AU’s Center on Health, Risk, and Society. The center is a multidisciplinary, university-wide group of scholars interested in researching health-related issues.


UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION Cornelius M. Kerwin,* President Scott A. Bass, Provost Donald L. Myers,* Chief Financial Officer, Vice President and Treasurer Mary E. Kennard, Vice President and General Counsel Thomas J. Minar, Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations Gail S. Hanson, Vice President of Campus Life Teresa Flannery, Vice President of Communication David E. Taylor, Chief of Staff Phyllis A. Peres, Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Academic Affairs Michael J. Ginzberg, Dean, Kogod School of Business James M. Goldgeier, Dean, School of International Service Claudio M. Grossman, Dean, Washington College of Law Barbara S. Romzek, Dean, School of Public Affairs Jeffrey Rutenbeck, Dean, School of Communication Peter Starr, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Carola Weil, Dean, School of Professional and Extended Studies Nancy Davenport, Interim University Librarian

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Jeffrey A. Sine,* Chair Patrick Butler,* Vice Chair Gary M. Abramson,* Chair Emeritus Gina F. Adams* Brett T. Atanasio* Stephanie M. Bennett-Smith D. Barlow Burke Jr. Kim Cape Jack C. Cassell* Gary D. Cohn* Pamela M. Deese* David R. Drobis* Marc N. Duber* Hani M. S. Farsi* C. A. Daniel Gasby

James E. Girard Thomas A. Gottschalk Gisela B. Huberman* C. Nicholas Keating Jr.* Cornelius M. Kerwin* Margery Kraus* Gerald Bruce Lee* Charles H. Lydecker* Robyn Rafferty Mathias* Marcus Matthews Alan L. Meltzer* Regina L. Muehlhauser* Arthur J. Rothkopf Peter L. Scher* Mark L. Schneider

* alumna or alumnus of American University



Thank You from the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations It is my pleasure to share with you American University’s 2012 Report on Philanthropy (fiscal year May 1, 2011, to April 30, 2012). This past fiscal year has marked unprecedented change and growth at American University. While the campus undergoes its greatest physical transformation in over a decade in order to provide the best facilities for our students, the university is also strengthening its investment in its faculty and rigorous academic curriculum. We continue to make strides in our philanthropic endeavors, ensuring the future of AU as a world-class institution. Fiscal year 2011–12 has been one of our most successful to date, second only to 2009–10 upon the closing of the AnewAU comprehensive campaign. We surpassed our total cash revenue goal by 11 percent, ending at $22.6 million. Our total performance closed out the year at $26.9 million, or 21 percent over our projected target. Rising alumni donor participation played an important role in achieving such impressive numbers—this year, 11,122 alumni generously contributed to the university. Alumni engagement is strengthening on all fronts with our Alumni Relations team increasing the total number of events by 60 percent. We are thrilled to note that American University now provides 10 times more alumni programming than at the launch of our strategic plan in 2009. We were also proud to add two new affinity groups, the Black Alumni Alliance and the Latino Alumni Alliance, to forge new connections within our community. Alumni across the country and around the world were able to reconnect with AU at over 275 alumni events and through numerous volunteer opportunities. Our online presence maintains steady growth, with social media membership continuing on an upward trajectory. Alumni and others in the AU community are connecting via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the university’s online community. The strength of our alumni network truly spans the globe and consists of a diverse group of forward-thinking individuals who are elevating AU’s profile throughout the world. Alumni, parents, and friends all play a part in building the future of this university. Thank you to all of those recognized on these pages, who have given their philanthropic support to guarantee AU’s bright future. Thank you to all of you who make time to connect with American University—be it at an alumni event, in a volunteer capacity, or online—your personal investment is helping to build a better American University.


Thomas J. Minar
















President’s Circle Established in 1981, the President’s Circle honors five U.S. presidents who were friends of American University. Through the President’s Circle and its recognition levels, we gratefully acknowledge leadership in philanthropy demonstrated by American University alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends. Benjamin Harrison signed the Act of Congress chartering the university in 1893. William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, and Herbert Hoover served on AU’s Board of Trustees. John F. Kennedy delivered his famous “The Strategy of Peace” speech at the 1963 AU Commencement.

Lifetime Members Lifetime membership in the President’s Circle recognizes the highest level of personal philanthropy to American University. The following individuals and couples have made lifetime contributions totaling $100,000 or more (as of April 30, 2012).

Sylvia K. Brown ’65

Sarah B. Al-Turki ’63 and Khalid Ali Al-Turki ’65, MA ’65

O. Hurst Calika G ’97

Laird B. Anderson « MA ’73 and Florence Helen Ashby Cyrus A. Ansary ’55, P ’86, P ’97 and Janet H. Ansary P ’86, P ’97 Judith D. Antonelli

Anonymous (5)

Erick J. Arbenz #

Lillian K. Abensohn

Erika K. Aron P ’03 and Peter A. Aron P ’03

Gary M. Abramson ’68, P ’97 and Pennie M. Abramson P ’97 Gina F. Adams ’80 and Eugene A. Adams

Leslie E. Bains ’65 and Harrison M. Bains Jr. Michael A. Balmuth ’72 #

Hassan Alaghband JD ’84 and Farah Alaghband

John Fiske Barnard MBA ’59 and Janice Anderson P ’78

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa P ’92, P ’97, P ’03, G ’12

Farhad Barzani

His Royal Highness Khalifa H. Al-Khalifa ’03

Nechirvan Barzani

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa ’92, P ’12 Carolyn S. Alper ’68, G ’89


The 1893 Society recognizes the commitment of loyal donors with five or more consecutive years of giving and the significant role they play in sustaining university life.

New member Deceased Current or former faculty or staff P AU parent G AU grandparent H Honorary degree recipient




His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi

Masrour M. Barzani ’97 Caprice Baun P ’12 and Mark A. Baun Sr. P ’12 # Dorothy Toth Beasley JD ’64 Howard M. Bender and Sondra D. Bender* Stuart A. Bernstein ’60 and Wilma E. Bernstein ’60 Shelley R. Glanell Birnbaum ’74 and Richard S. Birnbaum ’75 Fernando Botero G ’12 Edward C. Bou JD ’58, P ’91 Warren J. Bronsnick ’69, JD ’72 and Deanna Bronsnick Roger H. Brown « and Nancy B. Brown

Abbey J. Butler* ’58, P ’95 Paula Caplan « Edward R. Carr MBA ’62 and Terri Phelps Carr Jack C. Cassell ’77, P ’14 and Denise Cassell P ’14 William F. Causey ’71 and Sally Gere # Jack Child* « PhD ’78, P ’87, P ’9 and Leslie E. Morginson-Eitzen P ’87, P ’91 Cynthia K. Christy-Langenfeld ’88, P ’15 and Randy Langenfeld P ’15 # Ryna G. Cohen Gary D. Cohn ’82 and Lisa Peravoff Cohn George J. Collins MBA ’70 and Maureen E. Collins George D. Crowley Jr. Saeda M. Dalloul P ’85, P ’87 and Ramzi Dalloul P ’85, P ’87 Linda M. Daly ’90 Rania Daniel and Jamal H. Daniel Pamela M. Deese ’80, JD ’83, P ’14 and C. Michael Deese P ’14 Joanna M. Driggs ’60 and John A. Driggs Marc N. Duber ’81 and Nancy E. Duber ’82 Howard S. Dvorkin ’86 and Gwen Dvorkin Bonnie Dwares P ’98 and Donald Dwares P ’98 Nancy El-Hibri P ’09 and Fuad El-Hibri P ’09

Gail L. Jacobs ’63 and Benjamin R. Jacobs ’63, JD ’65 #

Donald L. Myers « MBA ’78 and Margaret A. Myers «

William B. Fetsch

Blair Jones MS ’78, MA ’95

Keith G. Fleer ’64, JD ’67 and Jillian Fleer

Myrtle S. Katzen

Ilene R. Nathan ’66, P ’91 and James Nathan P ’91

Barbara Kay and Jack Kay

Michael R. Forman and Malsi E. Doyle

C. Nicholas Keating Jr. ’63, MA ’64 and Carleen Butler Keating ’64

Lilyan R. Evans and Harold R. Evans Hani M. S. Farsi ’92 and Rebecca Farsi

Kamilah S. Gabbard P ’05 and O. Gene Gabbard P ’05 Florence A. Gerstin Charles M. Gianni Sr. ’69, P ’91, P ’95 and Eleanor Y. Gianni P ’91, P ’95 Patricia L. Glaser ’69 and Samuel H. Mudie Robert K. Goldman « Barbara L. Goodman ’78 and Leonard S. Goodman Louis W. Goodman « and Nancy R. Goodman Thomas A. and Barbara J. Gottschalk Milton Greenberg « H ’93 and Sonia B. Greenberg

Samuel J. Keker* ’39 and Lucy S. Keker Cornelius M. Kerwin « ’71, P ’05 and Ann L. Kerwin ’71, P ’05 Mary B. Klotz PhD ’86 and Norman A. Klotz ’76 Robert P. Kogod ’62, H ’00 and Arlene R. Kogod H. Jonathan Kovler ’68 and Sally Meyers Kovler

Ronald Boots Nissenbaum ’68 and Judith L. Nissenbaum # Harold W. Nix Khaled S. Olayan MA ’72 and Dunia A. Olayan Augustus K. Oliver JD ’75 and Lisbeth R. Oliver Tarek Y. Omar ’80 and Nadine Omar Yehia Omar P ’80 Margaret D. Ordway and Gilman Ordway Palmina S. Pace

Margery Kraus ’67, MA ’71 and Stephen W. Kraus

Thelma Paraskevaides

Carol M. Lascaris and Climis G. Lascaris

Wanda C. Pedas ’70, MA ’72 and James Pedas

Susan E. Lehrman #

Charles C. Patterson

Sylvia Kay Greenberg

Mark S. Levin

Robert F. Pence JD ’71, MA ’97, P ’05 and Susan S. Pence P ’05

David M. Gregory ’92, H ’07 and Beth A. Wilkinson

Chang H. Lie JD ’00 and Sun Ja Lie

Thomas L. Phillips MA ’67

Choon-Won Lim

Jennifer B. Griffin ’94 and Charles P. Griffin ’94

Les A. Liman ’66, MBA ’67 and Pat Liman

Robert P. Pincus MBA ’71 and Roxanne Little

Lawrence S. C. Griffith

Elyane Lombardy-Hertsens P ’93, P ’98

Marsha Grossman P ’98 and Jerrold B. Grossman P ’98

Patricia A. Lore ’73, P ’09 and Kenneth G. Lore ’70, JD ’73, P ’09

Linda G. Haft

Charles H. Lydecker ’85 and Christine O. Lydecker ’86, MS ’88

Lawrence M. Hahn P ’95 Gail Short Hanson « and John N. Hanson Mary M. Hayford MBA ’78, P ’13 and Warren J. Hayford P ’13 June R. Hechinger Jonathan N. Helfat ’68 and Robin E. Helfat Mehdi Heravi PhD ’68 Suzanne D. Hillman ’75, P ’93 and David H. Hillman P ’93 Richard A. Hocker ’68, MBA ’70 and Marcia A. Hocker Wilhelmina C. Holladay and Wallace F. Holladay Karen Isen P ’90, P ’92, P ’08 and Herbert T. Vederman P ’90, P ’92, P ’08 Maria Ivusic MA ’69 and Christopher Ivusic

J. Willard Marriott H ’87 and Donna Marriott

Heather Miller Podesta and Anthony T. Podesta Irene S. Pollin ’71 Arturo C. Porzecanski « and Nina Porzecanski # Victoria P. Ranney and George A. Ranney Carol M. Ravenal « and Earl C. Ravenal

Jo Ann S. Mason P ’00 and John J. Mason P ’00

Renay Regardie ’64 and William A. Regardie ’67, MBA ’68

Robyn Rafferty Mathias ’64, JD ’92, P ’14

Bradford H. Richardson ’86

Alan L. Meltzer ’73, P ’05 and Amy Meltzer P ’05

Karin Rosenberg-Miskovsky #

Joel L. Michaels « JD ’75 and Jennifer Russel # Herbert N. Morgan JD ’60 William Moss Raef A. Mourtada Regina Liang Muehlhauser ’70 and G. Robert Muehlhauser Sherry Lee Mueller ’65 William A. Muirhead JD ’62 and Mary K. Muirhead

Bernard Rosen « Susan Rothfeld and Donald Rothfeld # Julia Rush P ’97, G ’06 Steven M. Saferin ’70, P ’06, P ’07 and Linda Saferin Betty H. Sams Pamela Samuelson and Robert Glushko Lois B. Schaefer ’72 and George P. Schaefer ’72 Stanley J. Scher P ’83, P ’86, P ’87 Elliot M. Schnier ’71, P ’01 Kitty P. Sherwin ’84


Sevah S. Shiffman JD ’79 and Paul Shiffman « JD ’62 Jeffrey A. Sine ’76 and Samira Sine Peter N. Stathis Gerald L. Stempler MBA ’67 and Deana Stempler Lynn Streim P ’91 and Edward H. Streim P ’91

President’s Circle 2012

Mehdi Heravi PhD ’68

The 2012 President’s Circle recognizes contributions of $1,000 or more given to American University by individuals, estates, foundations, corporations, and other organizations during the fiscal year ending April 30, 2012.

Hilary B. Zackroff Jersey ’94 and Ira F. Jersey Jr. ’93

Diane Tauber

Sheila Crump Johnson Barbara Kay and Jack Kay Cornelius M. Kerwin « ’71, P ’05 and Ann L. Kerwin ’71, P ’05 

Bruce E. Taylor ’75 and Virginia M. Taylor


Robert P. Kogod ’62, H ’00 and Arlene R. Kogod 

Irene Tinker and Millidge P. Walker «

benjamin harrison associates $25,000 and above

Susan E. Lehrman

Thelma Turkel P ’73 and Melvin A. Turkel P ’73

Anonymous (3)

Patricia A. Lore ’73, P ’09 and Kenneth G. Lore ’70, JD ’73, P ’09

Gary Veloric ’82, P ’13 and Nancy Veloric P ’13

Gary M. Abramson ’68, P ’97 and Pennie M. Abramson P ’97 

Robyn Rafferty Mathias ’64, JD ’92, P ’14

Stephen S. Weinstein JD ’65, P ’91, P ’95 and Nancy B. Weinstein P ’91, P ’95

Gina F. Adams ’80 and Eugene A. Adams 

George S. Willie MBA ’74 and M. Doreen Willie Diane Wenger Wilson G ’12

His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa ’92, P ’12 Laird B. Anderson « MA ’73 and Florence Helen Ashby 

Alan L. Meltzer ’73, P ’05 and Amy Meltzer P ’05  Donald L. Myers « MBA ’78 and Margaret A. Myers «  Marsha Paller and Alan Paller  Robert F. Pence JD ’71, MA ’97, P ’05 and Susan S. Pence P ’05

Robert N. Wolpe ’70 and Marcy S. Wolpe

Erick J. Arbenz Fredo Arias-King ’91

Harry K. Wolpoff JD ’63 #

Amy Gann Polinger ’78 and David M. Polinger

Michael A. Balmuth ’72 

Darryl Wong P ’07 and Mariko Wong P ’07

Carol M. Ravenal « and Earl C. Ravenal

Caprice Baun P ’12 and Mark A. Baun Sr. P ’12

Karin Rosenberg-Miskovsky

Gary K. Wright «

W. Donald Bowles «

Susan W. Zirinsky ’74, H ’09 and Joseph F. Peyronnin III

Rhonda Joy Brown ’76 Jack C. Cassell ’77, P ’14 and Denise Cassell P ’14  William F. Causey ’71 and Sally Gere Jack Child* « PhD ’78, P ’87, P ’91 and Leslie E. Morginson-Eitzen P ’87, P ’91  Gary D. Cohn ’82 and Lisa Pevaroff Cohn George J. Collins MBA ’70 and Maureen E. Collins Marc N. Duber ’81 and Nancy E. Duber ’82 


* « P G H


Richard A. Hocker ’68, MBA ’70 and Marcia A. Hocker 

Hani M. S. Farsi ’92 and Rebecca Farsi The 1893 Society recognizes the commitment of loyal donors with five or more consecutive years of giving and the significant role they play in sustaining university life.

New member Deceased Current or former faculty or staff AU parent AU grandparent Honorary degree recipient

Michael R. Forman and Malsi E. Doyle Jill Goldberg-Reitman P ’12 and Joel Reitman P ’12

Susan Rothfeld and Donald Rothfeld Roger W. Sant and Victoria P. Sant Elliot M. Schnier ’71, P ’01 Jeffrey A. Sine ’76 and Samira Sine  Erland P. Stevens MBA ’63 and Ellen M. Stevens  Emily van Agtmael and Antoine van Agtmael  George S. Willie MBA ’74 and M. Doreen Willie  Stephen S. Weinstein JD ’65, P ’91, P ’95 and Nancy B. Weinstein P ’91, P ’95 Diane Wenger Wilson G ’12 Robert N. Wolpe ’70 and Marcy S. Wolpe  Harry K. Wolpoff JD ’63  Sharon A. Wolpoff ’74, MFA ’81, JD ’85 

Sylvia Kay Greenberg  Jennifer B. Griffin ’94 and Charles P. Griffin ’94  Barbara Griffith  Jonathan N. Helfat ’68 and Robin E. Helfat 

william mckinley associates $10,000–$24,999

Anonymous Lillian K. Abensohn 

JANICE ABRAHAM, SIS ’79 President and CEO, United Educators School of International Service Dean’s Council

“AU has service as its heart and soul, and this is what drives me in my life. AU’s mission speaks to the importance of understanding the differences in people and cultures around the world and putting that understanding into action. That is what service is to me and why supporting AU and its mission of service is so important.”

Joseph J. Allotta ’69 and Elizabeth Allotta 

Jean L. Davidow P ’14 and Charles E. Davidow P ’14

Mary M. Hayford MBA ’78, P ’13 and Warren J. Hayford P ’13 

Daniel Amory

Gary W. Day ’01 and Jennifer A. Day

Sara Bassan P ’14 and Daniel Bassan P ’14

Pamela M. Deese ’80, JD ’83, P ’14 and C. Michael Deese P ’14

Sally M. Herman MBA ’77 and Stephen A. Herman 

Dorothy Toth Beasley JD ’64

Paul J. Diaz ’84 and Victoria Diaz

Stephanie M. Bennett-Smith and Orin Smith

Paula J. Diehl ’77

Shan Huang LLM ’93  Gary M. Jacobs MPA ’76 and Stacey D. Jacobs

Carol Berman and Gary C. Berman

Joanna M. Driggs ’60 and John A. Driggs

Robert W. Johnson ’81 and Christine V. Johnson 

Stuart A. Bernstein ’60 and Wilma E. Bernstein ’60 

David R. Drobis MA ’65 and Bobbi Drobis 

Blair Jones MS ’78, MA ’95  Lynn R. Katzen ’71 and Jay E. Katzen

Shelley R. Glanell Birnbaum ’74 and Richard S. Birnbaum ’75 

Howard S. Dvorkin ’86 and Gwen Dvorkin 

Richard D. Kaufmann ’61, JD ’65 and Barbara J. Kaufmann 

Marion Borko P ’12 and Bennett Borko P ’12

Alan H. Fleischmann ’87 and Dafna Tapiero Fleischmann 

C. Nicholas Keating Jr. ’63, MA ’64 and Carleen Butler Keating ’64 

Edward C. Bou JD ’58, P ’91, P ’94 

Debra Friedmann and Peter Friedmann

Richard L. Brown MA ’79, P ’13 and Marguerite Boyt Brown P ’13

Peggy L. Futerman ’79, P ’07 and Eli N. Futerman ’80, P ’07 

Susan R. Kessler P ’14 and Peter A. Kessler P ’14

Roger H. Brown « and Nancy B. Brown 

Robert D. Gary ’68, MBA ’70

Patrick H. Butler MA ’96 and Donna N. Butler Joan R. Challinor MA ’74, PhD ’82  Cynthia K. Christy-Langenfeld ’88, P ’15 and Randy Langenfeld P ’15  Jacqueline J. Cirillo-Meisenberg ’87, P ’15 and Richard S. Meisenberg P ’15 George A. Coelho ’75 and Gabriela M. Coelho Jennifer D. Collins ’94

Patricia L. Glaser ’69 and Samuel H. Mudie  Zurab Gojiashvili Louis W. Goodman « and Nancy R. Goodman  Thomas A. and Barbara J. Gottschalk  Claudio Grossman « and Irene P. Klinger  Kathryn A. Hall P ’14 and Thomas C. Knutsen P ’14

Linda M. Daly ’90

Gail Short Hanson « and John N. Hanson 

Jamie S. Danielson ’81 and Loren L. Danielson ’80 

Jeanmarie Hargrave P ’13 and Thomas E. Kerns P ’13

Yong K. Kim MSTM ’80 and Meranda L. Kim Margery Kraus ’67, MA ’71 and Stephen W. Kraus  Samuel M. Lehrman Eugene Levine PhD ’60 and Barbara Levine  Emily L. Lindsay « MS ’84 and Griffith Lindsay «  Robert Lipnick « MBA ’06 and Jane Baylin Lipnick Donna Litowitz Charles H. Lydecker ’85 and Christine O. Lydecker ’86, MS ’88  Betsy A. Mangone ’65 and Peter Mangone Barbara S. Marcum and Alan M. Marcum


Judith K. Meritz ’73 and Lawrence A. Muenz ’73 

Meliton A. Arrocha LLM ’94 and Ana Mae B. Arrocha

Joel L. Michaels « JD ’75 and Jennifer Russel 

William W. Bailey ’64, MBA ’65 and Pamela G. Bailey 

Joy Thomas Moore ’72, MA ’73 

Gerald E. Battist JD ’66 and Louise Battist

Regina Liang Muehlhauser ’70 and G. Robert Muehlhauser  Rajiv K. Narang ’02 Ronald Boots Nissenbaum ’68 and Judith L. Nissenbaum Nicholas Papain JD ’78 and Pauline A. Papain  Arturo C. Porzecanski « and Nina Porzecanski  Kathy Z. Putnam P ’14 and George Putnam P ’14 Renay Regardie ’64 and William A. Regardie ’67, MBA ’68

Laurie H. Benenson P ’14 and Bruce W. Benenson P ’14 Harry C. Biser ’50, MA ’51  David Blumenthal MBA ’69 and Barbara Blumenthal  James G. Blumenthal MS ’86, P ’12 and Stacy J. Blumenthal P ’12 

Irene Tinker and Millidge P. Walker « Cynthia Borges Warshaw ’93 and Matthew B. Warshaw ’94  Ho-I Wu PhD ’82 and Pyng-Pyng Wu

theodore roosevelt associates $5,000–$9,999

Karin A. Akerson ’96 and Daniel F. Akerson 

* «



The 1893 Society recognizes the commitment of loyal donors with five or more consecutive years of giving and the significant role they play in sustaining university life.

Deceased Current or former faculty or staff AU parent AU grandparent Honorary degree recipient

Marie P. Kissick and Ralph L. Kissick  Peter B. Knobel ’79 and Patrice Knobel Kathryn Sullivan Kolar Simki G. Kuznick ’01, MFA ’10, P ’13 and Peter J. Kuznick, P ’13 

Arthur Lipson

Alisyn L. Camerota ’88 and Tim Lewis 

Susan Shaskan Luse JD ’77 and Eric Luse JD ’77 

E. Randall Clouser ’80 and Caroline M. James-Clouser 

Clovis Maksoud « and Hala Maksoud Celeste D. Marin P ’15 and Robert S. Marin P ’15

Bonnie S. Covey-Goldberg MS ’92 and Barry G. Goldberg 

Caryn G. Mathes « 

William B. Dockser and Sonnie Dockser

Lucinda R. Millstein P ’10 and Alan S. Millstein P ’10 

Christopher J. Donatelli MBA ’91 and Karen Donatelli Douglas J. Dooley ’77  Lourdes P. Elias ’86 and Akram R. Elias Stephen C. Embry ’71, P ’03 and Priscilla Brown Embry P ’03  Lois H. England P ’76 and Richard England Sr. P ’76 

Michael B. Mills « MA ’87

Steven A. Miron ’88 Judith W. Morrissey P ’15 and Richard C. Morrissey P ’15 Gert H. Mueller* « Nicole F. Nason ’92 and David G. Nason ’92, JD ’95 Charles K. Nulsen III ’85

Dean J. Factor ’87 and Shannon Factor

Steve H. Oram ’71

Edythe G. Fensterman ’81, P ’09 and Robert G. Fensterman ’81, P ’09 

John S. Patton PhD ’63 and Mary Miller Patton « 

Robert E. Finfer ’87 

Michele E. Pedas MA ’95 and George Assimakopoulos MBA ’95

Valerie French* «  Alice J. Garcia ’72 and Richard R. Garcia MBA ’79 Maruquel G. Pabon Garcia LLM ’86

Thomas A. Kennedy ’86 

Betty Ann Leith* MA ’81, P ’77 

Wayne A. Chasen MS ’83 

Martha A. Stevenson ’72, P ’00, P ’02 and Gary R. Weaver « ’65, MA ’67, PhD ’70, P ’00, P ’02 

Robert B. Kennedy ’79 

John F. Boyer PhD ’89 and Sarah P. Boyer  Theodore N. Carter MPA ’99

Peter T. Starr « and Alice C. Hill

Thomas L. Jacobson ’87 and Mabel Shaw 

Rodney A. Lawrence MBA ’89 and Lisa D. Lawrence

Arthur J. Rothkopf and Barbara S. Rothkopf 

Neal A. Sharma ’98 and Angela M. Sharma ’98 

Gail L. Jacobs ’63 and Benjamin R. Jacobs ’63, JD ’65

Anne Greenberg Bookin and Daniel H. Bookin 

Theodore R. Ringelheim ’68 

Peter L. Scher ’83, JD ’87 and Kimberly H. Tilley MA ’08

Irene Hinsdale P ’16

Milton Greenberg « H ’93 and Sonia B. Greenberg  Jeffrey N. Greenblatt JD ’73 Barbara E. Gulick Lynne M. Hensley ’74 Margo E. Herron ’85, MBA ’03 and Kurt Rumsfeld  Joanne M. Hill ’70 and Joseph R. Liro ’70, MA ’73 

Geoffrey W. Pence JD ’05 and Stacy Pence Anthony D. Perkins ’81 and Rhonda Perkins Heather Miller Podesta and Anthony T. Podesta  Anne Raffaelli JD ’83 and John D. Raffaelli ’74 Todd A. Robinson Staci B. Rosenberg and Michael G. Rosenberg Howard Rosenbloom

Phyllis Schachter ’67 and Howard S. Schachter ’65  Lois B. Schaefer ’72 and George P. Schaefer ’72  Gary N. Schahet MBA ’68, P ’01 and Phyllis Schwartz Schahet ’68 P ’01  Robin Berk Seitz « MA ’95, P ’00 and Richard Seitz P ’00  Stephen M. Shapiro ’69  Byron and Elva Siliezar P ’12 Leonard A. Sloan ’62 and Beth Sloan Tina Blumenthal Small and Albert H. Small Jr. Rodger A. Streitmatter « PhD ’88 and Thomas B. Grooms  Gwendolyn Sykes « MPA ’01 Glenn E. Tanner ’70, P ’12 and Diana L. Tanner P ’12  Susan H. Traver MBA ’84 and Craig Walling  Adam M. Tugio Gary Veloric ’82, P ’13 and Nancy Veloric P ’13  David C. Wajsgras MBA ’89 and Teena M. Wajsgras Lucy Waletzky Gary K. Wright « 

Lorraine H. Cichowski MA ’76

Randall K. Hulme ’83 

Dale Clayton-Morrison and Kent R. Morrison 

Isabella B. Irwin P ’13 and Jeffrey D. Irwin P ’13

David C. Cohen ’82 and Lesa Tinker-Cohen

John F. Karl Jr. « JD ’79 and Tyna E. Coles 

Rebecca Cooke Kimberly A. Cradock ’96

Billie Jo Kaufman « and Robert L. Kaufman 

Arnold Danielson ’62 and Vivian C. Franquez Danielson 

Christina Kind ’78 Lee G. Kirstein P ’89 

Jane W. D’Arista

Alison Korman-Feldman P ’13 and Marc Feldman P ’13

Samuel A. Dedio MS ’91 and Irene Dedio  Richard A. Deem ’77 and Cheryl L. Deem  George R. Dellinger ’69, MBA ’71 Edward J. DeSalvio ’73 and Moira T. DeSalvio  Robert D. Dinerstein « and Joan P. Fread  Amy J. Dorfmeister ’95 John P. Duffy Nancy El-Hibri P ’09 and Fuad El-Hibri P ’09  Katherine W. Farquhar « P ’12, P ’15 Lynne Brenner Ganek « and Jeffrey E. Ganek Marshal D. Gibson P ’01, P ’09  Ira J. Ginsberg ’82 and Robynn S. Ginsberg 

herbert c. hoover associates $2,500–$4,999

David E. Aaronson « and Laura Aaronson  Carolyn S. Alper ’68, G ’89  Christine B. Anderson ’71, MS ’77  Marilyn Armel ’63 Darryl Atwell Marc Bastow MS ’88 and Nancy Binnie Norton Bell Sherrill Berk and Jeffrey L. Swartz Vida Berkowitz

Jonah Gitlitz ’55 and Sallie Gitlitz  Ellen J. Gleberman JD ’79 and David D. Laufer  Edward Goldberg ’68 and Barbara G. Saidel  James M. Goldgeier « and Katherine B. Goldgeier «  Robert K. Goldman «  Barbara S. Gottschalk ’66 and Peter T. Gottschalk Victoria D. Harker MBA ’90 and Drew A. Harker 

Terri L. Laks ’81, P ’02, P ’04, P ’09 and Mark H. Laks ’76, P ’02, P ’04, P ’09 Timothy P. Lannan « MSOD ’02 and Nina Lannan  Gerald B. Lee ’73, JD ’76, H ’03 and Edna Ruth Vincent JD ’89  Becky A. Legge ’74 and David R. Legge ’74 William M. LeoGrande « and Martha J. Langelan «  Cynthia F. Lubin P ’14 and David B. Lorsch P ’14 Scott A. Lynch Anne B. Mascolino and Thomas A. Mascolino  Katrina T. McMillan P ’13 and Alexander McMillan Jr. P ’13 Frank H. Menaker Jr. JD ’65 and Sharon L. Menaker  Caroline R. Merriam David R. Michaelson ’81 and Annette Osso Elliott S. Milstein «  Mary E. Morgan ’79 and Andrew M. Lemke Wilda Morris ’74 and Edgar E. Morris  Anita Mostow ’67 and Leslie A. Mostow ’65  Laura Mularz P ’14 and Edward Mularz P ’14 Andrea A. Murino ’98 and John Murino  Ghiyath F. Nakshbendi « PhD ’74 and Cecilia Nakshbendi 

Michael S. Berman

Bruce W. Henry JD ’84 and Donna H. Henry 

Kevin C. Blauch JD ’83 and Cynthia Blauch

Kenneth R. Heyman ’72 and Mimi M. Heyman

Alexa B. Pappas ’90 and Stephen S. Zannetos

Parkie Blaylock and Dan Blaylock 

Carol Shaskan Horn MPA ’74 and Lawrence A. Horn 

Andrew D. Pike « and Barbara Sarshik  Geraldine F. Pilzer P ’77 

Amy B. Huberman-Bucher ’89 and Mark H. Bucher ’90

Nathaniel S. Preston* « JD ’81 and Ravida D. K. Preston 

Mervin Block  Susan L. Brackshaw « JD ’82  Cindy A. Chapman P ’12 and Donald L. Chapman P ’12

J. David Hughes JD ’61


Katherine L. Pringle ’90 and John McCormick 

Carole A. Wood ’71 and Jay M. Feinman ’72 

Stephen Band

Irma S. Raker « JD ’72 and Samuel K. Raker

Valerie R. Zeman ’74, MBA ’91 

Jane Barrow ’65, MA ’68

Sarah B. Raskin « and Jamie B. Raskin «

Jeffrey L. Zyontz ’73, JD ’78  and Wendy Rothman

Barbara J. Reimann « 

Ruth Bartfled MEd ’82 and Charles I. Bartfeld «  Ingrid Bartley P ’14 and Robert Bartley P ’14

Marian Rocker Thomas A. Roha ’70 and Ronaleen S. Roha 

john f. kennedy associates $1,000–$2,499

Leigh-Alexandra A. Basha JD ’85 and Victor Basha

Marlene Ross PhD ’85, P ’94 


Mark W. Russell JD ’94

A. Robert Abboud

Scott A. Bass « P ’14 and Elyse Jacob P ’14

Margot B. Schonholtz JD ’79 and Gerald D. Pietroforte JD ’79 

Janice M. Abraham ’79 and Kim T. Abraham 

Michael A. Bassik JD ’07 and Alexandra E. Bassik 

Lewis F. Shrensky JD ’68 and Barbara Shrensky 

Rashmi E. Abraham « JD ’04 and Timothy M. Essam MA ’06 

Joy H. Baxt and Leonard J. Baxt Diana L. Beattie and Richard I. Beattie

Elizabeth H. Sibolski « MPA ’75, PhD ’84 and John A. Sibolski ’77 

Nancy Abramowitz « and Mark Ellenberg 

Ina Bechhoefer « MS ’73 and Charles Bechhoefer 

Gus Soudah

Jorge J. Abud « MS ’83 and Barbara A. Bartoo 

Sheila Bedford «

Christine L. Ackerman ’99 and Reuben B. Ackerman ’98

Millard S. Bennett JD ’77 and Margaret P. Bennett

Paul T. Stein « JD ’72 Charles C. Stephenson Jr. ’93 and Judith Stephenson William A. Stone ’86, MBA ’89 and Carolyn C. Stone  W. Randolph Teslik JD ’76, P ’11 and Jane H. Teslik P ’11 

Lynda Lees Adams P ’01  Stanley M. Adelson ’49 and Enid P. Adelson  Esthy Adler and James Adler

John R. Belluardo ’72, MS ’78 

Susan D. Bennett « and John C. Eidleman  Ann Benson

Claudia H. Thurber JD ’83 and James A. Thurber « 

Anthony H. Ahrens « 

Virginia W. Bergsten MA ’77 and C. Fred Bergsten 

Margie Tommer and L. Brian Tommer

Bruce E. Aitken « JD ’76

Bonnie Berk

Charles T. Akre Jr. ’68 and Deanna S. Akre 

Kirk H. Betts JD ’79 Ken C. Biberaj « ’02 and Valerie Biberaj 

Steven W. Albert ’68 and Phyllis Albert

Stuart L. Bindeman ’70 and Martha K. Bindeman

Jonathan G. Tubman « and Thomas Seiler Martha M. Turner P ’12 and Joseph P. Turner P ’12 Nancy B. Vaughn MEd ’76, P ’01 and Robert G. Vaughn « P ’01  Amy Weiss « ’87 and Peter Kadzik Ruth Wimer JD ’80 and Timothy A. Chorba  Maude C. Windsor and Jeffrey Madison Frederic K. Wine MBA ’82, JD ’84 

Jose F. Alvarez « MSOD ’06 Nana K. An « MEd ’84, MPA ’06 and Joe T. An ’90  James N. M. Andersen ’80, P ’03 and Patricia M. Andersen P ’03  Philip M. Andrews JD ’77 and Denise A. Andrews Nanette Apperson ’75 and Donald T. Williamson « Lisa Arakaki « and Adam Hahn 

* «



Karen E. Barker JD ’95

The 1893 Society recognizes the commitment of loyal donors with five or more consecutive years of giving and the significant role they play in sustaining university life.

Deceased Current or former faculty or staff AU parent AU grandparent Honorary degree recipient

Sue E. Armstrong ’87, MS ’88 and Scott M. Armstrong  G. P. Atkins PhD ’66 and Joan Atkins Fanta Aw « ’90, MPA ’94, PhD ’11 

Andrew B. Block ’03 and Carrie Block L. Thomas Block III ’71, P ’06 and Joan D. Block P ’06  Paul Bock « Catherine E. Bocskor ’69 George H. Bohlinger III MS ’70 and Keith L. Carr  Julia P. Boisvert « JD ’12 Audrey D. Bojack P ’11 and Richard J. Bojack P ’11  Andrew J. Bon Salle ’88, MBA ’90 Joan M. Bondareff JD ’75

Benjamin M. Azoff « JD ’03 

David F. Borowski Sr. MSTM ’88 and Patricia Borowski 

Doris Quinn Babcock ’95 and John C. Babcock 

Sharon O. Boston JD ’84 and Wallace E. Boston Jr.

Gary D. Bachman JD ’78 

Joseph S. Bracewell JD ’91 and Peggy D. Bracewell

Harry C. Ballman ’61, MBA ’63

GARY SPIEGLER ENDOWMENT In 2011–12, the Spiegler fund supported Hillel programming for the National Union of Jewish LGBT Students Conference and Idan Raichel: Inside the Artist’s Studio. The previous year, Spiegler helped to underwrite a performance by SheshBesh, a screening of Defamation, and a film series, Tough Guys: A Trio of Documentaries on American Jewish Men. The Gary Spiegler Endowment Fund was established in 2009 through a bequest from Gary Spiegler, Kogod ’72, to support student programs that promote Jewish culture at American University.

Shirley D. Brandman MA ’02

Nancy A. Caton

Deborah L. Briffa P ’14 and Richard T. Briffa P ’14

Lawrence A. Ceisler ’80

Ivy E. Broder « P ’06 and John Morrall III P ’06 

David F. Chavkin « 

Andrea L. Brody-Gillman MBA ’86 and Scott Gillman Peggy A. Brooks Smith ’52, P ’80  Paula H. Brosch PhD ’80 and Kevin J. Brosch  Debra A. Brown-DeLone MPA ’09 and William H. DeLone « 

Gerald Chasen Eleanor Clift «  Richard T. Cockerill MS ’78 and Becky Cockerill  Linda M. Cohen JD ’73 and Edmund Cohen JD ’73 Peter Cohen Robert N. Cohen

Sandra E. Sutta Brusca JD ’81 and Richard L. Brusca JD ’81 

Lisa Colten

Daniel Bucca JD ’99 

Mary E. Condon ’66 

Nancy H. Burkett ’65 and Randall K. Burkett ’65

Christina M. Copsey «

Michael H. Bush JD ’94 Buffy Cafritz and William N. Cafritz Marilou Cannon P ’11 and Robert E. Cannon P ’11 Suzanne M. Carawan MBA ’03 Martha A. Carr ’85 James W. Carroll PhD ’77  Dean Carter ’47 and Rosina Carter  Marilyn T. Carter P ’14 and Mark Emamian P ’14 Michelle Castillo MBA ’01 and Braulio Castillo

Donna D. Comarow ’81, P ’89 

Betsy T. Delphos MA ’77 and William A. Delphos Joyce H. Deroy MS ’94, P ’09 and Warren R. King JD ’67, P ’09  Mitchell Dolin  Fionnuala Dominguez P ’14 and Leonel Dominguez P ’14 Sharon Donner-Feldman and Israel Feldman Patrick J. Donovan JD ’03 and Jamie D. Jenkins JD ’03 Joseph G. Dontzig ’67 John S. Douglass « ’69, MA ’74, P ’05 and Anne M. Douglass P ’05  Deborah Dranove P ’13 and David S. Dranove P ’13

Robert F. Cowdrey ’71 and Elizabeth Cowdrey 

John P. Drysdale « and Susan Hoecker-Drysdale 

Sara E. Cruley ’98, MA ’00 and Kyle R. Cruley ’98 

Jan E. Du Plain ’66 Paula Dubberly JD ’89 

Toni C. Daniel P ’06 and Marc E. Daniel P ’06 

Alesia Duncombe P ’12 and Rich Duncombe P ’12

Stephen M. Daoust ’85 and Michelle Birnbaum 

Peter A. Durfee

Mark S. Davin «

Mark E. Eberly ’91, MBA ’95

Rebecca T. Davis « and Chet L. Davis  Meghan T. Davoren « JD ’12

Peter L. Dwares JD ’69  David B. Eccleston ’73

Naomi M. de Silva JD ’01

Robert A. Edwards MA ’72 and Sharon K. Edwards

Leesa A. Dehaven JD ’98 

Carl M. Eifler P ’15


Joseph T. Eldridge « MA ’81 and Maria B. Otero 

Beth C. Fuchs ’73 and John F. Hoadley 

Brandon J. Estrin

Harrell K. Fuller ’62 

Violeta T. Ettle « MBA ’76, P ’05, P ’12 and Thomas R. Ettle P ’05, P ’12  Casey Dannen Evans « ’00, MS ’01 and Leonard O. Evans III ’00, MPA ’02 Lisa S. Evans ’82 and Hansell Stedman Edward P. Faberman ’67 and Linda Faberman Vincent J. Fabiani ’79, P ’11 and Maura Fabiani P ’11  Marina Fanning MSHR ’94 Averill W. Farrelly MA ’74 Sarah E. Fech JD ’12

Gary S. Gadren P ’00, P ’02, P ’04  Stephen P. Gaenzler ’92 and Kathy Gaenzler Katherine S. Gaines ’70 and William A. Gaines ’69 

Jane Greenwald P ’11 and Lawrence A. Wein P ’11  Virginia Grenham ’80, P ’11 and Paul Zevnik P ’11 Elisabeth G. Griffith PhD ’81 Lawrence S. C. Griffith 

Rebeccah L. Gan « JD ’01 and Oron Gan

Gabriel Groisman JD ’06

Linnette M. Garber JD ’84 and Randall G. Garber

Ferda Gurzey «  Janine Hackett «

Dorothy P. Gay JD ’84 and Roszel C. Thomsen II JD ’84, MA ’87 

Ruby J. Halperin and Herbert Halperin

Michael T. Gebauer

James D. Halsey Jr. JD ’63 and Eleanor Daisenbrook 

Susan Feinberg and Paul M. Feinberg

Edith M. Gelfand JD ’73 and Michael C. Gelfand

Patricia G. Hammes JD ’93

Kenneth H. Feldman ’75

Alan L. Genicoff ’74

Joan Covington Fenaughty P ’12 and Francis J. Fenaughty P ’12

Krassimir H. Genov ’96

Marilyn Harris

Constance H. Fennewald P ’13 and Gary Fennewald P ’13

Thomas W. George JD ’70

Gina Beck Hartel MA ’95 and John W. Hartel ’85 

Albin H. Gess JD ’71, P ’98 and Brenda M. Gess P ’98 

Silvia F. Hausmann P ’12 and Carl L. Hausmann P ’12

Lucy Gettman « 

Albert I. Hawk JD ’85 and Kelley G. Hawk 

Ann S. Ferren « Roslyn B. Fink ’67 and Michael A. Fink ’66  Ronald J. Fisher « and Carol A. Fisher 

Carol M. Gibbons ’82, MS ’84 and Christopher M. Gibbons ’83, MPA ’84 

Helen M. Harkins ’67 

Vernon Hawkins ’75, MSTM ’80 

Keith A. Gill « and Tiffany Speaks « 

Margot Heckman

Walter R. Gillette III « and Carol-Lynn Clatterbuck 

Neil A. Heller ’72 and Linda W. Heller

Janice L. Flug « MPA ’80 

Monte M. Gingery ’80 and Darby E. Gingery

Mary Ellen J. Flynn JD ’88 and John R. Cardinale 

Sharri B. Ginsburg JD ’93 and Jeffrey A. Freedman JD ’93

Maria E. Henderson MSTM ’77 and William A. Vannortwick 

Carla Denton Fogle ’79 and Thomas W. Fogle ’76, MS ’78 

Michael J. Ginzberg « and Rosemary D. Ginzberg

Umit Herguner LLM ’84

Elizabeth D. Forster MFA ’92

Heather A. Giuli ’95 and Steven Giuli MA ’95

David L. Higgins «

Herbert B. Fixler JD ’68 and Susan C. Marber  Teresa Flannery «

Evan Fotos PhD ’57 and Leman Fotos Elisabeth French Ann B. Friedman MAT ’98 and Thomas L. Friedman  Martin J. Friedman JD ’76 

The 1893 Society recognizes the commitment of loyal donors with five or more consecutive years of giving and the significant role they play in sustaining university life.


Deceased Current or former faculty or staff AU parent AU grandparent Honorary degree recipient




Erin M. Fuller ’93

Lynn C. Greenfield ’79, P ’05, P ’07 and Stephen E. Greenfield P ’05, P ’07

Tina S. Fried Heller « MPA ’80 

Carla C. Hendra P ’11 and Anthony C. Hendra P ’11 Hilary L. Hershey ’86 

Stan M. Godoff ’71 and Leslie C. Godoff  Lisa Higgins and David L. Higgins Jr.  Brian A. Goldman ’68 and Eileen Goldman Carol S. Hilburn ’67 and Don E. Hilburn Roger O. Goldman JD ’69 Sara C. Hill « JD ’12 and Fern Portnoy Mark N. Hochman ’64 Louisa H. Goldstein ’74, JD ’77  and Deborah Dumaine  Thomas C. Goldstein JD ’95 Alex R. Hodges « Mark B. Goodwin JD ’77  Jeffrey M. Holden ’74 William G. Gosnell ’76 and Carol T. Holden  and Nanci Gosnell Bertram W. Holman ’74, P ’10, P ’13 Theresa S. Grady ’80 and Randysue Foster P ’10, P ’13  and James P. Grady ’80 Joel D. Hoppenstein ’81 Donald E. Graham H ’06  and Monica L. Hoppenstein Dania Green ’95 and Eric J. Green ’92 Janet Howe Eric A. Huang « JD ’05 

Gisela B. Huberman JD ’80 and Benjamin Huberman Gerald F. Hunter ’66, P ’92 and Mary P. Fisher  Z. Selin Hur ’94  Margaret R. Ishak ’85 Jacqueline L. Jackson JD ’74 and Howard Jackson  John R. Jacob ’93 

Steven E. Kraft ’69 and Carol A. Burns Harold Krauthamer JD ’69, P ’99 and Joan Krauthamer P ’99 

Gerald S. Malitz ’72 and Ruth L. Marcus

Sara B. Kravitz « JD ’12

Gerard T. Mallen ’76 and Lisa R. Mallen

Rae M. Krelitz JD ’83

Marcia S. Mankoff ’91 and Doug Mankoff

Marianne Krell « MBA ’89 and Gerald Krell 

William H. Mann III ’92

David S. Kriss JD ’91 and Amy B. Kriss

Cassandra Manuelito-Kerkvliet

Christopher S. Jacobs « ’01 

Douglas Kudravetz « and Janet P. Kudravetz 

Caleen Jennings « and Carl Jennings «

Chaya Kundra JD ’94 and Ian Greathead 

Mark Johnston « MBA ’09 and Stella Hetelekidis

Kimchele L. Kunitake P ’16 and Gary Kunitake P ’16

Candace M. Jones ’87

Walter W. Labitzky « and Christine Labitzky 

Jeffrey A. Jones «  Philomena Jurey 

Joan B. Makara P ’10 and Michael Makara P ’10

Craig R. Lasher MA ’86

Andrew A. Juster ’74 and Janet L. Juster

John T. Lay « ’08

Mrinalini V. Kapadia P ’13 and Pankaj C. Kapadia P ’13

Rick A. Lazio JD ’83 and Patricia A. Lazio Joan Luchs LeBauer and Samuel LeBauer

Mitchell Kaplan

Howard Lee ’69, JD ’73 

Ron Kaplan P ’15

Rose E. Lee ’76, MPA ’77, P ’79 

Ronald A. Karp JD ’71, P ’12 and Susan Karp P ’12

Wen C. Lee MA ’92

Surjit Mansingh ’72  Jesse L. March ’78 Yael Marciano LLM ’00 Evan M. Marks P ’15 and Janice K. Marks P ’15 Alison Martyn and James T. Banks  Elizabeth L. Marvin ’98, JD ’03 Helen C. Maus ’69, JD ’72  Thomas J. McAndrew JD ’71 and Mary McAndrew  Eileen L. McBride Sally F. McBride P ’13 and David McBride P ’13 Barry R. McCaffrey MA ’71 and Jill McCaffrey

Mark B. Karstetter

Amanda C. Leiter « and Sambhav Sankar «

Brian F. Keane ’89 and Kate Keane 

Thomas P. Lemke JD ’79

Patrick E. Kehoe « P ’96 

Karen S. Leopold ’71 and Norman L. Leopold

R. Scott McCay JD ’81

Richard H. Levi JD ’78 

Barbara M. Meade MA ’75

Samuel J. Keker* ’39 and Lucy S. Keker Deborah P. Kelly JD ’88 Mary E. Kennard « Kathleen M. Kennedy-Corey « ’73, MBA ’80 and Chadwick E. Wyatt  Ann B. Kerns MBA ’86 Barbara Kerxton  Bailey A. Khan ’05 and Saif Khan Emily L. Kirksey « JD ’12 Srdjan Kisic LLM ’98 Peter C. Kissel JD ’72 and Sharon M. Kissel  G. Jean Klein P ’00 and Thomas Klein P ’00  Lara M. Kline « ’01 and Nathan R. Kline ’01 Donald C. Knapp ’81, MA ’83, JD ’87 and Karilyn Knapp  Patricia B. Kolber P ’14 and Vincent A. Kolber P ’14 Rose Koretsky P ’14 and Michael J. Koretsky P ’14

Robert C. Levin ’86 and Michele Levin  Nanette S. Levinson « and Peter J. Levinson  Sherry L. Levitt ’71, MA ’74 and William J. Levitt ’72  Charles R. E. Lewis III « and Pamela B. Gilbert 

John R. McCall « MSHR ’92  C. Natasha McCarthy MS ’98 and Lawrence T. McCarthy  Joann B. McDonald Bruce M. Meisel ’69 and Michelle C. Meisel Deborah S. Meland JD ’83  Gail Mendelson and Jeffrey Mendelson Johanna Mendelson-Forman « and David S. Forman 

Michele L. Mikkelsen « MS ’00 Peyton A. Lewis ’73 and William H. Lewis and Donald J. Mikkelsen  Douglas L. Lindholm JD ’85 Sheila A. Millar JD ’80 and Roxanne Lindholm  Matthew J. Miller MSTM ’85 Stanley L. Lipshultz JD ’70 Sarah A. Miller JD ’80 and A. Melissa Eckert  and Michael J. King JD ’81  Elliot M. Liss JD ’91 and Sandy L. Liss  Thomas J. Minar « and Frank S. Becker Margie Litman and Robert E. Litman Mario V. Mirabelli JD ’64 Braun D. Littlefield JD ’84 Patricia Mische « Karen M. Lockwood « JD ’78 Christopher J. Mohart « ’99 Marla D. Lonergan ’89, MA ’90 and Kayla M. Boesch-Mohart and Steven Lonergan Ernestine M. Moore ’46 Michael E. Lubowitz JD ’90 John W. Moore ’66 Christina M. Macfarland MPA ’11 Courtney E. Moran « JD ’12 and Benjamin S. Macfarland MBA ’11


Thomas F. Morante JD ’77 Herbert N. Morgan JD ’60 Michael M. Moriarty JD ’83  Marcia D. Moritz ’55 Korin A. Munsterman « JD ’11 Kay J. Mussell « P ’88 and Boris Weintraub P ’88  Diane S. Myers « and Brian D. Finegold  Kelly M. Nakamoto « MS ’96 and Gary G. Nakamoto Marc R. Nasberg ’82 Edward M. Nass ’78 Gloria Nelson ’88 and Edward D. Nelson Cathy J. Neuman P ’09 and Richard D. Gross P ’09  Sara C. Nieves-Grafals ’75, MA ’79, PhD ’80 and Al Getz 

Kusum Ramachandran P ’11 and Alan Krishnan P ’11

Elizabeth Parks P ’15, P ’15 and David J. Parks P ’15, P ’15

Stephen M. Rappoport JD ’74 and Ella Rappoport

Denwood B. Parrish

William P. Rayel « ’00 

Robert A. Pastor « and Margaret M. Pastor

Sara Y. Razi JD ’00 and Benjamin Razi « JD ’00

Toni Harris Paul ’71 and Ronald A. Paul

Ann-Marie C. Regan « MSOD ’02 and W. Joseph Campbell «

Wanda G. Pedas ’70, MA ’72 and James Pedas  Maria C. Pedicelli P ’15 and Gabriel Pedicelli P ’15

Robert M. Rementer JD ’12 Jane Rice ’79 and Paul Rice* «

Michelle S. Perschbacher MA ’97 and Michael Perschbacher Joseph E. Peters MBA ’69  Maria P. Peyser ’64

Kathleen B. Nussbaum P ’12 and Martin Nussbaum P ’12

Robert B. Pincus JD ’80 and Kathryn A. Pincus 

Melanie F. Nussdorf and Lawrence C. Nussdorf

Cecelia Pitas P ’10 and John Pitas P ’10

Adrian E. Odya-Weis « JD ’12 Augustus K. Oliver JD ’75 and Lisbeth R. Oliver  Judith S. Olmer MA ’65  Mary E. Olsen P ’16 and Clifford I. Olsen P ’16 Maria L. Ortega ’85, P ’16 and Pedro J. Iturregui P ’16 Charles L. Pace ’62 and Teruko Pace Valerie Paley P ’13 and Jeffrey Paley P ’13 Leslie L. Palmieri « and Peter E. Palmieri 

* «


Teresa G. Phelps « 

Joan M. Plaisted ’67, MA ’69  Robert H. Plotkin JD ’67 and June Plotkin

Deceased Current or former faculty or staff AU parent AU grandparent Honorary degree recipient

Alice M. Rivlin H ’86 and Sidney G. Winter  Markley Roberts MA ’60, PhD ’70 Rose Ann Robertson «  Elizabeth R. Romasco JD ’80 Ellen P. Romsaas P ’11, P ’15 and Donald L. Trump P ’11, P ’15 David Roscher  James S. Rosenheim MBA ’68 and Marcia B. Rosenheim Michael H. Rosenmayer ’91 and Olga Rosenmayer Lisa E. Rosenthal ’97, MBA ’01

Lawrence H. Pockers ’96 and Lindsey B. Pockers

Betty A. Ross ’71, P ’04 and M. Charles Ross ’70, P ’04

Barbara A. Pollack JD ’79 and John A. Burkholder JD ’78 

Donna S. Ross P ’14 and Vincent M. Ross P ’14

William J. Pollinger JD ’69 and Helen Pollinger

Jane L. Ross ’64, MA ’67, PhD ’72 

Manny Pokotilow JD ’64 and Marcy C. Panzer Andrew F. Popper « P ’14 and Diane W. Popper  Catherine G. Poulin ’91, MBA ’85 and Robert Poulin Marjorie N. Principato and Jerold J. Principato  John T. Pruski « ’03 and Kristen Pruski 

The 1893 Society recognizes the commitment of loyal donors with five or more consecutive years of giving and the significant role they play in sustaining university life.

William L. Reihl Jr. ’94

Catherine M. Perrin ’73, MS ’81 and Richard G. Jones

Karen A. Nold MSTM ’77 and Robert J. Croteau

Karen O’Connor « P ’01 

Diane A. Rehm « H ’07 and John B. Rehm

Phyllis Peres « and Rajat Sen

Martin Pfeifer « and Elba I. Pfeifer

Debra O’Brien and John O’Brien


Jean T. Papsun P ’06 and Kent R. Papsun P ’06

Jennifer L. Rabinowitz ’82 and David J. Rabinowitz ’83  Jesmin Rahman MA ’96, PhD ’98 and Bernhard G. Gunter « PhD ’98  William N. Raiford ’63  JoAnn Ralphs P ’12 and Donald S. Ralphs P ’12

Juanita M. Ross ’83  Paul S. Rothstein ’76  Elizabeth Ruml T. Timothy Ryan JD ’73 and Judith R. Ryan  Martin H. Sachs JD ’72 and Dorothy S. Sachs  Samantha C. Sackin ’91 and Tom Fassbender Abdul Aziz Said « ’54, MA ’55, PhD ’57 and Elena M. Turner ’82 Maureen J. Salamack P ’10 and Donald Salamack P ’10  Myrta Sale MBA ’78 and Kenneth Sale Henry A. Salmon ’75 and Linda Salmon  Jon C. Salmon ’78 and Meryl Greene


Senior Product Marketing Manager, Pega Cloud, Pegasystems Alumni Association Board “Volunteering to me means giving back to the community, whether by providing financial support or by taking the time to dedicate myself to the specific task and help make a positive impact in the world.”

Samuel Sandler «  Cecilia A. Sandwen P ’12 and Lee H. Sandwen P ’12 Gregory J. Santiago Thyagaraja Sarada MS ’70, PhD ’72  Anthony R. Sarmiento ’77 David C. Sawyer « JD ’12 and Diana T. Sawyer William A. Sawyer MSTM ’76 and Eleanor S. Sawyer  Marguerite C. Scanlon ’53 and William B. Scanlon ’53

Elizabeth A. Sinclair P ’16 and Matthew F. Sinclair P ’16 Lynn F. Sipe ’65

Linda Katzen Swartz

Margaret K. Shaw Smith ’85 and Stanley F. Smith

Jaclyn M. Taaffe « ’04

Zavin Smith «  Mark W. Snuffin ’89 and Tara Snuffin  David J. Snyder ’83 and Margaret A. Salamon  Ulysses J. Sofia « and Heidi Sofia Jason M. Sokel

Thomas Scheuer ’50 

Howard M. Soltoff ’68 and Jane E. Soltoff 

Sabine Schlemmer-Schulte « LLM ’93 Craig R. Schmall ’84 Mark L. Schneider H ’00 and Susan G. Schneider  Robert F. Schumann Herman Schwartz « and Mary C. Schwartz  Marty J. Schwartz JD ’79 

Leigh J. Sorkin ’05, MPP ’09 Susan L. Spagna ’72 and Fred D. Dorfman ’69 Seth D. Speyer « and Linda Popejoy  Martha C. Splitt* ’65 and David A. Splitt JD ’71  Albert H. Stahmer MBA ’66 and Caren M. Stahmer  Virginia Lyn Stallings « P ’16

Edith W. Seashore « and Charles Seashore

Brian Steinberg

Ellen D. Segal ’67 and Peter R. Segal ’65 

Rhoda Steiner and Charles Steiner Lynn Stevens P ’15

Ann C. Shalleck «

Joyce Trepel Stewart ’72, MBA ’74 and Geoffrey T. Stewart ’73

Elizabeth Shen « JD ’12 Kitty P. Sherwin ’84 Patricia S. Silverman « and Robert A. Silverman  Fera N. Simone « and Arman R. Simone

Sandra R. Swab MPA ’90, MS ’98 and Kenneth E. Swab 

David M. Slotnick ’72 and Carol Z. Slotnick 

Susan E. Schechter JD ’85  Diana Schilit and Howard M. Schilit

Nuzhat Sultan-Khan and Anil Revri

Louis G. Strasser Michael W. Stoltz JD ’99, MBA ’99 and Colleen A. Stoltz  Ruth P. Streeter ’69 and Mathew H. Street ’70 

Erin M. Sweeney JD ’89, MA ’90  Richard Taaffe P ’00, P ’04 Leah G. Tahbaz JD ’92 and Christopher Tahbaz Joseph A. Tahl JD ’87 Andrew Taslitz « Clyde D. Taylor MIS ’61 and Virginia L. Taylor  David E. Taylor « and Charlotte Taylor  Wesley R. Thomas ’75 and Stella J. Thomas  Stephen A. Townsend ’89 Maria T. Tremulis P ’09, P ’12 and Peter A. Tremulis P ’09, P ’12 Trudi K. Trimiar ’56  Mary S. Trotter « and Louis J. Trotter, Jr. Amy J. Truesdell ’88, MIS ’08 and Jeff Schuartz  Sandra S. Tully ’69 and Bruce C. Tully Richard S. Ugelow « JD ’68 and Susan G. Ugelow  Sue Van ’69 Patricia T. van der Vorm « MEd ’81, PhD ’95 and Jacob van der Vorm  Anthony Varona « Joseph F. Vidulich ’08 Maria G. Vinci ’84, JD ’87


Joanne M. Vitrano P ’15 and Frank G. Vitrano P ’15 Carmen D. Votaw ’83 and Gregory B. Votaw  Priscilla W. Wakefield JD ’79 and Richard A. Wakefield  L. Rangeley Wallace « JD ’75 and James P. Denvir III Patricia A. Wand « P ’93, P ’04  Rayneisha A. Watson MBA ’08


Kenneth J. Auberger JD ’59, MA ’61 and Patricia F. Auberger Dorothy Gondos Beers Ann Loeb Bronfman Jack Child « PhD ’78, P ’87, P ’91 Ronald Gabriel PhD ’74 Jane S. Inderstrodt ’43 and William L. Inderstrodt

Berman Family Foundation Gary and Carol Berman Family Foundation Bernstein Family Foundation Bloomberg Finance LP BNY Mellon Patton Boggs Foundation Bou Family Foundation

Michael J. Webb ’98 and Katharine A. Webb MA ’98

Malcolm D. Lamborne ’68, MA ’71

The Brickman Group, Ltd.

Arthur M. Levin JD ’72

The Bureau of National Affairs Inc.

Marcus S. Weiss ’70 

Sue A. Marcum « ’79, MS ’87

Capital Alumni Network

Stephen J. Wermiel « JD ’82 and Rhonda Schwartz 

Ruth Martin Simpson Melas ’35

Capital One Bank

George A. Whitehouse ’69 and Katherine C. Whitehouse 

Sarah M. Moore

Carnegie Corporation of New York

Bertha M. Roberts


Elaine S. Salzman MA ’90

Challenge Fund for Journalism VI

Richard L. Schlegel ’54

Chevron Texaco

Estelle Seldowitz

The Peter M. Cicchino Social Justice Foundation

Barbara J. Williams P ’99 and Robert N. Williams Patrick Williams Rebecca S. Williams JD ’12

John C. Webb JD ’37, P ’76 

Stefanie Altman Winans ’98, MA ’99 and Thomas Winans  Carl L. Winfree ’80 Roberta Woldow* P ’11

corporations, foundations, and other organizations

Judy Woodruff H ’04 and Albert Hunt

Anonymous (2)

Neil T. Young ’78 and Wendy Young 

Abramson Family Foundation

Charles P. Ziegler ’70 and Janet Ziegler 

The Dr. Anne H. Addington Fund

Park T. Zimpher P ’15 and William C. Zimpher P ’15

The Adikes Family Foundation

Susan W. Zirinsky ’74 and Joseph F. Peyronnin

Agilent Technologies

Rachel C. Zoghlin « JD ’12 Marc P. Zwetchkenbaum ’79 and Linne K. Zwetchkenbaum 

AES Corporation The Altman Fund American Political Science Association American Society of Women Accountants Andersen Family Foundation Antique Row Self Storage The Arca Foundation ARCHIBUS ARGUS Software

* «



Baxt Family Foundation

The 1893 Society recognizes the commitment of loyal donors with five or more consecutive years of giving and the significant role they play in sustaining university life.

Deceased Current or former faculty or staff AU parent AU grandparent Honorary degree recipient

Arnold & Porter LLP Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada Arnold F. Baggins Foundation Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church Bank of America Bank of New York Barbri Inc.

The Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation The Ryna and Melvin Cohen Family Foundation The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region The Community Foundation of Sarasota County Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Inc. Costar Group Inc. Covidien CrossCurrents Foundation D3 Systems Linda Daly Charitable Foundation DataNaut LLC Deer Creek Foundation Elsie and Marvin Dekelboum Foundation Discovery Logic Donors Forum The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Inc. Driggs Foundation Du Plain Enterprises Inc. The Duber Family Foundation Duncan, Weinberg, Genzer & Pembroke PC The Victor Elmaleh Foundation

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation

Bernard R. and Carol Kossar Foundation


Kovler Family Foundation

H. Rubenstein Family Charitable Foundation

Exxon Mobil Foundation

KPMG Peat Marwick Foundation

Samuel Rubin Foundation

Fannie Mae Foundation

Lion Brand Yarn Company

Jack B. Sacks Foundation

Mohamed Said Farsi Foundation

Litowitz Foundation

Shared Earth Foundation


The Henry Luce Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Marathon Oil Company

The George F. and Myra Shaskan Foundation

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP

Mason Hirst Foundation

Sierra Club Curt C. and Else Silberman Foundation

The Folger Fund

Masonic Foundation of the District of Columbia

Simons Foundation

Ford Foundation

McCormick Foundation

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Fosstone Productions

Ronald L. McDaniel Foundation

Fox News Channel


The Swedish NGO Foundation for Human Rights

Fund for Constitutional Government

Mead Family Foundation

T & R Chemicals Inc.

Gabelli Foundation

Alan and Amy Meltzer Family Foundation

Teufel Family Foundation Thomson Reuters

Merck Partnership for Giving

Tinker Foundation Inc.

Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church

Toyota Foundation

Microsoft Corporation

United Jewish Endowment Fund of Washington

Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Foundation GE Foundation Robert K. Goldman Family Trust Google The Gridiron Foundation Gruber Family Foundation Haas Charitable Trusts The Bryce Harlow Foundation Harris Family Foundation Hayford Family Foundation The Henry Foundation Herb Block Foundation Herbert Hoover Foundation Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Hyperjax Biomedical Consultants Inc. Intel Corporation Jackson Lewis LLP James Edward Miller Chapman Educational Foundation JSTOR Kaplan Schweser Cyrus Katzen Foundation Kay Family Foundation Kellog Health Scholars Program The Kiplinger Foundation

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Neel Foundation Net Commerce The New Israel Fund Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Nixon Peabody LLP Norcross Wildlife Foundation Inc. Oak Foundation Open Society Foundations Open Society Institute Pace International LLC The Nikos G. and Anastasia Photias Educational Foundation The Planethood Foundation Heather Podesta Partners Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation

United Methodist Higher Education Foundation University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill University of Pennsylvania V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation Visual Aids Electronics Corporation Wallace Genetic Foundation Inc. WGBH Foundation Wiley Rein LLP WILL Interactive Inc. Robert Witter Family Foundation Wolpoff Family Foundation Woodbury Fund Woods Charitable Foundation

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Prince Charitable Trusts Jerold J. and Marjorie N. Principato Foundation

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Protiviti Inc.

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

Public Welfare Foundation

Robert P. and Arlene R. Kogod Family Foundation

Turner Foundation

Park Foundation Inc. Raytheon Company The Christopher Reynolds Foundation


Helen Palmer Kettler Society

Isabelle C. Hopkinson and John E. Hopkinson

David Roscher

John Peters Irelan ’57 Steven H. Isaacson ’69, JD ’72 and Davida Isaacson

Alan J. Saltzman ’72

American University gratefully acknowledges the following individuals who have named the university beneficiary of their charitable estate plans and have made their intentions known to us. Shared plans include bequests, charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, retained life estates, life insurance, and contributions from qualified retirement accounts.

Anonymous (19) Lillian K. Abensohn Joseph J. Allotta ’69 Laird B. Anderson « MA ’73 and Florence Helen Ashby Betsy F. Ashton ’66 Trevor J. Ashworth ’03 John Fiske Barnard MBA ’59 Lisa L. Bellamy JD ’04 Gary R. Belt MA ’70 and Patricia A. Belt Stuart A. Bernstein ’60 W. Donald Bowles « Nancy H. Burkett ’65 and Randall K. Burkett ’65 Edward R. Carr MBA ’62 James W. Carroll PhD ’77 Kathleen A. Corbett ’82 Sarah A. Corbett ’41, P ’76, P ’82 Lennie Cujé Monica Dixson Cunningham JD ’73 Barbara Evans ’31 Janice L. Flug « MPA ’80 Olga M. Gazda ’50

Maria Ivusic MA ’69 and Christopher Ivusic Benjamin S. Jennings ’97 Charles T. Johnson ’42 Philomena Jurey Samuel J. Keker* ’39 and Lucy S. Keker Edgar C. Keller ’42 James C. Kennedy ’58 Edward L. Kessler « Shirley R. Kullen ’59, MBA ’61, PhD ’72 Eleanor D. Lally MA ’70 and Thomas J. Lally Henry O. Lampe ’52 James L. Lazarus ’71 Becky A. Legge ’74 and David R. Legge ’74 Audrey P. Levine P ’81, P ’86, G ’12 Herman I. Liebling MA ’45, PhD ’61 Marsha L. Lindquist ’71 Ann S. Lopata ’69 Roy H. Lopata ’70 Karyl Charna Lynn MFA ’80 Harry T. Marren MSTM ’74, MS ’74 Eunice Jones Mathews ’37 Margaret L. May ’46 Ruth Meixner-Bird MA ’62 Donald L. Myers « MBA ’78 and Margaret A. Myers «

Marshal D. Gibson P ’01, P ’09

Sara C. Nieves-Grafals ’75, MA ’79, PhD ’80 and Al Getz

Jonah Gitlitz ’55 and Sallie Gitlitz

Palmina S. Pace

David S. Glaser ’68

John S. Patton PhD ’63 and Mary Miller Patton

Susan B. Gordon Fredric E Gushin ’70, MA ’79 Jeanette K. Harrison ’77, MEd ’79 Medhi Heravi PhD ’68

Luciano J. Penay « ’62, MA ’64, MSTR ’77 Pamela K. Phillips ’78 Henry S. Prender ’58 Ravida D. Preston

* «



Deceased Current or former faculty or staff AU parent AU grandparent Honorary degree recipient

Carol M. Ravenal « Carol A. Reich ’92 Barbara J. Reimann « Theodore R. Ringelheim ’68

Julia Rush P ’97, G ’06 Martin M. Scoratow ’70, MPA ’71 Daisy Mullett Smith ’70 Peggy A. Brooks Smith ’52, P ’80 Linda Spencer ’66 Jo Stecher ’76 Erland P. Stevens MBA ’63 and Ellen M. Stevens Ben L. Summerford « ’48, MA ’56 Monica A. Suraci ’90 Richard N. Taylor ’52 Kathleen P. Teso P ’89 Bruce S. Tucker ’60, P ’93 Michael R. Wade MBA ’71 and Carole Wade Sandra M. Walter ’86 Patricia A. Wand « P ’93, P ’04 Gregory M. Weingast ’84 Mary E. Weinmann G ’14 Susan Adams Weiss ’77 George A. Whitehouse ’69 Charlotte L. Wilderson EdD ’72 Gary K. Wright « Robert G. Xides ’72 Dora Miller Youel ’72 and Kent R. Youel

SARAH GOODHEART, CAS ’13 Stephen C. Grebe Endowed Memorial Scholar

“I am extremely grateful for the Stephen C. Grebe Memorial Scholarship. It allowed me to spend the summer continuing my cancer research and validated my goal of pursuing my education in the field of medicine” The Stephen C. Grebe Endowed Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Stephen C. Grebe, a former chair of biology in the College of Arts and Sciences, by his family, friends, and colleagues. The scholarship funds undergraduates pursuing summer research opportunities that enhance and strengthen their academic experiences and support the department’s commitment to training young scientists.

1893 Society 25+ Years

Susan D. Berrington ’65, P ’94 and Craig A. Berrington ’65, P ’94 Kirk H. Betts JD ’79 Sharon D. Brown ’82 Kathleen V. Buffon JD ’80 and Charles E. Buffon

Robert D. Dinerstein « Mary J. Dodge ’40 and Wesley S. Dodge

Claire V. Burchell ’77

Diane R. Dow MEd ’74 and William F. Dow

James A. Blessing* MA ’66

American University is deeply grateful for the loyal support of these donors and proud to recognize the following individuals who have contributed to AU for 25 or more consecutive years.

Karen V. Campbell ’72 and George R. Campbell

Miriam A. Adelstein ’81 and Robert S. Adelstein Joseph J. Allotta ’69 and Elizabeth Allotta B. Lewis Avera MBA ’70, JD ’75 and Becky Avera Joyce A. Brentley Baker « JD ’82 Clifford R. Balkam MS ’85 and Jane J. Balkam

Edward J. DeSalvio ’73 and Moira T. DeSalvio John J. Dillon JD ’80 and Barbara L. Dillon

Since its founding in 1893, American University has relied on the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends to become the outstanding institution it is today. To recognize the commitment of our most loyal donors and the significant role they play in AU’s past, present, and future, the AU Board of Trustees voted in May 2007 to establish the 1893 Society, composed of donors who have contributed to AU for five or more consecutive years.

Laura Aaronson and David E. Aaronson «

Althea R. Day JD ’84 and Jeff S. Day

Peggy V. Burgess ’60 Mary Ann Byron ’65 and Norman D. Byron

Edward B. Carskadon ’65 Jack C. Cassell ’77, P ’14 and Denise Cassell P ’14 Joan R. Challinor MA ’74, PhD ’82 Thomas B. Chapman JD ’82 Jack Child* « PhD ’78, P ’87, P ’91 and Leslie E. Morginson-Eitzen P ’87, P ’91 Mary E. Condon ’66 Kenneth G. Cook PhD ’67 and Jane D. Cook

Richard F. Dyson ’56 and Helene U. Dyson Gayle L. Eiker ’67 and Winifred A. Eiker Violeta T. Ettle « MBA ’76 and Thomas R. Ettle P ’05 Mary-K Favinger ’58 and Clyde Y. Favinger Barbara Felder ’57 and Edward Felder Bobby H. Freeman MSTM ’72 and Patricia K. Freeman Valerie French* « Joseph J. Friedl MSTM ’74 Beth C. Fuchs ’73 and John F. Hoadley

Martha M. Cooper MSHR ’87

Kathy J. Fuller ’75

Robert F. Cowdrey ’71 and Elizabeth Cowdrey

James E. Gaines ’78 and Theresa A. Gaines Marjorie L. Gazzola MSTM ’80

William S. Bennett* PhD ’65 and Grace M. H. Bennett

Martin H. Cowen ’63, JD ’66, P ’90, P ’96 and Judith P. Cowen P ’90, P ’96

Hillary Sloane Gebler JD ’84 and Tom A. Gebler MBA ’86

William M. Cox ’59

Jonah Gitlitz ’55 and Sallie Gitlitz

David M. Bernard ’79 and Heidi D. Bernard

Loren L. Danielson ’80 Gail F. Davenport

Ellen J. Gleberman JD ’79 and David D. Laufer

Jan E. Balkin ’76 Kenneth E. Becker ’76, MBA ’78 and Sharon B. Becker


Edward Goldberg ’68 and Barbara G. Saidel Stephen M. Goldberg ’72 and Linda Goldberg Robert K. Goldman « Leonard H. Goldstein JD ’66 and Roberta L. Goldstein « Louis W. Goodman « and Nancy Goodman Sylvia Kay Greenberg Teena D. Grodner JD ’79 and Stephen A. Horvath JD ’79 Claudio Grossman « and Irene P. Klinger

Jean G. Myers ’46

Robert D. Kennedy ’50 and Helen Kennedy

Jonathan P. Nase ’82

Bert M. King ’70 and Susan M. King Carol Kleinert-Blank ’72 and Paul Blank

Robert L. November MS ’74 and Hannah P. November

Robert P. Kogod ’62, H ’00 and Arlene R. Kogod

Mildred V. Nuechterlein ’75 and Donald E. Nuechterlein

Karl P. Krchma MA ’66 and Phyllis J. Krchma

Warren J. Pace EdD ’69 and Mary H. Pace

Maryanne F. Lachat PhD ’83

Quentin G. Parker ’70 and Ruth R. Parker

Sandra Throop Ladner ’72 and Stanford G. Ladner

Jeannette B. Hall ’59

Laura I. Langbein « and Harvey P. Levine

Alexander J. Heim ’71 and Sandra M. Heim

Arthur D. Larson MSTM ’72 and Irene A. Larson

Arleen M. Heiss MPA ’75 and Robert G. Heiss

H. George Latham ’50, MA ’58 and Claire A. Latham

Jonathan N. Helfat ’68 and Robin E. Helfat

David B. Law JD ’78 and Kathleen E. Law

Francis M. Henderson MA ’05

Rose E. Lee ’76, MPA ’77, P ’79

Lisa K. Henderson JD ’85

Thomas F. Leedy ’65 and Kathryn O. Leedy

Donald Hester ’64 « and Ingrid Hester Melvin Hirshman JD ’55 and Nancy B. Hirshman

Joseph F. Lipari MSTM ’77 and Linda D. Lipari

Bertram W. Holman ’74, P ’10, P ’14 and Randysue Foster P ’10, P ’14

Geoffrey T. Liu ’66 and Anne M. Liu David W. Lloyd ’68 and Sharon Z. Lloyd

Eleanor J. Holsopple MPA ’82

Timothy J. Logue MA ’78 and Zenaida L. Logue

Albert T. Holtz MBA ’66 and Virginia J. Bliss-Holtz Jane S. Inderstrodt* ’43 and William L. Inderstrodt* George F. Ireland MPA ’77, MBA ’79 and Judith W. Ireland Ellen S. Isaly ’70 and Robert D. Johnstone Jacqueline L. Jackson JD ’74 and Howard Jackson Blair Jones MS ’78, MA ’95 Jack B. Jones ’58 Charlotte J. Jones-Carroll ’67 and Thomas J. Carroll Philomena Jurey Paula R. Kahn ’66 and Miles N. Kahn ’66

* « P G H


Jeremy E. Kaye ’75 and Lucille Kaye

Deceased Current or former faculty or staff AU parent AU grandparent Honorary degree recipient

Patricia A. Lore ’73, P ’09 and Kenneth G. Lore ’70, JD ’73, P ’09 Eleanor H. Lovelett ’73 Benita Lubic and Robert B. Lubic « Susan Shaskan Luse JD ’77 and Eric Luse JD ’77

Margaret A. Nishimoto ’66

Stanley P. Padolf ’67 and Lisa L. Padolf Irving R. Pellman JD ’59 and Sheila G. Pellman Joan Pestka MA ’66 and Sidney Pestka Joan T. Phelan ’49 Andrew D. Pike « and Barbara Sarshik Robert B. Pincus JD ’80 and Kathryn A. Pincus Helen B. Pooley ’84 David J. Reich MA ’78 and Donna M. Downing Barbara J. Reimann « Mary G. Reph MA ’78 and Thomas A. Gutnick Jay A. Roberts ’65 and Virginia M. Roberts Thomas L. Robertson Jr. MSTM ’78 Thomas A. Roha ’70 and Ronaleen S. Roha Jack K. Roof ’71 and Beverly M. Roof William T. Rooker MA ’64 and Shirley L. Rooker David Roscher Steven B. Rosenbaum ’73 and Ilene Rosenbaum

Judith M. Mael ’78

Ann G. Rosenblatt BS ’77

Jeffrey M. Marin MPA ’77 and Laura M. Marin

Mark A. Sachs « MSOD ’96 Barbara Sarshik « and Andrew D. Pike «

George L. Marling MSTM ’78 and Laura D. Marling

Thomas R. W. Sarver MBA ’69 and Nona D. Sarver

Rita J. Marshall ’66 and Dennis R. Marshall

Joseph A. Schifrin MA ’64 and Nancy C. Schifrin

John P. Martin « MPA ’77 and Elizabeth B. Martin

Robert S. Schlossberg ’74

Alan O. Maurer MA ’66 and Elayna N. Maurer

Ellen D. Segal ’67 and Peter R. Segal ’65

Irene H. Mields JD ’74 Frank A. Molony JD ’86 and Carroll Saussy Michael M. Moriarty JD ’83

Marty J. Schwartz JD ’79 Ann C. Shalleck « Leonard P. Shapiro ’62 Patricia J. Shattuck ’61 and William P. Shattuck

Mindy Z. Shedler ’76, P ’08 and Michael Shedler P ’08

Robert S. Winokur MSTM ’79, P ’91 and Linda W. Winokur P ’91

Kathy Aram and Robert Fabia

Helaine B. Sherman ’75 and Bruce D. Sherman

Gary K. Wright «

Renee S. Asher and David Asher

Susan L. Shufelt ’71 and Gordon H. Shufelt ’71, PhD ’98 William A. Signer ’71 Nancy T. Stark MPFM ’84 Erland P. Stevens MBA ’63 and Ellen M. Stevens Howard E. Strauch MA ’54 and Joann B. Strauch

Spyros S. Xenakis MBA ’75 and Irene Xenakis Eleanor L. Zartman « ’62, MEd ’90 and Eugene R. Zartman MBA ’65

Joyce H. Thomas ’69 and Edward J. Thomas James C. Thomson MEd ’66, MA ’69 and Evelyn S. Thomson Richard S. Tingley ’62 Joan C. Topalian ’65 Peter F. Trapp ’70 and Pamela F. Trapp Trudi K. Trimiar ’56 Dorothy G. Turi ’68, JD ’82 and John C. Turi Alan J. Turnbull MA ’70 and Gwen S. Turnbull Jane T. Udelson PhD ’80 Richard S. Ugelow « JD ’68 and Susan G. Ugelow Patricia T. van der Vorm « MEd ’81, PhD ’95 and Jacob van der Vorm Robert C. Van Deusen MA ’61 Lucinda M. Vavoudis ’79 Wendy L. Voron ’65 and Harvey J. Voron ’65 Priscilla W. Wakefield JD ’79 and Richard A. Wakefield Joseph F. Weller MS ’68, PhD ’73 and Rosemary Weller Marilyn R. Weltz ’50

Deborah Ashford and Kevin Klose Wyckham Avery Anne N. Ayer and Donald B. Ayer

Robert J. Zelnick JD ’75 and Karen Zelnick Carroll Ayres Jean M. Badalamenti Rebecca Zingarelli ’74 and Michael A. Zingarelli Jr.

Michael Baetzhold

Donald E. Zuhl MA ’70

Cheryl Baird and Orrin O. Baird Stephanie R. Baird and Graham Barrowman

Margaret Sullivan ’56 and Daniel P. Sullivan MSTR ’76 Richard N. Thieke ’61 and Alicia D. Thieke

Sanjay Arora

Frederick J. Baker

Friends of WAMU

Jack Balsinger Julie Banzhaf-Stone Barbara Bares and Marc F. Efron Joanne S. Barker


Jane Barrow ’65, MA ’68

The following individuals and couples contributed $1,000 or more to WAMU 88.5 between May 1, 2011, and April 30, 2012.

Mary J. Barth and Alexander Barth Susan Bartlett and William Bartlett

Anonymous (56)

Caroline Dixon Bartman and Thomas Bartman

Rob Abbot and Claire Cifaloglio

Jason Bauer

Janice M. Abraham ’79 and Kim T. Abraham

Judith Bauer

Charles T. Akre Jr. ’68 and Deanna S. Akre

Kim Bayliss and Kyle Bayliss

Alexis K. Albion Penelope Albritton Elizabeth Allaben and Matthew Chambers

Lisa A. Baugh and James R. Baugh Pauline L. Bean and David G. Bean Ellen Bean Joan S. Benesch John F. Benton and David W. Briggs

Tracey C. Allen

Susan B. Berlow and Alan Berlow

Lynn Alsmeyer-Johnson and William Johnson

Adam S. Berman

Anne Altman and Xavier Alire

Jeanne Bernstein

Wati Alvarez-Correa and George M. Alvarez-Correa

James Bessel

Catherine L. Anderson and William L. Anderson Ellen M. Anderson

Charles A. Wendel JD ’68 and Helen R. Wendel

Jane W. Anderson and Stephen M. Anderson

Stephen J. Wermiel « JD ’82 and Rhonda Schwartz

Karen Anderson Patricia C. Anderson

George A. Whitehouse ’69 and Katherine C. Whitehouse

Natalie Angier and Rick Weiss

David R. Winans ’74

Paula Antonovich

Christopher Angioletti Charles W. Applegate

Gary C. Berman

Mary Beyer and Walter Beyer Alexandra C. Bezeredi and Francesco Caramazzo Baroline Bienia and Richard Bienia Sandra Bird Kathleen Blackburn and Terry L. Albertson Tuppence H. Blackwell Susan L. Blake Nancy Bleeker and Ronald Bleeker Charlotte Block


Bernadette M. Blum

Diane B. Burstein

Kathleen Conley

Dianne Bock and Paul Bock

Cameron Burton

James J. Conlon

Barbara Bodine

Monica Bustard

Victoria Bohannan

Arona Butcher and Raymond J. Butcher

Ann Thompson Cook and David N. Cook

George H. Bohlinger III MS ’70 and Keith L. Carr

Martha E. Byers

David Bonior and Judith N. Bonior

Christine Byrnes and James Byrnes

Mary Booth Colleen Boothby and Gary Norvell Haise Borgmann and Kevin Borgmann Jean Ramsay Bower Ann T. Bowler and M. Kenneth Bowler Alan S. Boyd Paul Boyles

Kathryn Byrd and James H. Byrd Mary M. Cabriele and David S. Hudson Buffy Cafritz and William N. Cafritz Liza Cafritz and Carter D. Cafritz Bryan Cahill Nora L. Cameron and Juan M. Cameron Tara Campbell Kristina M. Caplin and Michael A. Caplin

Katherine B. Bradley and David G. Bradley Patricia Carey Margaret Brady Deborah Carliner and Robert A. Remes Jennifer L. Bragg and Jonathan P. Jarow Shirley D. Brandman MA ’02 and Howard M. Shapiro Paul A. Branum Karrye Y. Braxton Alexander Breckinridge Penelope Breese and Stevenson McIldaine Pearl Brigagliano Renee Brimfield and Alan A. Brimfield Marianne Britten and John S. Britten Clifford L. Brody Bonnie Broh-Kahn and Jere Broh-Kahn Craig S. Brooks Beverly A. Brosky and Giordano A. Chiarutti Dylan Brown Lisa C. Bruch Julie S. Bruns and Dennis Bruns Wilson W. Bryan Catherine E. Buckley Stevan E. Bunnell Georgia Bupp and Stephen Bupp Alexandra P. Burns and Ken Berard Annie L. Burns and John T. Monahan Heather L. Burns and Kathleen A. Maloy Elizabeth Burrell and Chet Burrell

« Current or former faculty or staff P AU parent H Honorary degree recipient


Courtney A. Carlson and David Yarkin Kathleen Carlson and Charles Carlson Myrna Carpenter and Rex Carpenter Candice Castaneda Brandon Castroflay Susan Cavanaugh and James Cavanaugh Marta Cehelsky Joan R. Challinor MA ’74, PhD ’82 Michael S. Chambers Katherine Chase and Wilbur P. Chase Nancy H. Chasen and Donald M. Spero Maureen Chelius Munsok Chong Donna M. Christian and Thomas R. Wolanin Hee Chung Lynne H. Church and James H. Skiles Michael Clark Margie Clarkson and James F. Humphreys

Wilson Cook Sarah T. Corley Patrick A. Correnty Lisa R. Corsey Pascale Craan Jonathan Cramer David C. Crane Kimberly Crichton Nancy Crisman Penelope F. Crocker and Luke J. Diamond Martha Cropper Anne Cross Steven A. Culbertson Bradley M. Dancy Steve Danielson and Kenneth Hoyle Ann Danner Helen B. Darling and Bradford H. Gray Gloria A. Darlington Bannia Darrow and James Darrow Nedda Davis Keiko Dawid and Igor Dawid Deanna K. Dawson Maureen A. Dayton Margaret De Lisser and Jon D. De Lisser Joan G. de Pontet Victor F. DeFrancis Martha Bridge Denckla Susanne Denham Alyssa Denzer and David Sturgeon Elizabeth R. Derleth

Carol Clayton and Dan Watkiss

Judith Deutsch and Daniel Deutsch

Chris Coats

Leon A. Dickson Jr.

Dale Clayton-Morrison and Kent Morrison Archana Devasia Renee DeVigne Mary J. Cleary and Kevin Cronin Elizabeth L. Cobbs and Philip D. Green Robert W. Cochrane Edmund Cohen JD ’73 Matthew A. Cohen Peter L. Cohen and Cynthia Cohen Elizabeth Colice Ruth Ann Compton

Linda Dietel and William Dietel Peggy DiVincenzo Alisha Dixon Monica P. Dolin and Mitchell Dolin Mark E. Donahue Rebecca Donovan and Hans W. Donovan Marcia K. Dorst

KAREN LOCKWOOD, WCL/JD ’78 Principal, The Lockwood Group Washington College of Law Dean’s Council

“Our Washington College of Law provides the best legal education— personal, scholarly, interactive, wise, diverse—in the city and beyond. By giving to AU, I know that I support broad, incisive, deep, and informed thinking for the future.”

Constance Downs and Jeremy J. Schreifels

Travis A. Everett

Elizabeth D. Forster MFA ’92

Stacy M. Du Preez

Rebecca Faeder

Betty Foster and P. Wesley Foster Jr.

Dorothy L. Dubois and Mark T. Germann

Patricia Weiss Fagen

Rebecca Fox

Amy L. Dumbar and Ted M. Hester

Carolyn W. Falb and Robert E. Falb

Susan J. Fox

Ronald Dunn

Julie Falk and Carl R. Falk

Anna Lea Foxen

Ezra Duong-Van

Shaun Fanning

Jean H. Durfee

Julie D. Farkas and Seth Goldman

Margaret J. Franco and Michele M. Franco

Rebecca Dweck and Jacob Dweck

Anne Farmakidis

David B. Eccleston ’73

Elinor K. Farquhar

Michelle Edwards

Averill W. Farrelly MA ’74

Robert A. Edwards MA ’72

Wendy L. Farrow

Shelly Edwards

Tina G. Farwell

Virginia B. Edwards

Judy Fazio and Vic Fazio

Kimberly K. Egan

Judith Feder and Stanley Feder

Lisa D. Ekman

Christine Feinthel and Roger Feinthel

Nabil Elhady

Ann M. Felber

Debbie Eliason and Bill Eliason

Karen W. Ferguson and John H. Ferguson

Evan Ellicott

Arlene L. Ferrill

Patricia Emich and Charles Emich

Tarhan Feyzioglu

Yogesh Engel

Dora Figueiredo

Lynn Engelman

Christina Fink

Claire J. Engers and David M. Silberman

Edward J. Finn

Lois H. England and Richard England Sr.

Samara Firebaugh

Heather Engle

Terrence Fischer

Carol Englert

Denise J. Fisher

Susan R. Etherton

Teresa Flannery «

Amitai Etzioni

Gail A. Fleming

Elsa Gibson

Daniel Evanchik

Gaela Gehring Flores and Bonard Molina Garcia

Matthew L. Gibson Susan Gigli and Massimo Gigli

Elizabeth Martinson Fogt

Walter R. Gillette III « and Carol-Lynn Clatterbuck

Carlos Evangelista Clare A. Evans Robert C. Evans

Kathleen Fontaine

Jean M. Frane and Gregory C. Frane Joan P. Fread and Robert D. Dinerstein Paul E. Frick Simon A. Fritzlan Karen Fulton and Terry Fulton Theresa H. Fulton and James L. Fulton III Denise Furst and Tony Furst Catherine Gage and Steven J. Metalitz Jonathan D. Gallagher Navroz Gandhi Fabian R. Garcia Favio Garcia David C. Garlock Major E. Garrett James Garrity Nancy Gehman and Glen Gehman Bobby George Donetta George Jon Gibney


Deborah C. Gilligan and John M. Gilligan

Margaret Gupta

Richard A. Glaser JD ’90 and Sheryl M. Gross-Glaser

Carolyn N. Guthrie

Jennifer Glass and John I. Glass Robert L. Glass Joseph E. Gleason Ellen J. Gleberman JD ’79 and David D. Laufer

Alyson Guthrie Helene N. Guttman Nancy Gwinn and John Y. Cole Jr. Beverly Gyllenhaal Jaea Hahn Libby Cater Halaby

Nora Hohenlohe and Christian C. Hohenlohe E. J. Holland Jr. Mary Holland Cathy MacNeil Hollinger and Mark Hollinger Douglas H. Holly

Kathryn P. Glennan and Thomas Glennan

Lois R. Hall Guy Hammer

Cynthia A. Hoover and Roland A. Hoover

JoAnne Glisson

Marlene S. Hammond

Judy Hopkins and Stephen Hopkins

Ellen Glover

Julie Hamre and John Hamre

Jane C. Horvath

Edward Q. Goddard

Kathryn Hanley and Michael J. Hanley

Sally Ann Hostetler

Herbert J. Hansell

Rachel Howard

Patricia F. Godley Helen M. Golde Hanna Golding and Basil Golding David Goldman Amelia A. Gomez Veronica Gomez-Lobo Alice Goodman and John Goodman Judy A. Gordon and Denis F. Gordon

Caroline Hanson Susan Harding Richard N. Hardy Bob Harkness Delroy M. Harper Rebecca Harper

Jamie S. Gorelick and Richard E. Waldhorn Curtis W. Harpold Ruth A. Harris and John C. Harris Harold Gossett and Barbara Rowan Gossett

Trisha Hartge and Alan Strasser

Donald E. Graham H ’06

Dennis Harton Jr.

Patrick Grant

Andrea C. Haslinger and Gary D. Solis

Todd D. Gray

Elizabeth A. Haugh

Rayna Green

Jeffrey W. Hayes

Anne Greene and David Greene

Mark Heaney

Michael R. Greene and Alex Dietrich

June R. Hechinger

Virginia Grenham ’80, P ’11 and Paul Zevnik P ’11

Jean Hecker

Elisabeth G. Griffith PhD ’81

Ricki Helfer and Michael S. Helfer

Hannah B. Grisar Anne Gross and William Gross

Mahtab Hekmat Lothar Hennighausen

John L. House Joe Howell and Embry Howell Randall Huggins Jared A. Hughes Marie T. Huhtala Richard Humphries Jerald W. Hunsberger Jane D. Hurst and Joseph M. Murphy Clare A. Ignatowski Shad Imam Sue Immerman Perrin Ireland and Thomas C. Ramey Dariush M. Izadi Michele E. Jacobs Diann Jacox Tracie Jacquemin and John Jacquemin Keith Jahoda Jeanne D. Jehl and Joseph R. Jehl Jr. Kathleen L. John and Michael W. John
Janet G. Jones

Sally M. Herman MA ’77 and Stephen A. Herman

Kevin R. Jones

Karen R. Guberman and Raymond C. Kennedy

Sharon H. Hertz

Cathleen Jordan and Ronald Jordan

Peter D. Guerrant III

Mary B. Hevener and Frederick Wallach

Rachel Grossman

Jane Guiliano Jose M. Guillen

Deborah M. Herzfeld Ann U. Hicks Sherry Hiemstra and Decker Anstrom Karen A. Hill and John Bath


Current or former faculty or staff

P AU parent H Honorary degree recipient


Marie Hoffman and William B. Hoffman

Steven E. Jones Edgar A. Jordan Soo Jung J. W. Kaempfer Deborah A. Kahn and Harris N. Miller

Leslie Hill and Dennis Carroll

Thomas S. Kahn and Susana Schwartz-Sanchez

Steven L. Hill

Florence A. Kaltovich

Cassie Hoffman

Joseph Kao Lisa A. Kaplowitz and Paul B. Kaplowitz

Betsy K. Karel

Andrew Kuester

Karen Lucas and Kevin Lucas

Janet Katowitz

Beca Kulinovich

Casey Lucier

George Katsigiannakis

Kern Kymn

Sharon Lundahl

Candace Katz and Hadrian Katz

David F. La Mar

Mona L. Lutnes

Richard ’61, JD ’65 and Barbara Kaufmann «

Arleen E. LaBella and Dennis J. O’Brien

Molly C. Lynch and Bill Lynch

Gerta Pfeifer Keiswetter and Allen L. Keiswetter

Susan Lacks and Mitchell B. Dunn

Kent W. Lynn and Gregory S. Thomas

Yuk Chong Lai

Todd W. Lyons

Solomon Laieke

Sandra L. Mabry

Janet Lambert and Brett Lambert

Natalia Machuca

Daniella Landau

Meredith Mackay

Mary L. Lane

Kristopher Mackey

Jane Lang and Paul Sprenger

Jenifer Joy Madden and Mark Madden

Alisa Lange and Mark Regulinski

C. Peter Magrath

Burks B. Lapham

Joanna W. Maguire MPA ’65

Diane S. Large

Hardee Mahoney and Juan S. Vegega

Larry A. Kerr

Christie P. Lassen

Mary Ann Mahoney

Cornelius M. Kerwin « ’71, P ’05 and Ann L. Kerwin ’71, P ’05

Moraima Lavin and Kevin Lavin

Hal Malchow

Karen Lawrence and Mark Lawrence

Sebastian C. Mallaby

Alka Misra Kesavan MSHR ’90 and Sudhakar Kesavan

Robert Layden

Suresh Mallikaarjun

Christine M. Leahy and William R. Leahy

Kristin Malvadkar

Manijeh Kharazai-Amin and Hamid Kharazi-Amin

Suzanne Lehmer and John W. Fisher III

Mary E. Manion

Leslie Kiernan and Paul J. Kiernan

Katherine Lett

Sean Kelley Judith A. Kellogg and Robert Kellogg Dana L. Kelly and John C. Springer Ernest B. Kelly III MA ’74 and Sally J. Kelly Thomas R. Kelly Frances H. Kennedy Mary C. Kennedy and Gerald Fisher

Gladys Kessler

Haddis Kifle Sarah Killory and Robert W. Degrasse Jr. Jin M. Kim

James J. Lemon Carol Levin and Mark Levin Stuart Levy

Ben King and Sandra King

Irene E. Lewandowski and Gary Lewandowski

Elizabeth K. King

Katherine Lewis and Brian Lewis

Nancy Klain

Judith Lichtenberg and David Luban

Sally Klass

Marilyn Lichtman

Julie Klingenstein

Sonja C. Lightbody and John W. Lightbody Jr.

Jerry Knoll Stella Koch and David H. Kinney Susan J. Koch Ann F. Kolker and Peter R. Kolker Erin C. Kollins Alexandra Koneff and Douglas Koneff Grace Ann Koppel and Edward Koppel Jack Kostelec Lisa Kountoupes Claudia D. Kousoulas Matthew Kozey Beth M. Kramer Helen Krasnow Adam Kreczko

Nancy Eisold Lindsay Priscilla Linn and Johannes Linn Geoffrey Lipsey Alan Lipsitz Robert D. Litowitz Laura Litten and Andre Leduc Laura Loeb Andrew Long Molly Loomis James A. Losey T. Michael Louden Julie Lowman and David Lowman Jane Lubchenco and Bruce Menge

Sara E. Maner and Forbes E. Maner Steven Mann Derek Manning and Chandra Manning B. Thomas Mansbach Alexander Mark and Thais Mark Eileen Martelli and Gregory A. Kujala Edward A. Martin MPFM ’82 Seth Douglas Martin Keith Marzullo Anne B. Mascolino and Thomas A. Mascolino Caryn G. Mathes « Cathy M. Mattax Rita G. Matthews Terese Mayberry Ellen Mazzarella Debra Mazzullo Virginia A. McArthur Barry R. McCaffrey MA ’71 John A. McCann William U. McCormack Tracey McCormick and Patrick McCormick Ann McDaniel Andrew McDermott


Mark McDonough

William J. Moore III

Susan M. Patterson

Michael J. McGuire

Mary C. Morn and John Rakestraw

Larry T. Patton

Roberta McInerney

Helen Morrison

Molly Pauker

Beverly E. McKee and William S. McKee

Wayne Morse

Gloria Paul and Robert F. Atlas

Nancy J. McKinley and Raymond R. McKinley

Jeannie Muir

Bonnie Paulsen

Margaret McLaughlin and Stanley Skriloff

Cynthia Mullen Laura Muller

Delphine W. Peck and Charles E. “Ted” Peck

Katherine G. McLeod Colin T. McLetchie Sheila M. McMahon Karen McManus and Jim McManus

Richard Mural Rupa Murali and Gan Murali Joan Murray

Michelle S. Perschbacher MA ’97 and Michael Perschbacher Joseph M. Perta

Michael R. McMillan

Barbara L. Musser and Robert C. Musser

Duncan L. McVey

Gail C. Naimoli

Barbara Meade MA ’75

Amy L. Nakamoto

Douglas F. Mearns

Khyati Nayak

Anne Mehringer and Terry Beaty

Robert Naylor

Archana Mehta and Manu Raju

David Neal

Vanessa J. Piala and James S. Belikove

Ana Paula Meireles MA ’09

Anne W. Canon Neill and Timothy Neill

Steve Pifer and Marilyn Pifer Norma Pike

Cheryl Nichols and Patrick Nichols

Shari Pine

David J. Noble

Jeremy Pittman

Doris M. Meissner David Melin Martha M. Membrino and Joseph R. Membrino Donna M. Mertens Scott D. Michel Terry L. Michel and William Dodge David G. Mihalcik Matthew Milledge Caela Miller

Catherine L. Nocera Susan Nordeen Yvonne D. Norton Nonna Noto Angela Nugent Carolyn J. Oblinger

Mrs. Jane Petit-Moore Dmitri Petrovykh Kathryn L. Pettit Nicholas Phend MS ’06 Frank Philpot

Francis Ann Pitlick Badri Plaseied Kirby M. Plessas Robert S. Plotkin Michael Poff Melissa Polott and Andrew Polott Stacy Porro and Jeffrey Porro

Linda B. Miller

Margaret O’Bryon and David O’Bryon

Nancy E. Miller and Walter A. Romanek

Colin O’Grady Warren E. Ohearn

Patrice Miller and Herbert Miller

Roger Olson

Catherine Powell and Barry D. Maglaughlin

Rebecca P. Milliken

Allison Orlina

Alicia Powers

Katherine O’Brien Miner and William A. Miner

David G. Orloff

Suzanne M. Powers

Margaret Minneman and Bill Minneman

Kathryn O’Toole

Harriet B. Presser and Philip Corfman

David Ottaway

E. Kemp Prugh

Susanne Owens « and Paul D. O’Brien

Rateeluck Puvapiromquan

Lisa Page and Clarence Page

Shakil Qureshi

Susan Page and Carl Leubsdorf

Donald Raible

Lauren Pair MPA ’88, JD ’03

Nancy Raines and Richard Raines

Marsha Paller and Alan Paller

Senta A. Raizen and Abraham A. Raizen

Phoebe Mix Christy Moberly and Michael Moberly Helen T. Mohrmann Mike R. Moldover Dylan Moore

Nancy S. Pallesen Stacy E. Palmer


Current or former faculty or staff

P AU parent H Honorary degree recipient


Andrew Pergam

James Y. Park Jean Park and Jacob Taylor Barbara A. Patocka

Amy Porter and John Porter Zachary Portilla

Maureen A. Raley Stewart Ramsey Judith Randal and William M. Hines Viji Rangaswami and Atul Pathiyal


George and Maureen Collins Chair in Strategy and Consulting Associate Professor, Department of Management, Kogod School of Business “Although a relative newcomer to American University, I already see a very strong fit between my values and AU’s model of a scholar-teacher community. In the years to come, I look forward to learning from and making a contribution through my research, teaching, and service to the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader business and academic community. I am grateful to George and Maureen Collins for supporting my research and teaching.” Established in 2007, the George and Maureen Collins Chair in Strategy and Consulting supports the curricular program in consulting and the teaching of business strategy at American University’s Kogod School of Business.

Miki Rankin

Raymond L. Robison

Robert M. Runyan

Theresa Raphael

Andrew V. Rock

Christina Ruppert

Melissa Rapp and John Rapp

Pamela C. Roddy and James S. Morrow

Sally Rynne

Margaret A. Roffee and Larry Roffee

Hind Saab

Donald Rasnake Liane Ray Jonathan R. Reel Leanne Rees Diane A. Rehm « H ’07 and John B. Rehm Jack Reidhill Mary Reilly and Paul Brophy Alan R. Rein Katherine Renner and Michael Renner

Jeanmarie Rogers Katharine M. Rogers and Kenneth C. Rogers Sandy B. Rogers and William B. Rogers Jennifer Rogofsky and Philip Rogofsky Christine Rolon and Terry Rolon Thomas Rosen

Karl Rysted Denyse Sabagh Amy R. Sabrin and G. Evans Witt Elizabeth R. Sachs Carol A. Sadler and Steve Geimann Ester Saito and Sachio Saito Bonnie Sakallaris and Andrew Sakallaris Myrta Sale MBA ’78 and Kenneth Sale

Sara Rosenbaum

Amelia S. Salzman and Randal S. Milch

James S. Rosenheim MBA ’68 and Marcia B. Rosenheim

Cameron Sanders Lisa Sanders

Pamela Rosenthal and Edward Rosenthal

Shawn Sansom

Alice M. Rivlin H ’86 and Sidney G. Winter

Rose Rosetree

Karen M. Sarkis

Razi Rizvi

Jane L. Ross ’64, MA ’67, PhD ’72

Anthony Sarmiento ’77 and Janet Silva

Molly N. Ross

Barbara Sarshik « and Andrew D. Pike «

Patricia A. Rostkowski

Diane A. Sauter and Bret E. Moore

Nancy Roth

Stephen Scheidt

Marc Rothenberg and Ivy Baer Dianne Rucinski

Alice Coleman Schelling and Thomas C. Schelling

Roberta Rudnick

Barbara Scherer ’85 and Ray Scherer

Ellen Ruina

Patricia Schieffer and Bob Schieffer

Margaret M. Rettig Nancy B. Reuter and F. Turner Reuter Peggy Richardson and John I. Richardson Alberto J. Rivera

Jeannette E. Roach Cokie B. Roberts and Steven V. Roberts Mary Ann Roberts and William L. Babcock Jr. Marda J. Robillard and Patrick Tribe Amanda C. Robinson Marion Q. Robinson

Matthew Rosov

Victoria P. Sant and Roger W. Sant


Jean Schiro-Zavela and Vance Zavela

Anna Soukiassian

Joel K. Tjornehoj

Jonathan Schmelzer

Anne Southall and Colin Southall

David C. Todd

Sharon Schoeller and Edward Saltzberg

Sandra L. Speiser and Christopher J. English

Alkis Togias

Franklin Spencer

Helen R. Toth

Nancy Schoenke and Raymond Schoenke Christina M. Schreiner Stephanie Schriock

Carol P. Stangel

Celia Schuchman and Leonard Schuchman Nancy E. Stanley Cynthia Starr William Seale Nicholas Seidenberg Thomas Selby Jacquelyn Serwer and Daniel Serwer Martha Shannon and Joseph Shannon Deanne H. Sharlin Chantel L. Sheaks Margaret E. Sheer

Mark Stencel

Jeremy Turner

Paul J. Stenger

Samuel D. Turner

Michael H. Stephens

Joe Urbano

Sally Sterling

Mary Margaret Valenti

Diane Stewart

Emily van Agtmael and Antoine W. van Agtmael

Susan L. Stillman

Helen Thompson and Ken Thompson Current or former faculty or staff


Monica Tremonti and Lawrence Tremonti Leslie Tsou

Cynthia Thomas and Alan Thomas

P AU parent H Honorary degree recipient

Musa Touray

Kathryn E. Stein and James V. Merrill

Cynthia H. Shields and Kevin M. Creamer Sharon S. Stoliaroff and John I. Stewart Jr. David C. Shih Jean Strohl Katrin Sieg Judith A. Strotz Kathy Sierra and Donal O’Connell Kathleen Strouse Paul Silber P ’12 Kim Stryker and Eric J. Astor Annette F. Simon Joanna Sturm Maxine Singer and Daniel Singer Ellen L. Sudow and Joseph R. Higdon Heidi Sinick and Marshall Sinick Pamela C. Sullivan David R. Slifer Andrea J. Sussman and Ray Adomaitis Elaine U. Sloan and John E. Hudson Michael G. Svoboda Carol Ann Smallwood Ellen Synakowski and Scott Smallwood and Edmund Synakowski Brian Smith Chandler M. Tagliabue Kristi Smith and James Hollis and Paul J. Tagliabue Maria Petschek Smith Rasmy Talaat and William Y. Smith Bruce N. Tanzer Michelle Smith David E. Taylor « Patricia Smith and Charlotte Taylor and Christopher Smith Grace Taylor Sydney M. Smith and F. Chapman Taylor William R. Smith MA ’62 Kristie Taylor and Elizabeth R. Hilder R. Davis Taylor III Steven R. Snapp Reginald Taylor Andy Sneegas Robert and Bonnie Temple « Deborah D. Sorkin Valerie Terray and Robert J. Smith Cory Thacker Ricardo J. Soto


Michael Tonsmeire

Matthew Thompson James Tichenor Leann Tichenor and Terry Tichenor

Debra Van der Gaag and Jacob Van der Gaag Donald Van Duyn Roberta K. Van Haeften Julie Vigdor and William Vigdor Priya Viswanath Bill Vodra and Dru Vodra Sara Volgenau and Ernst Volgenau Wendie L. Wachtel Althea Wagman and William Wagman Caryn Wagner and Carlyle M. Lash Lori K. Wagner JD ’84 Catherine Wakelyn Diana Walker and Mallory Walker Maria Walker and Russell S. Walker Carolyn Ward Francis J. Warren Christopher H. Washburn Karen Wathen Matthew S. Watson and Ellen Cabot Michael J. Webb ’98 and Katharine A. Webb MA ’98 Shirley L. Webb and Hugh G. Webb Ray R. Weil Richard Weinberg Robert A. Weinberger Marvin F. Weissberg Judith A. Welch and Linden H. Welch Suzanne Welch and John Welch Susanne Wellford and Harrison Wellford David Weng

Karin Werner Heijia Wheeler and Willis Wheeler Leslie Wheelock William A. White


Delores G. Brenna Alan D. Fiala

Sarah Whitener and Mark Whitener

The May M. Moore Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Jeffrey S. Wilder

Anne Turner White ’60

The Abraham and Virginia Weiss Charitable Trust Wenwach Foundation The Williams Foundation World Bank Community Connections Fund

David C. Wiley Amber Wilkie David R. Willcox Ellen Williams and Neil Gehrels

foundations and other organizations

Diane M. Wilson

The following foundations and other organizations contributed to WAMU 88.5 between May 1, 2011, and April 30, 2012.

Kinsey Wilson

Anonymous (3)

Robert H. Williams

Pat Wilson and John Wilson Thornton W. Wilt James Windle Marianne Winglee and Peter Winglee Glenna B. Winnie and Jeffrey A. Cooper Suzanne Winter-Rose and Jackson Winter-Rose Kathleen K. Wiseman Emma S. Wood and Nathan A. Wood Judy Woodruff H ’04 The Woodside Family

Abramson Family Foundation Apex Foundation The Austin Foundation Inc. Black Dog Foundation Catalyst Foundation Inc. The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region The Farvue Foundation Inc. Giving Assets Inc./Calvert Foundation Harman Family Foundation

Jennifer L. Woolard and William E. Jarvis

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Hao Wu

Horwitz Family Fund

Collen Wudel and Don Wudel

Island Press

Irene V. Wurtzel and Alan L. Wurtzel

S. Kann Sons Company Foundation Inc.

Angela Stent Yergin and Daniel Yergin

Kiplinger Foundation

Bingfan Yin

The Lautenberg Foundation

Stacy D. Yochum and Julian A. Yochum

LMAC Foundation Inc.

Jill York

The Mansbach Foundation

Alfred J. Young

The Marlot Foundation

Ellen Young and Bernard Young

James and Theodore Pedas Family Foundation Inc.

Charlotte A. Youngs Howard Yourman Dennis Yu Morwarid Zarif Jessica R. Zdravecky and Stephen P. Zdravecky Martha Zeiger and John Britton Jeffrey Zhang Bain Zietlow Danielle Ziff Sharon Zorsky and Paul Zorsky

C. B. Ramsay Foundation Inc. H. Rubenstein Family Charitable Foundation Sagalyn Family Fund Scheidel Foundation Schnitzer Family Foundation The Walter V. and Judith L Shipley Family Foundation William J. and Sally R. Siegel Foundation Ltd. Esther Simon Charitable Trust The Troy Foundation 63

Development and Alumni Relations Executive Staff Thomas J. Minar Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, 202-885-3462, PETER R. CABORN Senior Director of Regional Advancement and Director, The Campaign for SOC, 202-885-2651, ABBEY SILBERMAN FAGIN Assistant Vice President of Development, 202-885-3411, SUSANNA LEE HOLSOPPLE Director of Development for University-wide Initiatives, 202-885-3409, RAINA S. LENNEY Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations, 202-885-5936,

This report lists donors who have given $1,000 or more in fiscal year 2012 (May 1, 2011–April 30, 2012). To make a gift, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at 202-885-5900 or visit us online at Despite our best efforts, errors may have occurred in the production of this report. If your name has been inadvertently omitted or misspelled, please notify us immediately at 64

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American University 2011-2012 Year in Review & Report on Philanthrophy  
American University 2011-2012 Year in Review & Report on Philanthrophy  

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