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of your career. We provide year-round support for ASB members: • Education • Webinars • Information • Mentorship • Recognition • Members-only • Discounts

For Students and Returning Students ASB offers several scholarship programs for students in the culinary field, as well as for engineering, machinist, and maintenance employees.

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For Young Professionals and Emerging Leaders ASB offers leadership development opportunites, educational webinars, and networking tools that include events and an exclusive membership directory.

For Industry Leaders and Experts ASB provides a platform for sharing knowledge, celebrating innovation, and networking with peers. ASB protects and preserves the history of the baking industry by offering a digital resource library of technical papers, honoring leaders with global recognition, and much more.

LEARN ABOUT THE BEST BAKING TOOLS & TACTICS. Whether you are just starting in the industry and looking to build a greater knowledge base for your baking career or a long time professional looking for a refresher course, ASB’s Webinar Series for Young Professionals has something for everyone! The Live Webinars are open to ASB members and the public in real-time. Recordings of the webinars are archived as part of the ASB members-only library. Learn from the comfort of your own office on your laptop, tablet, or even your smart phone. The goal is to share information about important topics from industry experts. Topics include: • An Introduction to Combustion Bake Systems for Food Bake Ovens • Fermentation • A Young Professionals Guide to BakingTech 2017 • Key Concepts in Controlled Test Baking and Fundamentals of Bread Dough Systems • Bakery Production Cost Reduction • The Dummies Guide to Baking Ingredients

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ASB's Webinar Series for Young Professionals (and everyone else!)


SCHOLARSHIPS! Natio Finalists compete for $20,000 in scholarships: • 1st prize: $2,000 scholarship for each team member • 2nd prize: $1,500 scholarship for each team member • 3rd prize: $1,000 scholarship for each team member • 4th prize: $500 scholarship for each team member

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onal Search for College Students Who Can Bake

B’s Product Development mpetition is designed to help kery management and food hnology students transition from college campus to employment he wholesale baking industry.

an interest in wholesale baking and help launch the careers of those exceptional individuals. The Product Development Competition is education and networking at its best.”

e are actively searching for Baking ck Stars.” said Emily Guilfoyle, air of the Product Development mmittee. “ASB’s Product velopment Competition is an raordinary way for the baking ustry to discover students with

The 2017 Product Development Competition featured 14 teams from universities across the U.S. BakingTECH 2017 hosted the finalist from The Ohio State University, Cornell University, Iowa State University, and the University of

Florida. The Ohio State University team won first place with TriSprout Thins™, made with a trio of sprouted grains from amaranth, spelt, and whole wheat flours. The Product Development Competition is open to college students nationwide. The deadline to compete is October. Details are at

Apply For Scholarships ASB Scholarships will help build your career in the world’s best industry. Tim McCormick (Top), Nathan Carter (Middle), and Matthew Hogue (Bottom) are the 2017 awardees for Engineering/ Maintenance Scholarship Program.

It's time to find our next round of awardees. The deadline for applying is June 1, 2017. Selections will be made July 1 and awards will be made in time for the 2017/18 school year. Please share this with your HR director and other colleagues within your company. More details at

The path to success is wide open for individuals who want to build lasting careers in the baking world. The wholesale baking industry is currently caught between an aging workforce and a lack of younger prospects who are qualified to do the skilled labor that is needed. Kent Van Amburg, Executive Director of American Society of Baking explains, “Industry wide, companies are facing a shortage of skilled employees. The ASB Scholarship Program was established to directly address the wholesale baking workforce needs. We want to help promising individuals find the educational training needed to build careers in this field. The recently released study commissioned by ASB and ABA, The Workforce Gap in U.S. Commercial Baking: Trends, Challenges and Solutions, showed that the three areas of greatest need for skilled workers in the wholesale baking industry are engineers, machinists, and maintenance personnel. We focused our funding on those areas and immediately found incredible individuals who are passionate about making a name for themselves in this industry—so we awarded them scholarships.” ASB is offering the Engineering/Maintenance Scholarship Program for 2017/18 in an effort to address the current and future workforce gap. Summer engineering student interns and maintenance/machinist employees can apply for five $4,000 scholarships to help them reach their educational goals and advancement within the wholesale baking industry. The purposes of the scholarship program are: • To provide financial support for university students who are pursuing a degree in engineering, have interned at a bakery and are interested in a career in the wholesale baking industry. • To provide financial support for wholesale baking company employees who are pursuing additional training in maintenance/machine operations at a trade school, vocational institution or community college.

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American Society of Baking protects and preserves the amazing histo Candidates for the Baking Hall of Fame may be nominated by any individual or organization that has an interest or relationship to baking. Inductees are recognized for their achievements in organizational growth and development, equipment design and innovation, advancements in ingredient technology and processing or in a service related to the commercial baking industry. The recommendations of the Baking Hall of Fame Advisory Committee are reviewed by the Executive Committee of the American Society of Baking which then elects individuals each year based upon four general categories: Baker, Equipment Manufacturing, Ingredient Technology, and Industry Service.

Joseph M. Schwebel


Baking Ha

s of Baking

ory of the Baking Industry yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always.

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all of Fame

Albert L. "Bud" Cason

The #BestWeekinBaking at BakingTECH The wholesale baking industry’s annual technology conference and marketplace exposition The American Society of Baking is the creative force that produces BakingTECH. Attendees are America’s leading experts in grain-based bakery products. BakingTECH provides the platform for the baking world to come together as a community to share cutting-edge information about the industry, discover new technology opportunities, and collaborate with experts industrywide.

Recognized as the industry’s ‘Best Week in Baking,’ BakingTECH is scheduled in Chicago in late February each year and is attended by more than 1000 baking professionals. The conference features lectures and educational workshops from iconic business leaders, top motivational speakers, and industry experts. It also showcases special awards ceremonies to celebrate outstanding innovation and entrepreneurial spirit by those who have reached legendary status in the field and those who are showing rock star potential.

The Amazing BakingTECH App No matter what kind of smart phone you have—Android, iPhone, or Blackberry—there's a version of the ASB app that is right for you! Our app is easy to download right from your phone's own app store. Search for it with the keyword: BAKINGTECH. Then, download and install--it is really simple and free. Once the app is installed, you're all set. Everything about BakingTECH is instantly available right in the palm of your hand. What does THAT mean? Well, turns out, quite a lot. First, you'll find the conference's complete schedule. Sure, you have a paper guide, but the app is better because it makes everything interactive. From the app's dashboard, you can tap for more info and find every detail imaginable... all organized in a clean logical way. The app helps you explore the conference at depth with ease. But here is the part that may surprise you: You can plan your schedule on the app and it will send you reminders so you don’t miss anything—like a personal assistant. Plus, you can access the PowerPoint presentations for the educational sessions right on your phone, tablet, or laptop! You can even take notes, download presentations, and email from the app.

Check it out!

ASB Member Vance Lamb ADM Milling Company at BakingTECH 2017

The Industry Keyno William D. Toler, president and chief executive officer of Hostess Brands, shared the behind-the-scenes details of the baking industry’s sweetest comeback story. Every year, ASB members deeply benefit from meeting the real people behind the news stories of the industry. That is why ASB invites an industry newsmaker for BakingTECH’s Industry Keynote session. This special leader provides firsthand observations and real-time lessons that can be profoundly meaningful to a myriad of other brands across a multitude of categories. William D. Toler was selected for BakingTECH 2016. The company’s recovery from its dramatic 2012 collapse has been heralded as extraordinary. When Metropoulus & Co. and Apollo Global Management acquired the Hostess assets, the management team quickly reordered the business. Toler explained how even during the darkest days, Hostess never had a demand problem. In studying the company, the chief problem was the business model. Hostess had to find a better way. By changing the model, the company had an opportunity to change the results. The old direct-store delivery approach that decentralized production and raised distribution costs was replaced by a new model that streamlined plant operations with a central warehouse that allowed a “one order, one invoice” relationship with customers. By 2016 Hostess Brands regained a leadership position In the $7 billion sweet baked goods market. “The Hostess story is about the power of a great brand,” Mr. Toler said. “It’s a 96-year-old American icon that has a unique connection with consumers.” ASB’s Industry Keynote at BakingTECH is made possible by generous sponsors.


ASB delivers world-c



class speakers to help you build your baking career.


DO BUSINESS The ASB MarketPlace at BakingTECH More than 1,000 of America’s leading commercial baking professionals travel to Chicago every February/March to attend BakingTECH, the baking industry’s annual technology conference. A very important feature of the conference is ASB’s MarketPlace. Kent Van Amburg, Executive Director of American Society of Baking explains, “MarketPlace provides a valuable way for bakers to see more than 200 vendors under one roof. It’s where bakers do business.”

A 40,000 square foot exhibit hall that houses all the exhibitors in one room, the MarketPlace at BakingTECH offers exhibits of baking equipment, ingredients, and service businesses. The MarketPlace is the only annual trade show in the wholesale baking industry. Bakers and their supplier partners can conduct numerous meetings during a 3 day period that would take them months to accomplish individually while traveling across the country.

WHAT BAKERS SAY: Todd Wallin of Ellison Bakery says, “I come here to see the vendors and talk to them about what’s new and what’s going on in the baking industry.” Joseph A Steele of Aunt Millie’s Bakeries says, “We’ve been coming to Marketplace for 25 years. Marketplace allows us to see new technology as it is being developed. I get to see friends here. It is very important.” Dave Watson of Pepperidge Farm / Campbell Soup says, “I’ve been attending many years. Table tops are a great way to catch up with old friends, network, and find out what’s new out there.”

The Leadership Key Kraft Foods icon Sanjay Khosla shared how he led the jaw-dropping effort to transform the bottom line from $5 billion to $16 billion in 6 years, while improving profitability by 50 percent. Business leaders at every age and stage of their careers are always searching for answers about where to focus and how to execute important ideas. That’s why ASB selects a top business leader each year for BakingTECH’s Leadership Keynote session. The leadership speaker helps members explore actionable strategies that can impact revenue and profit. Sanjay Khosla was selected for BakingTECH 2017. The past President of Kraft Foods, Developing Markets until March 2013, Sanjay Khosla was responsible for 65,000 people in over 60 countries and iconic brands like Cadbury, Oreo, Milka, and Trident. Sanjay transformed the business from $5 billion to $16 billion in 6 years, while improving profitability by 50 percent. Sanjay is the author of the acclaimed business book: Fewer Bigger Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth. He also serves as a Senior Fellow at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA. “Sanjay’s extensive experience and unique perspective were eye-opening. He shared meaningful ways employers can produce astonishing results in amazingly short time frames.” said Kent Van Amburg, Executive Director of American Society of Baking. “He shined a bright light on exactly what impacts revenue and profit, as well as ways to empower our work forces in route to greater success.” ASB’s Leadership Keynote at BakingTECH is made possible by generous sponsors.


ASB delivers world-



-class speakers to help you build your baking career.

Our Networking Luncheons are a BakingTECH tradition.

First time at BakingTECH? Maybe this is your very first time attending BakingTECH. So much is happening all at once that the event can feel a little overwhelming to newcomers their first time here. But there’s no reason for you to stress out—Lunch is easy.

Everyone is invited to attend the informal networking luncheons which take place on Monday and again on Tuesday after the General Session keynote events. The 11:45 luncheons serve fantastic food and offer up great networking opportunities. New here? No problem. You are in for a real treat! With each perfectly planned lunch hour, you have plenty of time to eat and you'll also be surrounded by professional connections waiting to happen. Across the beautiful Hilton Chicago dining hall, you can meet and connect with hundreds of industry colleagues. There’s plenty to eat. Truly tasty desserts. And soooo much to talk about! All you have to do is…introduce yourself—and don’t forget to say: “I’m new here.” ASB members love helping new members, like you, find your way around.

Did Someone say 'Coffee?' This is how you build your network!

Though much of professional networking is done online these days, a face-to-face meeting is still one of the most valuable ways to build business relationships. ASB makes it easy to meet new people and reconnect with the folks you already know. Coffee breaks are deliberately scheduled into the agenda of the BakingTECH conference to provide an additional networking opportunity. “Sharing coffee with interesting people is vital to expanding your network.” said Kent Van Amburg, Executive Director of American Society of Baking. “Networking over coffee is about building a relationship with the other person. The focus is on sharing the moment. You never know exactly what you’re going to get out of any specific conversation but each encounter will create new opportunities.” The ASB coffee breaks at BakingTECH are made possible by our generous sponsors.

The Inspirational Ke Master Sergeant Cedric King shared his powerful personal story—how he turned a life crisis into a gift and how he transformed pain and loss into rewarding experiences. Employers and employees alike are constantly looking for ways to help achieve a work-life balance in a world that is changing. That’s why ASB selects a powerful motivational speaker each year for BakingTECH’s Inspirational Keynote session. The special speaker helps members recharge and go back to the workplace with a reinvigorated energy and enthusiasm. American hero Cedric King was selected for BakingTECH 2017. Master Sergeant Cedric King was severely injured by an improvised explosive device on July 25, 2012, during his second tour in Afghanistan. The blast caused major internal injuries, permanent loss to part of his right arm and hand, and the amputation of both legs. He applied the same determined, cando mindset to his recovery that he had relied on to succeed as an elite Army Ranger. “Cedric’s personal story is bigger-than-life and so powerful that our members will never forget him. He showed us firsthand what resilience really looks like up-close,” said Kent Van Amburg, Executive Director of American Society of Baking. “Cedric guided us through the recent path he personally carved to conquer overwhelming fear, frustration, disappointment, and excruciating pain on the brink of a life-or-death situation." ASB’s Inspirational Keynote at BakingTECH is made possible by generous sponsors.


ASB delivers worl



ld-class speakers to help you build your baking career.

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