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American Mail Profits Issue: #2

September 1, 2016

Hey there! Thank you for taking time to read this issue of American Mail Profits. This issue is using a brand new software that allows very simple viewing of the magazine and does not kill your internet resources. This issue is PACKED with many HOT opportunities currently being promoted. Be sure to consider writing to any of the advertisers for more information or join a couple. If you do, let them know you found their ad in American Mail Profits! One thing I’d like to remind our (current and potential) advertisers: keep in mind how your ad looks when you send it to us. All advertising campaigns are scanned and included in the magazine exactly has they are received by us. We do not edit, modify or do anything to your ads but scan it into the magazine. If your ad has a fold or crinkle in it, it may show in the magazine. We will not refund or rerun any ad due to quality complaints. For your convenience we also accept campaign materials via e-mail ( Some other exciting news: American Mail Profits has gone to print! You can purchase a subscription from the included flyer in this issue and future. Our printed copy is in black & white and is delivered direct to your door, by the second week of the month. Are you a serious mailer? American Mail Profits is looking for a select few to use and provide feedback on a custom software developed by us. This software is specifically built with a mail order business in mind and provides its businesses with a simple, yet sophisticated platform to aid in:   

Track and analyze both in-house mail campaigns & other ad placements Track and analyze how well certain programs perform vs. others Complete lead management:  Upload & manage all of your leads  Export to CSV, PDF, and ready-to-print labels  Segregate & funnel your leads  Track the performance of individual lead sources And, best of all, you’ll be able to see exactly how your business is doing from one simple screen!

You can end the days of never ending Excel formulas, searching for information, and using outdated list software. If you are interested in a demo or inquiring about being part of the exclusive group using our new software for free email us, (Just to note, our software is delivered via the internet, and requires a modern web browser & broadband connection.) I hope everyone stays safe and builds their dream into a major success! Sincerely,

William Troiano

American Mail Profits

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Adver t i seToday-LockI nPr i ci ng Wedependonadv er t i ser sandwewantYOURbusi ness, notj ust now, butev er ysi ngl emont h.Wheny ouj oi nf r om t hi sf l y er , y ou notonl ygetgr eatadv er t i si ngbuty oul ocky ourpr i ci ngi nf or f ut ur eadv er t i si ng.Justr emai nanact i v eadv er t i serandy our r at eswi l l nev eri ncr ease.

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Enj oyAmer i canMai lPr of i t si ny ourhands whenev ery ouwantwi t ht heAmer i can Mai l Pr of i t smont hl ysubscr i pt i on.Wesenda bl ackandwhi t ecopyofAmer i canMai lPr of i t s ev er ymont hdi r ectt oy ourdoor . 12Mont hSubscr i pt i on-$30. 00 6Mont hSubscr i pt i on-$15. 00 PerI ssue-$5. 00 Al way sFul l Col orandFr eeOnl i ne

Pr i c i nga v a i l a bl eonourwebs i t e: www. Amer i c a nMa i l Pr ot s . net STARTADVERTI SI NG NOW -CI RCLETHEBESTPACKAGEFORYOU


$ 8 . 0 0 $ 1 5 . 0 0 $ 2 8 . 0 0 $ 3 8 . 0 0 $ 2 0 . 0 0 $ 4 . 0 0 /I NC H

Name:________________________________________ Addr es s :_____________________________________ Ci t y ,St at e&Zi p:_____________________________ Emai l : _________________________________________ AmountEnc l os ed:____________Dat e: ____________ _ PaymentOpt i ons:Cash,MoneyOr derorCr edi tCar ds( onl i ne)

vi si t :www. amer i canmai l pr of i t s. nett opayonl i nesecur el y Cont actusf oranyquest i ons.

丁his w川easiIy Pay a!菓your bi=s and create endIess Spending Cash -

Scientifica!ly - Get in Now and Co=ect.

HOⅣTO GEr l肌LIOⅣ P醐TO 斑ⅣD同U $50 q露SH In Twe!ve Months o「 Less


By Dr. Glenn Phd No Copying - No Sta血Ping鵜Or Stu純血g EnveIopes. You)ll get lOOO - 10,000

Copies P正nted and Ma皿ed Hach Week Unbelievably Cheap・ Then sit back and collect endlessly. We’ll teach you how to use CYBER

ROBOTS to send copies over and over FREE. Yes FREE, eVen if you don’t have a computer. Even if you are one of血e u血ucky ones who have never made money in mail

Order血en一〇〇 Get in on Dr. Glem,s new we愉re system - forget work.

This is DEF珊TELY FOR YOU. This wi11 restore your entire outlook and fai血 in mail order when you see血e lOOs of$50 bills people send you It’s so exci血g being On the recelVmg end for a change. Plus血ey send cash - nO mOney Orders.

i GUARAN丁EE THIS TO DEALERS: LISTEN UP! If you’re already invoIved sending out mail, just by adding址s page, yOu’ll easily

COVer all your expenses and take in lots ofspending cash too. I know I do. So cheap and easy. People love e統血ess - lucrative prograns血at really work. Don’t miss out.

OK YOU,RE IN - HERE,S HOW TO JOIN鵜ACT NOW Send $50 cash to: GLENNCO - POB 878 - BROCKTON. MA O2303 for your new flyers and business star亡up kit, yOu’11 be so glad you did.

Then send $50 cash to血e dealer who sent t血s page to you. Name and address

below: For a mere $100 you have a great new business, how cool?


LIKE YOU READ ABOUT - GUARANTEED! ! NOTtCE: This is legal progran because you are act助lly buying the GlemCo Mailer - Dealer kit・ Now get started - Wrap Cash in papers. Send址s dealer $50 to:

Your Name and address wi11 be here too, so do it!!! SEND BO州FN4MES $50 C4SH




☆★ Mr. Alfonza Warren Jr.

★ ★∵ 426CrestwoodDr


Summerville SC 29483-4435


脚割酔HO棚短軸ⅢO甘ⅢⅢG脚 For questious ca11 Dr. Glem (781) 834-7728 P喜S〃 This is also your invitation to our super HIGH YIELD prograns.


COPleS When youjoin. These programs can make you rich.


2- What simpIe drugstore chemical makes gIass sparkle after cIeaning?

3, Pour in a皿e common (?) to open mostsinks and drains,

4,口ow to remove oii stains from ¶oors.

5. How to keep naiIs from sp胴ng wood.

6. How to repaIr Sma= hoies in sc「eens.

7. What to use to剛cracks in wooden fiooring.

8. How to solder gIass to gIass, Formula. 9一口ow to make whitewash soIution more durable. 10. Make glue waterp「oof by addin,g just a trace of (?)"

11,白ow to t「eat paint, Vamish, SO inSeCtS W… avoid the su面eces.

12, Easy to make t「ansparent paint for gIass - any COior-

1 3. Snow-White, long-Iasting waterproof stucco paint made easi!y and inexpensiveiy,

14.口ow to soften hard-d「ied paint b「ushes or remove paint from gIass.

15,口ow to make steeI and iron tooIs rustp「oof, Two fo「mu!as. 16〇日ow to nickel-Piate metaI without eIectricity-

17. Cash iron may be soIdered readiIy i=irst coated with (?). 18, How to temper steeI tooIs to a ha「d cu冊ng edge, 19, Penetrating oii, Iike “」iquid Wrench’廿ees rusted screws and boits.

20, Rust remover fo「 articies make of i「on. Three formulas.

21, Ke「osine may be “deodorized” by adding what? 22. A few drops of (?) wi= deodo「ize gaso=ne for cieaning purposes.

23, Howto make a sma= hoIe through gIass without using a d岨 24, How to remove a lodged bullet from a gun without injury to the珊e. 25. How to oiI a ¶agpoIe or cIothesline pu=ey withou=aking it down.

0巾$10,00 ・ Cash ・ US Posta音MoneyOrde「

ht,s Co, PO Box 1886 Ho「sham 帥19044 ☆



1, How to remove watermarks from polished tabletops.

The reason for Hate Mail and How Tb Respond. Improve your customer service skil量s.

Report with Reprint Rights $3.00





PO Box 1886 Horsham, RA 19044



S岬e再開N丁患聞A漢音案,漢 1St: We wi11 PRINT & MAIL


You上8xl l Circular(S) in our




2nd: As a BONUS We will place that same 8Ⅹ1 1 Circular in

BIG MAIL EXPRESS MAGAZINE …making your Circular available to

OVer 200十Million Prospective Customers!

榊均Deal rsRセや$50cash on ordみs! “ 看N THE NEXT 14 DAYS YOU W看LL RECEIVE AN Extra SUPER BONUS: <BONUS>:Vife wⅢ生壁壁ineiude same cirou看a「 as a FULL PAGE ad in 24 HOT Busir騎s Magazines! ロYes= have encIosed my.C/R CircuIa「・ I want you to p「inucopy it and to incIude it in you「 BIG Maii Now PAKS fo「 12 fuii months + in Big Maii Exp「ess Magazine. Fo「this i am encIosing $100. ロOption #2-S: I Do Not want to pu「chase the services at this time. i just want my deaIe「ship. Fo「

the Deaie「ship Only i have enciosed $50 + 10 F/C Stamps. DeaIe「ship inciudes Copy of a ci「cuia「 like

thjs・ Deaier keeps $25+ 5 stamps on deale「ships and sends $25+ 5 stamps to the P「ime Sou「ce who

W紺剛a= deaIe「 o「de「s on this option. ロAIso, l am encIosing an ext「a $5. PIease custom imprint my name and address on this fiyer and Othe「 items in my kit. DeaIe「s keep $1 on this option and send $4 to P「ime Souroe.

ロBONUS With Pu「chase Oniy‥ Check this box □ if you want this deale「ship kit sent to you free as Part Ofyou「 PurChase. A= DeaIe「s keep 50% on sales and 50% on new deaIerships.

Piease send Cash Or U。S. Posta看Money Orde「 (OnIy) To The DeaIer Below: GERARD JEANTY 12035 NE2NDAVE#A315 No. MiAMI. FL33161


ST:  ZIP: ⑥ Copy「ighi 2014 - Steve CoIe Ma「ket Group - May onIybe cop-ed bypaid deale「s -BMN203-08 10

繚$脚蒸器慈悲鮒騰 ′ - _帥冠血叩馴el軸Ore$脚部的m I$軸聯即抑和す$o調e __   臆○ ○ 。._ _ _⊇_○○_-〇〇 〇。m.,_.輸。一〇〇〇〇

回的帥e舶間鴨南船 釣同調調書e書 開脚剛鵬鈴蘭劃寒neo鵬碗 こ臆〇二二」__臆喜一臆 臆臆 臆-・一.工事上’」で一〇 ̄-  ̄ ’ ̄

匂脚的す0転rn 離$i鳳al 書neo鵬e拝om


青とO Peo㌦e Wo血d PayYou 『y To: 串3,500 Per MoⅡ血

営3O Pepple Wo血d PayYou・Up To: $5,芝5O Per Mo血h

薯5O Pcople Wb血d PayYbu UP To: $8,75O Per Mon血

弟1OO People Y¥ね血d Pay Ybu U巨富oこ、串17,500 Pe富Mo血血!

Yds, Drew弧d Sha登皿On! I Wa血to get §tarted w腿your “P壷7e Wea皿 syte皿idday! I皿derstand軸I冊receive血e脚owiI]両e唖for呼s皿al $49 Se山p fee・

1.励軌加。。胴stSt町膿apo両地reportis easy to read’狐d sinxpleto皿derstand一案 址s report血的s yO皿how our aystem can do an血e vro血for you and start eaming lOO%

2.話芸三脚dsThe。ePdr。ards言g軸d。n血。dayy。u l reeeive yo皿package These postcards w皿alrcady be coded to you to e聞e出師u ean an co皿issieus血at are dueto you"  唖γ。u m。y adv∈,tis。 to 20輔。nS + in thくl


3・雌的L即i車曲皿重言皿坤画星団l ●∴一〇〇○○タ●一●-○   ○

sdec亡and Comple中Your th9 B皿ing血forma臆on _ _一一〇一一一一-千十き。」聖聖竺I


淵の国ロ剛球  _l 鱒痴漢亘細さ蘭田嶋翁

帥朗隙馳晴間郎唯事 色調」 §調書磨,抑

_ 皿鋤同部帥舶e Ste聾芝:


鴎的臨調下郎8    間隔一 二

帰隊相成職垂れ伽d在職沈めや耶eV帥サリ種α 砂s細8 1妬み珊, y鋤鈍撃eめ庇膨n櫛創 、完融癌町子料率や肋・                具

 ̄ ̄曲調:鵬諾語謡認諾認諾認諾軸騰珊

lト                                ●ふ


Doれ鴬Wa竃章AれO抽e書鵬O蘭en章さ○○。 Reac轟over


譲芋三宰曹孤ro阻却もode皿でe働鵬O調練細面P職v弧で慎出血qu懐で調C種皿N心w馳Yc ・

認諾蕊諾意諒密語灘 Opp関的0餓関ふYOU幽書写華やや頭重樋野軍鱒幽 ・圃閲粗A同軸酎喝心閉脚Ⅲ臨調蜘鵬曲調劃隅き▼確聞心畦c種心血町一贈§岬

Each e調ail rec恥emhas如離ed their閲勝狐d em袖a側隣紬d signed op to tec隼iY子宮eく聖剃S ○○′●.ヽ′●● “"●●●動 ̄T〇°“.“““- ̄… .「〇° ̄丁 ̄「 ̄  ̄ ̄- ̄音““ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄〇〇〇} ̄  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄ ̄  ̄ ∴

We S磨nd.

雪駄坤o細則蘭画疇概軸懇遭捌ゆ一濃鵬割賦p麗腱五測地鮎瑚壷誌8純珊瑚高地 種脂照龍d穂〇日曲馬吋創膿王c申孤雌通申請軍旗孤書の樽e高吟搾掘龍的旗細道o調卿OT書も刊心rⅣ a取加救馳睦 細事lllヰーーーーーーー﹂





・ Rose凋晦_・ OH録斬罪了

稟轟譜醐 cou瞭重have cirde the circ血ar size and fee above. 遭孤do$Cd is鵬y



口重want to §ee PROOF ofan Emai暮d種血b種鵜count ofo▼er ZP的,000!


イ ′ .

申請ai書 ノすob




l l l 書 l l l l t

〇〇 〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇"○○-〃-葛“〇〇〇〇 〇〇〇〇一〇〇〇〇〇・〇○ ○"“ 〇〇〇置○○○ ○.“葛-○ ○-〇° ○○細事○○〇° ○○〇〇〇○○“ "“○○細喜

蜘oぬD鳩め録能調血書を僻地露畔栂岬霜事▼i∝ ・面o聞け0確鑓田嶋種田$雷亀§劃麗対策冒鳴き・● e慶事 ●▼「〇〇二一〇〇二〇 〇〇〇〇 〇°○○"1〇一一“○○ ̄二二〇 ̄ 「“○○○ ○ ̄    `「「一一“○○ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄  ̄ ∵ニ「“ ̄「“ ̄ “ ̄ ̄“- ▼-i ̄ ̄   ̄ ̄ ̄i ̄ ̄ ̄〇十′ i ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄i ̄  ̄ ̄ ̄∴  ̄  ̄ ̄ ̄i  ̄  ̄ ̄  ̄


禽 り A 欝A 蘭鞘 畳D Yo冊Ad Re如†§ eり鈍間†eed! My guess is your present 寧葛

P「int & MaiI service does not l、

gua「antee your adve面sing

一∠臆臆臆臆園地t-Paid To Shap喜一一三

results。 Right? ̄ No kidding!

朋刷・皿yed料0・ cOmんhop他動3 冨田

WeIi,丁吊§ 0鵬DOES

6ua「a両e Res皿畠中Ou「 ad! The Gua「antee! Ybu MUS丁be totalIy satisfied with the resuIts of

your ad for your first year service or you get anothe「 yea「 service FREE!

丁his IRONCLAD offer inc!udes二 ・Ybur ads mailed First C寡ass to



buye「s fo「 a fu!l yea「.

Wi= be disp!ayed on t「a怖c Mai「 o「de「

CHECKAd Sizes you a「e O「de「ing二


聞圏聞図 □2’’Ad -$12

口4x5’’- $22

Websites fo「 One Fu= yea「〇

口5x8,,-$38 寄


口8擢x「l),細$58 ・Requ看「eS black & white camera

・ /OO% GαARAN碓D RESuL7ty

ready copy。

・FREE 50% Deale「ship with order,

・P「ompt Checking Copy.

Piease incIude 2 F/C stamps with each o「der, Adult ads a「e not acceptable.

Name C ity/State/Zi p ⑥ 2003-14/CCBOO5側I Rights, Rev. 2016

線形あ存〆幼0句読狗/ Mail you「 o「de「 TODAV to Authorized Deale「:

DeIbert McCray 3735 CanneIvilIe Rd

Roseviue, OH 43777-9520

PULL UP A CHAIR 丁ake off your shoes

Pu= up you「 socks

LEAN BACK AND Te= you「self You「 going to make

Some money ;36,000寒n 90 days !! Goto:WWW.maiIboxmone







e箪一差.p窒富岳童心烏合ぎ重し害j賃芋蔓で筆.呈ぎ∈軍書(霊)・ 望∞まき.印ヨq善書.蓄電e鑓.〇・d吉雪雷撃d重言窒(e塾・



i声望e言霊宣≡き≡︺<盲霊宝d-雪害ed誓言草書董告ぎ雪盲e)ト害し害暮雲雷雲 まきも-子亀の 象eヾ群トも︻の



一重巨邑雪盲宣三号重電≡董e}塞8策p曇茎寄書書星雲幸喜重きも雲量誉 雲の買差二もモe罫書雲○○で∽竜宮〇号携・電二〇〇さで寺岳e-嘗重富三雲壬貢量三雲 .〇第軍務.邑昌一-細島鴨害鳥昌幸モ言-冨葦-喜三〇山善室e嘗暮雲と岩岳葺



( で軍費曇れぇe-墓冨茎-毒∽至当重量婁p畠二旨eモ雪害細さ阜冨8●雲雷名)ちら 雲重き菖言害し呈三重○○審e言馨言雪害〇号dd亨と富与eトぜ>一挙⋮量窒素零 墨妄言百雷毒eN.善モ岩室勘に骨董重電貴意董重量重言三雲亭害毒章三雲⋮ 象一三号室⋮壬.っぇ毒嘗よぎ密書星s書-責三富三雲妄言三三妻三軍書き手圭 喜一dつ善書宣誓急ぎ一言馨も-き重宝菩越ささ○喜s書き高さe(㌢星雲葛篭きd.圭富岳慶

重富巨8盲冨官憲q藍冨巨の善書寄書雲∽合富国尋官省岬冨田書き( 一主主要三富亘﹂eさま雪害冒雪雲○息言∵雲暮雲至り三馬⋮重し宣二言三善二重 ⋮>一釜三幸ヨ三号夢言え墨妄.雪害叫幸毛賀警官億善言雪雲こ重責ep董e{手主査書手


董割田盲雪ぎ心書名等-冨霧ごつ重合甘薯ト⋮主旨∽吉事.要言脊● 毒で董二宮三重冒串雪害書手雪三富三宝馨q虞邑_主寄書●重責eつp貢岩室ぎー⋮二重冒




トミ.H革 ま墓きしきし至寄書ミモミ皇室ミミできき雪害ミ.下さで8急事÷寒雲⋮買電善


葦きざ.∪寸裏書き遺墨 でさべきqざら)室も玉﹂曇量ござ雲︰董こ菖⋮至⋮幸までミミ⋮﹁窒宴ぎ王事喜三雲登善書

u三言ききもささぎ雷電王墓ささご一宮真玉さ暮雲︺ミ専雲やぎ七重琶婆菖七重こ き三重七重三景) 二重三雲主に宝至言⋮き﹁ぎざぎざ塁

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}⋮peS呈書写b宗主っ〇三二きますぎ-Pぎき誓書善言三〇二⋮u三雲8 ぎこ宣誓g⋮宅⋮〇号ぎ⋮○○ご盲⋮三言三雲-〇三号∈邑C﹂言∽幸手喜︺ 言も言言pつ〇三二8Sこぶ﹂怠り三雲⋮○二言∽-言三言P言霊p-茨⋮≡



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き三富邑合三宅等}竃妄言﹂票u8∽烹誓言宣言書喜一S主-≡一巻P善言 害毒宮d言号S-S⋮董曇重き三三二言u竜一茎≡きき三言も一言手書PCl言

陸 塵 塵












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Mail To: QuarterIy Comection - P.O. Box 468 - Moffat, CO 81143 Can’t Wait? Visit us o輔ne at www.QuarterivCoれ and

I皿vited By:

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Jわ諭の枕r gね請雛翻観S鋭硯あ! 餓猫解鶴亀!


拘“ haue probab砂t7ied o軌eγ C加st耽αS C短bs: * Cred祐U最o7tS haz/e Christ肌のS C確bs

希Ba耽怒れ優りe C九九さき肌のS C確めs

諸節鶴餅!   京助ちN○ ○隅加S α cね轟s復職αS C撮め心地の隙S: How was C師s血as? Many peopIe are s削paying o軸e credit p鵬hases from last Chris巾as. Did you get you「 §POuSe, kids, Parents and o請e購everything you wanted to fo「 Chris巾as? Was請ere enough money to go around? 00卵4791 1 2

WeIl,鵬yea「 and EV駅Y YE/腺can be d瓶艶nt if you want it to be. By specぬ=nvita鱈on on軌you are invifed


to join ou「 Christrnas Club. Like no othe「 Chrfetmas Club,軸S One is funded w軸“の弼唇於Pg㊨P艦,S勧ow即今


『 朋S CO肌D BどyOu仔BIGG喜S「A州D RIC椎場T C舶聡棚鵬S EI億R耀謄 You coしIid virtualIy have C師stmas all yea「 m肌d wi請汁庵oppo血面ty. And軸e next C師Stmas c○uid be部e best eve「 w融掴housands of

doIIars to spend on fam時価ends and yours掘At the ho粗ays don’t yo両eve the cotor and sme" of new “塑S鴫r鉾がng5臆萱堕g? This is not a typical C師strnas Clul)∴77?e C生唾t垣asq喧is our most success紬画調am eve「 and now南your師re to enro引回SOme輔Ig that 「ea時works. How wou旧you I陳e to accunuぬte extra money every mon肌, year afler year? We wou旭Iike to i画te you to j函a very spectal group of people in ou「 ChristmaS Club and have the kind of m仰ey yo両ave been seeking. We starfed as a g剛P Of retired business

PrOfessionals and have g「own軸Sly and now want to he巾others. We a" have made the commitment to do whatever we have to do -

as tong as is e輔eaI, honest and固- to make軸S gains togetherin the years ahead.    us cuR随NCY ONLY We can all make money quietIy and privately in the comfort of ou「 home・ You潮not get軸ovem卸t. By keeping it among our pri融e clllb members, We Can all prospe「 quietly in請e coming months and years w軸out drawing umecessary attenめn to ou「 confiden館al strategies or

Ou「Selves. Yo踊相Ieam how to use your …ique, ContrOlled, and honest program to put you in the comfo鴫ble鵬s切e you desire.

We潮show you just how easy and pewe血I this program reaHy is. Your C師stmas Gifts刷come to you in ir"胴囲ts of紀OO. To e巾Oy the bene冊s of our private Christmas CIub all you have to do to get stal咄rig鵬away as a new member: Send a紀OO

餓鏑christmas gift and a ∞Py of輔s circufa"r to eaCh person on the l紋beIow a両軸them a聞erry Christm聡的at’s a gift

and soon you wiII be 「ece緬喝your gifts). AしSO SEND $5"00 CASH AND A COPY OF THiS CIRCu岬T輔s is mon舶to ensure韓’s i融eglfty and your rotation on he Iist. The醐on韓or EN contact any one person on he list to verify that you

haIVe Sent your C輔stm鵬gi龍of $5J)0. ONCE yOu GE「耽mS S糊膚推D. γOu COuL分N’T S丁OP rr肝yOU r割勘雄 Th珊a撤ASTER COPY with your name atthetop ofthe Iist w恥be mailed to you by First Class mail. AI! you need to do then is make

COPies and send紬em o血You don冊ave to do MASS MAIしINGS, howeverthe more you m刺the more money y9u WilI make. Let me show you a 5 x 5 example.しct’s say that you invife enough just to gct 5 new members (not ha巾to do) and assuming that everyone just dupIicates your e珊orぬ. As your name moves down the list here’s an exampIe of your income. Wa鵬more money?

鵬iI more circ両ars. No re!醐On On how many you can maiI or how many peopIe you c紬en「o肌

5脆±=諾f誤00二。。露盤′ 舶IⅢOR刑GFu晒PqBpx872 EastAurora- NY 14052

勘仙籍岬融轍紗 咽IS拙触手醐鵬..雌脚。鵬鵬 EIsie A如dso孤_動6 Persi血皿On Kessler Rd Tompk血s融e, FrV 42167 ! T#務

轟紺やMa皿′宣誓poBox130     Be重曹膿uc憾e9TN3糊20 圭 鳩め腕枕鋤鵬樹・・融e 〉 _ 損SouthLakeridgeDr Orc血ardPark,NY14127 `弱戴海側初句秒細線 臆を、つ    〇 一 _     〇  〇  〇    _ _    ○         ○   」     _ _    臆   臆 臆臆臆   臆  臆     章    ノ、`事ご.、ご._′ 越メ′○○-轟.●..ノ〇一、.輸_. _,.と重}

詔護r 壷恥。Ⅹ。5   A軸S。血gs,珊1。。l。 Rev畷駐     PQ載ox 715      軸a血bu富g, NY量4075


h俄ve α拙V7ね章伽宙 be虎あd幼e船脚A均, 助力略e応e融s be朗磁場d


Goo耽uck a面may you膝娩誇ed beyond y関両idest d脚ns E砂強圧餌g/蜜CY ADDRESS: Z書P:

口 pl。as。 S。nd my Mast。「 C。py fp「 m。iling with m。 in p。Siti。n結l hav。 S。nt $5,00 to 。V。ry。n。 。n th。 Iist and 。Is。 $5.00 t。 the

醐ON町OR: THG Fundina PO Box 872 East Aurora. NY事的52

Ask about o榔r “Sta肋


鎚救留の棚勤 誘好勤卵締



$uccess see鵬めbeぬ廟v a鵬飴rof紬g画g on」a励er o鯨聡厄肥fef go

極地翻野馳纏㊨l廊㊨廟舗鵬タ鯵輔弼鰐鰭講繍e醸砺約頼 $E脅HOWEASYAND RE脚G軍帽重S 」陽!⊥._NひW霊IひU雌がOW桝かY鵬DO邦書農事I!

銚照の1辱胞Y 圏駈図堕囲 」翻職錆,



Joi虹O龍r System, Bring In Just短5,, New Members For The

Firs6 Pos軸㊤n ONLY and The鵬Never Do Another Thing! Hereタs離ow重t Ⅵねrk§.... Tb the right, there is a list of“8’’positions. The members that are on this

Page are On their way to becoming millionaires! HOW, yOu may aSk? It’s

Simple. As a member, yOu reCeive $10 at each position, it is requested that you bring in at least 5 new members. As others」Om yOu and bring in their 5

new members, aS yOu mOVe down the list, yOu COuld receive over $4妙00roOO.00. The amount mentioned here is with a perfect scenario,

meamng eaCh new member gets their 5 new slgn uPS for the first position.

Please note, the cash comes drfectly to you! The monitor never sees or touches your funds, Which are sent as commissions for the sale of the PrOducts. T罷孤o輝i‡〇着(F紬ねSy Maste贈Orks) w班c拙めC○す虚聞you転ve received your funds before new members are allowed in、 This prevents cheate富s.                      `

Tb Join,軸out the fom below, make a copy for each one listed in the list

and send them a $10 B調and a copy of軸s page OR a note that you have

joined them in `The $10 Cash C貼b.,, With a ful岨st of members㍉he cost is $90, including the monitor’s fee of only $10.00. Now I don’t believe

that’s too much to ask for a chance to become a m潤onaire, do you? Of COu重“Se nOt.

For your鍋宙y fee, yOu W親receive our products, a neW COPy Of this page With typesetting complete言nstructions on how to continue and a Heきp触

H血ts Guide to help make recruiting easy, Plus a report on How Tb mail to

l f叩0 with ease! AIso, yOu W親receive 90龍gh Q鵬拙ty BlryerS Names on

Peei & stick iabels. Everything is taken care offor you, SO all you need to do is Join. bring in 5 new members and sit back and wait寅〕r the cash to

COme rOlling in. JorN US ft粉AY! candBeco朋eA M勤め糊ぬ叱り


蟻二二二二二二二一工鵜績正平聖堂嚢エ Every name rotates a削れd as peopさe join. Yo冊脚e E堕rotateS O鯖節is moれey make夢. W鱒Y NO了? Because every time you are at糊O紬d new members join書yOu are鵬鵬at駿 again and new members are a航珊s feat鵬assures you every ti鵬e members join you ge電

$10 and when aII members bri鴨in on匝each = ys両軸!y gct a to軸of $棚B5,760 at脚

軽戸允的、了H芭朋ON群駈千円餅賊拝島S軸鷺D睨蝿餌討手① yOU

哩哩哩ue埋: DirectIy send a copy of this鯖ysr and a $10 money order to each membe唖sted. Send拙s flysr and a copy of money ordsrs sent to me鵬bers as your壁鎚Eto the manager.

SimpIy make ∞Pies of your Personalized舶oney舶a軸g FIye「 a咽and ma輔I恒u get at least 4. The鮒ore PeopIe you b血g in a軸he朗ore Times you join, the More朋oney is paid to YOU,





















鴫〇日ex雪ま くa-壷eCA宝愕e










書家欝等曇 董窯辞書 雷OW○○君一言-つ﹁季○くo箸の




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轟き置︼トト﹂弼違 薫き長怠雲母至

p皇墓室書手喜辱垂こき鴨尋も富岳手写雪a葺的-率As亭蜜管昌幸宮島蕎y昌三富雪辱三豊一心e昌 害e雷も雲やe怠蒔き的屯電長持S害d手鷲宮ー転ye雪主星言富豪



薯Y医重く徴AD竃、 -善心$阜e養家塗雪景寄e〇・号草魚d-登の軍産尊さ登車重oa軍e尋昌a号室嘗阜-重畳p与-雷撃S 旨蜜の怠d草書ぎ甲p吉富$宰m基崖.富eぎす患家深さ-雪ぎ裏書軍書事屯営のきti冒bu賢轟き総邑

毛藍宣言皆昌写毒舌aひ昌三言重量重言雷電e瞥尋ま母畠春雪雷暮雪昌y昌a寮費8零専 手癖8官潔さ冒e寮c富豪守塗蕎要 き富〇〇号誓い二重smd尊貴m巨のa○○億ad車窓Sざ徴白雪重鎮e


至境Y医蔓韓竃、 p巨匠至Sye婁聾者害毒昏e巨細暮富の昏要撃⋮j重き言e捻駕


竃 咳 軍 団 置 T 細さUドト(い悶T守田嚢中︼さま劉○竃 ◆冨eR由Tすさ緯e冒Me長SaくざgD拷8邑Ce竜e家


◆霞輸卜重富G電島葛トきく国賓○○S雪G巨軍曹S曲事富里GYeURN墓室容顔苦寒 ぎc“巨esdの蜜-邑ぎ葦要塞e富∽秘書dac-窒・軍epy島e与〇号重鷲W葺き宝輪巨e錆ad皐のss雪



JOM登SH邑e喜営iOna-P〇四〇×-﹁浅 くa︻壷○○A還$e

□陸.享玲響d焉害蜜雫富豪宮善さgP亀嵩管r軍国邑・邑害z軍治c一叢蚤董厩 (易さ築e写eき串需租露erロ合一露趨阜書手e皇室農)

□陸.Se巨竜墨書ざ首e重義東宝d長音g雪星置吾薫・富串董議R電辱 町費園田膿e○○厩G葺sa巨富串薯墨壷宴種竃毒p単-憲き雷撃帥ise雪ぎ鷲争

之箪害鍵                も蚤争寂S⋮

C専S事由号︰ 寒e鷲AreあQ竃や翠等竃i営雲合も雲葦 江8-∽ざ喜琴も重量冨Pes千Cぎ蜜p宝∽ 藍首里昏-産室∽-露営Me重畳表替墨壷寧霞8Si蜜を争昔日)冨Aい}書籍富書Aぎ)喜)"冨 曾-d盲d竜室d営毒手M登零重苦ぎ喜亀ざ曇昌﹂と寮茎Od蛋白謁C裏書雲霞erAき蜜所管}き血書-s 雷冨-s富合霜雪雪y国母義郎S幕s冒i雪鏡客も吾的S巨費P貧富s藍皇歴S雷的采ea争Adく筆法er)S幕幕務











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﹂D書霊nあy°ミ P一望Sの賀○芋茎一〇aヨ・星


ぢ言の罫二右手.圭a{-∽Wh血話舌雲>8ヨのSぎ・ 妄oa﹁e彗eS(宣ish①do窯場京a善さd窒8霊 霊kiコgヨa害毒の﹁︽-abe善言一曲お吉bo● 。圭の 囲ep雪deヨロi﹁8三春i一>s∽OC霊室(一口MA二s


雲茎のa昌一iOa(i〇三〇一〇waコdse⊃d言(eday・ YOu一言のg一adyOud重


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〇e二才の量paつdadくj癖毛u罵告ぎ手書se 芋a三a<oゴ思コ吾e﹁e-dO⊃○芋a雪量で○室e﹁s






P﹁e書{の一塁Aa邑ヨake密書c董ヨiss亨s・ 事M①ヨbのき雪雲b卑dis8u喜o言霊u詠aつds掌i怒らyOua邑aこyus①当d












.- S﹁字叩




一 pOB〇㌢三富

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︰ <a-雪CA薫き

Gmail - HOW to achieve REAL SUCCESS in today's economy.


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lee tume「 <Ieetume「292@gmai!。COm>

HOW to achieve REAしSUCCESS in today-s economy, 2 messages

Tidominc <donotreply@tidominc. com>

Tue, Ju1 26, 2016 a=l:04 PM

Reply-To: Tidominc <donot「>

To: leetumer292@gmaihcom H主 So you watched ou「 business overview 2 days ago and you-re expe「iencing l of 2 emotions 「ight now. 1 ,

You’re so excited you can.t sleep o「 2. You-re happy with where you are right now and that's ∞O旧sti=

Wanted to share with you some-VERY REAL comments about SUCCESS∴-臆 You can-t ’’count the cosr- of success until you have established exactiy what it is you want to ac∞mP-ish.

You need to make that happen. But then 「ealize, before you ever get sta巾ed, there wiiI be a sign南cant

P「i∞ tO Pay・ A「e you w鞘ng to pay that p「ice? Rea=y? Because quitte「s neve「Win and winne「s never quit and it can cost you a Iot to win. But he「e-s a thought・

丁hink back to aIl the time and money you have spent over the yea「s一一fiddIing"・ Buying va「ious books, t「aining materiaIs- SOftware, SyStemS and even business oppo血nities but neve「 rea=y made the

COmmitment to FOCUS and move forwa「d. We cut the strings on the money spent when it come to training and mento「ing.

What wouId you think itwould cost to be trai=ed and mentored by six figure ea「ners. l w肌elI you in my

earIy yea「S l have been there and done that. 1t cost a「ound $400 pe「 hou「 o「 more,

The vaiue of ou「 training and support is PRICELESS. Ca= me when you’re ready鼻

Junio「 Lee Tume「 61三〇95、う-了8・47

http:I/www. tidominc, COmIu細es/home/26205

You have received一肌S臆emaiI because you」OPted血to my臆Site一書Ifyou血sh心耳調Subsc刷oe,臆Si調ptyLdick-tbe____

Iink beIow. 埴0 「//ww開講〇揮眉C C○r;高点憶S畑n鋤b/嚢1 33卒4三三告’鵠c86斑鳩9e年子O3之ct)6了無手う

Tidominc <donot「epiy@tidominc. com>

Tue, Ju126, 2016at=:04 PM

RepIy-To: Tidominc <donot「>

To: leetu「ner292@gma旺com

[Quoie。 teXt hldde手車

https :// 1 5 6… 8/ 1 6/20 1 6

鯛愚露縛朝㊥㊨。 $2㊥⑱ a蹴翻。c。This Simple Marketing Concept Alto判や進坦to Receive Up-Front CASH & EBE呈Silver B刷ion Coins!…副us Receive More CASH, S肥V輔, GOLD and

$12,5OO+ Mo融坤y /ncome /n our用agShip Program! A!′舟om a O紳e諸me ouf ofpockei cos擾

珊縫吊$抽S叩彊師§章S提p抽R合Geiv轟g醐e鱒ey Å駆 隅張S雷l艇種軸輔0抽Ce証S! Did Yo種臨ow, ○

Y a few Y合8「5 agO, gOId wる5も3う0/02 & 5柄e「 ;10/o之

罵多tho掴潮hopping封30砺z &高村e予34qんz! W劉,

睡鵜聡蜜e駒輔鯛胆の駒醜輔弼 生eき’s鞄鍬#鯛ey出ou get seO for each person you enro‖ &箪5

---陶砂goId i3 m

鍋d a晒張s栂er bし潮cn co活活油i5 e85y丁wo-しeve車「Og「am言n ∂


few daYS YOU Can Start reCeiving $50 & ;25 rnonev orc!e「s pius FREE

p「Og「毒血 恥5,

financi6口uture! Other precious meta巾「ograms use comp"cated


Pay-Plans∴and qua輸ers w庸1 rnOnthly fees ∂nd commitments to

高b亀5口hきれwe invite you to j〇両冊e舶Å盤K珊鵬珊V麗朋煉. By Sharing this moneymaking concept with 。thers, yOu Can Start

「e諦v活g卵競高朋庇d舶S棚OW〆350 & 525 m°n曾y O「ders伽d F鮮E s海er鎚/′ion co;n3! As you start pu蘭ng up-front cash and silve「 高your pockets, and the肩ollov‘′ a few simp)e d汗ections’yOu c細be on

YOur WaY tO Wea)th accum両etion and a fu冊me 「esid脱出come!汀hg

S血er b捕on coins and be we= on YOur WaY tO Changing your

「eceive s柄er and cash. But fo「 the ave「age pe「son/marketer who wants to accumしIねte precious meta!s and 「eceive cash 「ewards

they just dont work. The聯A撤珊胱l鞘ESTOR is ∂ Simp!e and powe「fu圧oncept for the ∂Verage PerSOn tO Start reCeiving cash &

Predou与meしa虹」t can tu「n∴a S競る囲合議o間t of請one中れto a fortune=ust start 「efe「面g others by ma柚g a few letters da時

勅の子女高鳴柄ve5for OC糖のゞ倍角gdgγ p手Ogrロm,寄れd親告〇九cgs p印PIg

丁hen start co“eding ;50 & ;25‘ money orders & si)ver・・血agine

ねo」的g5hやOppo血筋i章y諦飢妬5 C予約海砂的鮪寄れd pro拘わ予

receiving five to ten ;50 or/and裳5 money orders in the mail

納o椙卵ds Qf p的擁寄手o胴d搬附or硯汚u a寄n鉦舶寄re弱的l

On any given day...that’s aso/;12S+Silver - ;500/;250+S栂er活

わ寄ome岬亡O封乞う00十m〇億で砂高調訪, Ond re僻ive海usαndう

PaYmentS that come directly to you!・-砧en /everoge 5O棚eOmings


i証o the刃og5母progrom...如m more Co5h, Cos掴or)uS OVerride5, Ond

ふe樗極的0 The 8eのe舟艇:

Go/d & 5iIve子coins…AI汗his hoppen5矛om o one+ime ou亘毎oc姐

B> You Receive $O on a" personel refe「rals-Poid動rect/y to yb鉦

expense!めu亡の誹beα青筋竜q旅rl巨ve「yone∴need与t○ ○Wn与0me

妙沿u Re⊂さive §2与2当eve上的id DirecfIyきoめu!

kind of p「ectous metals and receive an on-gOing cas掴ow of income.

妙l他山轍eceive鵬麗S栂e「 B輔on Coins eve申t涌e YOu e重刷S2与

The R肌RK珊瑚雷附VES丁OR takes advantage of bo拙BYしing our

> Ea「n mo「e CASH, Sl醗R & GOしD f「om flegship pr。gram!

c両Ck-CaSh concepts, and cash-)everaging system, yOu Can bu潤a

妙One-time out of pocket ex匹nSe!

HUGE income and Accumulete ′′Boatloads’’of precious metais w帥e

> Accumulate Siiver & Go池for weaIth savings, Or Se旧or CASH!

ge璃ng paid again ∂nd aga証



Gmai量- Sales Leaders Needed - Amazing Potential


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lee tu「nerくieetumer292@gmaiI。COm>

Sales Leaders Needed - Amazing Poten書iaI 2 messages Carla Smith <CaSh4u1 961 @gmaiしcom>

Sat, Aug 13, 2016at =:11 AM

To二Iee turner <leetume「>

IfI could show you a way to LOOK 10 YEARS YOUNGER wi血our anazing ANTI-AGENG Serum, Plus LOSE WEIGHT, W皿e eaming a staggering income in a 66 Billion dollar industry

from home - WOULD YOU WANT MORE INFORMATION? If血e answer is YES, then send us your nane, main email address and phone nmber. We-11 get

back to you promptly.

Here’s to your success,


Sincerely, Lee Tuner Home O能ce: 61 5-953-7847

Ce11: 61 5-485-2969 Email: 1eetume「

1ee tume「 <Ieetumer292@gma旺com>

Thu, Aug 18, 2016at3:45 PM

To: ’ttayIor395@charfe「. netl一<rtayIor395@charfe…et>

【Quoted text hldden]

https:〃元/0/?ui二2&ik=aa676dO5c7&view=Pt&search=inbox&thこ1 5 6... 8/23/20 1 6

$20夢0寄0 P話は蘭0蘭書軸。。。

曇00了酷遇正雪 韓- ㊥渥晋等鰯髄陰曲ぼ

閥飽醜悪$轟笠間臨配電 餓親衛欝首都蹴鞠鶴野 Y側聞陶随5脚F髄と§孤舶農§, 5録櫨聞脛と剛憤汀馳腿p§舶阻500 l10T[E紬S駒場剛旺然Y5SA旺SY脚 YO動機露の軸雌澱§晴朗臆す膿的1旺調音鵬しし 丁櫨剛Ⅳi間隔YO勘寄細田掃舶則り鱒き... Å関り珊重りと東丁調A鱒直冒蘭書鵬田原,.. ′ l′ 佑細川  - I ′ ・:   ′

醜監悪罵瓜翁醒 図鈴鹿邑巴歪毎夕菅 (6伽) 7喜与。3900


由虚e鴎S雷⑬翻: 9⑮78$5#


5OO FREE Fbrever Stamps, 500 FREE Postcards and 500 Fiee Names are YOURS on EVERY 5血sale! After you make your丘rst 5 sales WTM wilI send your bonus, eVery 5血sa賞e trig鉾rs anOther BONUS! That is why making 4O Sale§ a mOnth triggers EIGHT bonuses bringing you 4,000 EACH Stamps,

Postc紬ds, 8 Ilads, in addition to yo町§20,OOO commissions! The BONUSES could possibly fund your business expenses PERPETuAL重Y!

SOL.置Wl嶋ATA級E YOU unlT書鵬G FO膿?

劇物馴側聞鋤け側聞肋間用勝棚朋伽使丁43伽 (ACTuAL INCOIVIE EA{uNED WILしVA震Y)

Dear Friend, Let the informadon in血e chart above sink in. EN榔HC, don’t you think?

IN ADDITION to that possible income, you WOuld ALSO receive so many BONUS STAMPS, LEADS, 8 POSTCARDS to run your business with...めu

畑qy州を妙e富棚。動e同職砂めr Ano飢釘S血mp,職のd, Or助s耽り競劇場rAgα油


脚臨山鳩「3S碓鴎 l. Purchase a S195 money orde鶴and a §50O money orde重Make the $195

money order payable to VrM P血s (processing G hand蘭㊥ 2・ Make血e $50O money order payable to血e dealer in血e dealer box (for

PrOduct purchase)

Start by simply mailing 2,OOO postcards. A 2% response equals 40 sales.

3. Send payments) this postcard or COPY OF THIS SⅢE, yOur Phone

珊i調t nesPOuse amO調tS to $2O,OOO! Add to all血at a total of4,OOO FREE

number and address to: WTIVI PU寄S

BONUS STAMPS, 4,OOO FREE Postcards G 4,OOO Leads! just use your FREE stamps/Postcards/Leads to continue mailing and your income could 鴎ow exponendally. PMF is a “one-of-a一貼nd” Home Business opporturty desigロed to help Everyday People build a Sizable lncome by Direct Mall.

It can be expensive operadng your ma孤orderbusiness w血out CASH and

STAMPS! The Amazing岬PROFITMAX FORMULAr Home Business could

be the secret to completely eliminating the cost of your postage while EARNENG YOU GIGANTIC?SOO COMMISSIONS... OV亙R (グOⅥ王R AGA朋




開聞緋脚鵬附開脚鵬億脚珊即一間即鵬飢・捌剛朋脚鵬 A鋤er orde血喝, Witl血a few days you will鳩ceive your Product

鱒dye contair血g WTM Business CD・ROM, Ft皿CoIor Postcalせ



W音調puさS IOO PoWDEなMlししなD。 ♯1 ÅcToN,鵬Å O1720 丁重し; 70書●8○○ 。3294


I-.) .)︽ 1).1′軍ヽノ ヽD一置くノ〇番〇、〇一ノ一書D(u





▲看  ▼






一〇さ日田B着p烏へ一日常裏①某局号①p8自 d意志辛日登口①白日合口¥①摂①白雪①き冨.①○○の

①∞ト調のく0♂白登呂 ゴ [ 蒋 曽 由 O d 昏 遍 0 8 ∽ ︰ さ 自 害 ① 宣 d 告 8 青 白 さ




. i-i(I-﹀○○(1i、′.)︺、ノ﹂﹂∩︽ヘリへノ﹂ノ 〇一〇↓■

・鷲富①{q登萱S白①毒舌言っ○曾A焉烏毒草畠。害鳥害〇日u①d轡冨嘗百 一①馬○①・富○首〇二鷲轡冨①さ寓言d晋畠容書巻登善意AO採雪真意 p完dもぎ岩岳○登①盲①雪00①坤蓋







∽蛍{為①常呂n〇千q§S富岳白00①蜜富M登誓①若00①SO幸 蒋①⇔鷲告nO牟q嵩①S泰青畳00①蛍sM①白雲①筈①SO串

調的ト甲的∞甲の調的.∞①鳥の ① 白 ① 8 一 〇 p 烏 の 焉 3 〇 〇 息

①舌①董①宇p§○ゴ晶二つ○毒①言も賢①ゴ○霊室盲①A①書写烏 も雷d富合昌〇一SS富岳 ・蹟古家∋○白○る毒8雪ごう○お

品8q烏Op烏醤①台①昌登蔦の焉葺{8d∞烏qS善邑毒等d青色呂8①富①豊 京p烏AO雪u筈d写吾①A①{亀嵩①常呂嵩盲①昌00①豊s.○○A①一


重 ① d 農 ① 嘗 醤 ① 盲 ① 告 { ① 営 ) s 一 ① A ① { 竃 嵩 き・ 0高塁 蔦きd 息d一 ・昌早 ①〇宮 一簿 ①① p尋 ①室 烏の s一 営s 嘉 一富鷲白岩宮口①毒Sdn畠00①蛍s竃p①青息慧苫①百雷舌宕母を 二登○朋雪目8昌国電国○○劇団劇毒﹃薔○冨弱電葺旨さ呂畠dO老 ①昌富貴-月号①縛①日章i①uO-S①o邑①恵①{。官①昌毒害呈○∞息n害鳥S①○○皇







椅〇℃録音 きゃや︺合甲





ふきeさきJOござOノミl、ぎ○ぎざぎざぎn言含蓄蔓§主竜ミ曇 曇・§富合iミn、ミミ蔓ミミl暮雪さしd雲ミミ0ぎl量るuぶち

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∴-∴誓言圭一一書、表題置竃端 麗謙鑑識講説    震こ競鴫す   き 筆=  電車卜  暮雪賞   竃≡ふ穆

Wさgot請yed ofthe胎st so we found the BES7瑠

 ̄fake a look at these featu眠s and yo踊unde「Stand why everyone is so excited about PPR.

轡睦統帥Iiれg 2Ⅹ3聯a徹 刊鯛醍醐重義閏臨麟駐

璃齢馳輔弼揮融鄭め軸掲餌匿的 轡Big Cy。軸g C。mmissi。nS. joi辞With ou『 P肝p「Ogram

轡pays地境 WeIco1教1蟻露的醐 State of the Art So請〃are for comp!efe Automation。 Automatic Re-en請es so you will cycle over and over aga量れ・

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Please p「而and ma=

: EncIosedis$

copies of my encIosed for p「inting and ma掴ng.

size ci「cuIar           ‘

Send al1 0「de「S tO:


: Name

1397 116th Street


chippewa Fa一一s, W! 54729   :

State Zip 一一一一一堂室町主事【●11嗣富田-一一一一----○○ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄“

Denise Holmes 403 S Carlisle St Cridersville, OH 45806-2203

Janet Broome 122 Rocky Shores Boat Ramp Iva, SC 29655-8613

Michael Wheeler 11157 Harrells Hwy Harrells, NC 28444-9584

Alberta Varney 7 Smith Ln Apt 207 Saco, ME 04072-1568

Anitra Durham 1333 W 23rd St Jacksonville, FL 32209-4239

Patricia Keaton 1016 Oak St Medina, OH 44256-2530

Patricia Silvers 7016 Raincloud Dr Las Vegas, NV 89145-5122

Ashley Rain 1601 Miles Rd Dallas, NC 28034-9532

J Murday 1724 Green St Saginaw, MI 48602-1101

Natalie Phelps Campos 7500 W Whites Bridge Ave Fresno, CA 93706-9548

Susan Covich 1711 Foxworthy Ave San Jose, CA 95124-1918

Pamela Scholtz 3701 Rosebriar Ave Glenshaw, PA 15116-1353

Joan Derosa 398 W Main St Apt 5A Hyannis, MA 02601-3686

Cathleen Jacobson 16527 Port O Call St Crosby, TX 77532-5239

Debra Lewis 68 Aldrew Ter Springfield, MA 01119-2424

Patricia Kelly 1 Stoney Brook Rd Methuen, MA 01844-1715

Marsha Danfts 2507 Donjay Ave Kissimmee, FL 34741-1768

Richard Jones 15047 Digger Dr San Antonio, TX 78247-3046

Nilda Rodriguez 730 N 20th St Philadelphia, PA 19130-2004

Cheryl Jordan 6 Lincolnshire Rd Webster, NY 14580-3429

Jason Wilder 25542 Wagner Ave Warren, MI 48089-1209

James Neville 7705 Fraziertown Rd Pewee Valley, KY 40056-9103

Kim Slotnick 1306 E Chilhowie Ave Johnson City, TN 37601-2702

Don Ziegler 115 Ainslie Ave Collyer, KS 67631

Meghan CLaughlin 326 2nd St Highspire, PA 17034-1555

Amanda Cole PO Box 752 Bismarck, MO 63624-0752

J Green 3420 Union Rd Florala, AL 36442-7304

Jenelle Dingle 5 Division St Ilion, NY 13357-1407

Irma Rodriguez 5022 S Hermitage Ave Apt 2 Chicago, IL 60609-4809

Nicole Oakes 9 Perkins Ave Hyde Park, MA 02136-1724

Gregory Cary 6815 Beechley Ave Long Beach, CA 90805-1332

Diana German 3704 Clayborn Dr Hephzibah, GA 30815-6054

Daniel Bulman 5521 Claiborne Way Orangevale, CA 95662-5217

Maria Ltbie 9259 Garfield St Riverside, CA 92503-3815

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Angel Red PO Box 472 Waterloo, IN 46793-0472

Maria Rodriguez 3004 Midland St Unit B Fort Worth, TX 76105-1261

Amanda Gill 8027 Doe Meadow Dr Austin, TX 78749-2885

Lisa Eddins 9412 Drennon Rd Campbellsburg, KY 40011-8908

Patrick Kluesner 726 Mansfield Cir Hartland, WI 53029-2516

Larry Kiger PO Box 273 Mount Morris, PA 15349-0273

Troy Piccaluga 65 Jeffers Hollow Rd Redwood, MS 39156-7027

Mary B Rogers 1564 Hathaway Dr Rock Hill, SC 29730-8981

Brenda Callahan 17101 La Hwy 696 Kaplan, LA 70548-6471

Barbara Moore 53 Main St Warren, ME 04864-4233

Jean Hays 33230 La Colina Dr Springville, CA 93265-9617

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Miranda Stenhouse 110 Woodland Dr Fountain Inn, SC 29644-1726

Stacey Lamb 9339 Densmore Dr Roscoe, IL 61073-7296

Linda Ooten 283 Chamberlain Cove Rd Kingston, TN 37763-6029

M Sharron Watkins 9217 Whitney St Silver Spring, MD 20901-3535

Mitch Helmer 4197 S Regal Ct New Berlin, WI 53151-5864

Donna Glaze 12262 Pulaski Rd Jacksonville, FL 32218-2090

Bryan Trush 2623 E Thompson St Philadelphia, PA 19125-3844

Dorothy Fisch 2861 Main St Morrisdale, PA 16858-8743

Lola Orchard 225 S 50 Ln W Rupert, ID 83350-9673

Judy Hathaway 10 Maple St Norwich, NY 13815-1608

Ken Rightmyer PO Box 1321 Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870-1321

Joy Thompson 610 Pembroke Rd Unit 4964 Greensboro, NC 27404-1905

Anna McAllister PO Box 15 Dana, KY 41615-0015

Barb Gebo 137 Gaylord St Binghamton, NY 13904-1321

Brenda Alligood PO Box 671 Elm Mott, TX 76640-0671

Benita Ower 346 Matthew Dr New Oxford, PA 17350-8883

Angela Spackman 265 Adullam Rd Wetumpka, AL 36092-5995

Patrice Sepulveda 3000 NW 5th Ter Apt 114 Pompano Beach, FL 33064-3152

Jennifer Bolt RR 2 BOX 223 Columbia Cross Roads, PA 16914

Mary Jane Ryan 3417 Briars Rd Brookeville, MD 20833-2717

Dawn Tedesco 416 Capstan Ave Beachwood, NJ 08722-4147

Dawn King 309 Earle Rd Central, SC 29630-9715

Ryan Vaughn 406 Littleton St West Lafayette, IN 47906-3013

Paula Damera 15220 Highway 19 N Lot 8 Cleveland, GA 30528-8004

Joanne Hnson 102 Grandview Dr Henderson, NV 89002-8217

Robert Huddleston Jr 2546 Creston Ave SW Roanoke, VA 24015-4312

Stefanie Buckham 10510 Raven Ct Knoxville, TN 37922-3249

Elizabeth Muller 1106 Lisadale Cir Apt 2C Catonsville, MD 21228-3560

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Betty Worrells 1430 Dixon Blvd Apt 104 Cocoa, FL 32922-6472

Anne Rosenhagen 41W635 Silvana Dr Elgin, IL 60124-8370

Krystal Brown 3950 El Camino Ct Largo, FL 33771-2732

Daniela Hodge 10700 Fairhaven Way Orlando, FL 32825-7102

Merisa Wilson 3001 Sangamon St Steger, IL 60475-1044

Delora Kilbride PO Box 792 Pima, AZ 85543-0792

Ralph Ward 1828 Lawnwoods Dr Hinesville, GA 31313-9450

Linda Cobler 303 S 160th St Girard, KS 66743-2195

Cecilia Monsalvo 524 Birkes St South West City, MO 64863-9448

Charlotte Burke 706 Schenectady Ave Brooklyn, NY 11203-2221

Lizbeth Rivera A40 Calle Turqueza Cayey, PR 00736-4812

Melanie C Parker PO Box 1292 Eastville, VA 23347-1292

Devin Quigley 5427 Lowell Rd Everett, WA 98203-3902

Danielle Thompson S104W20986 Cindy Dr Muskego, WI 53150-9592


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Pr omoCode: PRFT201 6

Or der sShi pwi t hi n24Hour s Pr i nt edonpr emi um peel andst i ckl abel s Fr eshestnames, nev erov er sol d. Emai ldel i v er y av ai l abl e by r equest Ex cel , Tex t , CSV, PDFf or mat sav ai l abl e I ndust r yl eadi ngNoHassl er epl acementpol i cy

Uset heabov ecodeatht t p: / / www. amer i canmai l pr of i t s. net&sav e10% STARTPROFI TI NG NOW -CI RCLETHEBESTPACKAGEFORYOU

A) . 250Na mes -$ 35. 00 55. 00 B) . 500Na mes -$ 95. 00 C) . 1, 000Na mes-$ 150. 00 D) 2, 000Na mes-$ 350. 00 E ) 5, 000Na mes-$ $600. 00F ) 10, 000Na mesL i mi t edAv a i l a bl eea c hmont h Copyr i ght©2016.Al lRi ght sReser ved.Amer i canMai lPr of i t s

Name:________________________________________ Addr es s :_____________________________________ Ci t y ,St at e&Zi p:_____________________________ Emai l : _________________________________________ AmountEnc l os ed:____________Dat e: ____________ _ PaymentOpt i ons:Cash,MoneyOr derorCr edi tCar ds( onl i ne) Sor r y ,Wecannotacceptchecks.

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RE」案AB」E PR案N丁 AND F案RS丁C」ASS MA臆しSERV案CE Dea音ership Inc音uded害害 Ybur 8 1/2 x ll” circular printed and mailed first class to:



口250  □ $20.00

□ $40.00

□ 500  口$35.00

□ $70.00

□1,000 □$70.00

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口2,000 □$130.00

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□3,000 □$190.00

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□5,000 □$300.00

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With your orde+ yOu Wi‖ aiso receive a camera宴ready cj「cu書ar with your

name and add「ess set as the DたALE慮。 S冒mpiy print and mail as many as you wish。 Ail orde「s from your ma帥ngs wi‖ come directly to YOU because

you「 name is the oniy one on the circuIa格YOU KE即50% OF且ACH ORDER THAT ⊂OMES漢N TO YOU, Send us your customer! circuIa「 aiong With the baIance。 1 wi‖ take care of everything eIse"

AF丁ER THE F菓RS丁T漢ME。。。。萱 Yburown circularwi= be p「inted and mai看ed forjust HALFof the aIready看ow rate =sted above。 I need your repeat business -yOu Can be assu「ed l wi= distribute your circulars in the


Mail to: William T十oiano

342 Church St. S丁A丁E

Putnam, CT O6260

漢 ○ ○ 漢 書 賀 喜 喜 漢 書 漢 書 喜 喜

営 萱 S 漢 書 喜 ■ 喜 菓 寒 漢 書 漢 ■ 賀 漢

quantity ordered,看pe「sona看!y guarantee曲

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HOW TO GET RICH IN MAIL ORDER AND DIRECT MAIL (A Special Presentation by Avril Harper)

Module One The Magic of Mail Order and Direct Mail

How to Get Rich in Mail Order and Direct Mail Module One The Magic of Mail Order and Direct Mail

Contents Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mail Order and Direct Mail Big, Big Business Why This is the Worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Most Popular Business Introducing Mail Order Mass Market or Restricted Marketplace? History of Mail Order What Sells by Mail Order? Not Forgetting Direct Mail! Things You Can Not Sell By Mail Reasons for Buying by Mail Benefits to the Mail Order/Direct Mail Specialist Distinguishing Features of Mail Order and Direct Mail What You Can Earn Who Can Make Money in Mail Order? Can I Make Money Part-Time? What If I Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Have a Lot of Money to Invest? How to Copycat Successful Mail Order Operations How Fortunes Are Made in Mail Order Countdown to a Winning Formula A Selection of Popular Mail Order Products How to Locate Suitable Products Expanding Your Mail Order Business Why This is the Easiest, Most Likely Road to Riches Summary Recommended Reading Supplement - Glossary of Mail Order Terms


Welcome to the Wonderful World of Mail Order and Direct Mail Congratulations on taking the first step towards what could be the most important journey of your entire life. Not only have you decided to embark on potentially the most interesting and uniquely profitable venture of all, you have also chosen what is almost certainly the most durable, most economically sound, most recessionproof business. Mail order. And direct mail! Both businesses have existed for decades, and have grown to a point where mail order and direct mail are popular with almost every single entrepreneur, even those operating from high street premises or from large factory or office complexes. Mail order and direct mail will make any business more profitable, both expanding markets and making actual and prospective customers far easier and less costly to reach. Mail order ranks consistently as the most enjoyable, least risky, most likely route to riches for the ordinary individual, even without experience or capital to invest in the business. No doubt you’ve read the same promise time and time again, and perhaps you are sceptical. After all, doesn’t everyone know the highest profits go to people taking the biggest risks? Doesn’t money always go to money: the more you invest, the more you stand to gain? Isn’t that the way real business works? This course proves otherwise, showing how almost any individual with a little spare time and more than a modicum of determination can indeed earn a living in mail order (and direct mail) whether working part-time or full-time and without huge sums of capital to invest. This course shows how many of the world’s most successful mail order dealers (please use that term to encompass direct mail unless indicated to the contrary) began with one tiny classified ad. costing just a few pounds and went on to pyramid their profits into bigger and better marketing campaigns until eventually they were operating multi-million pound businesses - started on the proverbial shoestring!

Easy, Enjoyable Business! “ ..... unlike many, it (mail order) is a game unfettered with restrictions and qualifications - and for that reason it could be the best game in town. The opportunity for success is available to all. There is no distinction in terms of social background, job, or affluence. No particular skills are necessary, nor is education required ..... Play by the rules, follow the guidelines, meet the challenges squarely, and the only limit on how much you can earn is that which you set.” Melvin Powers ‘How to Grow Rich in Mail Order’.

Big, Big Business It’s almost impossible to estimate how much is sold by mail order or direct mail each year, given that a great deal of business is conducted by firms whose main business falls outside the traditional scope of mail order. Suffice to say mail order and direct mail are very big, accounting for a huge proportion of all purchases made in Britain, the United States, and the rest of the world, year after year, after year. Recently it was estimated that of 23 million households in Britain, more than 19 million include established mail order buyers. A very big market, and growing all the time!

A Business To Suit Almost Anyone Mail order attracts countless people year after year after year. Hardly surprising, says the U.S. government (America being the birthplace of modern mail order), adding: “With a little determination and sagacity, the average person can easily master the principles of selling by mail. A principal requirement is good common sense and a mind made up to build a business. ..... As well suited for women as for men. ..... Age only a secondary consideration. ..... Advanced schooling helpful, but not essential.”


A Fast Introduction to This Amazing Business!! Far from the bustle and throng of shops with their queues, busy streets, traffic jams, recessions and closing down sales, there’s a group of traders for whom business flourishes, though many will never see a customer, let alone process a transaction face-to-face. All dealings are carried out by post, with sometimes a telephone call being made to supplement the deal, or to convey some message between dealer and purchaser. This is mail order, widely accepted as one of the easiest of businesses to start, and certainly one of the few in which massive fortunes can still be made. Mail order is not an easy business, though for some it is a quick route to riches. Fast profits go to those determined to succeed, individuals who continually improve their efforts, and who strive always to better the quality of their service to customers. Mail order proves attractive to customers for many reasons, including that most things offered by mail are simply not available from shops or other retail outlets. For some, that sheer ease of buying by mail is sufficient to warrant repeat and continued custom. No queuing; no parking problems; no time wasted as you battle your way into town; and no travelling or parking costs once you get there. And as we have already said, all of this assumes that the customer can find the goods concerned in the shops. For many dedicated buyers by mail, the main reason for allegiance is one of excitement such as only mail order offers - once the order has been placed the customer sits back to eagerly await delivery. What do people buy by mail? The answer is ‘practically anything!’ Anything that is, which can be conveyed to customers from advertisements in publications or by letter as part of a direct marketing campaign. The items should also be light, to keep down costs of postage or whatever means of delivery. And so we find clothes, books, household items, and hobby items among the old favourites of mail order. Services too can be offered by mail, such as typesetting, stationery design, curriculum vitae and will production, freelance writing and copywriting, insurance, printing, circular mailing, and so on. For the dealer the benefits are numerous. It is surprisingly easy to make a good living in mail order, while allowing the individual to work from home, at his own pace, and selling whatever suits him best. Mail order is also a very easy business, offering high profits for sometimes little effort. It is also ironically, one of the main businesses abandoned by newcomers in their early days, simply as a result of disillusionment from promises of vast fortunes not coming to fruition. Everything becomes easier with experience, and even the big names in mail order admit to making massive and usually costly mistakes in their early days. Selling can take place by several methods, depending on the product itself, the price, cost of advertising in relation to product price, and the amount of information that must be conveyed to induce the individual to buy. Selling ‘Off-the-Page’ Here the item is described via advertising in appropriate publications, by means of display, or usually less costly lineage advertisements in classified sections. The reader is requested to send the price of the item advertised, following which the dealer will complete the transaction by fulfilling the order to the purchaser. The Two-Stage ‘Enquiry’ Method Selling involves placing an advertisement, briefly outlining the main features of what is on offer, and inviting the reader to write to the advertiser for further details. The dealer then sends out a sales circular for the item or service concerned, and in addition usually takes the opportunity to include circulars relating to other items available to the prospective customer.


Direct Mail Direct mail incorporates many of the features of the enquiry method, since the prospective customer is usually sent the very same circulars that would be provided using the enquiry method. But here the mail order operator is not merely promoting his wares through advertising; rather he or she sends mailshots (sales circulars) to names that hopefully represent fair targets for the items or services promoted. That mailing list might be the dealer’s own list; it might instead be one hired from a mailing list broker or perhaps a fellow trader. The importance of a good mailing list can never be over-estimated - it is the life blood of effective and profitable direct mail.

Why This is The World’s Most Popular Business ‘PLEASE FIND CHEQUE ENCLOSED’ - words you’ll read every day as a mail order or direct mail specialist. Or postal order, cash, maybe international money order. Whatever form it takes, this is a business that virtually guarantees cash going into your bank account every time the postman calls. Exciting to say the least! Mail order is one of the most lucrative businesses of all, having no doubt created more multi-million dollar fortunes than any other. It’s a business almost anyone can operate and make money from, regardless of capital, age, experience or qualifications. Mail order is also a business that can be started part-time from a corner of home and grow to whatever size you wish. The business can be operated locally, nationally, or expanded to reach any and every other part of the world. It really is up to you! Better still, mail order is a rapidly expanding business with lots of room for newcomers. Let me show you how to join them soon.

Start Small - Grow As Big As you Like! Mail order is one of few businesses that can be started on a kitchen table and grow into a multi-million pound empire in a very short time. This unique feature of the mail order business makes it an ideal ‘earn as you learn’ business, allowing newcomers to venture as much time and capital as they can afford on the business and later to splash out into more expensive, more complex marketing methods. However you look at it, mail order can make you rich. Maybe very rich indeed!

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is the fastest route to riches you’re ever likely to find, whether you operate entirely by mail or use the postal services as a means of expanding an existing retail business or other selling operation.

A New, More Enjoyable Lifestyle! Running your own successful business is so much more enjoyable and exciting than working for someone else. You make your own decisions, work where you like and when, while also reaping all of the profits. Earnings are determined purely by the amount of time and effort placed in your business, explaining why mail order and direct mail are regarded by most as the world’s greatest ‘numbers game’.


Introducing Mail Order Mail order - buying by post - has experienced rapid growth over the past few decades, particularly in the United States, and to a lesser degree in virtually all other parts of the world. Various titles are applied to mail order, including direct response, direct marketing, direct selling. To add to the confusion, the term ‘mail order’ is frequently applied purely to products sold through advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Others use the term to include leaflet drops, magazine inserts, selling through agents and direct mail. The newcomer need not concern himself with titles or descriptions at this stage. All will shortly become clear. Mail order is a business where customer and supplier rarely meet face-to-face, and where all transactions are carried out through the post, usually from advertisements placed by the mail order operator or from letters posted as part of a direct mail campaign. Direct mail, though having close similarities to mail order and normally operating alongside, is the process of sending letters - mailshots - to people who are or could be customers for your business. The term ‘mail order business’ is a misnomer. In fact, mail order is not a ‘business’ at all in the real sense of the word but rather a method of doing business, one which can apply to almost every other kind of business to a greater or lesser extent. Some firms operate entirely by mail, selling information products, for example, alongside thousands of common and more unusual products, the likes of collectors’ plates, investment opportunities, gimmicks and gadgets, office supplies, clothing and jewellery, and much, much more. Increasingly, personal services are promoted by mail, such as will-writing and curriculum vitae preparation, personalised books, money-lending and financial advisory services. Conversely, for some firms mail order represents just a tiny segment of the overall marketing strategy. So, the high-class designer clothing salon in London’s Bond Street might also market through catalogues to new and established customers, in the same way firms like Littlewoods and Grattan have been doing for many years. The firm of solicitors in a small remote village might target countless customers for its will-writing service and the artist specialising in animal portraits might solicit customers via leading pet lovers’ magazines or from advertisements on noticeboards in veterinary surgeries all over the country. For more remote clients the artist might work from photographs of the pet while those closer to home are painted from life. These advertisements show the enormous range of goods and services which can be sold by mail order and direct mail, either in total or as part of a much wider marketing strategy.

Selection of Advertisements from U.S. Mail Order Magazines -5-

More U.S. Mail Order Magazines (This time illustrating the power of small classified ads. and larger display advertising)


Main Features of Mail Order •

All transactions are carried out by mail or telephone and buyer and seller rarely meet face-toface.

Payment usually passes before the order is dispatched.

The customer is asked to buy products without seeing or touching them.

The effectiveness of a mail order campaign can be accurately measured and future profits predicted with reasonable accuracy.

What Mail Order IS, Or ISN’T, But Who Cares? Mail order is a generic term used to describe almost any business utilising the postal services to a greater or lesser extent. So, if you work from home, never meeting a customer, and you market your products via press advertisements inviting people to send money for your goods or to enquire for further information from which to decide whether to buy, you are in the mail order business. If you write letters to past customers, telling them about new goods and services, or updates to existing products, you are in the mail order business (more specifically direct mail). If you normally sell direct to the public, from a market stall, shop or through agents calling door-to-door, while occasionally advertising for new business or contacting previous customers by mail, you are in the mail order business. If once in a while you send a press release, informing editors and publishers of changes to your business and inviting readers to contact you for more detailed information you are in the mail order business. If you’ve ever written a letter to an editor, or a book, or produced a series of articles about your business, or you have appeared on television to increase public awareness of your business and to invite people to write for more information, you are in the mail order business. Each time you’ve placed a leaflet on a noticeboard or under windscreen wipers, or one of your leaflets has been distributed to passers-by in a busy thoroughfare, with the intention of soliciting enquiries by post, you are in the mail order business. Each time you post a notice on the Internet, inviting enquirers to respond by traditional (snail) mail or direct to your e-mail box, you are in the mail order business!!!!

Are YOU In the Mail Order Business - Yet?



Others in the Business ‘How to Get Rich in Mail Order’ asks: “What do Parker Pen Co., Greyhound Corporation, Quaker Oats Co, International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation and General Mills Inc. have in common? Each is in the mail order business! Parker Pen sells clothing by mail; Greyhound, gifts; Quaker Oats, yarn; IT & T, seeds, and General Mills, stamps, coins and dresses. Those are some of the surprising competitors in the mail order industry, according to a recent report by Maxwell Sroge Company Inc.” *************

Mass Market or Restricted Marketplace? There are firms selling to anyone and everyone, offering goods virtually everybody needs, such as food and clothing, household items and giftware. Yet others concentrate on limited markets, normally niche sectors for which buyers are generally few but very concentrated. Niche marketing means targeting a smaller pool of potential and actual buyers, individuals and companies with shared interests, who can be easily targeted en masse. For example, food interests everyone and is a good example of a general market where buyers can be targeted as a group. Fishing and entering consumer competitions attract far fewer devotees than food (which actually includes everyone), these being niche markets which, although smaller, share very similar interests and have roughly similar buying habits. So, although everyone needs food, individual tastes will vary and, given that so very many food products exist, the likelihood of capturing a market with one specific product is very remote. Unlike people interested in consumer competitions, whose devotees require ongoing supplies of entry forms and information on competitions. These are prime candidates for most products to interest competitions addicts. A niche market offering huge potential, immensely easy to target, incredibly easy to sell to! Julian Simons tackles niche markets on numerous occasions in ‘How to Start and Run a Mail Order Business’, calling them ‘limited markets’ and revealing: “Another example of a limited market is that of Lee Mountain, who from his base in the little town of Pisgah, Alabama, has been buying and selling used correspondence school courses and educational books since 1919. You can find his little classified advertisements in the classified columns of many such magazines as ‘Popular Science and Sports Afield’. Limited market mail order businesses need not be small in size. I. L. Bean has been selling hunting, camping and fishing equipment by mail for 65 years. In 1985 the firm had a list of 1,649,159 customers who had purchased something from them in the previous years, and it had grossed many tens of millions of dollars.” Ray Berry of ‘Ray Berry Direct’ publishes a uniquely valuable marketing newsletter, concentrating on the many facets of selling, mail order included. Talking of niche markets, where sellers target fewer individuals, usually as a group, he tells the tale of an ace pilot during the Korean War. Focusing on finding the exact market for your goods and services, Berry suggests even those not actually selling something but still needing to reach a precise audience, a captive audience, one that can be targeted en masse, can learn much from the pilot. “He (the pilot) had shot down more planes than any other pilot in the air force. When he was asked about this feat of courage and skill, he denied that either courage or skill had anything to do with it. “What I do”, he said, “is to pick out the enemy pilots at the back (a group) who are flying as though they are having a bad day, or engine trouble or whatever (shared interest), then I just pick them off.” Better things are still to come as Berry says when the pilot is questioned on the day he accounted for twelve planes. “Surely they weren’t all having engine trouble?” someone asks. “No”, says the pilot, “they weren’t. That particular day I came across their airfield by chance and I shot them all on the ground.” A perfect anecdote to explain the vital importance of challenging a group with shared interests, a niche market, by searching a way to reach them en masse (usually via a magazine or specific mailing list) and hitting them all in one go!


History of Mail Order Although mail order was probably conceived in line with developments in printing and postal services over many centuries, the first real mail order operation was probably in England, in the mid-seventeenth century, when a firm selling plants and garden supplies decided to list its wares, in a catalogue, which would be promoted through newspapers and magazines of the day and distributed via the growing national - later international - postal services.

Big Oaks from Tiny Acorns Grow! Father of modern mail order and direct mail was probably Richard Sears who, late in the nineteenth century, found himself weighed down with a huge hoard of pocket watches and few interested buyers in his home town of North Redwood, Minnesota. Sears, a telegraph operator, decided to offer the watches, by letter, to others in the railroad business. Then 20,000 people! From there the young man went on to establish one of the most successful mail order operations of all time - Sears and Roebuck - and within ten years was turning over more than $50 million a year.

From humble beginnings the Sears/Roebuck partnership developed all over the United States, until now the company mails many millions of catalogues worldwide. Unlike earlier times, the company takes more than ninety per cent of orders by telephone, rather than mail. The business is changing fast, but for the better! Today mail order is much bigger than even its inventors contemplated, encompassing not only advertising in magazines and newspapers, direct mail to enquirers and established customers, but also including tele-sales, marketing on the Internet, worldwide selling through agents, promoting through press release and product review, international trading through import/export, and more. From tiny acorns a huge, perhaps the biggest of all selling methods has grown. Among the most successful mail order companies one finds a host of catalogue giants, the likes of Great Universal, Freemans, Grattan, Janet Frazer. Or smaller, but just as profitable (to owners, agents and distributors), The Wyvern Business Library, Amway, alongside hundreds more. Some, having existed just a few decades, are every bit as profitable as others with many more years in business. Mail order is unique, mail order is immensely profitable, mail order is here to stay. Plenty of room exists for others to enter this uniquely profitable business, even if sceptics suggest otherwise.

Famous Last Words!!!!!!! Of course it is not so easy to succeed in the mail order business now (1900), as it was a few years ago, when there was much less competition. This is especially true in case the business is started and conducted along the same lines as followed by scores of other mail dealers.” (Source: Principles of the Mail Order Business by Arthur E. Swett, published by Swett Publishers in 1900)

What Sells by Mail Order? Not Forgetting Direct Mail! They say almost anything can be sold through the mail, even products which can not be posted, such as houses and other properties, a Costa Rican rainforest, a disused underground bunker (location lost in time), stair lifts, cars, pets, university degrees, cans of London Smog, tins filled with holes from Polo mints, pieces of the Berlin Wall, and so much more. Despite mail order’s long and illustrious history, only recently have entire books and newsletters been dedicated to listing products and services available by post as well as firms from which to buy. One of the best: ‘The Virgin Home Shopping Handbook’ says, unsurprisingly:


“The boom in home shopping has resulted in hundreds of new mail order companies. Now you can buy virtually anything by mail, from clothes and computers, food and wine, perfume and pet care products, to toys and garden tools, cosmetics and car accessories, hi-fi and kitchenware. Many items undercut high street prices.” (Source: The Virgin Home Shopping Handbook by Noelle Walsh and Richard McBrien, published by Virgin Books. ISBN: 0 86369 0 0). The book is invaluable not only to people wanting to buy by mail but also for you, in deciding what to sell in your mail order business. From the book the list includes: Accessories and Jewellery Art and Art Materials Automotive Baby Products Books (including personalised books, collectables, book-binding) Charities Clothes Collectables Computers DIY Supplies Electrical Appliances Electronics Flowers and Chocolates Food and Drink Footwear Furniture Gadgets Gardening General Gifts

Health and Beauty Hobbies and Crafts Home Jewellery Kitchenware Luggage Museums Musical Instruments Office Equipment Optical Outdoor (including Camping) Pets Photographic Recordings Software Sports Equipment Sportswear Stationery Toys Travel Watches and Clocks

Note: Make this book essential reading even if just for the sheer wealth of unusual mail order products contained within those generic categories.

If It Can Be Sold, It Can Be Sold By Mail! “It is important that when you think about possibilities for your mail order business, you should not restrict yourself to those products narrowly thought of as ‘mail order products’. Remember that there is some truth in the old saying that ‘if it can be sold, it can be sold by mail’. And if you already have a business of your own of almost any kind, you should consider doing some of your business by mail order.” Julian Simon, How to Start and Run a Mail Order Business.

Silly, and Even Sillier Things to Sell By Mail An American living in England looked for something unusual to market back in the United States and ventured on English parking tickets as a novelty gift for the American driver who has everything! Even odder items are sold by mail, especially in the United States (home of Pet Rocks and Cabbage Patch Dolls), but as yet these items are largely unknown outside America. For example: For Romantics Mistletoe Love Seeds (you plant them and watch them grow). Promoters say the faster and more attractive they are the stronger and more passionate your love will become.

- 10 -

Cans Of L.A. Smog Southern California Sunshine London Fog Londonderry Air Tea from Boston Harbour Dirt from the OK Corral

Pieces Of The Hollywood Hills The Grand Canyon Rock from Plymouth Rock Red Tape (Say it comes from Washington) Central Park, New York

Things You Can Not Sell By Mail Counterfeit Currency and Stamps Flammable Liquids Flammable Solids Illegal Drugs Illegal Substances, including threatening letters, counterfeit currency and stamps Matches Obscene and Offensive Materials Paints, Varnishes, Enamels, etc. Pathological Specimens (eg. blood, urine) unless by authorised senders, such as doctors, veterinary surgeons, etc. Poisons, unless by authorised sender In fact the list is much longer and largely irrelevant to the genuine mail order dealer. However, it makes sense to know what you can and can not do before establishing your mail order venture. Pick up a copy of ‘Prohibited & Restricted Goods’ from any Post Office.

Reasons for Buying by Mail •

Sometimes goods can be purchased by mail for less than they might cost in the shops if, indeed, they are available at all in the high street. Assuming quality is similar, lower prices are usually associated with traditionally lower overheads, or frequently because the mail order dealer enjoys a monopoly over certain popular lines.

Makes buying easy for the customer: it’s quick and easy, there’s no need to make your way into town, no looking for parking spaces and no time wasted looking or queuing for the things you need. According to Joe Karbo, author of ‘The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches’: “It’s a lot easier to clip a coupon, make up a check (cheque), and stick it in the mailbox than drive to a store, find a parking space, and try to get a clerk’s attention.”

Easier access to hobby and special interest items which might have limited appeal in local or regional markets. Examples here include collectors’ items like stamps and coins, memorabilia and souvenirs, limited editions, craftwork materials, craftworkers’ newsletters, etc.

Gives access to goods which might not be on sale locally. No matter where he lives, if the customer has access to a post box he can buy goods from all over the world.

Serves customers unable or reluctant to purchase from traditional outlets, including the disabled and housebound, aged or infirm, parents of very young children, people living in remote areas, carers, and so on.

Compensates for loneliness and isolation. Sadly, sometimes a guarantee that someone will call - the postman - is an incentive to place the order.

Removes some of the embarrassment involved when making specific purchases or asking for a refund. Consequently, personal items sell very well by mail, including: marital aids, girlie magazines, dating and marriage services, some cosmetics, and so on. And, if you have to return your purchase, for whatever reason, there’s no face-to-face confrontation with a disgruntled salesman and no holding up queues of hurried shoppers.

- 11 -

Benefits to the Mail Order/Direct Mail Specialist •

Unlimited marketplace

Wider choice of goods and services to sell

No need to stockpile

Testing can establish likely interest in a product before the trader commits himself to high capital outlay for stock

No special business premises required

Can be operated part-time or full-time, or in whatever spare time is available, meaning the operator can learn - and earn - as he goes along

Needs minimum capital, just enough for a few test advertisements or a sample mailshot

Anyone can start and run a mail order business, regardless of age, experience and with very little starting capital

Running costs are usually low.

Distinguishing Features of Mail Order and Direct Mail Not uncommonly, one finds the terms ‘mail order’ and ‘direct mail’ used interchangeably, almost as if they were the same. In fact they are not the same: each has characteristics all of its own, yet both feature prominently in the distance selling process. Mail order and direct mail are entirely different, while being ‘sister’ businesses and arguably ‘different sides of the same coin’. This is how to tell them apart if, indeed, you ever need to do so! •

Mail order relies on customers purchasing products off-the-page or requesting further information as in the two-stage or enquiry method. Recipients of direct mail packages have not asked to see the information provided, in many cases this might be their first contact with you.

By buying or requesting further information from an advertisement, an individual has already convinced himself his purchase is likely to benefit him. In direct mail, you must convince the recipient that he has a need which your product can fill.

Traditional advertising deals with a restricted market, limited by readership and the fact that in general interest publications, many readers have no interest at all in the product or service you promote. To illustrate, if you advertise dog food in a publication read by a wide target audience, it’s reasonable to assume not all will be interested in dogs. The situation is much different for specialist publications where most readers share a common interest, like hobbies, political beliefs, profession, and so on. Conversely, direct mail can be targeted at clearly defined groups, people who have been identified as having common characteristics of importance to what you offer. So, if you buy a mailing list of solicitors, you can market something entirely suitable to them, such as a law book. If the common characteristic is making money, you might have a mailing list of opportunity seekers who are a good target for your latest business plan.

In traditional advertising, your target audience is a faceless quantity. You do not know who they are or where they live, and you can not guarantee to reach them even with repeat advertising.

- 12 -

Direct mail, on the other hand, allows you to communicate with the very same people again and again, as often as you like. With most lists, you can also learn a great deal more about your prospect than their membership of a particular group. Customer profiles are usually available, indicating relevant characteristics such as age, buying patterns, socio-economic status, and so on. •

Traditional advertising frequently depends on one-off sales and some sellers rarely contact their customers again. Direct mail is very different and can generate a wonderful source of customers for repeat mailings.

What You Can Earn Profits are limited only by the time, energy and enthusiasm you devote to your business, depending on whether you work part-time or full-time, in local, national or international markets. With a little experience anyone can make a comfortable living from mail order. But you don’t need to be content with a reasonable standard of living and, as your business develops, you’ll find better ways to market your products; more exciting, more profitable products to offer your customers; wider markets to utilise your resources. In time, you’ll develop an instinct about what makes a winning product and what is the best way to market it.

Who Can Make Money in Mail Order? Can I Make Money Part-time? What If I Don’t Have a Lot of Money to Invest? Mail order is ideal for starting part-time, learning the ropes, developing your own trading and operating styles, and later branching out into longer hours, maybe full-time. The best advice to newcomers, especially those without capital to invest, is to start small, perhaps with just one item or a limited range of items. Test your product with a series of small advertisements or by sending out a few thousand mailshots. Reinvest the profits and repeat the advertisements until they cease to be costeffective. Increase the size of your mailshots gradually, to as many as you can handle, always testing a portion before rolling out to the entire list. In fact, being part-time or even working spare-time can have positive benefits as Julian Simons says: “It is usually wise to start part-time. Mail order is a rough, tough business, and you can’t learn it overnight. Learning will be much less painful if your livelihood, and that of your family, doesn’t depend on your immediate success. And you have an advantage if you start part-time. As you will learn later, one of the important skills in mail order is to be able to move fast on the basis of skimpy evidence. Part-time operators don’t need to move so fast, and therefore they can move more surely. Their slower pace helps keep them from making wrong and expensive guesses.”

How to Copycat Successful Mail Order Operations The best way to learn about mail order is by studying people who have already made it big themselves in this fascinating business, primarily those who have authored books about the mail order business. Some have permanent pride of place in my own business reference library, most of which are mentioned in this course. # Proving how prosperous a home-grown mail order business can become US reporter Mary Daniels says in the ‘Daily News’: “Queen of mail-order catalogs started in the kitchen, ended up in the millions ..... Catalogs have become favored forums for late 20th-century shopping sprees, and while some catalogs specialize in luxury items, glitzy clothes, shoes, even customer cars and exotic pets - the Lillian Vernon catalog offers about 150 pages of answers to that seemingly impossible quest - finding clever, memorable but inexpensive gift items rarely seen in shopping malls anymore.”

- 13 -

The story tells how Lillian Vernon - real name Katz - started a mail order business, literally from her own kitchen table, originally marketing just one item, a monogrammed purse belt. The article says Katz’ exceptional talent lies in merchandising, selecting, pricing and photographing more than 3,000 items offered each year. Katz oversees every aspect of this activity in seven editions of the 50 million catalogues the company produces. In a couple of years the firm’s mail order sales reached $100,000,000, with a staff of 300 people, rising to 1,000 at peak times. #

Being different - creating a ‘USP’ - is what most mail order fortunes are attributed to. In California, a swimwear company, called ‘Just Bikinis’ began marketing their outfits offering different sized tops and bottoms, based on their understanding that very few women are of standard size. The company began selling mix-and-match bikinis off-the-page through display advertisements in national consumer magazines, mainly targeted at a younger audience with a median age of 29. Within a few years, Just Bikinis developed a list of 15,000 repeat buyers who purchased on average between $45 and $50. Its mail order business doubled in size in just one year, and expanded two-and-a-half times during the next twelve months.

# The ‘Los Angeles Times’ calls our next case study ‘the 63-year-old King of Passion Fashion’, who, “started his own business in a cubbyhole in New York in 1946, ‘damn near went broke’, moved to California a year later, and eventually owned a business with an annual turnover of some $28,000,000”. Frederick Mellinger was the founder, president and chairman of ‘Frederick’s of Hollywood’, and attributes his success to “paying close attention to the world’s best designers, reading their comments, discussing their ideas, analyzing their strategies, inspecting their creations and, then, ignoring it all.” Calling it all nonsense, Mellinger dedicated his business to making women feel ‘sex-sational’, more beautiful than they ever dreamed possible. Mellinger ignored fashion trends, and concentrated on women themselves, declaring that being different was the key to his own success. With that commitment, his business, started in a tiny cubbyhole, eventually sold through 115 stores in 30 states alongside seven million catalogues mailed to customers all over the United States. Despite the fact the firm sells through so many retail outlets, including its own on Hollywood Boulevard, the founder says: “We make more money on our mail order side because we’re working out of one overhead place. It is far more profitable than our stores.” # The ‘Des Moines Register’ recalls the story of two men who ‘parlayed’ $1,200 in cash into a mail order business selling pipe tobacco to thousands of smokers all across the United States as well as through scores of retail outlets in their home state of Iowa. The most surprising thing about ‘Tobacco Outlet’ is that it doesn’t advertise. It has established a multi-million dollar business purely through referrals and repeat business, meaning the firm’s overheads are uniquely low and profits surprisingly high. The partners developed their business based on experience gained from working in the tobacco industry over several decades. When they decided to market their own blends of tobacco and smoking accessories, they simply tapped into a captive audience of previous contacts with their earlier employers. The business started with a simple letter from one of the partners to previous contacts, telling them he had left his previous employment to start his own business, and including a pamphlet and order form for his new venture. The orders came in thick and fast and the couple have never looked back, despite the fact that planning for the business was almost nonexistent. “I didn’t plan a market like that”, one partner says about the business, “I just planned on selling a few things by mail order and it just mushroomed.” # A similar story is told by two Oregon farmers, named Harry and David, who established their own mail order business selling fruits, cakes, preserves and related items. Their ‘Fruit-of-theMonth’ plan proved particularly popular - and profitable - largely, the couple say, due to the folksy little notes included with the baskets. The notes are apparently written by David, who

- 14 -

says: “Harry and I grow our own fruit, bake our own cakes, put up our own preserves - even our baskets are woven by hand.” The couple aim for a friendly, homely feel to their business. According to one of their customers, recorded in a major US daily: “You get the feeling they are really nice guys.” The lady was recalling how she had received an immediate acknowledgement of her orders and even a long distance call from the company questioning a minor problem concerning the intended recipient’s name. This tiny, home-town appearance of the business is entirely fictitious, but not obviously so to customers. Harry and David’s original orchard existed on a 23-acre complex, from which the firm mailed out 77 million catalogues a year, generating £60,000,000 turnover. Another major reason for the couple’s success was in capitalising on holiday and gift occasions, real and fictitious. Harry and David found sales of their gift baskets increased phenomenally at Christmas and Easter. So much so, the couple began exploiting other seasonal events, discovering that Valentine’s Day brought countless orders for a new line in fruit and candy baskets. The secret of their huge success - the originators died long ago - was not in the products they sold, but in the way they were marketed. Unusual marketing methods and the homeliness of their operation were the key to Harry and David’s success. #

Recent articles in ‘Home Business’ and ‘Great Ideas’ reported the magnificent success of exteacher David Pearson who decided to leave teaching to start his own mail order business, publishing books targeted towards teachers. His idea for the business stemmed from his own fruitless search for books needed to implement the proposals of the National Curriculum initiated in the late 1980s. He soon found the books he wanted did not exist. To cut a long story short, David set to writing the books he needed himself and found it worked. The children were impressed and his colleagues started asking where they could buy copies for themselves. At this stage David began wondering just how many other craft and design technology teachers might be interested in his work. He decided to find out, using direct mail. “It was the simplest mailing you can imagine”, David reported in one major magazine, “just one colour leaflet and an order form in a plain envelope addressed to the headteacher.” Simple it might have been, but it generated enough orders to outdo most direct marketing professionals. In fact, he says: “Quite honestly, the response was tremendous. I suddenly knew I had discovered a major gap in the market.” David left teaching in 1990 and today he is a highly successful publisher of teaching materials for primary and middle schools. In the space of six years he has set up his own company, ‘ST Books’, which now commissions new titles from other writers as well as publishing David’s own work. “I’ve found a successful formula”, he says, “and I’m staying with it. This business has been built by direct mail. That’s how I reach my market. That’s how I sell - you can’t buy my books any other way except through the post.”

# A very unusual product developed and manufactured in the north east of England is now being marketed all over the world. ‘Pickled People’ was started by Bill Foggon, whose idea came to him while he was off sick from his earlier profession as a driving instructor. ‘Pickled People’ are simply stuffed tights with faces drawn on them and packed into jars. From one or two simple novelties, Bill’s company now boasts a huge range of subjects including Pickled Grandmas, Pickled Policeman, even Pickled Bums in Jars. Bill describes his product as ‘Charming little faces, full of character, staring out of their jars at you and raising smiles from everyone who views them.” His idea is unusual and profitable too, and ideally suited to selling by mail. Over 100,000 individual items have been sold over the last four years, reaching places as far away as Italy and Singapore, The Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. From humble beginnings the firm enjoys an annual turnover of around $100,000 and reports that growing interest in its products has meant over 30 part-time staff have had to be employed to produce over 4,000 items a day. Bill has proved what all successful mail order professionals know - choose an unusual product, invent one if you can, and the world really is your oyster!

- 15 -


Larry Newhouse and his wife Madeline started selling costume jewellery from their kitchen table with a $1,500 investment. During the day Larry was a salesman selling jewellery. In the evening he made up orders in his basement. Five years later the sales of their firm, House of Camelot, were over $3 million annually.


Three years ago (early 1990s), B. Claussen was looking for a swing set for her two children. “We quickly found there was no single local place we knew of where we could buy good swings” she said. Not only was there a limited selection of sets at area stores, but those that were being offered were of poor quality and too expensive. So on top of her full-time job with the federal government, Claussen decided to become an independent mail order dealer for two swing-set manufacturers, operating out of her home. “We had a phone and a post office box - that was all.” Today, Claussen’s part-time venture has grown so much that Turtle Park Toys sells not only swing sets but also a wide variety of educational toys, promoted in a 32-page catalogue. Business - which is now ‘well into six figures’ - has increased so much that Claussen has had to move the operation from her home to a small three-room office on Wisconsin Avenue.


An article in ‘DM News’ bearing the headline ‘Mail Order Bicycle Firm with $1,000 Start-Up Grossed $6.5 Million in Last Fiscal Year’, reports how an advertising man who enjoyed bicycling decided to invest $1,000 in an attempt to convert his hobby into a profitable mail order business. The resulting company, now Nashbar Associates Inc., grossed $6.3 million in the last fiscal year (9 years after starting the operation) and the firm anticipates sales to jump to $7.5 million for the coming fiscal year.”

How Fortunes Are Made in Mail Order Fast fortunes are not that uncommon in mail order. Remember tales of Cabbage Patch Dolls, Pet Rocks and information products like ‘The Government Auction Handbook’ and ‘How to Claim Free Land and Property’. Generally speaking several factors determine whether a fast fortune is possible, being: • Products and services that are uniquely new. • Products, services and marketing methods that grab and hold the attention of hundreds, thousands, even millions of consumers long enough for the original dealer to scoop the greatest share of the market. • Products and services offering very high mark up. What is the greatest secret of getting rich fast in mail order or direct mail? Probably that you can start small, with just enough capital for a budget ad. or test mailshot, from which you pyramid your profits into bigger and better promotions. Remember the double your money concept mentioned in the introductory module of this course? In fact, some advertisements and mailshots more than double their investment, hastening the pyramiding concept. Let’s look again at the double-your-money concept, just to show and prove the amazing potential of mail order and direct mail.

Multiply Your Profits Today, Tomorrow, This Month, Next Month Remember the tale of the British direct response specialist who selected workers only from those who understood the powerful double-your-money-every-day principle of mail order and direct mail? The simple truth is you can double your money every day, though you wouldn’t start with a penny, any more than you might want to constantly mail out millions of mailshots each week. But, look how fast and efficiently 1p accumulates in the space of less than one month and, more realistically how $40* invested in a 100 size mailshot quickly accumulates enough profits to enable mailouts of 20,000** or so in nine fast moves.

- 16 -

1p ... 2p ... 4p ... 8p ... 16p ... 32p ... 64p ... $1.28 ... $2.56 ... $5.12 ... $10.24 ... $20.48 ... * $40.96 ... $81.92 ... $163.84 ... $327.68 ... $655.36 ... $1,310.72 ... $2,621.44 ... $5,242.88 ... $10,485.76 ** ... $20,971.52 ... $41,943.04 ... $83,886.08 ... $167,772.16 ... $335,544.32 ... $671,088.64 ... $1,342,177.28!

Countdown to a Winning Formula Perhaps the greatest secret of success in mail order is to have an exclusive product, something most people want and which they are prepared to buy. More importantly the product should be something offering high profit margins and preferably repeat order potential. Truly successful operators study the market first searching for a specific as yet unsatisfied demand for a product available only from them. Not easy, but well worth the effort trying to find. Many amazing stories are told of mail order dealers finding a market for items only they can supply, and just as many tales of firms actually creating demand where none existed previously. Deodorant is one such example which few people thought they needed until the media convinced them otherwise. Today, what self-respecting man or woman would start the day without the obligatory sweet-smelling, odoureating spray? It’s important to distinguish between actual and manufactured demand in determining what the public wants to buy against another product for which demand is low, even non-existent. For example, most families keep pets - there’s a genuine demand for cute little puppy dogs and wide-eyed kittens. No-one has to work hard to convince families to buy the kind of animals which are a common feature of most people’s lives. Much greater skills and powers of persuasion were required by Gary Dahl, the man who convinced millions of people all over the world to relinquish feline and canine pets in favour of a less demanding, less costly variety, a pet no-one had seen before and which hardly anyone wanted prior to Dahl manufacturing a very real and widespread need for the unusual pet. The Pet Rock - literally a piece of rock with hand-drawn features - took the world by storm and earned millions for its creator. Features of the ‘perfect’ mail order product, namely one from which your fortune might grow: 1)

Product appeal. Your product should appeal to as many people as possible, regardless of sex, age, class or creed.


It must be lightweight, portable and durable. Otherwise fulfilment costs will eat too heavily into your profits.


It should offer a mark-up of three to ten times its production and fulfilment costs.


You should have exclusive control over the product, either by manufacturing it yourself or by gaining sole marketing rights from its owner.


Supplies must be reliable, ongoing and quick to access. It is illegal to offer a product for sale where you do not have sufficient stock available to cope with demand and where you do not have easy access to further supplies.


Follow-up sales should be possible in the form of repeat purchase of the same product, or of items which are complimentary to the original product. This includes products which are quickly used and in need of constant replenishment.


There must be demand - preferably high and unlimited - for the product.


The market must be easy and inexpensive to reach.


Value for money.


The product must be legal or the authorities will soon put you out of business.


All-year buying potential.

- 17 -

A Selection of Proven Mail Order Products •

Books and information products, especially ‘how to’ and self-improvement titles, correspondence courses, business opportunities manuals and moneymaking blueprints.

Natural cures and treatments, including smoking cures, diet aids, herbal and traditional remedies.

Private products for men and women, including slimming garments, anti-ageing products, marital aids and contraceptives.



Fads and gimmicks, including Pet Rocks, Cabbage Patch Dolls, title deeds to minute pieces of land and fake university degrees.

How to Locate Suitable Products •

Invent or design your own. Think of something unique, like Pet Rocks or Cabbage Patch Dolls. Or do as a friend of ours and capitalise on some major event, like the demolition of the Berlin Wall which found him rushing to Germany to pick up pieces which were then broken up, reshaped, framed and sold all over the world.

Buy selling rights. Think about buying exclusive rights from the inventor or manufacturer.

Copycat. Copy whatever proves profitable for the opposition, being careful not to breach copyright or other legal protection. Be careful though, and remember that your competitors might have years of experience which makes it easy for them to market the product. As always, test your product and market before committing yourself to high outlay. To imitate successfully: look for repeat advertisements, look for shortfalls and flaws in profitable products where you can initiate subtle changes, or create new uses for the product.

Expanding Your Mail Order Business Expansion can take several different forms, from employing staff of your own to enlisting outside help, such as advertising agencies, copywriters, mailing and fulfilment houses. Other ways to expand include looking for new, related items to add to your product range or by branching out into completely new fields of mail order. For example, if you have previously published business books and manuals, you might consider adding distance-learning courses or audio tapes to your range. Or you might opt for unrelated areas - list broking, running an advertising agency, copywriting or selling imported seasonal gifts and novelties to new and established customers. Developing an existing mail order business can simply be a case of attempting to reach new customers or expanding into untapped markets, including overseas. Simple ways to reach a wider marketplace at little extra cost include: selling through agents, arranging leaflet drops or having the Royal Mail do blanket mailings for you in selected areas. More tips to help you grow fast in mail order and direct mail: •

Learn all you can about the mail order business: from books, newsletters and trade publications; from careful study of your competitors, by analysing reasons for other people’s successes and failures. Look for ideas for products and marketing methods overseas which can be incorporated into your business.

Add to your product range as soon as you can. Careful testing is vital and, generally speaking, you should start by adding related products or any with mass appeal which can be sold through brochures or catalogues.

Delegate work to others, freeing you to concentrate on more important matters.

- 18 -

Why This is the Easiest, Most Likely Road to Riches The mail order business is one of the most exciting, most profitable, most immensely enjoyable ventures anyone can start. Money you can make from the business could so easily be more than you ever dreamed possible. More than most businesses, profits earned in mail order are directly related to the time and effort you commit to the venture. I’ve so often heard mail order called ‘a numbers game’, meaning the more advertisements you place, the more direct mailshots you process, the more products you offer customers, the higher your profits will eventually be. In ‘How to Get Rich in Mail Order’, mail order guru Melvin Powers says: “Like most businesses, the world of mail order is one in which there is a direct correlation between what you are prepared to put into it and what you will eventually take away from it. But unlike many, it is a game unfettered with restrictions and qualifications - and for that reason it could be the best game in town. The opportunity for success is available to all. There is no distinction in terms of social background, job, or affluence. No particular skills are necessary nor is education required.” As for any successful business, the prime catalyst is motivation, a desire to succeed and a belief in your own abilities.



Mail order - and direct mail - the most likely route to riches for firms operating entirely by mail and others for whom selling through the post comprises just a small part of their overall selling portfolio.


Many very successful mail order and direct mail firms have been started on a shoestring, including many in Britain alone. The secret is to plough profits back into bigger, better campaigns and keep on doing so until your business is operating at full steam.


Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and some organisational flair can be successful in mail order. All it takes is patience, understanding of customers’ needs, and the courage to back one’s own convictions - including investing money - to introduce and market the product as quickly as possible. Before someone else beats you to it!


Many of the world’s biggest mail order and direct mail companies started from a kitchen table. Many still operate that way many years into their existence.


Mail order and direct mail, though the terms are used almost interchangeably, are actually very different concepts. However, most firms involved in one eventually expand into the other, operating both side-by-side according to which products are most suitable for a particular marketing method at any point in time.


Many excellent products available in the United States are not currently sold in Britain. The successful operator will keep his - or her - eye on what’s happening abroad with a view to introducing competing products to the domestic market.

- 19 -

Ads. That Stand the Test of Time Old adverts never die, they just keep getting better. And more profitable. The fact is, there really is nothing new in mail order. Things change, of course, but the essence of most successful products continues through the decades. Witness these ads. from 1930’s magazines, one offering homework opportunities, another advertising a short training course in shorthand, the other promoting a homestudy course in advertising. Much the same things are being offered today, by different firms, and promoted in different ways, targeted at different people, and at different prices to those asked yesterday! A very successful colleague in the mail order business tells me he makes a big thing of sifting out old magazines and newspapers at flea markets and car boot sales from which to source ideas for products and advertising methods. “I always have something different to what others are promoting”, he says! Which I can well believe!

Products That Stand the Test of Time Just as old adverts never die, there are products which also keep on selling year after year, decade after decade. Stamps and vintage postcards, alongside numerous items of interest to collectors, represent just two such products. Other perennial favourites include clothing and craftwork items (look in old magazines and you’ll see much the same sewing and tapestry kits being sold today), woodworking templates, competition entry forms and solutionist services, pet accessories, and much, much more besides. To prove the profitablity of some of these items let me tell you I once traded in collectors’ stamps and vintage postcards and made a wonderful living at flea markets and collectors’ fairs, as well as by mail, before I decided to sell exclusively information products. One of my biggest ever successes was in selling collectors’ stamps, although mine were the ten a penny variety which can be picked up in huge bagfuls for just a few pounds each (that is a couple of pounds each for bags full of stamps, not individual stamps themselves). The secret of selling stamps was to target a niche market (easy here, it’s simply stamp collectors) and to find a way of reaching them at reasonable cost. At the time ‘Exchange and Mart’ was offering free advertisements to the public. I placed a free ad. every week offering my list of surplus collectibles (genuinely mine as I had not decided to go into business yet). I asked people to write for my list and hundreds did. In less than no time I had a mailing list of hundreds of collectors, mainly of stamps, who purchased huge quantities of my surplus collectibles. So much so, I began buying stamps for resale, which were listed in a monthly newsletter to my very own, freely obtainable, mailing list. It lasted for years and developed to a point where I could not cope with selling stamps alongside my more recent interest in writing and selling information products. But it shows how items costing a tiny fraction of one penny each, when sorted and displayed in small approvals books or detailed in a regular newsletter, can generate many hundreds of times their purchase price to anyone prepared to spend time looking for buyers. Which isn’t very hard to do!

- 20 -

Recommended Reading How to Get Rich in Mail Order by Melvin Powers, published by the Wilshire Book Company How to Start and Operate a Mail Order Business by Julian L. Simon, published by McGraw Hill Profits Through the Post by Alison Cork, published by Piatkus Running Your Own Mail Order Business by Malcolm Breckman, published by Kogan Page The Lazy Manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Way to Riches by Joe Karbo, published under various imprints and available in the UK from: Hilite Publishing, Ash House, Ash Green, Longfield, Kent, DA3 8SA.

- 21 -

Appendix One Glossary of Mail Order Terms

Glossary of Mail Order Terms Acorn: Acronym for A Classification Of Residential Neighbourhoods, a marketing segmentation system which enables consumers to be classified according to the type of residential area they live in. Advance Mailer (Teaser): A simple mail pack or postcard which is mailed before the main mailer to increase its impact or customers’ awareness. Advertising: Paid for announcement about goods and services for sale. AIDA: Acronym for advertising formula: Attract - Interest - Desire - Action Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC): Independent organisation which provides certificated evidence of the paid circulation of publications in the UK. This provides a valuable yardstick for advertisers and is usually more reliable than what publishers say about their own circulation rate. Below the Line Promotion: Marketing term for direct mail and other forms of promotion. Expenditure on advertisements in newspapers, magazines, etc., is known as ‘Above the Line Promotion’. Blanket Coverage: Used in advertising and direct mail to indicate promotions to the public at large rather than to a specific target audience. Bounce Back (Sometimes ‘back end’): Sales made to a customer after the initial purchase. BRAD: The British Rate and Data. A publication highlighting advertising facts and figures and providing invaluable information about the media and other matters of interest to advertisers. Brief: Written or verbal instructions, particularly used for agencies, printers and mailing houses. Business Mailing: A mailing delivered to business people at their place of work. Offers are business-related products or services. Circulation Figures: The total circulation of a particular publication within a given area. Circulation usually refers to copies distributed. ‘Readership’, on the other hand, is a term often used by the media to ‘boost’ that figure, sometimes dramatically. Readership is an estimation of the number of people who might read or refer to the publication, for example: family members, workmates and colleagues of the original purchaser, library users, etc. Classified Advertisement: A short advertisement inserted according to classification or category. Classified advertisements are sometimes referred to as ‘lineage’. Usually 20 to 30 words long. ‘Display Advertisement’ is a common term indicating use of some of the techniques of display advertising: impact lines, emboldened text, centring, boxes, and so on. Most newspapers and other advertising publications have a classified section where lineage/classified advertisements are grouped together. Cold Lists: Names taken from lists of people who have no affinity to the advertiser nor recognised buying history of his product or service. Column Inch: Used in the newspaper industry to indicate advertising space one column wide by one inch deep. Also ‘column centimetre’, etc. Commission Agent: Agent paid on a commission basis for the business he obtains. The principal often deals direct with the customer once an order has been placed. Consumer: Purchaser of consumer goods and services for immediate use or consumption.

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Controlled Circulation Journal: Publication that is financed entirely from advertising revenue, and sent free of charge to readers who are potential purchasers of the advertisersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; products or services. Consumer List: List of names and addresses of individuals who have bought or enquired about consumer products or services. Control/Control Mailing: A successful mailing for testing against, that is by changing and testing one element at a time. Copy: The wording of the advertisement. Copy Date: This is the date by which a publisher must have camera ready artwork available ready for printing. It is not the date by which the rough layout for your advertisement must be received. Cooperative Advertising: Where a manufacturer and third party, e.g. agent or distributor, share advertising efforts and costs. Copywriter: A writer or advertising specialist who supplies written material for advertisements, mailings, sales letters, circulars, and so on. Cross-selling: Using a customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s buying history to sell related products, for example using purchasers of travel luggage to sell discount air tickets. Customer/Client Database: Computer-held records of customers or enquirers, including addresses, mailing preferences, personal preferences, etc. Customer Profile: Information about a customer, including age, sex, location, income, interests, etc. Cut-off Date: Last date for receipt of advertisements or final date of special offer. Database: Information, usually names and addresses, maintained as a computer file. Deduplication: A controlled mailing system whereby no matter how many times the same address appears within a list, it will be accepted for mailing once only. Demographics: Socio-economic characteristics of customers including: sex, age, location, status, profession, income, etc. Designer: A professionally trained artist who produces designs or plans. Desktop Publishing (DTP): Computer system for creating artwork and print. Direct Mail: Sending specially prepared sales literature through the mail to carefully targeted prospective purchasers of a product or service, and inviting them to place orders direct by post, telephone or fax, instead of through shops. Direct Mailshot: Batch of direct mail literature sent out to a number of addresses at the same time. Direct Response: Advertising or other form of promotion that aims to achieve a direct response from the reader or recipient, e.g. direct mail or an advertisement that incorporates an order form. Direct Selling: Actual selling and taking of orders for a companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goods and services. The term is usually used when selling to the public without use of a shop, as in direct mail or direct response. Display Advertisement: Uses various display techniques to increase impact, including: graphics, imaginative typesetting, cartoons, fonts, headlines, boxes, photographs, testimonials, etc. Display advertisements can be as large, or as small, as the client wishes, and usually the advertiser may choose where his ad. will to.

- Appendix One - Page ii -

Door Drops: Unaddressed leaflets, postcards or mail packs distributed by hand, often through the Royal Mailâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Household Delivery Service, to households in a certain area. Editorial: Information inserted by the editor. Advertising editorial includes write-ups, references, and sometimes recommendations made to readers via letters and problems pages. Elements: Separate items which make up an advertisement or mailing pack. External Lists: Lists of prospects compiled by outside sources. Usually available for hire or purchase. Free Ride: Promotions where the medium is not charged for, for instance enclosures placed for other mail order dealers in exchange for them including your circulars in their mailings otherwise known as a contradeal. Fulfilment: The process of supplying information or goods in response to orders or enquiries received. Fulfilment House: Where the complete process of fulfilment takes place, from acknowledging orders to despatching goods and collecting payment. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Gone Awayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;: A mailing piece returned to the sender because of incorrect address or because the addressee is no longer residing or operating from the address given. Headline: The opening line or first few words of an advertisement. Inserts: Some publications accept loose insertions of your advertisement. These will be placed somewhere within the pages of the publication and provide very effective, though usually costly, exposure. Key: Some code included by the advertiser to identify the source of enquiries and analyse the effectiveness of each advertisement. Layout: Drawing or sketch showing the relative position of illustrations, headlines, and copy on a printed piece: circulars, advertisements, etc. Leading Edge: Where the folded edge of a mail piece is inserted into the envelope first, thereby eliminating the possibility of the contents being damaged with opening equipment. Lettershop: Another name for mailing house. Linework: All type, lines, borders, etc., that make up the finished design. List Broker: Someone who supplies names for direct mail specialists. Sometimes the names are hired; sometimes sold. Sometimes the names belong to the broker; at other times he acts as middleman between owner and hirer/purchaser. Loose Inserts: Promotional leaflets, postcards, or simple mailing packs, etc., placed inside publications. Mail Order: Supplying goods and services in response to orders received by post. Mailer: A printed direct mail advertising piece. Mailing Houses: Also known as Lettershops. Where addressing, collating and despatching of mailing pieces is carried out. Mailing List: List of names and addresses of people or groups with common characteristics. Mailshot: The advertising package sent out to names and addresses on a mailing list.

- Appendix One - Page iii -

Mailsort: A Royal Mail Discount service for direct mail users. Mailings are sorted into postcode, often by computer. Users can select delivery options. Other countries offer similar discounts to larger users. Mark-Up: The difference between prices at various stages between the prime producer and the final supplier to the end user. Markdown: The amount by which a price is reduced on the original selling price during clearance sales or special promotional offers. Market: Number of customers or potential customers which have in common one or more easily identifiable and recognisable characteristics, such as geographic location, income level, buying habits, taste. Market Assessment: Identifying and evaluating all the relevant factors which influence a company’s current or potential market. The process of market assessment involves: identifying the market and the characteristics of buyers, users and distributors; establishing the overall market structure and size; identifying the external factors that could affect market size and the competitive situation, these factors including competitors’ activities, economic trends and government policies and legislation; and establishing the company’s and its competitors’ existing and potential shares of the market. Market Demand: The market demand for a product is the total value of a product that would be bought by a defined customer group in a defined geographical area in a defined time period. Market Intelligence: Knowledge of what is happening in the market place. Market Leader. Company which as the largest share in a market for particular goods and services. Market Research: Process of identifying and assessing the markets for existing or proposed products and/ or services, including the buying behaviour and lifestyle of customers. Statistical technique are often used, and the purpose is to assess not only the size of the markets, but such factors as the value prospective purchasers put on the product or service and, therefore, the price that can be asked for it. Market Segmentation: Analysis of the purchasers in a market by reference to such characteristics as buying behaviour, need patterns, socio-economic status or age in order to divide the market into sectors or segments in each of which the customers are of a similar nature and are influenced by similar buying motives. Marketing effort can then be directed more specifically to defined segments. Market Strategy: Overall plan for maximising impact on the market. It consists of broad decisions on target markets, product positioning, the marketing mix and marketing expenditure levels. Marketing: Assessing needs of the end user of products or services, and producing products and services which can be profitable provided to satisfy those needs. Another part of the marketing function is to coordinate the resources of production and distribution of goods and services. Marketing Mix: Way in which the different parts and techniques of a company’s marketing effort are combined and stressed. Component parts of the marketing mix include marketing research and market intelligence; product strategy and new product development; market and sales forecasting; advertising and public relations; sales promotion; packaging and merchandising; direct selling; physical distribution; and marketing planning and control. The emphasis in the marketing mix is different at different points in a product life cycle. Merge: To combine two or more lists, or two or more segments of the same list. Merge and Purge: To combine two or more lists and eliminate duplication at the same time. Off-the-Page: To ask for the order and payment directly from the advertisement. Package: All the elements of a mailing together in one envelope. Piggy-Back: Advertising material enclosed with a direct mail package but not related to the main offer, for example an offer for luggage enclosed with a holiday direct mailing package.

- Appendix One - Page iv -

Prepaid: Providing postage for the recipient of the mailshot. This can be an official mark or postage stamp; either way it’s designed to encourage positive and immediate response. Prospects: Names recognised as potential buyers for a product or service. Readers’ Reply Service: Used to generate enquiries. A pre-paid card is bound into the publication, usually at the back. Readers simply tick as many numbered sections as they want information about. Details are then collated by staff at the magazine and details of your enquirers processed to you. Delays can be lengthy but these should always be seen as ‘hot’ prospects and treated as urgent. Roll-Out: To release your mailing to a complete list following successful initial test mailings. Sample: Working specimen of your product which can be free, or paid for when offer is taken up. Segments: A collection of names within a list that have a common link between them, for example: sex, location, age. Segmented: The pulling out of names with a very high potential to purchase from various lists, and putting them together as one list. Self-Mailer: A direct mail piece where the outer envelope is an integral part of the design and print of the piece. Split-Run Mailing: Also known as split-test mailing. When two or more samples from the same list, each considered representative, are used to test either the mailing list or the mailing pack. Target Audience: Defined group of prospects, ideally suited to your product or service. Test Cell: A system used to monitor response to a mailing package by segment of the file, for example: males, females, location, age, etc. Test Marketing: Launch of a new product in a limited area and in a manner designed to check its commercial viability without cost or risk of a full-scale marketing operation. Testimonial: An endorsement provided by an existing customer or recognised authority, testifying to the suitability of a product or service. A testimonial can be one of the most powerful sales tools of all. Testing: Taking two or more sections of one list and applying different offers or incentives to each in order to assess maximum potential success. Testing can be carried out in other areas. Uplift: Increase in response. USP: Unique Selling Point/Proposition. A product’s best selling point. The USP sets your product or service apart from its competitors in your prospect’s mind. Window Envelope: Envelope which has a portion cut out to reveal the name and address printed on inside marketing materials.

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I can retlm血e materials witI血90 days for a fuⅢ re細nd aess S & H). On this basis I have enclosed $80 Cash

Plus $5・00 S & H Total Cash Pay血ent一$85.00. oro Post Da血容ChecksI Checks, Cash or Moneyのrders only. Name:                D ate :

Addres s

Phone; (  )




Tony Lo鮎n

Respond in lO days from the postmark on your

187 Foster Holland Rd.

Envelope and I,Ⅲ血ock o鯖$5.00. Just encIose

Mt. Olive, NC 28365

$80 Cash or Money Order. 7七二之8-30-2-EDCP20 1 2

919-252-3 147

DOLLAR SIGNS ADVERTISER 9101 HARE AVE・ JAX’FL 32211 52’000 P&M to ▲ Monthly for Two Years by Earl Dimick. 1’000 Plus Visitors Per Month To My Website in (CoIor)

Online Two Full Years at www.dangillwebads.com佃o11ar$igns$Advertiser’B&W, C/R Ads only : RAd $20, 2・・ Ad $30, 3・・

AD $40’4x5膏50・ l/2 Page $5S, 8xll $60, Make Checks Payable to: Sam Scn.ggs, D。adline 15th 。f 。a。h m。nth.

Checking Copy LSASE. Two FC Stamps gets Big Mail of 8 Dealership Offers. X-Ads & Ex-Mailing Wanted. Send 50 One Sided Flyers & I send mine. 19O,000Circu Only.ForDea


atio ersh ,」a

OfrAd,Only$40.MoneyOrders Pinfo,SendLSASE:SamScruggs,


M肌1onaま重さ書 Sh種重e Mo皿e也

寵詩誌薄叢話 I●」__  __臆

鋒′800 Assis宙nce了同調gove「n巾的t if eさ「n-

ing less請ah簿1持すYea「・王add嶋SSeS∴持租 しSAS重くo SAM′ 910宣Hさ鴫Aveタコax′干しコ2211



Sa仕 Ordering





yourprogram/deaiershjp.$5&LSASE.SamScruggs, 9101HareAve,」ax,F」32211X-Ad


uptab.Orderformforbookpurchase$3&LSASE.Sam Sc「uggs,9101Hal.eAve,Jax,F」32211X-Ad

aliothers.Report$5&LSASE.SamScruggs,9101 HareAve,」ax,FL32211X-Ad

lPhone&lPadAccessories.85%OffRetailPrices. Companyaddressfor$5 &LSASE.SamScruggs,


str∂nded on GromdedP,an? W繭To Do? R印ort $300乱SASE SAM-9101 Ha「eAve'Jax FL32211

autograph・ Info fdr $5 & LSASE二§am, 91Ol

8施Xl亀P密林 Send a wellprinted 8% x ll


for$5 &しSASE. Sam' 9101 Haro Av○○, Jax, Fし


FR毒亡 MAILiNG S唇RVICESI We’「e I○○如9 f。「G輸g P「09帥8・ Bj9 i

籠認諾謹 鵠謹言誓 Ma-=」s両9 and Adv創面s-=g P「09「a爪S

$15 per year. ID# i箪L§

JOSEPH T POMASKI 24 E Center lSt#1O DⅢon, M甲59725-2佳節USA

3133W.F「enchSt - P帥aPA19121



52,00。 P&M DOLL能書黙雷豊豊欝器1書館怨霊.恐盤盈,。 In ,。。1。., Online Two Fu11 Years at www.dangillwebads.com佃ollar$igns$Advertiser, B&W, C/R Ads only l.Ad $20, 2・, Ad $30, 3うう

怨霊等温譜豊漆器霊葦藷畿盤。蕊謹g露盤羅露盤 One Sided Flyers & I send mine.



AdveI章ise γOur Web site in this

AdYertise所th our 3 repeaしAd.


Very SpOt for only $乳00

Blast. Pa)′ fo「 2, Get one F「ee

重NFO FOR $5.○○ & LSAS巳.


p$$ 晴劇患萱問患慮B話題S



l lO%ofALしnewm間ona一「eSmadetheItfortunes l


紺Multl-しevel Ma「ketry Theydldlt-S。C∂nYOUl l

ニ触る5瞭p〇時〇〇〇「2IRC/1Eu「。)酬 i

9重01 HA随ÅⅥ巳



」与坐牝鶏聖篭夕雲草堂「蝉一握A里的4-うqフ〇 ・


寄恥!!袖 紳輔ia!


着」胸筋g帥同船的-朋瑚 * ② C伽駒D色叙法I庫h泡〆他me! 米的何気血筋的β ,8(朋弧r他爪8S!


書    ACきいN恥NC。

f447 V。。墨塾輩豊。8軸 A吋S RⅢⅢ叩け0胴肌用咽職印・ l帥00働耽O曲調胴


Report With Reprint Rightsl

丁oさ′ A C○○Pub Receive 4タ1

as Co P


欝竃三馨 匿園 亀4鵬

Bu一‡e醤続r BulIetin 「

A= Ads created New Fo「ThlS Adsheet

PWF. Mailed byF/C& BuIk- F「eeC/C &Ack

回国圏図画 ◆制0いりと19鴫

l““ (30words仁一$15. 2.I (60wo「ds) --;30

2156 Rive「 Rd



S447 Van Fleet Ave. Richmond

 ̄ ̄ - ̄臆二 一一 ̄i ̄● -〃ヽ 1し1臆1ユニ」一つ

欝蓬繋襲  ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄ ̄∴ ’ ̄、芋、 "ヽノ十人ブ ⊥ヽノし


牲22重工. も

G語調§ Pass


ヽ胸部融Il弛8附d 6,000十C遭, You子年. 2no「 3”C侶Ads in lO Adsheets

$1per C/鼠血ch

Send $20 for one yea「 membership


1359 Chandlers Rd. ◆ F軸on o DE lgg43




同町脚軸山軸喜郎 鋤

しi t.of DeaIe「s Who W用TYPeSetYourAds

種時め椎佃坪尻女 坤叩t鵬的l中和呼哩鍵 1撒き同調晦樽的戸が淑.髄


捷南脚日時単品固執伊豆嶋厄章書証議 場でし紳質料刷上融け癌γ憾栂慨由憾虚 P鴨場脚脚し鍋幡同的憾郎姐的恥同軸騨j


100.000 F!「st C)a与る- PW戸


凝議懸驚 C郎飯田陣場、町0細脚部§駆郎・ 10,0肌部C同調I棚

端誌悪幣露盤 PWF - Malledby F/C& Bu撮-F「eeC/C & Ack

負c如o融合弱電請合nt. 申  A露-V削蝕「台M急「ket姉轡

56寄-A N富戸St詳匂12 G「亀nモs戸a§S O鼠箆了5之6

l.- (30wo「ds上る1与・之-’ (60 wo「ds主一幸○ ○.__  ●    1○○

“U叩○…tBrO8t C○○dlt Card. ToII Froe引or?5

andしSAS∈・ Sam' 9101 Haro Ave・, Jax, Fし


Whe「e to get (12) 3,, Ads P&M DaiIy fo「 $10.00 anytime. Send ad3 & LSAS∈ to: Sam, 9101

Ha「e Ave., Jax, Fし32211

FREE Cash Grants N田傭鼠R塵)AY,重5こ ‡与.00寄鵬AS鼠 9重01蘭ar● Ave.



LOW COST PR量NT量NG Circu宣ars ★ Envelopes ★

Po stcards C巾ality Wo血. Quick Tu調Around PIease aIIow su簡cient time fo「 your o「de「

to 「each us by mail and UPS g「ound serVice to you. A=ow ext「a time if o「de「ing ext「a services o「 on large o「ders.

C狐cra Rcady Copy Rcq調血ed For

All P血ting (except for envelopes)

FREE Shipping We pay all shipping to 48 mai血and

StateS. Orders shipped by UPS ground. (Street address required).

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS/SERVmCES CoIIating: $25.00 pe「 thousand sets ($25.00 minimum〉・ Coior Pape「: Add $6,00 per thousand to above prices. Pastei coiors oniy. NOTE: We Can fold o「 COilate but not both.

畿議嵩紫豊譜器‥博 識器羅羅窯 Folding: $12.00 per thousand sheets ($12.00 minimum). Send an exam-  8放11 (yieid 4 per sheet) $4.00 + $3/1000 sheets Pie of how to foId.                   8yixll (yield 6 pe「 sheet) $4.00 + $4IlOOO sheets

Ship To: (St「eet address required)


Ci ty/StatelZi p




Want to know when you「 o「de「 has shipped? NeatIy w「ite o「 type you「 emaii add「ess beiow and we’iI notify you

When you「 o「de「 has shipped aIong with t「acking info.


Send Your Order To: American Mail Profits PO Box 331 Putnam, CT O6260 1 -866-944-0493



Here’s 2 Hot I)ea寒ers叫S that wi11皿ake you money!

Buy Your Printing at Low Wholesale Prices! 蓋

Sell Custom Printing To Others


晴UGE SAV漢NGS oveI.漢oca看§ for Cil.Cu看aI.S... Enve音0peS... Pos章caI.ds Don’t pay high local prices for your printing!

By using a mail order printer you can probably save 50% or more off your local printers’prices. With this

Valuable dealership you w皿save even more by being

able to buy at the lowest possible wholesale pnCeS.

AIong with your Printing dealership you also get this

dealership that

PayS 75% commission. Your dealer kit includes: Per-


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SOnalized circ山ars,

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POStCards and

rich, but you can put easy extra cash in your pocket

Small ads for seⅢng printing (including coded ads in

Selling custom printing in your community and by mail

CaSe yOu don’t want to handle orders directly and prefer

Or internet. Plus, get

to have a check sent to you at the end ofthe month), a

e批)rtless repeat com-

Starting supply of printing組yers for a fast start, COnfi-

missions when cus_

dential wholesale price list, instructions and order

tomers reorder!

form…Plus a personalized camera ready copy of this

組yer paying you 75% com皿ission.

Check Out These Prices:

Start saving money on your printing…

1,000 - 8% x ll circulars printed

and make a little extra money providing a

both sides on color paper:

reliable, quality source for printing to

Retail Price: $52.00

your downline and other mail order deal-

Your Price: $37.00

ers. Send you order today. Your savings W皿more than pay for your dealership!

1,000 #10 reg山ar envelopes in-

Cluding typesetting:

Retail Price: $53.00 Your Price: $40.00


(Mainland USA o血y)

cheap your 10cal p血ter can’t

You save about 25% o鮒our al-

touch the皿!


I+トBoth Dealerships… Just $39 十10 first class stamps

ready low mail order prices.

○○"○"〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇一〇°〇〇〇〇°○" “ ○"〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇°〇〇〇〇〇〇"○○"〇〇〇°○"〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇〇°〇〇〇"○"○"○"〇〇〇〇〇〇°○" “ 〇〇〇〇〇〇°"漢

:口YES, I want t。 S。V。 m。n。y 。n my P「inting! S。nd th。 P.inting d。al。.Ship 。nd th。 d。。I。「Ship fo「this 。情。.. , ! When I receive o「de「s for this deaIership i w掴keep $30 and send $9 + 1O fi「st ciass stamps to the prime ! : source who wii看fill the orde「・ EncIosed is $39 + 10 first cIass stamps.

★Availal)le in USA only

Mail Order To: 1 City/State/Zip 漢


American Mail Profits PO Box 331 Putnam, CT O6260 1’ -866-944-0493 ))) )「「 )「))          l


Services                                      .

Is it The List? I have mailed thousands of pieces over the course of many years. I have seen some surprising results from some of the worst looking materials and also some not so good results from very well put together materials. So this begs the question: What really makes or breaks a campaign? Is it the list? I don’t think there is a single definite answer, but let’s review a few things. Yes, a great list will probably always perform well, but what makes a great list… Obviously a list that is built from all in house ads and campaigns will outperform a purchased list. A great purchased list should have:    

Previously validated, and properly formatted addresses These addresses should be run through the NCOA Database Seller should be able to identify the type of lead (Seeker, Buyer, MLMer. etc) Addresses that are responsive to mail order programs & offers (obviously)

A names list is just a way of obtaining a name that “could” be interested in what you have to offer. When you buy a name/rent a list there is no guarantee you’re going to get a response. In fact, the industry accepted response rate is just 1% (1 out of every 100 pieces sent!). This is where your materials come into play. Let’s face it, if you send a crumpled, flyers folded 8 times and a horrible print copy, your response rate will reflect this. Think about this, your flyer says “Earn $3,000 a week” but your mail piece looks like complete crap. Nothing about is says YOU’RE making $3,000 a week. The flyer copy is a mess, it is folded 8 times and even the “label” on the envelop was cut and taped on from some publication or envelope. Sorry, but before I even opened it, I already decided I was not going to be joining whatever was on the inside. So, I suppose a good answer is, BOTH your list and your materials are very important in seeing a decent return on your campaigns. So, if you’re in the market for good names or need some professional print & folds, send a LSASE to American Mail Profits or see the ad in the magazine. Happy Money Making

聯抵重富や呼止血 油田耽り龍請血で櫨

重寄丁両器官 馳Ⅲ鵜○ ○。



隼龍K量R隼 CしUB…INV町ES YOU TO JOIN We've found a winning combination where everybody WIN$!!!! revisedねn〃 2013 Here's wh we do as membens, from血e com蘭of our homes, We Win BIG CASH Prizes.

We play Lottery Scmteh Tickets from most stz鵬s in血e U.S・ fdr堕塑里!!! Lottery S脚tch Tiekets are exci血g’

藍欝竃‡謡鵠 fun, and very pro五ta心le, eSPeCia11y when thdyre FRE剛!! Clail.血g and re∞iving o町BIG CASH PRIZES could not

雨血y e料の0α′脇e劇闘わ勃h灘妙鋤d細h mα融伽

club invitation. STOP!! This is not §Ome get rich quick chain脆請eL This is a lOO% Iegal and proven system.

The member in# 1 will move down to # 2 pusition, meI血rer in# 2 moves down to # 3’member in # 3 and so on. If everyone invited only 10 new members,也e results would be staggering!

Youhe in position # 1. You血v轟e 10 now _bers. They倒ch send you (2) $1.00 Lottery Scmtch Tickcts・ Q) 1st Class Stamps, Q) $1 Bills. That's 20 tiekets,緋O, and 20 sts血PS. Now youhe in position # 2. Those 10 new nembers

整盤認諾慧護法器慧認諾灘.綴蒜 cash. + 2000 stamus. Now you†e in position # 4. Those lOOO members each invite lO new members. That's lO・000 new

五embers each seI宣ding H哩をrsl.00 Lo慣葺ry Scr如ch Tickets. T血亜20.00o tlck‘ね・滅O・(朋・糾血20・Oco rfu血陸.臆

Less血an se5 ro JOIN ….GETS YOU….EREE TICKETS!!! CAS]聞里& FREE STAMfS!!! $1 R軸畦十 Sc職I章ch Tickets $宣.00重く巾暢 Of this invita航on alo 冒〇 ㌦0ⅡすUS「sen心a co C賞ass Stam。S. to eaC血member Hsted beIow. You▼II調ceive everyth血g you need to get started血your pac暮駿ge.

⑲曲論2001、、、、醐晦①概観正目珊8騨謂馳鵠膝皿盆〇日B l ticket couid be wo仙$100-s or even $1000’s ! Now imagine receiving thousands of free ticketst

‘ 1. George峰yser 6017 Roosevdi BV 183 Jadson‘珊e, FL. 32244-3331 2. Mr. Steven Fo請ier 2140 AIsace Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90016

3. Joyce BoIen 630 N Jackson Ave. Quitma皿, MS. 39355「2810 4. Robert Neubauer 5052 W. Sunnyside Ave・ Chicago) IIノ・ 60630-3924

5. rmchael A. Sunde細血1 317 Bolt H細萱Rd. Eliot, ME. 03903

血positinn #5 you,n receive a new MASTER COPY with you Hsted血position糾w肌no other members・

帥親臨思瑞据諾縦軸醐 NAM E:               ∴            PHONE IoI)t)





年  .後IIll


_看教  富農教 ′ り

.1l・●」「・● 巴



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漢、  置■・←

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く⊃e esadesk.Acorner

ECLAREYOURFINANCIALINDEPENDENCE   AMAGICTRAN Eve置Yyear,hundredsofmenandwomenIikeyouare  Overnight,akitchentablebecom iscovering new avenues of financialindependence... roomturnsintoano純ce.Sparetimeisputtoproductive

XCitingwaystomakemoneyintheirsparetimeathome. use,andanewMailOrderbusinessisbom...offering


derbusiness.     opportunitiesforaddingthousandsofdol書arstothefamily



EATTHESYSTEM-ANDPROSPER       makeyouindependentlyweal



hathasturnedagainstyou.Asystemthathasincreased CREATEDBYAPRO OurtaXeS,raised retai萱prices,Createdjoblossesand  TheSpareTimeMai


ecreasedyourlivingstandards.Youdon-thavetotake fl.omsuccessfuIexperiencebyStewCaverl


hisabuseanymaore.                  publisherofmanybusinessbuildingmateria看


JointhegrowinglegionofsparetimeMai10rdermoney columnist,maiImarketingconsuItantandcopywriter.His makers.Discover the enormous oppo巾unitiesin this guidancehashe!pedthousandsofaspiringwealth-Seekers



PPO巾unitiesforyoursuccesshavebeenpub看ishedinan backgroundtogiveyoustrai


XCitingmanualcalled...                youachievesuccess!

臆書き〃古I亀脈曽我1fI東園〃I」りI東園㌦庵1I賀回り持●】刷で葛I〃問題喜 WHAT-SINITFORYOU? /OPPORTUNITIESENTHELANDOFGIANTSHowto Climbtheladderofsuccess什omasmallbeginning,andIet




I -












看 鴨









○○ ●


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賀漢こ ●

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1OSt P

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● l! ● ●案●】,lI

,I【● iIi


l鴨1 こす訂了I丁に看漢

● ●「〇°【貫麟

● ご○○ 書l





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r;漢書漢 細萱l】


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MAILORDER’SMOSTCOMMONERRORS.Neariy everyonemakesthesefatalmista




talt“l 〇両1l

tI    i


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ll萱 ̄

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/READY-MADEDEAL田RSIⅡPPLANS&PROGRAMS.  Howtoprofitfromtheexperienceofothers.Here’swhatto


atton I.

寒l.  ̄  l萱l



▼ ●】,


il葛し:-【 ̄




●   ●    111









uablemoneymaking  ’’棚e$pareTimeMaHOrderT3,coOn’’ dyourbusinesswithout      SendusyourorderromY!

lnVeSlngaCenlnmerCnanISe. e rICIS nOW!ngW en}


○        ○ 1事       ● 1


Se:盤莞諸富isAmericanMailProfits POBox331

ⅧATOTHERSARESAYING A.M.R.ofNewYorkcal萱sthe′′7),cOOn%J]ud′′-呪breα幼少JJesh 園臆園園園臆喜-      PutnamCTO6260.′inapo肋融明e妨げ博樹c樋郷ande岬砂pてO肋血糖・’′ YES,PleaserushmyCOPyOf′′T弘e位タa青e 坊加M成Jの履zr P.GtasserofDa!lassays-’’77胞g均I励oltU#聯S/妨a〃dpuめmo′e融o


ル伽傷的偶nma砂0納e購SのI拐ane融かeboo厄No肋榔柁dwo′ゐhe′ら ka〃mα払II








RISK-FREEMONEYBACKGUARANTEE Readthe’’位,are7勃oeM通lO′俄γ棚ycoo〃’’atyourIeisure.Putthe





Orderoperation.Ifyoudon’thonestlybelie ringyoutheSuCCeSSyOu’vebeenlooki





City                ST_Zip

Profile for American Mail Profits

American Mail Profits September Issue  

American Mail Profits new issue for September 2016.

American Mail Profits September Issue  

American Mail Profits new issue for September 2016.