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The U.S. Junior Trophy Team of Travis Coy, Andrew DeLong, Thad Duvall and Jesse Groemm battled through hundreds of miles of challenging off-road terrain to finish third in class at the 87th International Six Days Enduro in Saxony, Germany. “The Junior Team did excellent with its third-place finish,” said U.S. Team Manager Antti Kallonen said. “Only one of their riders (Andrew Delong) had previous Six Days experience, and we used this team to give our younger, faster riders a chance to ride a Six Days. Maybe it’s a stepping stone to getting them on our



World Trophy Team


(Antti Kalonen, manager)

(Laura Claypoole, manager)

30 Mike Brown GOLD 31 Destry Abbott GOLD 32 Kurt Caselli GOLD 33 Taylor Robert GOLD 34 Charlie Mullins BRONZE 35 Russell Bobbitt GOLD

461 Ron Schmelzle SILVER 561 William “Billy” Burns SILVER 661 Jeff Fredette SILVER

Junior Trophy Team (Robert Pearce, manager) 36 Travis Coy SILVER 37 Andrew DeLong GOLD 38 Thad Duvall GOLD 39 Jesse Groemm GOLD

Women’s Trophy Team (Dave Chamberlain, manager) 405 Rachel Gutish DNF 505 Mandi Mastin BRONZE 605 Sarah Whitmore DNF

Wellard (Bruce Wakeley, manager) 483 Fred Hoess GOLD 583 Johnny Barber SILVER 683 Jordan Brandt GOLD

GO FASTERS.COM (Steve Berkner, manager) 446 Nick Canny BRONZE 546 Zach Klamfoth GOLD 656 John Maier SILVER

Boise Ridge Riders (Chuck Weir, manager) 417 Devan Bolin GOLD 517 Reid Brown SILVER 617 Derek Steahly SILVER

Tony Agonis Memorial Team (Bob Agonis, manager) 479 Nicholas Hamill DNF 579 Joshua Knight SILVER 679 Michael Jolly SILVER

Missouri Mudders (Jay Hall, manager) 470 Brian C. Storrie DNF 570 Scott Bright DNF 670 Brian T. Storrie SILVER

Trophy Team, as they all have to start somewhere. “Junior team rider Thad Duvall really came through for the team,” Kallonen added. “He showed he was more than ready. He had good tests scores, he was in good physical condition and he could work on his bike. His teammate Andrew Delong did extremely well, as did Jesse Groemm and Travis Coy. They all worked hard and they deserve the third place finish they got.” Finishing ahead of the U.S. team were France and Great Britain.

The United States also was represented in the World Trophy division, the Women’s Trophy division and the club team division. The U.S. World Trophy Team started slow, falling to seventh in the World Trophy rankings. However, thanks to a solid dayfive performance and an exceptional effort on day six, Destry Abbott, Russell Bobbitt, Mike Brown, Kurt Caselli, Charlie Mullins and Taylor Robert climbed to fourth place in the final standings. “Mike did an excellent job winning his moto and Charlie and Taylor had good final motos as well,” Kallonen said. “It

shows they never gave up. We still have to be pleased pulling off a fourth-place finish with three of our six guys—Kurt, Taylor and Charlie—being hurt.” The top three teams in the World Trophy division were France, Australia and Italy. Mandi Mastin was the only U.S. women’s rider to finish this year’s ISDE. Her teammates Rachel Gutish and Sarah Whitmore were both riding injured, and each houred out on day four. The U.S. Women’s Trophy Team finished sixth.

of Fred Hoess, Jordan Brandt and John Barber, was the highest-placing U.S. team in the club ranks, finishing 13th. The U.S. ISDE effort would be impossible without the support of numerous companies. In addition to riders’ individual manufacturer and product sponsors, the AMA expresses its sincere appreciation to direct team sponsors, including Arai, Spectro, Motion Pro, Moose Racing, Wellard, USWE, and Worldwide Materials Handling.

Photos by Steve Berkner The U.S. Wellard club team, made up

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AMA U.S. National Team - ISDE 2012  

Photos by Steve Berkner

AMA U.S. National Team - ISDE 2012  

Photos by Steve Berkner