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AIC? what does it stand for

the sign out front says:

American International College but that's only part of the story.

we stand for‌

. I stand for a student voice, charter schools, and summers on Long Beach Island.

. I stand for social media marketing, urban activism, and forgiving LeBron James.

I stand for juvenile justice reform,,, community food drives, and concerts at Pearl Street Nightclub..



I stand for Greek life's Thanksgiving community dinner, an All-American long jump, and Occupational therapy for stroke victims.

I stand for patient-centered health care, dean's list AND a part-time job, and epic rugby tackles.

creating identity.

{ Do those that

know, -Aristotle

We’ve got your major of choice. Pick one. Take your time.



biology healthcare management american studies occupational science biochemistry interdepartmental science communications general business criminal justice education accounting english finance economics nursing human biology international business international studies history liberal studies management new media business marketing political science physical therapy psychology chemistry sociology sports and recreation management

Our minors allow you to explore other interests and passions. Who says you can’t be a business major who loves to be on the stage? Or a sociology major with a knack for numbers? Who says you can’t do it all? With our pre-professional programs, you’ll finish your undergraduate work with all of the credits that you need to enter a graduate program. Some of your pre-professional options:






veterinary medicine

we stand for… We can spot you… If you bring your drive and willingness to do your best, we’ve got the tools you need to academically achieve. In fact, there’s a whole building for that. Center for Academic Success

first person in your family to go to college, our If you’re the

first-year seminar will give you the “need-toknows” of college life.

Do you “test poorly”? Our Academic Resource Center can coach you on test-taking strategies that work.

Rather get a nosebleed than write a paper? Walk into

our Writing Center and we’ll set you up with a one-on-one tutor to brainstorm, draft, and revise until it’s write.


Our library is on your laptop.

So you forgot all about that psych paper until the last night of spring break? Log in to any one of our many academic databases, including PsycINFO, SAGE Premier, LexisNexis, and lots of others—wherever you are. We also have over 8,000 eBooks in our collection for you to download at any time. And of course, our library staff is ready to help you with any research that you may need to do on campus.

or raise the bar. Our Honors Program turns up the volume on your academic experience. Some things you can expect if you’re accepted:

> a n advanced plan of study with special Honors courses

> research, write, and defend an honors thesis your senior year

> off-campus cultural trips > r egular guest speakers (This year’s topics included confronting climate change and an exploration of the Arab Spring. Good stuff.)

The Honors Program advisor, Professor Maulucci, may be the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, but academically…well, he’ll put you through your paces. (And you’ll thank him!) Dying to use computational design to create peptides for inhibiting a model antibody-receptor interaction? (Huh?) Need the proper anaerobic fermentation facilities to improve butanol yields for an alternative to ethanol fuel? (Excuse me??) Our Directed Research 399 course gives you the opportunity to explore amazing scientific

research opportunities…with an advisor to walk you through the process.

your best self.

we stand for… Athletic excellence is not just in what you do—it’s in how you think. On the field,

that means playing hard. It means testing your mettle. It means breaking records. Over 30 percent of our students participate in athletics, but whether you play on our nationally known rugby team, decide to start your own club sport, or cheer for our Yellow Jackets from the sidelines, the athletic mindset is key to who we are at AIC: a proud community dedicated to our personal best.

Dominic Smith ’12, winner of the national title in the 400 meter dash at the 2012 NCAA Division II Indoor Track & Field Championships.

At AIC, you’ll have the opportunity to compete at the Division I and II levels (which also means access to athletic scholarships) or join an intramural or club sport.

Varsity Sports


Men’s baseball Women’s softball Men’s and women’s basketball Men’s and women’s cross country Women’s field hockey Women’s volleyball Men’s football Men’s golf Men’s ice hockey Men’s and women’s lacrosse Men’s and women’s soccer Men’s and women’s tennis Men’s and women’s track and field Men’s wrestling

Non-ncaa sports Club and Intramural Sports

Off the field,

that means a culture of academic with all of our student-athletes.



Men’s and women’s rugby Cheerleading

Baseball Flag Football Dodgeball Floor Hockey 3 on 3 Basketball 5 on 5 Basketball Volleyball Bowling Frisbee Indoor Soccer Wiffleball Softball Video Game Tournaments Golf Tournament


Building a better athlete means building a better student. All incoming freshman athletes playing a fall sport are enrolled in our summer Academic Camp. As you prepare for the season, we’ll also get you ready to do topnotch work in the classroom. In fact, our summer program for student-athletes is recognized by the NCAA. The result? Over

50 percent of our studentathletes are members of the 3.0 Club—a designation awarded to those that are able to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.

Body and Mind.

There is no “normal,�

and one size does not fit all.

We are a mosAIC of differences.

So come as you are.

We did.

we stand for… Home is not where you live, but where you are understood. - Christian Morgenstern

And we understand that you need community, opportunity, and lots of both. With a tight-knit and active campus, you’ll fit right in— as you are.

How we live

In your freshman year, you’ll live in a residential women, we have an all-female dorm, if you’d prefer).

hall (for

Sophomores and juniors have more housing choices, including

suites and condos. All students get free your own socks.)

laundry. (Sorry, you’ll have to match up

We have several flexible meal plans for you to choose from. You pick where to eat, you pick when. Get a quick snack and study

at the Hive between classes.

Shoot pool, play PS3, or just unwind at the Stinger, AIC’s

on-campus pub and lounge. (Fair warning: You may get schooled at pool on a Friday night. We’ve got a few sharp shooters.) Study by firelight in the winter or with a spring breeze when it’s warmer in our community

Living Room.

What we do AIC has 17

> > > > > > > > >

active clubs, including:

Garret Players theater group Model U.N. Pep band Outdoor club PRIDE International club Taper yearbook Yellow Jacket newspaper Many more…or start your own!

Our clubs offer lots of off-campus opportunities, including games at Fenway Park, whitewater rafting adventures, and trips to NYC. Our Model Congress has been going strong at AIC for 72 years. Learn how to filibuster with the best of them. AIC has 11 active Greek Life chapters that give back to our community while creating their own. The Student Government Association has a strong voice on campus. Stand up and be heard. (Tie optional.)

See a game: football, basketball, hockey, rugby…it’s all free for

AIC students!


Springfield is where theory goes to practice. There are places where it’s happening‌

and places where it’s not.

It’s happening HERE. Springfield is a city of diversity—of wealth and poverty, of stately mansions and housing developments, of all races, all walks of life, all needs and all ways of meeting those needs. If you want the “city upon the hill” with no problems that need solutions, our city may not be a good fit. But, if you want to roll up your sleeves and engage with real people with real concerns, and work toward a solution, well, you will do well here.

We call that learning. Springfield is more than just our location—it is our community. Our education students intern in the classrooms of the Springfield school system, where educational theory meets student’s real world needs. Our criminal justice students intern with the Victim-Witness Advocate Program, Department of Youth Services, and local probation departments. Our occupational therapy students work in the city’s medical centers, elementary schools, and rehab hospitals—in short, where they can truly make a difference. We’ll teach you the theory that you need in the classroom. But beyond that, we’ll give you the opportunity to practice where it counts.

Outdoor adventures Zoar Outdoor Charlemont, MA (57 miles) Zoar Outdoor offers zipline tours through the autumn foliage, canoeing adventures, and whitewater rafting. So grab a paddle and hold onto the bar. (The Deerfield River has some rapids that will give you a run for your money.)

Concert in Noho

Northampton, MA (21 miles) From dubstep to DJs, twee pop to folk rock, Noho is a great place to see a show. Need a recommendation? Ask for Matt at the Northampton Box Office. He’s like the Carl Sagan of music.

Dinosaur footprints

Lee outlets

Lee, MA (37 miles) Discount shopping in the Berkshires. What’s not to like?

Holyoke, MA (14 miles) Forget Jurassic Park, check out the real deal—dinosaur footprints embedded along the shore of the Connecticut River. Rawr.

Six flags

Agawam, MA (8 miles) Their newest rollercoaster, Goliath, is 20 stories high, with a 65 m.p.h freefall. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or grab your swimsuit and head to the wave pool.

red rose pizzeria Springfield, MA (2 miles) Got a pizza jones? This is the one. There is no other. (Well, obviously there is, but…you know what we mean.)

Times Square

New York, NY (149 miles) In an empire state of mind? Be in NYC in just over three hours by train. Hot pretzels, Central Park, a Broadway show… Go ahead, take a bite out of the Big Apple.

basketball hall of fame

Springfield, MA (2.3 miles) Our city is the birthplace of basketball, which means that you can go to the Hall of Fame and check out Shaq’s shoes. Taking a nap in them is not allowed. Lesson learned.


Long Beach Island, NJ (249 miles) Take a road trip to a world of lighthouses, arcades, awesome surf shops, and the occasional Snooki sighting. (It’s not polite to point…even at Snooki.)

hit the slopes

Wachusett Mt. Ski Area (54 miles) It’s Saturday morning. There’s a fresh layer of powder outside. There’s really only one choice. Grab your board and go.

hampton beach

Hampton, NH (129 miles) Walk the boardwalk and soak up the sun. By the way, SPF 4 isn’t doing you any favors.

mike’s pastry

Boston’s North End (89 miles) Cannolis to write home about. No, seriously. You may want to overnight one to mom—they’re that good.


fenway park

Boston’s Back Bay (87 miles) For a New Englander, catching one of David Ortiz’s homeruns from the top of the Green Monster is about as good as it gets.

You are here

(And can be anywhere.) In Western Massachusetts, you can have breakfast in a city diner and be hiking in the middle of nowhere by noon. See a basketball game on Friday night and kayak down the Connecticut River on Saturday morning. Springfield may not be the center of the universe, but sometimes it sure does feel like it.

forest park

Springfield, MA (4 miles) A great place to spend the afternoon. Shoot some hoops, chill in the Rose Garden, and check out the spider monkeys in the park zoo. That’s right— spider monkeys.

The Beachcomber on Cape Cod

Wellfleet, MA (181 miles) Load up the car for a weekend on the Cape. After you’re totally beached out, stop by the Beachcomber for a lobster roll and awesome live music.

Mystic Aquarium

Mystic, CT (80 miles) Don’t bother trying to get a tuxedo on your parakeet—check out the penguins at the aquarium (evening wear comes stock for those guys). Maybe even grab a bite at the world famous Mystic Pizza on your way out of town.

we stand for… We’re not admitting a test score, Got a few AP classes under your belt? Awesome! Want to let our Office of Admissions know about that Independent Study you took in Chinese? Yes, please! But we also understand that a 4.0 GPA doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ready for college—and a 1.8 doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not. We look at your GPA and your ACT or SAT scores when considering your application (BTW, we take the best score from each individual section) but people are more complex than just those numbers alone. What motivates you? How self-aware are you? What’s your life experience been like to date? What have you done that you’re proud of that isn’t on your transcript? If every person has a story, we need to read a few of your chapters before making an informed decision.

That’s just fair. “I was the rebellious type and had a lot of stuff going on growing up. It was just me and my mom. I had a rough four years in high school. My GPA was a 2.0 and a lot of my mom’s friends were telling her not to send me to college because of my attitude and my grades. But she believed in me. When I got into AIC, I did a total 180 degree turnaround. Now my GPA is a 3.5. AIC was definitely a perfect match.” Abriana Morales ’14 Hometown: Dorchester, MA Major: Political Science | Minor: Criminal Justice

we’re admitting a person.

the whole student.

we stand for‌


Don’t get us wrong—your college years are some of the best in your life. But…you’re probably also looking forward to starting the career of your dreams. And the sooner you can do that, the better. There are several ways that an AIC education prepares you for your professional goals in a shorter amount of time… and that means a savings of time and money. It’s who you know: 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking.

Thankfully, over 90 percent of AIC students are from the Northeast. That’s a lot of people that have your back.

And what you know: Our Office of Career Services will get you ready for

the ins and outs of the professional world with mock interviews, career counseling, career fairs, internship opportunities, and much more.

Achieving a bachelor’s degree could be the end of your academic journey, but it may only be the first step. We want that we’ve taken the long view:

> > > >

you to have options—here are a few ways

 ith a little planning, you can get guaranteed acceptance into several of our graduate W programs as an undergraduate. Earn your bachelor’s and doctorate in physical therapy in six years, rather than seven. E  arn your bachelor’s and master’s degree in occupational therapy in five years, rather than seven. Earn your bachelor’s and master’s degree in education in five years, rather than six.

For each of these accelerated programs, that’s a savings of one or more years of tuition, plus the salary that you’ll be earning on the job!

smart planning.

Do the math—that’s

the long term.

we stand for… step








Now what?

three. four. five. six.

Go to (We know—pretty obvious.) Health science applicants: for the best chance of admission be sure to apply before December 1, the Early Application deadline.

Create a username and password. (Preferably not one you’ll regret in six months.)

Complete the application. (You can save this and come back to it as many times as necessary.)

Submit online.

Have your high school send us your official transcript. (Guidance counselors are overworked—don’t forget “please.”)

Give us two weeks and you’ll have a decision in hand!*

We’re here for your questions! Office of Admissions: 800.242.3142 or Office of Financial Aid: 413.205.3259 or Office of the Registrar: 413.205.3212 Business Office: 413.205.3254 Housing and Residence Life: 413.205.3271 Supportive Learning Services: 413.205.3426 *Health science applications will be reviewed following the Early Application deadline of December 1 and the Preferred Application deadline of February 15.

Can I afford this?

That has to be one of the first questions that you (and millions of other students) ask as you search for the college that is right for you.

The easy answer at AIC is: YES! Keeping college affordable has been part of our history for over 125 years.

The answer to “how?” is a little more complicated than we

can explain on a page smaller than an iPad. Soon, you’ll receive a booklet entitled The


Part that walks you through the financial aid

process, step by step, and explains how we make college financing work for you and your family. Once you read it over, please be in touch with our financial aid counselors with any questions that you may still have. They’ll crunch the numbers with you!

keeping college within reach.

we stand for‌

a median class size of 18 | 22 NCAA varsity sports | a 5 minute, 15 second walk from one end of the main campus to the other | 40% of our resident students participating in intramural sports | being the 5th fastest-growing campus in the United States | 29 countries represented in our student population | 44% of our undergraduates are firstgeneration coLlege students | 70% of students have internships | 2 official “Stress-Free� weeks on the AIC campus during the school year | $16,130,000 awarded in need-based aid in 2012

American International College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Incorporated. Some artwork provided by Luis Prado, The Noun Project and The Noun Project.

2012 2013 undergraduate viewbook  

American International College's undergraduate viewbook.

2012 2013 undergraduate viewbook  

American International College's undergraduate viewbook.