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Ad Specs Non-Bleed Ads Spread

15.25” x 10”

Trim Size for Bleed Ads 16.5” x 10.875”

Full Page

7” x 10”

8.25” x 10.875”

2/3 Vertical

4.5” x 10”

5.125” x 10.875”

1/2 Horizontal

7” x 4 ”

8.25” x 5.375”

1/2 Vertical

3.375” x 10”

4” x 10.875”

1/3 Square

4 ”x4 ”

1/3 Vertical

2.25” x 10”

1/4 Vertical

3 ”x4 ”


1/6 Vertical

2.125” x 4.875”



2 ”x3







.875— Digital Advertising Position Premium box Tile

Dimensions 275px x 275px 125px x 125px

Duration (Call for Pricing) (1x insertion, 3 months) (1x insertion, 3 months)

Upgrades: Enhance your ad to gain more attention Shadow box (supersizes the ad on contact with cursor) Roll-over (design elements change on contact with cursor)

Call for Pricing Call for Pricing

2.875” x 10.875”



Extend all bleeds .125” past the trim size. All text must be .312” away from the trim. (This is the “margin.”)

Specs for digital advertising on Please submit your finished ad as a jpeg, preferably with high-resolution images (72 dpi minimum and 300 dpi maximum). No Flash or animation. Create your ad to size, and provide a link to your website for click-throughs. Digital Design Services: Call for Pricing Hire our professional designers to create your digital ad for Supply your text, your artwork (72 dpi minimum and 300 dpi maximum), and a link to your website for click-throughs. We will supply an estimate, and a proof of the final ad for your approval. Sponsorships and packages: • Build a campaign that combines print and digital promotions. • Become an exclusive sponsor of the AMERICANStyle e-newsletter. • Ask about our Preferred Gallery opportunity today! Contact Shannon Barr at to inquire about web advertising packages.

AMERICANStyle E-Newsletter— Digital Advertising Terms: Payment is required in advance for all first-time advertisers. All other payments due 30 days after date of billing. In the event of non-payment, publisher reserves the right to hold the advertiser and/or its agency liable for such monies as are due and payable to the publisher. Inserts: Quotes for printing and binding inserts can be obtained through your advertising account manager. All inserts must have the publisher’s approval. General Rate Policy: All advertising rates and contracts subject to change upon notice from the publisher. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement. The advertiser agrees to indemnify and protect the publisher from any claims of expenses resulting from the advertiser’s unauthorized use of any name, photograph, sketch, or words protected by copyright or trademark. Advertising which simulates editorial must carry the words “PAID ADVERTISEMENT” at the top. Cancellations: Under no circumstances will cancellations be accepted after the closing date. If copy or materials are not received by the materials date, the previous ad will run. Advertising ordered at a frequency discount and not earned within one year from the first insertion will be billed at the earned (short) rate. In the event of an error on the part of AMERICANStyle, credit may be given in the form of future advertising space. Production charges may apply. Contact your advertising representative.

Reach more than 13,000 art lovers, collectors and savvy travelers. Reserve a banner in our quarterly e-newsletter, or sponsor a bonus issue. 2010-2011 schedule: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues deliver on the magazine schedule. Bonus issues are available all year. Position Banner ad Footer ad Tile ad Sponsorship

Dimensions Duration (Call for Pricing) 150px x 125px (1x insertion) (1x insertion) 75px x 600px (1x insertion) 125px x 125px Contact Shannon Barr at or 800-642-4314, ext. 249

Specs for AMERICANStyle E-newsletter Please submit your finished ad as a jpeg, gif or png file. Submitting ads over 350KB or 600 pixels wide will require automatic compression and this may affect image quality. For best results, optimize your ad before sending. • Use your image editor's Save for Web & Devices (Photoshop) or Optimize (various programs) feature to choose a resolution setting that reduces the image's file size to less than 100KB, without noticeably reducing image quality. • Flatten all of your image's layers. Layering should not be used. • No Flash, animation, or CMYK color formatting.

3000 Chestnut Avenue • Suite 304 • Baltimore, Maryland 21211 • 800-642-4314 x229 • FAX 410-889-5947

Digital Specs for Printing File Formats Supported AMERICANStyle accepts digital files created by the following software applications: • QuarkXPress (.qxd)* • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)* • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)* • Adobe InDesign (.psd)*

* Indicates that this file type must have supporting files, such as fonts, logo files, and any other supporting picture files. Supporting files for ads must be included on the disk with a color proof and any other materials needed.

Image files accepted: • Image (.tiff) • JPeg image (.jpg) • PDF (.pdf) AMERICANStyle can accept digital files sent on the following media: • CD & DVD • FTP All images must be CMYK and 300DPI. Do not enlarge images from smaller sizes or lower resolutions. Do not use web images.

AMERICANStyle magazine cannot be held responsible for the quality of an advertisement if these guidelines are not adhered to.

Color Match Prints AMERICANStyle requires digital materials be sent with color-accurate match prints. Color laser or inkjet proofs are not acceptable press proofs. AMERICANStyle cannot be held responsible for the color reproduction of an advertisement if an industry-approved digital match print is not provided. For a complete list of Digital File Requirements, visit

Bleeds AMERICANStyle requires that any type of image not intended to bleed must be 5/16” (.3125”) from the trim size (the live area). To accommodate material intended to bleed, there must be a minimum of 1/8” (.125”) of image area beyond the trim size (the bleed size) to guarantee a consistent bleed.

If you would like to transfer your files electronically but your e-mail will not support large attachments, you may contact your advertising representative for FTP information.

Emilio Santini

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AmericanStyle Advertising Specs  
AmericanStyle Advertising Specs  

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