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Classic Khaki over Black

Classic Black over Red

Classic Avocado over Chestnut

Classic English Buff over Chestnut

Classic Aspen White over Chestnut

Classic Old Tavern Blue over Chestnut

Classic Red over Chestnut

Classic Spruce Green over Chestnut

Classic Red over Black

Classic Black over Chestnut

A&D Barn Red

Finishes & Hardware

A&D Celery (antiqued & distressed)

(antiqued & distressed)

6. Copper Cup Pull

12. Wood Knobs

7. Copper Knobs A&D Black (antiqued & distressed)


2. Brass Knobs

8. Brushed Chrome Cup Pull

A&D Old Tavern Blue

13. Porcelain Knob

3. Brass 3 Piece Pull

A&D Antique Pine 9. Brushed Chrome Knobs

(antiqued & distressed)

4. Pewter 3 Piece Pull

14. Acrylic Knob

15. Aged Metal Ring Pull 10. Aged Metal Cup Pull

A&D Red Pepper

(antiqued & distressed)

A&D English Buff (antiqued & distressed)

(antiqued & distressed)

5. Pewter Knob

Honey Lacquer

A&D Mocha (antiqued & distressed)

11. Aged Metal Knobs

16. Aged Metal Drop Pull

A&D Chocolate

A&D Spruce Green

A&D Avocado Green

(antiqued & distressed)

A&D Aspen White

(antiqued & distressed)

(antiqued & distressed)

(antiqued & distressed)

A&D Coastal Plum A&D Coastal Blue (antiqued & distressed)

(antiqued & distressed)


A&D Coastal Mint A&D Coastal Coral A&D Coastal Yellow A&D Persimmon (antiqued & distressed)

(antiqued & distressed)

(antiqued & distressed)

PO Box 805 • 6034 Jordan Road • Toccoa, GA 30577 Phone: 706.886.2884 or 800.951.0544 • Fax: 706.886.4033

(antiqued & distressed)

2008 Product Catalog

Traditional Coastal Country Rustic Antique Lodge

Come in and express yourself!

Classic ďŹ nish and one-of-a-kind hand painted furniture that transcends time.

Quality and craftsmanship for over sixteen years.


merican Heritage Furniture gives you the opportunity to express yourself through our furniture. Create a piece that will fit your home, your lifestyle and your personality.

PO Box 805 • 6034 Jordan Road • Toccoa, GA 30577 Phone: 706.886.2884 or 800.951.0544 • Fax: 706.886.4033

We invite you to Express Yourself with our collection of pieces finished in a variety of colors, stains and levels of distress. Add to the finished piece one of our many artistic themes and the final product will captivate you. American Heritage Furniture has been manufacturing antique reproductions and painted furniture for over ten years. All of our hand-crafted pieces are built from white pine in Northern Georgia. American Heritage Furniture offers a wide array of wonderful furniture for every room in the house, a variety of beautiful artwork, and several different finishes. So, Express Yourself.

Quick Facts: • Manufactured in Toccoa, GA • Made with kiln dried pine • One Year Warranty • Shipping across the US • Lead time 6 to 8 weeks • Blanket wrapped & shipped on company trucks • 42+ colors to choose from

#511 Pie Safe 40”w x 14”d x 60”h


#445 Newport Night Stand 22.5”w x 16”d x 32.5”h

#412 Lancaster Lingerie 26”w x 18”d x 52”h

#447 Newport Lingerie 25.5”w x 18”d x 54.5”h

#448 Newport Dresser 47.5”w x 18.5”d x 43”h

#446 Newport Bed Queen & King 66.5”w x 61.5”h

#206 Historic Trunk 13”d x 38”w x 23”h

#406 Bedside Chest 18”w x 15”d x 28”h



#415 Crockett Night Stand 20”w x 17”d x 27”h

#578 Savannah Hall Chest 40”w x 11.5”d x 34”h

#350 Phillips Table 21”w x 21”d x 28”h

#448 Newport Dresser 47.5”w x 18.5”d x 43”h

Hand painted detail

#143 Coat Rack 19”w x 17”d x 72”h 2” diameter

#1007 Mirror with Shelf 43”w x 6”d x 32”h #444 Newport Chest of Drawers 36.5”w x 18.5”d x 54”h

#1005 Fair Haven Mirror 24”w x 1.5”d x 30”h

#433 Charleston Bed #433Q-Queen Headboard 66.5”w x 60”h Queen Footboard 66.5”w x 27”h #433K-King Headboard 85”w x 60”h King Footboard 85”w x 27”h

#441 Nantucket Chest 31.5”w x 17”d x 35.5”h

#413 Victorian High Chest 48”w x 18.5”d x 39.5”h



6 #443 Newport Chest 31.5”w x 17”d x 37”h

#439 Fulton Wardrobe 42”w x 19”d x 54”h with three adjustable shelves.

#559 Newport Pantry 40.5”w x 18”d x 62.5”h

#426 Linen Press 36”w x 22”d x 75”h

#532 Sugar Hill Cupboard 24”w x 13.5”d x 37”h

#408 One Door Commode 23”w x 14”d x 25”h

#203 Blanket Trunk 38”w x 22”d x 23”h

#402T, #402F, #402Q, #402K Pencil Post Bed 402 T: 43”w x 84”h 402 F: 58”w x 84”h 402 Q: 64”w x 84”h 402 K: 81”w x 84”h Slats and hardware included with bed. Base of side rail to floor approximately 8”.




#542G Powell Mill Pantry with Glass 39.5”w x 17”d x 69.5”h

#542 Powell Mill Pantry 39.5”w x 17”d x 69.5”h

#505 Jelly Cupboard 23”w x 14”d x 51”h

#504 Double Jelly Cupboard 37”w x 14”d x 51”h #830 & #830b Smithville Hutch #830 52”w x 13.5”d x 50.75”h #830b 55.5”w x 18.75”d x 33”h


#527 Lewisburg Curio 25”w x 13”d x 68”h #803 (Base), #804 (Top) Welsh Hutch (803) 54”w x 18”d x 33”h (804) 53”w x 11.25”d x 46”h

#556 Chateau High Chest 65”w x 18”d x 43.5”h

#523 Watch Hill Two Door Cupboard 30”w x 10.5”d x 46”h



#538 Carolina Chest 50”w x 17”d x 43”h

#535 Bucket Bench 36”w x 16”d x 40”h

#815 Parkersburg Hutch 815 (Top), 815b (Base) (Top) 52”w x 13.5”d x 50.75” h (Base) 54”w x 18”d x 33”h

#778, #779, & #780 Scoop Seat Stools #778 - 12”w x 12”d x 18z”h #779 - 12”w x 12”d x 24”h #780 - 12”w x 12”d x 30”h

#769 Chateau Island 60”w x 36”d x 36”h

#554 Hammock Mill Drysink 49”w x 20”d x 39”h #579 Newport Double Jelly 37”w x 14”d x 51”h

#530 Rosenburg Drysink 31”w x 18”d x 39”h

#764 & #765 Sheaf Back Chair #764 Side Chair 19.5”w x 18”d x 42”h #765 Arm Chair 19.5”w x 18”d x 42”h

#519 Jeanette’s Cupboard 49.5”w x 24”d x 76”h


12 #766 Bistro Table 48”w x 30”d x 36”h


#540 Cherry Hill Cupboard 23”w x 13.5”d x 44”h

#745w & #746w Cottage Garden Bar Stools w Wood Seats #745w - 24”h #746w - 30”h

#582 Newport Currahee 30”w x 13.5”d x 60”h

#547 Cook County Cupboard 36”w x 13”d x 58”h #541 Pinebrook Cupboard 26”w x 16.5”d x 72”h

#514 Chattahoochee Sideboard 54”w x 19”d x 30”h

#577 Summerset Curio 24.5”w x 13.5”d x 37”h

#519 Jeanette’s Cupboard 49.5”w x 26”d x 76”h

#128 Chattahoochee Wall Hutch 44”w x 8”d x 21”h

#549 Madison Cupboard 49.25”w x 13.5”d x 52.75”h #741 Kitchen Bar 54”w x 26”d x 36”h #745 (24”), #746 (30”) Garden Barstools 24” & 30”


#759, #760, #761 Saddle Stool #759: 17.75”w x 9”d x 24”h #760: 17.75”w x 9”d x 30”h #761: 17.75”w x 9”d x 18”h



#574 Albany Curio 37”w x 13.5”d x 50.75”h

#581 Newport Jeanette’s Cupboard 49.5”w x 24”d x 72.25”h #819 (Top), #819b (Base) Turnerville Hutch (Top) 50.5”w x 11.25”d x 40.5”h (Base) 59”w x 17”d x 33”h

#517 Large Corner Cupboard 42”w x 19”d x 78”h

#538 Carolina Chest 50”w x 17”d x 43”h

#732 Greensboro Dining Table w/o leaf: 60”w x 42”d x 30”h with leaf: 78”w x 42”d x 30”h

#736 & #737 Cottage Garden Chair #736 Side Chair 17.5”w x 17.5”d x 38”h #737 Arm Chair 17.5”w x 17.5”d x 38”h


#566 Bentonville Buffet 46.5”w x 19.25”d x 35”h

#822 Brownsville Hutch 41.5”w x 17”d x 70”h

#812 Lexington Hutch 47”w x 16”d x 72”h

#770 & #771 Mission Chairs #770 Side Chair 17.5”w x 16”d x 39”h #771 Arm Chair 17.5”w x 16”d x 39”h



#555 Currahee Cupboard 30”w x 13.5”d x 60” h #821 (Top), #821b (Base) Springfield Hutch (Top) 60”w x 13.5”d x 48”h (Base) 59.5”w x 17.25”d x 32.5”h

#823 & #823b Dickerson County Hutch 823: 97.5”w x 14.25”d x 63.25”h 823b: 96”w x 18.5”d x 32.75”h

Bar Stool #738 - 24” #739 - 30”

#813 (Top), #813b (Base) Classic Kitchen Island (Top) 53”w x 16”d x 41”h (Base) 54”w x 24”d x 36”h

#775 Colonial Side Chair 19”w x 16.5”d x 41”h #776 Colonial Arm Chair 19”w x 16.5”d x 41”h arm height - 26”

#777 Colonial Bench 43”w x 17”d x 42”h

#758 Charleston Table w/o leaves - 60”w x 42”d x 30”h with leaves - 96”w x 42”d x 30”h

#751 Windsor Side Chair 18”w x 19.5”d x 41.5”h #752 Windsor Arm Chair 18”w x 19.5”d x 41.5”h

#814 Wilmington Hutch 59”w x 18”d x 82” h




#331 Game Table 36”w x 36”d x 30”h #748 Kingsford Ladderback Chair 16.5”w x 18”d x 42.5”h

#757 Jamestown Windsor Chair 17”w x 17.5”d x 36”h

#702 & #703 5’ & 6’ Farm Table #702 (5’) 60”w x 36”d x 30”h #703 (6’) 72”w x 36”d x 30”h

#750 Tall English Pub Table 36” round x 42”h

Windsor Bar Stool #753 45h x 18w x 19d seat height 24” #754 50h x 18w x 19d seat height 30” swivel base


#818 (Top), #818b (Base) Gracie Mill Hutch (Top) 55”w x 12”d x 46”h (Base) 55”w x 16”d x 32.5”h

#772 & #773 Mission Stools #772 18”w x 16”d x 42”h #773 18”w x 16”d x 48”h

#781 Kitchen Work Table 48”w x 24”d x 36”h

#767 & #768 5’ & 6’ Gathering Table #767 - 60”w x 36”d x 30”h #768 - 72”w x 36”d x 30”h



#831 Kingston Hutch 47.5”w x 16”d x 72”h

#810 (Top), #810b (Base) Providence Hutch (Top) 52”w x 14”d x 50”h (Base) 51”w x 17”d x 33”h

#704 42” Round Farm Table 42” round x 30”h

#546 Kathryn’s Pantry 40”w x 18”d x 60”h


#301 One Drawer Work Table 18”w x 18”d x 27”h

#127 Apothecary Shelf With Pegs 28”w x 6”d x 12”h

#349 Half Moon Table 42.5”w x 16”d x 32.5”h

#609 Computer Desk 48”w x 23”d x 54”h

#607 Shaker Desk 34”w x 22”d x 35”h

#612h Home Office Desk 67”w x 30.5”d x 30”h


#348 Plant Stand 16”w x 16”d x 23”h

#302 Nest of Tables Large: 22”w x 16”d x 22”hh Medium: 17”w x 13”d x 21”h Small: 13”w x 11”d x 19”h


Hand painted detail

#503 Medium Corner Cupboard 26”w x 15”d x 68”h One shelf behind bottom door.

#534 Greensboro Sideboard 54”w x 18”d x 33”h #325 Dade County End Table 20”w x 20”d x 27”h

#315 Dade County Sofa Table 52”w x 16”d x 27”h

#326 Dade County Coffee Table 46”w x 19”d x 19”h

#570 Midland Chest 48”w x 18.5”d x 39.5”h

#317 Coffee Table With Turned Legs 36”w x 36”d x 19”h #318 End Table With Turned Legs 22”w x 22”d x 24”h

#910 Liberty Curio Bookcase 30”w x 14”d x 76”h

#332 Sofa Table With Turned Legs 52”w x 16”d x 28”h

#344 Foyer Table 30”w x 15.5”d x 30”h




#576 Caldwell Curio 22.5”w x 13.5”d x 50.75”h #142 Corner Ladder Shelf 26”w x 12.5”d x 76”h

#141 Ladder Shelf 25.25”w x 18”d x 76”h #137 & #137L (with lid) Chateau Hall Tree 48”w x 19”d x 78”h

#319 Scroll Table 36”w x 36”d x 20”h

#324 Scroll End Table 24”w x 18”d x 24”h


#126 Rockdale Curio 16”w x 9.5”d x 46”h

#510 Bradley Three Door Pantry 29”w x 14”d x 78”h

#575 Johnson Curio 40”w x 17.5”d x 37.5”h

#565 Chateau High Chest 65”w x 18”d x 43.5”h

#305 Country Console Table 40”w x 11”d x 29”h



#435 Morningside Chest 27”w x 12”d x 31.5”h

#935 - 6 ft. Chateau Library Unit 72”w x 15.5”d x 85”h

#713 Rutherford Rocker 23”w x 17”d x 41”h

#140 Kingsland Curio 23”w x 14”d x 50.75”h

#329 Apothecary Coffee Table 46”w x 19”d x 19”h

#330 Gallery Table with Shelf 24”w x 14”d x 30”h

#328 Apothecary Sofa Table 50”w x 16”d x 27”h

#327 Apothecary End Table 19”w x 19”d x 27”h

#562 Chateau Hall Chest 37.5”w x 17.5”d x 41”h


#558 Newport Drysink 43.5”w x 19”d x 50.5”h



#567 Campbell Hall Chest 40”w x 17.5”d x 37.5”h

#572 Wendon Chest 51.5”w x 17.75”d x 43”h

#571 Woodville Server 59.5”w x 17.25”d x 32.5”h

#939c & #940 l,r Edgewood Media Wall Unit #939c 63.5”w x 18.75”d x 27.5”h #940 l,r 33.5”w x 13.5”d x 74.75”h

#930 Chateau Media Console 62.5”w x 25.5”d x 26.5”h

#933 - 6 ft. Reidsville Library Unit 69”w x 14”d x 85”h

#902 Pikeville TV Cabinet 43”w x 22”d x 51”h Two adjustable shelves 38” width x 19” depth. Swing around doors.

#568 Dawsonville Server 65”w x 18”d x 43”h

#569 Glenville Sideboard 55”w x 20”d x 30”h

#911 Rockingham Corner TV Cabinet 45.5”w x 32”d x 51”h




#929 Newport Media Console 54.5”w x 19”d x 30.5”h

#920 Harrison County Curio 51.5”w x 14”d x 74.5”h

#938 Westport Curio 37”w x 14”d x 50”h

#921 New River Entertainment Center 46”w x 30.5”d x 78”h Two adjustable shelves. Door opening: 27.5”w x 40”h Side wall depth 32.5” Available with TV swivel with pull-out.

#139 Ashland Curio 24.75”w x 13.5”d x 37”h

bout our finishes:

We have a variety of beautiful finishes available. They range from simple basic stains to more artistic hand-applied finishes. The available finishes are separated into two classes Basic, Finish and Special Finish. Within the Basic Finish, we provide a selection from 21 assorted paints and stains. You can even choose a two-finish combination. Please note that all two-finish combinations must be a paint/stain combination and cannot be a paint/paint or stain/ stain combination. A variety of trim colors are available for pieces done in one single finish. The trim color is applied to top molding, raised panels, bottom molding and knobs although application may vary as to the piece. The trim color accents the basic finish and adds dimension to the piece. (see back page)

The Vintage category (below) is a labor-intensive finish, which incorporates many different artistic mediums to create truly unique antique reproductions. It is an involved 21-step process that includes several layers of paint and texture. The piece is extremely aged to give it an “old world” appearance.

Vintage Blue

Vintage Yellow

Vintage Green

Vintage Turquoise

Vintage Black

Vintage White

The Special Finishes are divided into four different categories: Classic (see back page for these finishes) Heritage, Aged, and Vintage. The Heritage category (below) is a solid color, 12step aging process that includes several layers of heavy distressing that simulates years of wear. Heritage Turquoise

Heritage White

Heritage Blue

Heritage Green

Heritage Red

Heritage Celery

Heritage Tapioca

Heritage Yellow

Heritage Black

The Aged (French Cottage) category (below) has a solid antique cream base. With the color trim option, hand painted foliage is included. French Cottage Blue Trim

French Cottage Red Trim

French Cottage Green Trim

Vintage Red

French Cottage Taupe Trim

French Cottage Linen (no foliage)

If you have any questions about any of our finishes or products, please do not hesitate to call us at 800.951.0544 or visit our web site at




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