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What My Means to Me By Ariana Ford, California

*Winner of the 5th Grade Essay Contest

Treat all God’s creatures, friend and foe, as fragile and delicate, because that is what we are. Physically, take care of body, mind, and spirit. Their strength is intertwined. Emotionally, cast aside the folly of peer pressure. Wisdom sometimes also means knowing what to ignore. – William James Intellectually, embody the humility of a perpetual student, found in all great leaders because they are always open to the better way. Relationally, you do not always have to “fix” problems. Speak less. Listen more. He who hears not the music thinks the dancer mad. – African proverb Energetically, you are responsible for the energy you bring into a room. Choose to bring the spirit of nonviolence into your surroundings, wherever you are. Spiritually, you will meet persons of diverse backgrounds on your journey. Do not judge them. Love them.

My mother means so much to me! She is more than a mother to me, she is my best friend. I don’t know how I could live without her! She tucks me in at night, makes me the most delectable meals, cleans our house until it shimmers, helps me with my homework, and most of all, loves me for who I am! If I was put into her place I probably wouldn’t get through a day! I know that I sometimes give her a hard time, and I know it isn’t the right thing to do, so I am honestly very sorry for that. My mom is my idol, and I will always look up to her! Thank you mom for being the world’s most magnificent mother!

Meditate to find common ground with others. Never stop searching for Truth. Share in friends’ struggles (not just their triumphs). What we share can be a powerful, uniting force to create peace on this earth. A mind at peace, a mind focused on not harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe. Unknown love infinitely,

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