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Simmons is the author of the New York Times Bestseller Odd Girl Out, the first book to explore the hidden culture of cruelty in the lives of young girls. An expert on female bullying and aggression, she is also the Founder and Director of The Girls’ Leadership Institute.

A three-time Olympian, Dawes holds the distinction of being the first African American gymnast to qualify for and compete in the Olympic Games. She is a spokesperson for multiple youth organizations and the President of the Women’s Sports Foundation, where she encourages women and girls to pursue excellence – both in and out of the gymnasium.

Rachel Simmons

Dominique Dawes

A jurist beyond reproach, Hatchett garnered national appeal for her award-winning show, Judge Hatchett. She is nationally recognized as an expert on juvenile and social issues, and is the author of Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say: 7 Simple Strategies to Help Our Children Along the Path to Purpose and Possibility.

An Emmy Award-winning actress best known for her fearless portrayal of “Betty Suarez” on the hit comedy Ugly Betty, Ferrera recently served as an artist ambassador for Save the Children, helping to raise more than $44,000 to build a new elementary school in Mali. She received the Cesar E. Chavez Legacy Award for her commitment to helping underprivileged families and youth.

Glenda Hatchett

America Ferrera

Perhaps best known for her role as “Blossom” in the ‘90s sitcom of the same name, Bialik is also a brilliant scientist with a degree in neuroscience from UCLA. She speaks to filling a unique space as a woman in two difficult worlds: Hollywood and the scientific community.

An internationally recognized authority on children, teens, bullying, and parenting, Wiseman is the author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, the best-selling book that inspired the hit film Mean Girls. She is the media’s go-to expert on bullying prevention and school violence, and is a frequent guest on The Today Show.

Mayim Bialik

Rosalind Wiseman | 617.614.1600

GIRL POWER! A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, WuDunn co-authored (with husband Nicholas Kristof) Half the Sky, which explores the oppression of women in the developing world. With a strong humanitarian voice, she leads a call to action in speaking out against human rights violations.

Weiner is this generation’s go-to girl for issues surrounding self esteem in women and girls. She writes a monthly body-image column for Seventeen, and is the Chief Creative Officer behind Talk to Jess, a media company dedicated to creating a nation of confident females.

Sheryl WuDunn

Jessica Weiner

The soul of Essence for over three decades, Taylor was the driving force behind one of the most celebrated African American owned business success stories. As founder of National Cares Mentoring Movement, she now empowers others in a call to action to recruit mentors for today’s at-risk youth who are in the greatest peril.

An outspoken commentator on issues surrounding women and race, Lee is the creator of, a website dedicated to supporting women on their journey to achieve a life of optimal health and wellness. She has written for such magazines as Glamour and O at Home.

Susan L. Taylor

Tonya Lewis Lee

As the mother of one of the greatest athletes of all time, O’Neal’s journey has been marked by much more than being “Shaquille O’Neal’s mom.” A master motivator and champion of faith and family, O’Neal’s circumstances shaped her perspective and strengthened her resolve to overcome life’s many challenges. She is the author of Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go.

Macavinta is the founder and CEO of Respect Rx, an advice site for teens, parents, and teen advocates based on her critically acclaimed and award-winning book, RESPECT: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Respect and Dealing When Your Line is Crossed. An expert on and advocate for teens and women, Macavinta believes that “true respect starts on the inside.”

Lucille O’Neal

Courtney Macavinta

Bright and ambitious, Funk authored Supergirls Speak Out: Inside the Secret Crisis of Overachieving Girls when she was just 18. An overachiever herself since age 11, Funk channels her inner “supergirl” into passionate activism for women’s and girls’ rights. She has written on youth issues for such media outlets as the Huffington Post, USA Today, and CosmoGIRL!

A tireless advocate for human and women’s rights, LeMay has been a social change fundraiser for 15 years, having raised more than $150 million for needy populations worldwide. A sought-after speaker on social justice strategy and female empowerment, she is also the founder of Raising Change, which helps organizations raise capital to advance social change agendas.

Liz Funk

Kathy LeMay | 617.614.1600

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