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Que Caliente

By:Rubi Serrato

Spicy mexican style salsa Underneath is my analogous drawing of a pepper with a Mexico flag in the background. I made this drawing by using the 100 stroke method and picking different shades from orange, red, and yellow for the pepper drawing. I used the graphic tablet and a 5pt brush. The pepper should be the main attention since it’s lighter colors blend together and it’s centered. As I was drawing the pepper I was thinking of Mexico that’s why I picked the Mexico flag as a background. This drawing makes me feel like it’s a spicy pepper because of it’s shades.

Flower Garden

The painting to the side is my complementary drawing of a flower and a blue sky with clouds. I was thinking of spring season while making drawing this picture. This drawing makes me feel happy this it reminds me of the blue sky and flowers blooming. I made this picture on the MacPro by using Adobe illustrator. I used the 100 stroke drawing technique, and picked colors that were complementary to red. I used the brush from a 8pt to a .5pt to get smaller strokes. I believe the color red would catch your attention first, since it’s a very powerful color.

By: Rubi Serrato

100 Line Drawing Windex bottle was the oeject I choose to do a 100 line stroke drawing! I tried to makes the lines seem sharpe and clean.

For our first lesson in computer graphics it was focused on getting comfortable using the graphic tablet for drawing. The assignment for last week was to make sketches using 100 strokes of lines on each drawing. We had to do long and filling stokes, because we had to get use to not outlining the object we were given. All of the artwork was done using Adobe Illustrator on MacBook Pro. We used different techniques by changing the stroke of the brush and size.

By Rubi Serrato

Tea Pot 100 Line Drawing The object I had was the tea pot, as you can see next to this page! I must say when I first looked at it, I thought to myself, “How am I suppose to draw this without outlining it?” It wasn’t easy at first trying to control the pen on the graphic tablet, but after a few takes I got it under control. But I decided to choose this tea pot drawing as my thumbnail image because I thought it came out better than the pitcher I drew. The tea pot was drawn using horizontal and vertical lines to emphase the contrast of the image. I also tried to make shorter and curvy lines to make things such as the handles pop out, the curvy lines were also used to shape the tea pot into a round object.

By Rubi Serrato

Pointy Alphabet Letters! By: Rubi Serrato

In computer graphic class we dealt with letter structure and shape. We constructed an alphabet with the letters structure we wanted, in order to make it unique. My structure was more of a pointy edge. I tried to make every letter with a pointy end. It was also considered a shape because due to the fact it had lines which means shape. The lines could be anything from curve, combo, corner, curvy, or straight. We worked with new tools on Adobe illustrator, which were black pointer and white pointer tool. The white pointer tool deals with the points and location of the line. The black pointer tool edits the whole shape.

Above is my alphabet and I must say they’re some letters that were very hard to construct.

e u l a V

s g in

w a Dr

I added value to the drawing. I must say it was not easy at all! I was getting frustrated, and but I must say it’s not something that would come naturally. Practice makes perfect! To add value to the picture, I used four shades of gray. Since a lamp was shining light amongst the tea pot I made some parts on the tea point the lights shade to portray the light that shined among it. I added the color on it, by doing Xs to make the color look blended. When you see this picture firstly, I want the shape of the tea pot to stand out; partially that’s one of the reasons I added the black background.

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Above: Starbucks Coffee

Rubi Serrato

CBL CBL Logos By: Rubi Serrato

We had to use the letters CBL to make our own logos and the colors scarlet and gray. Seems pretty easy, but it wasn’t at first for me. I noticed people were putting so muchRubi Serrato thought into it. I was to don’t get me wrong, but I had so many projects and biology exams going on at once that I couldn’t seem to focus. But once I sat down and focused, I realize simple is sometimes good too. My original drawings I’m not going to lie I don’t really feel I captured what I wanted to capture due to the fact I wasn’t focused. My final drawings to me captured more of what I wanted to capture. For my final drawings I used Adobe Illustrator and used the text option as well as the figure tool. Then I added a few extra things to make it my logo.




The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool himself too.


No where to go, no place to call home...who would take me into their hearts and give me my forever home! The day i recieved him my mom said no way no more dogs! But me being the animal lover that I love I couldn’t say no to him. I had my Basset Hound named Thunder and I thought he could be my Rain. The reason I gave him that name was because people always asked me where was rain if I had Thunder. Now I simply point down at him and say there is my Rain!

Pageant Pig Mrs. Piggy won her first pageant, after many years of competting. Her talent performance was ballerina dance.

We had the option to enter extra blogs for extra credit, and I decided it’s never bad to have some extra points. This was a drawing I did on the iPad, using different types of brushes and color shades. On the iPad to me, it seems easier to draw because I feel I have more control of the picture I’m working with and I’m using my hand to construct it. I decided to draw a picture of Mrs. Piggy’s first pageant win! She was very excited to compete once again after many years of competing and taking a break due to the fact she got disappointed in previous pageants. But she gave it her all and in her ballerina performance. She was excited just to even be back on stage, and when she won first place her husband Kermit was their to support her!

By: Rubi Serrato

Getting ready for crowning...

Mrs Mexico

Pageant Days A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. Anne Roiphe

It’s a Girl! Dhalia Skaii

You’re going to be an aunt! Yayy! To me that was the most exciting news I recieved. I’m not really a person that loves kids, but this girl changed my views on them. She stole my heart from the day I saw her still in my sister’s belly. July 18, 2013 four days after my birthday was the day she was born, and we’ve boned right from the start. Now I can’t imagine my life without her, she’s become my motivator to be the best I can be.

Family Family is by far the most important for me! They’re the reason I am who I am today. They mean the world to me, when I need something they’re the first I can go to. My Dad is no longer with us, but he was my rock, my mom is my counsler, and both my sisters are my motivators. Although sometimes they make me upset I know it’s for my own good. I have them to thank for everything! I love my family!

San Luis Potosi Mexico My home away from home! Have you ever had a place that was your happy place? San Luis Potosi, Mexico is that happy place for me. Everything from the food, plants, animals, dances, and diferent places to visit is perfect. But what makes it extremly perfect is my family and friends that live over there!


Love is... “The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead or smiling into your eyes or just staring into space.� -Marilyn Monroe

Gerardo Ortiz Music!? Something I can’t live without; when you’re sad, happy, or mad there’s a type of music for every mood. My favorite artist would have to be from El Rey de los corridos Gerardo Ortiz! Not only does he have corridos, but any type of music from rancheras, romantic, and even tribal! It’s for any mood you’re in! I must say he’s my celebirty crush as well which is always a plus when I go see him in concerts.


Pageant Tips, Art, Photographs


Pageant Tips, Art, Photographs