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BIBI ROGERS, Founder of 4U2ReUSE Tamra Monahan reports

Bibi Rogers is a woman with a mission. As a passionate friend of the earth, she would like to reduce the amount of trash dumped into landfills by reusing rubbish instead of throwing it out. To accomplish this, she created 4U2ReUSE, a company with a line of pet products made from discarded materials. By turning trash into doggie treasures, this innovative entrepreneur helps dog owners become more than just pooper scoopers—they transform into responsible environmentalists who remove dog waste and human trash.

Many of Bibi’s products are crafted from kite boarding sails that can no longer be repaired. As an avid kite boarder, Bibi noticed that her fellow boarders would throw away their sails when they were damaged. Realizing this is bad for the environment, she collects the discarded sails and transforms the colorful fabric into leashes, collars, portable water bowls, and pet carriers. As well as respecting the environment, these products offer pragmatic, practical solutions to pet necessities and are handy for active owners and their pets.

“I have a mission with my business and my products to raise awareness about the problems with consumption that creates trash,” Bibi says. “For my products, I reuse materials that would have been discarded, like the kite sails that would have ended up in a landfill or in the ocean. I also purchase materials that are made out of recycled plastic water bottles.”

One of her most popular items is the iPICKUP dog waste bag carrier and biodegradable bags, both of which are environmentally safe and friendly. The waste bag carrier easily and securely attaches to a leash and conveniently dispenses a roll of dog waste bags, which are made of non-genetically modified cornstarch, a renewable resource that decomposes naturally in

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about the same amount of time as organic material. In addition, these biodegradable bags are inexpensive and are delivered on a monthly basis, so dog owners never have to worry about running out of poop bags. Not only does Bibi want to help pet owners become more eco-friendly, she is also committed to changing the way future generations treat the earth. With some of the money from 4U2ReUSE, Bibi hopes to start a foundation that will teach children about the importance of saving the environment, because she believes they are the key to saving the earth. “The only people that can actually save us from this debacle of consumption are our kids. If we can educate them, we will have a chance.”

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