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Controls all aspects of fabrication to guarantee the highest quality a nd competitive pricing?

Kong , Saudi Arabia, Engl and, Chin a, Japan, Canada, G uam, United Arab Emira tes, Taiwan, Ireland, Israel, Spa in, Iceland, Turkey, Germa ny, Puerto Rico, Australia, Dominican Republic, Eg ypt, Poland, Norway, Nigeria, and the US?

Has a 57,000 squa re foot facility tha t contains a sta te of the art fully automated concrete botch plant, 4,000 watt laser ta ble, CNC router, CNC brake press, tooling center, complete fabrication shop and much more?

Any municipa lity can ovoid the bid p rocess a nd buy d irect utilizing one of ARC's sta te or na tional purchasing contracts?

Is the only skatep a rk company that offers every buitd

Em p loys a team of engineers a nd can provide location specific st omped construction drawings in a ll 50 states?

Is ska ter owned and operated?

Is the world's largest skatepark provider?

Has designed thousands of skatep a rks a nd offers free customized designs and quotes?

Has built 1,500+ parks worldwide includ ing Hong

option: p recast a nd poured-in-place concrete, steel, wood, composite, and fiberg la ss? •

O ffe rs free on-site consultation and project

fa cilit a tion?

BOO . 9Y9 . 202Y

UJUJUJ .americanrampcompany .com


NationaJ Joint Powers Alliance!


GSA# (GS-07F-5817P)

Greetings from American Ramp Company: Over the last decade American Ramp Company has installed numerous successful skateparks for every branch of our military. It has been our pleasure to bring these high quality skateparks to US bases throughout the world. As the only skatepark company that is able to provide every build option we are your turn key skate park contractor. With skate and BMX participation constantly on the rise we see more and more of our military customers seeking skateparks. We look forward to helping serve you with all of your skate and BMX park needs. Purchasing from American Ramp Company is easy, we offer free custom designs to our military customers and all of our skatepark equipment options are available through our GSA contract. Every GSA purchased skate park will also receive a free custom Camouflage Skate Barrier. Please call or e-mail me directly to discuss your Skate and BMX park plans .

..A-t--7t -"

~--Nathan Bemo President, Skateboarder, Designer American Ramp Company


www . amerleanrampeompany.eom


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TO: UK SKATEPARKS fROM: R.A.F AIoonbur). YuumCftlWf

The R...A.F AkontIuJ}. Youd! C..-r t(InSI:runt W e ~ 1htJrouJhI) satisfied "ith 1M ~ 1 ~ ill Ibrir ~h and ..~ roMI• . ~ \(I our Op«1llXlllL TIlt produtt is .,ai_ ..'( ...."'( -01 ()<~ fsn,n, and our f.,hly is llill'l) IIKd.

UK S~ Parb reprcsmlllh'~ thed:: "ith lIS (f problm1s Of if .."'(ha\e an) I\Inbnnoeds. I pm ~.. to the fou- "" calb. Ir ..e decido: 10 ourfintcholoo

BasN 011 our exp:ric:oc:e 1 "OUJd net hesitate to \'(ncIor.


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F""-r 12. 2010

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"Ii . . . III 2005 !broUgh UK SkJK' PvU. I'roI1I \be btUilI& 10 Ibr _ n.e" ..'O'C ~'ft)

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Di~'Youd!~ R.A-f, ~





• • • •

Extensive experience in CAD drafting and 3D modeling using 3ds Max

Speciolizes in concrete plaza and flow park design Re presented 12 companies in 23 countries via sponsorships for skate eq uipment (boards/ wheels/ trucks), clothing, sunglasses and shoes

Participated in promotional contests, magazine shoots, shop signings, videos and interviews

800 , 9Y9 , 202Y

• •

Designed 1~O's of skateparks since 2008 Skateboard sponsors include: 0 Birdhouse Skateboards 0 Independent Trucks 0 Vox Footwear 0 Ergo 0 Active 0 Spitfire Wheels 0 Dakine 0 Krochet Kids Contest Placings o Placed in lop 10 Tampa Am Finals 2009 & 2010 o Placed in lop 10 Maloof Money Cup New York Cily 2010 o Placed in lop 10 Maloof Money Cup Orange County 2010 o lst at Volcom Mini Ramp Jam al ASR 2010 & 2nd in Besl Trick

Began skateboarding in 1988 and has over 20 years of skateboarding experience

First sponsored in 1990 and went Pro in 1992

Toured in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Korea, and New Zealand

Won Tampa Pro 1999 (Tampa, FL)

Participated in the first three X-Games placing second in the Best Trick competition at the fi rst X-Games (Rhode Isla nd)

Worked with some of the biggest brands in the skateboarding industry: Santa Cruz, Powell, A-Team, Blind, etc.

Worked alongside many skateboarding pro's: Rodney Mu llen, Steve Cab, Karrem Campbell, Chet Thomas, Marc Johnson, and more

Skated hundreds of parks around the world

Has been interviewed and photographed f or many major skateboarding publications such as Transworld, Thrasher, Skateboarder, The Skateboard Mag, Big Brother, and Slap

Created The Park Ranger Series in 2008 (YouTube)

Ha s been featured in seve ral major skate board ing videos including The Reason, Rodney vs Daewon 1 and 2, Uno, Suburban Diners, Scenic Drive, and more



PRO PORTABLE SKATEPARK SYSTEM The Pro Portable skatepork line allows communities to easily set-up professional grade skateporic equipment on unused hockey rinks during the summer season,

tennis and basketball courts, or any paved area. The Pro Portable equipment is engineered and designed with structurally reinforced

fork-11ft channels which allow for easy placement and removal, and indudes all tho features that make the Pro Series MX a municipality favorite. Chock out a ll the designs at


k路~~~;'~~F~ot~N~HOCKEY I(,.~' R ING







SKATEPARK KITS With ARC's DIY kits, a small budget can still yield a big skate experience. These kits offer a unique opportunity

to provide a professional quality product at a greatly discounted price and bring communities together through building the skate park as a team.

With kit options ranging from $5,000 to $15,000,

delivered to your community, a new skate pork is very afford路 able. Check out for sample designs.

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Q: What is the best prod uct line?

A: Becouse we offer every build method, we don't push one over the o the r. We will present you with 0 11 of your options ond work with you to determine the best build method for your community. However, it is noteworthy thot most municipolities prefer the Pro Series ond the Solo Series product lines becouse of their long worronty ond reduced mointenonce. Q: How much do you charge for your design services?

A: We offer our design services o t no chorge. Becouse we ore the lorg est skotepork builder in the world we ore oble to extend these services ot no cast to our clients, soving them design fees, ond o llowing them to get more sko te pork for their budget. Simply give us 0 coil ond one of our skotepork speciolists will be hoppy to meet with you ond your locol riders to begin work ing on 0 custom skotepork loyout designed specificolly for your community. Q: Does having a skatepark increase our city's liability exposure?

A: Skoteparks offer less li obi lity exposure than many other common forms of recreation. Most government entities are protected from liability claims provided they are not deemed gross ly neg ligen t. As long as you dloose to work with an experienced skotepark builder that has proper insurance coverages in place, li obili ty should not be an issue. Q: What insurance does ARC carry and why?

A: $IOM in product and $lM professional liability insuronce. Product liability covers claims tha t may stem from a product failure. Professional liability covers claims caused by professional negligence such os designing a park that is unsafe. It is cruciol that ony skatepork company you work with hove both of these coverages in place with adequa te li mits to cover thei r products, themselves, and their customers. Q: Should we use concrete or a s phalt for our pad?

A: It depends on the situation. The pad is merely 0 means to whot the skaters really want -ramps. Our first recommendation is locate an existing pad such as an unused basketba ll or tennis court. If an existing si te can be used, 011 of the money that wou ld have gone to a pad can go towa rds more equ ipment. If a new pad must be poured, concrete is preferoble as long as the cost of pouring concrete does not consume so much of the budget th ot the skatepork ends up looking like 0 ska te pad. In this case, aspholt can be much more economical and allow more budget for ramps ond skate e lements.

Q: Skateboards o nly or BMX too?

A: All of our product li nes ore engineered for skoteboards, inline skates, and BMX bikes. Q: How much does a skatepark cost?

A: We build custom skoteparks to meet ony budget. From small skate spots to world class competition style parks, we con design ond build anything our customers can imogine. For ideas, check out the somple designs in this catolog or on our website. Q: How does a s teel skatepark co mpare with a pour-in-place con-

crete skatepark? A: Both construction methods are going to last 0 long time. Here are a few things you should consider. 1) Nei ther poured-in- place concrete or steel is maintenance free. 2 ) The cost of a concrete skatepork is going to be mony times more than steel. Often you con get 0 complete steel park installed for the same amount that a concrete design o lone could cost. 3) We have visited many parks that local concrete contractors or cities have built and have seen wavy transitions, misp loced coping, and incorrect rodii. If you go with a concrete park, you must go with a pro路 fessionol skatepork builder who has professional liabi lity insurance and require a performance bond. 4 ) Concrete parks con not be modified or moved if the need ever orises. 5 ) With an 011 steel park you can get a more versatile park, more equipment, at a lower cost ond sti ll avoid maintenance issues common with other moterials. Q: Isn'l a s teel riding surface slick?

A: No. Steel would be slippery if it were painted with a standard point. However, we use a custom MaxGripTM TGIC polyeste r powder coat on all our riding surfaces to give them perfect troction, even when the ramps are wet. Q: Isn't steel too loud as a riding surface?

skate park pad? A: We can provide general concrete pod specifications for your skatepark. Depending on your site and region there could be some specific considerations that you should discuss with your local concrete contractor or engineer.

A: Whethe r the riding surface is a ll stee l or Skate lite Pro"', a ll approach plates (metal areas that join the romps to the ground) are made of steel and this is where most of the noise is generated. Furthermore, if you desire the maintenonce free benefits of a steel surfoce and sound is a major issue, we can add a sound dampening moterial to our Pro Series or you can go with our X-Series with 0 steel riding surfoce. Though the steel is not neorly os loud as many would expect, it is importont to note th o tthe quietest option of 011 is the Solo concrete ramps.

Q: Can ARC he lp with grants/ fundraising?

Q: Why s hould we go with American Ramp Company?

A: American Ramp Company offers its own skatepork equipment g rant and can provide assistance in securing additional gron ts. Contoct a skatepark specialist for details. ARC a lso motches the Tony Hawk Grant doll or for doll or in additional equipment.

A: We regu lorly get calls from people who tell us how refreshing it is to find a company so in tune with skoteboarding, inline, ancl BMX trends and whose designs and construction reflect their experience. We believe it is our product knowledge, consistent quolity, competitive pric路 ing, and dedication to customer service tha t has made ARC the wo rld's largest skatepark provider.

Q: Do you offe r concrete specifications that we should use for our

Q: Do you have local representation?

A: Yes, our factory ska te park specialists can mee t with your community


anytime. We are always visiting our existing skateparks and meeting with new customers to talk about upcoming projects. Doing business factory direct means belle r service, more knowledgeable staff, and no 20-30% mark up associated with buying from a third party. Coil one of our skatepork specialists and set up a meeti ng-we would love to discuss your project.

American Ramp Company 601 S. McKinley Avenue Joplin, MO 64801·3220


The WorLd's Largest Sl-iateparl-i Provider

800,9Y9,202Y www . americanrampcompany . com

Toll Free: 800·949·2024 International: 417·206·6816 Fax; 4 17·206·6888 Info@

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