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LINUS Goes From the Dog Fighting Ring to

A Forever Family! By Tim and Emma Dauk (Linus' parents)

In April 2011, an anonymous tip to the Humane Society of the United States [of a suspected dog fighting and cock fighting ring] led law enforcement officials to a home in Union County, Florida. Linus was one of over twenty dogs, all Pit Bulls, and many more chickens, that were seized from the property. When the HSUS arrived, they found the dogs tied to trees and posts with heavy logging chains. Others were in cramped cages. Linus, along with all the other animals confiscated, were cared for in a temporary shelter facility coordinated by the HSUS, and a group of volunteers from all over the United States. After everything had settled, and the owner had turned over all the animals and they were released from the court system, Linus was placed in the care of

the Pittsburgh based non-profit, Hello Bully. Hello Bully, a Pit Bull rescue and advocacy group, immediately placed him in foster care with us. That was on May 15th, 2011. After a few weeks of adjustment and integration, he was introduced to his foster sister, Lucy. The two were a match made in heaven. Seeing how well Linus and Lucy got along, we decided to adopt him. Linus was rescued in April from a terrible situation, and just three months later he has already learned so much. He is now working toward his Canine Good Citizen certification. Linus is a very calm dog. While he enjoys playing and being a normal puppy, he also loves to lie down next to you and relax (unlike his sister who only wants to play). He really loves food too. He follows anyone around

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who has food, and he immediately sits (obviously expecting a treat of some sort). Even when he was initially rescued, he was always a polite dog. He never jumped on anyone, or “demanded” attention. Linus demands attention by gently resting his head on any part of you he can, and looking up at you with his big eyes. While Linus has not yet started doing therapy work, he can frequently be found at Hello Bully events. He also likes to frequent Starbucks where he lounges with his family at the outdoor seating area. Passersby are invited to pet Linus, and are always surprised to hear about his background. Linus creates quite a crowd when he is out and about. He is a wonderful example of what an American Pit Bull Terrier can be, regardless of their background.

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