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March Birthdays: Scott Humphreys- 9 March Michael Lewis- 10 March Romina Arbildi- 11 March Ainshley Manlapaz- 13 March Rosa Poceiro- 19 March Melissa Carnedas- 21 March Sarah Hemmett- 24 March

April Birthdays: Kristina Whatley- April 4 Gillian Alexander Hazboun- April 5 Madeleine Rydin– April 5 Jacinta Crawford- April 10 Rebecca Simon- April 12 Vanessa Limson- April 18 Liana Demetrulias- April 19 Joy Hutcheson-Tipton- April 25 Sandra Moore- April 25 Alexis Villafana- April 29 Daysha Villagomez- April 29 Tun Min- April 30 Sofia Ortiz- April 30

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Everyday Heroes

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How to become a American Red Cross Rota Volunteer

American Red Cross Rota, would like to take the time to honor our local everyday heroes. Maria Ferreira-Ramos, US Naval Station Hospital Rota: Records Assistant.

Maria holds a special place in everyone’s heart. It doesn't matter what kind of assistance people need, if she can help you she will. This year Maria will be celebrating her 10th year with the American Red Cross. She has donated countless hours throughout her tenure . Maria donates time not only to the Red Cross but also in her local community where she works with the homeless. She is always available to help those who are in need and we are grateful for her gift of time and skills. Thank you Maria for just being you!

“Thank you to our local heroes for all that you do to help our Naval Station Rota Community stay strong. ” –Debbie Dustman Station Manager, American Red Cross Rota Spain.

Deanna Forney, DGF Elementary School: After School Scholars Program Leader.

Deanna Forney is a teacher at DFG Elementary School. Last year she volunteered as a mentor in the After School Scholars Program and this past December became the program lead. She has donated countless hours directing the program which helps elementary school students in our community strengthen their reading skills. Thank you for continuing to service the After School Scholars Program!

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LT Robert Stoner, Naval Station Rota Dental Clinic: Dental Assistant Program Trainer.

The Dental Assistant Training Program is an amazing program the Red Cross Rota offers to community members free of charge. Dr. Stoner is instrumental in the planning and execution of this remarkable program that helps community members develop new skills and acquire hands on job experience in a new field. The students are lucky to learn from Dr. Stoner who shares his experience with the students with boundless positive energy. Thank you, Dr. Stoner, for supporting the Dental Assistant Training program the last two years!

Sandy Riley, American Red Cross Rota Office: Office Assistant.

Sandy, a volunteer since November 2012, donates her time to help us in the Red Cross Rota office. She has been tremendously helpful and we look forward to her bi-weekly visits. Sandy not only helps us with work, but brightens our world with her good nature. Thank you Sandy for all your help!

Not all heroes wear capes but maybe these should!

Charles Hampton, American Red Cross Rota Volunteer

Mr. Hampton has been a Red Cross volunteer for over 20 years. During this time, he has donated more than 10,000 hours as an American Red Cross Volunteer at US Naval Hospital Rota. To achieve this level of volunteerism is remarkable and incredibly meaningful to the Red Cross. In honor of his amazing accomplishments, the Red Cross Rota Volunteer Advisory Council selected Mr. Hampton as the first volunteer to be featured in the “Volunteer Spotlight”. Mr. Hampton’s time with the Red Cross only represents a portion of his volunteerism. He also donates his time and skills to the Spanish Red Cross Society and the Annual Christmas Tree Program. We thank Mr. Hampton for his dedication to the Red Cross throughout the last 21 years. He is a generous person and we are fortunate to have him on our team. We congratulate Mr. Hampton on his accomplishments and we thank him for his hard work and dedication.

More about DC1 Scott Humphreys DC1 Humphreys, enlisted in the U.S. Navy in March of 1995 and attended the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, IL. Upon completion from basic training he attended Damage Control “A” School in Treasure Island, CA. In March 2011, DC1(SW/ AW) Humphreys reported to U.S. Naval Station Rota, Spain and he is currently assigned to the Emergency Management Department, as the Emergency Operations Center and Dispatch Manager. Petty Officer Humphreys is designated as a Master Training Specialist, Certified in Disaster Preparedness through the American Board for Certification (Homeland Security), and holds an Associates of Science Degree from Excelsior College in Technical Studies with a focus in Electromechanical Technologies. He is the 2013-2014 Vice President of the International Association of Emergency Managers Student Council (IAEM-SC), and a member of both the Golden Key International Honor Society and Epsilon Pi Phi Honor Society.

DC1 Scott Humphreys: Disaster Chairman

We are proud to introduce our new Disaster Chairman, DC1 Scott Humphreys. It is our pleasure to welcome Scott to the Red Cross Rota team. We look forward to the expertise Scott will bring to our Disaster program. In addition to developing and directing the disaster program, he will be our new Disaster Instructor. We are excited with Scott’s knowledge and skills, to be able to offer these new classes to our community. In addition to teaching, Scott will be assembling Red Cross Rota’s first Disaster Action Team (DAT). The DAT will be assembled and trained to assist in disaster response. Welcome to the team Scott! We are excited to watch you develop the Red Cross Rota disaster program. Check back next month to find out what Scott is working on, to gather more information on Disaster Preparedness, and to find out how to become a part of the DAT.

American Red Cross Rota Volunteer Fund Leaders: Stephen Dombroski-Ferguson and Winnie Boyle What: Brats Sale When: April 16th, 2014 (1030-1330) Where: Outside the NEX Shifts:  Setup: 1030-1100  Cashier: 1100-1200 & 1200-1300  Griller: 1030-1200 & 1200-1300  Breakdown: 1300-1330 Leaders: Stephen Dombroski-Ferguson and Winnie Boyle What: Carwash and Hamburger/Hotdog Sale When: April 30th, 2014 (1030-1430) Where: At the Hay Motivo Parking Lot Shifts:  Setup 1030-1100  Washers: 1100-1200, 1200-1300, & 1300-1400  Cashier: 1100-1200, 1200-1300, & 1300-1400  Griller: 1030-1200, 1200-1300, & 1300-1400  Breakdown: 1400-1430

draisers for April/May 2014: Sign up today! Leaders: Stephen Dombroski-Ferguson and Winnie Boyle What: Rubber Ducky Sale When: May 13-15, 20-22, 2014 (1030-1330) Where: Outside the NEX Shifts:  Setup: 1030-1100  Cashier: 1100-1200 & 1200-1300  Breakdown: 1300-1330 Leaders: Stephen Dombroski-Ferguson and Winnie Boyle What: Pull Pork/Chicken Sale (1030-1330) When: May 14th, 2014 Where: Outside the NEX Shifts:  Setup: 1030-1100  Cashier: 1100-1200 & 1200-1300  Cooker: 1100-1200 & 1200-1300  Breakdown: 1300-1330

How to become an American Red Cross Rota Volunteer: There are a two ways that you can start the process of becoming a Red Cross Volunteer. 1. Come by our office in Bldg. 3293 and we can start the process with you or call us at DSN 314-727-2333 or CIV 956-82-2333 and we can send you the link to register in Volunteer Connection. 2. Facebook: Go under the about (American Red Cross Rota) Section on our page. Both the Adult and the Youth Application links are located there. There are several different ways that we can use your help! From Special Events, the Schools, and Housing, to name a few, we are always looking for more volunteers. If you do not see anything that you are interested, in please come and have a chat with us… Chances are we can find you a volunteer position that suits your needs and wishes. Tell your friends and co-workers… As a Red Cross Volunteer we are more than happy to provide Letters of Appreciation, thanking you for all of the hard work that is provided. The Letter of Appreciation can then be submitted with your promotion packet or even for a

We have the volunteer positions that fit your needs… Contact us today!

Contact Us: American Red Cross PSC 819 Box 22, BLDG 3293 FPO, AE 09645-001 Phone: DSN 314-727-2333 CIV: 956-82-2333 E-mail: Facebook: American Red Cross Rota

Paid Staff & Key Volunteers: Winnie S. Boyle, Station Chairman Debbie L. Dustman, Station Manager Kayla A. Valenzuela, Field Office Assistant

Don’t forget to submit your volunteer hours! Volunteer Connection is the only place to record volunteer hours. Just sign into volunteer connection, go to “my profile”, select “Shifts/Hours” and log your hours. We will review submitted hours each week and approve them so that they will show up in your record. Log into volunteer connection at

REV April 2014  
REV April 2014  

American Red Cross Rota Volunteer Newsletter April 2014.