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American Dance Festival’s


2008 Annual Report


TABLE OF CONTENTS Season Dedication Publication: Who’s Not Afraid of Martha Graham? Performance Season Educational & Professional Programs ADF in the Community ADF’s Global Reach Archives ADF Contributors Awards Staff, Board, and Advisory Committee

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The ADF Mission Since 1934, the American Dance Festival has remained committed to serving the needs of dance, dancers, choreographers, and professionals in dance-related fields. As the needs of the field have grown over the years, the Festival’s programs have been altered and expanded to help accommodate these changes. Remaining true to the goals of its founding artists, the ADF’s programs are developed based on its mission to: ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT the creation and presentation of new modern dance work by both established and emerging choreographers PRESERVE our modern dance heritage through continued presentation of classic works, as well as through archival efforts build wider national and international audiences for modern dance enhance public understanding and appreciation of the art form and its cultural and historical significance provide a sound scientific and aesthetic base for professional education and training of young dancers and a forum for integrating and disseminating information on dance education

cover photo: Keigwin + Company, Air

Annual Report photos © 2008 by ADF / Sara D. Davis (unless otherwise noted)

Dear Friends,

We thank all of you who participated in and helped support ADF’s 75th Anniversary Season. For the first time in the Festival’s history, we presented an entire season of shared programs, featuring some of the most important works in the modern dance repertory – past and present. For 75 years the history of the ADF has remained closely synonymous with the history of modern dance, and we were delighted to celebrate this accomplishment with 60 works, 37 companies, 11 commissions and world premieres, 10 ADF company debuts, 5 reconstructed masterpieces, and a festival of Japanese companies and artists presenting US premieres. This year our programs were filled with over 800 individuals from 38 countries and from 47 states. The Hollins University/American Dance Festival MFA program (now in its fourth year) was joined by newly created Post Baccalaureate and BA/BFA programs that accompanied our ongoing NEA Arts Journalism Institute for Dance Criticism, the International Choreographers Residency Program, and the Six and Four Week Schools. The Festival also hosted a symposium to explore the relationship of dance and film entitled Screendance: State of the Art 2, Curating the Practice/Curating as Practice. In February, the first ADF Shanghai took place at the Shanghai Dance Academy. Over 130 students, teachers, and professional dancers throughout China participated in master classes. In May, ADF also sent distinguished faculty member Ming Lung Yang to Russia for a two-week teaching residency. ADF published Who’s Not Afraid of Martha Graham? by Philosopherin-Residence Gerald E. Myers, a highly selective look at American dance and its philosophies, drawn from Myers’ three decades of ADF participation. And in honor of the Festival’s 75th anniversary, acclaimed artist Alex Katz designed the 2008 season poster, joining six other stunning posters he has previously designed for the ADF. The Festival also beamed with great anniversary activities for dance fans of all ages. From Community Day and Dancing for the Camera, to Up Close with the Artists and Modern Scene, we hope you were able to enhance your ADF experience beyond the stage! As you can see, it simply was a “Season Like No Other!” Again, thank you for making ADF’s 75th anniversary an unforgettable occasion! We send our best wishes for a very happy new year and look forward to seeing you next season. Sincerely,

Charles L. Reinhart Jodee Nimerichter Director Co-Director

This season was made possible through the generous contribution of the SHS Foundation. ADF gratefully acknowledges the support of Duke University.


Season Dedication

THE SAMUEL H. SCRIPPS FAMILY AND THE SHS FOUNDATION The 75th anniversary season was dedicated to the family of the late Samuel H. Scripps and the SHS Foundation for their steadfast support of the Festival’s life and vision. The SHS Foundation, under the direction of president Richard Feldman, was the major sponsor of the ADF’s 2008 season. Sam’s wife, Luise Elcaness Scripps (known affectionately as (left to right) Jodee Nimerichter, Wendy Scripps, Richard Feldman, “Lulu”) is the philanthropic heart First Lady Mary P. Easley, Charles L. Reinhart, Donna Faye Burchfield behind ADF’s Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching, established in 1991 to recognize the dual role of teachers in preserving and encouraging the tradition of dance. Sam Scripps was the charitable founder of the Samuel H. Scripps American Dance Festival Award for lifetime achievement, awarded annually to distinguished choreographers since 1981. Sebastian Scripps is a product designer and serves on the Board of Directors of the ADF. Wendy Scripps is dedicated to continuing her father and mother’s interest in the arts. Attorney Richard Feldman, is on the Board of Directors of the ADF, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

2008 ADF Publication

Who’s Not Afraid of Martha Graham? By Dr. Gerald E. Myers Contributor to and author of over a dozen publications, Dr. Gerald E. Myers, ADF’s Philosopher-In-Residence, traces the development of modern dance with chapter-profiles of the field’s greatest choreographers, from Isadora Duncan to Bill T. Jones, interspersed with charming letters advocating the validity of modern dance to an imaginary “Mrs. Calabash.” Flavored with the author’s personal memories of three decades of ADF summers, the book offers a unique and insightful look into the history of modern dance, its contributing artists, and the ideas that have shaped it. The book is available for purchase on ADF’s website or by calling 919.684.6402. “Myers book provides a valuable resource both in its history of modern dance and in his own thoughtful insights.” –The Herald-Sun


2008 Performance Season 60 works * 37 companies * 11 commissions & world premieres For the first time in its history, ADF presented six and a half weeks of shared programs showcasing some of the most important works in the modern dance repertory past and present!

Caught by David Parsons “Parsons’ 1982 solo ‘Caught’ was jaw-dropping.” –The News & Observer

Revelations by Ailey II “…Ailey’s masterpiece is a cauldron of contrasting feelings – torment, fear, faith, frustration and hope – that defined the period in which Ailey was working, as well as the tumultuous eras that led up to it.” –The News & Observer

Connect Transfer (new version) by Shen Wei Dance Arts “…the circular movements are mesmerizing, and the interplay between movement and sound is compelling. . .” –The News & Observer Connect Transfer (new version) was commissioned by the ADF with support from the Doris Duke/SHS Foundations Awards for New Work.


José Limón’s Chaconne,

The Moor’s Pavane,

& Jirí Kylián’s Evening Songs by Limón Dance Company “Like a great poem, Limón conveys much in an economical and dramatic use of movement and gesture in this timeless study of betrayal and its tragic consequences. [The Moor’s Pavane] reminds us of our more base capabilities born of greed, jealousy and anger.” –The Herald-Sun

Asadata Dafora’s Awassa Atrige/Ostrich, Eleo Pomare’s Las Desenamoradas, & Talley Beatty’s Mourner’s Bench by Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (DCDC) “I hope to see more of these marvelous Dayton dancers; they rewrite major pages of the history of American choreography by dancing them.” –The New York Times DCDC performances were funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the Southern Arts Federation and the North Carolina Art Council.

4 Mourner’s Bench

Alwin Nikolais’ Tensile Involvement & Crucible by Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company “Crucible is as gorgeous and bizarre as a morphine dream, and is a technical and imaginative feat.” –Classical Voice of North Carolina

Present Tense, Accumulation, & Spanish Dance

by Trisha Brown Dance Company “[Present Tense] is full of wonderful images of spanning, of bridging, of bracing and buttressing, of building up and cantilevering out.” –Classical Voice of North Carolina


Les Noces by ZviDance “Those who come to dance through a love of music will surely bless this fiery marriage.”  –The News & Observer Rust by Eiko & Koma “…to see it is to experience something that has no parallel elsewhere.” –The New York Times

Pure by John Jasperse Company “Entertaining. Lush. Funny” –The New York Times Pure was commissioned by the ADF with support from the Doris Duke/SHS Foundations Awards for New Work.


Lanterna Magica, Darkness and Light, Razor : Mirror, & Symbiosis by Pilobolus “Pilobolus is all about defying expectations. Its dancers move as if there were no gravity, connect as if biologically conjoined and create otherworldly environments.” –The News & Observer Darkness and Light was commissioned by the ADF with support from the Doris Duke/SHS Foundations Awards for New Work.

Martha Clarke’s Nocturne performed by Pilobolus “Clarke’s Nocturne conveys a profound, tragic portrait of an aging ballerina and speaks to the mortality of every human being.” –The Herald-Sun The ADF reconstruction of Nocturne was supported by the SHS Foundation.

Lanterna Magica

photo by Rebecca Lesher


aKabi by Aydin Teker “…compelling…” –Classical Voice of North Carolina

photo by Levent Öget

Rapture by Khadija Marcia Radin “Simple and joyful, the work extolled the silent virtues of a religion mostly interpreted in Western society as mysterious and dangerous.” –World Dance Reviews

Umwelt by Compagnie Maguy Marin “…astounding depth and thoughtful presence.” –World Dance Reviews Support for the performance of Umwelt was provided by the Florence Gould Foundation.


Concerto Six Twenty-Two by Lar Lubovitch Dance Company “’Powerful’ seems an inadequate word for the effect of Lubovitch’s Concerto Six Twenty Two, which carries you into the sublime.” –Classical Voice of North Carolina

Diversion of Angels, Lamentation, & Steps In The Streets (excerpt from Chronicle) by Martha Graham Dance Company “To describe Martha Graham’s work as intense does not begin to cover its emotional depth or visceral effect…” –The Herald-Sun



Air & Water by Keigwin + Company “…reminds us that there’s more to life than weighty topics and that a sense of humor actually helps weather life’s travails. And, laughter’s good for health.” –The Herald-Sun

Ella, Promenade, & Reel Time by Battleworks “The absolute commitment and trust of these dancers to Battle and to his precarious movement preferences is astounding.” –World Dance Reviews


Air and Mirror Mirror by Larry Keigwin and Reel Time and Two Redux by Robert Battle were commissioned by the ADF with support from the Doris Duke/SHS Foundations Awards for New Work.



Robert Battle’s Two Redux & Larry Keigwin’s Mirror Mirror by PARADIGM “Solomons and Two Redux partner Carmen de Lavallade, 77, make it their business to defy expectations.” –The News & Observer

Sweet Fields

Changes, Promethean Fire, & 3 Epitaphs by Paul Taylor Dance Company “[Promethean Fire] falls into the masterpiece category of Taylor’s work.” –The Herald-Sun

Twyla Tharp’s Sinatra Suite & Sweet Fields by Aspen Santa Fe Ballet “This young company, just into its second decade, brings exciting vibrancy and striking precision to its ADF debut.” –The News & Observer


For You & Walking Out The Dark

by Ronald K. Brown/evidence “It was his group piece Walking Out the Dark that confirmed his status as ‘one of the most profound choreographers of this modern dance generation.’” –World Dance Reviews

Home & Lux by Doug Varone and Dancers “The overall effect is something like the ocean’s heaving dance – an ocean of people – and your eye is enchanted one minute by its huge patterns, and another by its detail, and your heart is cheered to optimism by its eternal ebb and flow.” –Classical Voice of North Carolina


Donald McKayle’s Games by Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble “Like all classics, this one stands the test of time and has even more relevance today in terms of children as innocent victims of violence in our cities.” –The Herald-Sun The reconstruction of Games by Donald McKayle was made possible through support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Solo from Education of the Girlchild: an opera (1972) by Meredith Monk “…Ms. Monk remains a country of one.” –The New York Times

Another Evening: Serenade/ The Proposition

by Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Dance Company “The movement runs cool against the subject matter’s heat.” –The New York Times


Past Forward

“After seeing the American Dance Festival’s Past/Forward program, there’s no doubt that modern dance has a rich history and a bright future.” –The Herald-Sun

Laura Dean’s Tympani “At times, two dancers whirl into orbit with each other before continuing their planetary journey and taking the audience right along with them.” –The Herald-Sun

Hanya Holm’s Jocose “...delightful eccentricity of Holm.” –The Herald-Sun


The reconstructions of Tympani, New Moon, and Jocose were supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Jocose was staged by Sandra Aberkalns from the Labanotation score notated by Terri Richards, by arrangement with the Dance Notation Bureau.

Erick Hawkins’ New Moon “Hawkins’ New Moon shows what happens when movement, costumes, live music and set coalesce to create poetry on stage.” –The Herald-Sun

Mark Dendy’s

Preliminary Study for Depth: The Upper Half of High and Low “The age of man is over; the age of the dancer has begun.” –The New York Times Mark Dendy’s Peliminary Study for Depth: The Upper Half of Hight and Low was commissioned by the ADF with support from the ADF/Stephanie Reinhart Fund.


Japanese Festival Takuya Muramatsu’s …gosh, I am alive… by Kochuten “…mysterious, magical…” –The Herald-Sun

Akaji Maro’s Secrets of Mankind by Dairakudakan “…grotesque body contortions, extreme tremors, primal rawness and a feeling of being exposed to cataclysmic circumstances” –The Herald-Sun Secrets of Mankind was commissioned by the ADF with partial support from the Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN Program and the SHS Foundation.


Circus by Natural Dance Theatre “The creative imagination in this work comes across in the buoyant, loose-jointed, exuberant quality of movement and in the use of the circus tent canopy.” –The Herald-Sun

Shinju ten no Amijima by Teruko Fujisato “…the experience and emotions are universal.” –The Herald-Sun

Against Newton

by Dance Theater LUDENS “The dance evokes not only the forces of gravity but all the other things in life that drag us down.” –The Herald-Sun

Woman Washing Rice by Kei Takei “With her bare feet planted and her dark hair wild about her face, Ms. Takei was a bewitching woman.” –The New York Times Support for the Japanese Festival was provided in part by the Asian/Pacific Studies Institute, Duke University.


Faculty Concert

Musicians Concert

Each day during the Festival, the ADF’s internationally renowned faculty members shared their talent and expertise with over 400 students from around the world. Then, on one memorable evening, in an imaginative array of dance style and ideas, these performers and choreographers shared their artistry with the public.

The ADF Musician’s Concert’s annual musical interlude proved to be a moving evening of wide ranging musical styles that brought the audience up out of their seats and dancing into the aisles.

Ursula Payne’s In Her Solitude: Lest We Forget

Guest Vocalist Diana Tuffin performed with ADF Musician Jefferson Dalby

Post Performance Discussions Seeking insight into the creative processes of the world’s most innovative choreographers, audience members joined ADF performers in Post Performance Discussions. Moderated by ADF Faculty and special guests, these educational discussions were held for 35 performing companies.


Kids Night Out & Children s Matinees

Exposure to dance at a young age can help foster creativity and inspire a lifelong passion for the arts. The ADF offered Kids Night Out and Children’s Matinee programs to provide adults and families with affordable ways to introduce young people to dance and the excitement of live performance. Kids Night Out offered children ages 6-16 the opportunity to experience ADF’s full range of season performances, free of charge with an accompanying adult.

In 2008 the ADF also offered three onehour length Children’s Matinees specifically designed with families and young audiences in mind. These youth-oriented matinees included performances by Trisha Brown Dance Company, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Pilobolus, Paul Taylor Dance Company, and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. The performance of Tent by Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company was made possible by the National Endowment of the Arts American Masterpiece: Dance Initiative, administered by the New England Foundation for the Arts.


26 Dance Professional Workshop participants

472 students

Six Week School (June 5–July 20) Curiosity, passion, and an eagerness to learn were all present as students danced the summer away at the ADF Six Week School. Under the direction of Donna Faye Burchfield, the intensive Six Week School offered over 40 classes a day for students ages 16 and older. The school’s WFSS program offered multiple ways for students to expand and deepen their interests. Six Week School students were encouraged to audition for ADF’s Past/Forward series, giving students the chance to work with Rodger Belman, Katherine Duke, Pamela Pietro, and Don Redlich on the reconstruction of dances by Laura Dean, Erick Hawkins, and Hanya Holm in addition to working with Mark Dendy on the creation of an exciting world premiere. The students also had a chance to audition to perform with the Japanese company Dairakudakan in their ADF commissioned world premiere The Secrets of Mankind.

12 NEA Fellows

85 Six Week School students enrolled for academic credit

Educational & Professional Programs

53% of the students received financial assistance

Classes included: modern, composition, improvisation, repertory/archive projects, ballet, contemporary African, digital media, yoga, Pilates, voice and gesture, music, performance opportunities, informal open showings, and dance seminars. Company dancer auditions were held by the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, Martha Graham Dance Company, Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, Shen Wei Dance Arts, and the Trisha Brown Dance Company.

Four Week School (June 22–July 20) The Four Week School for Young Dancers, directed by Jeffery Bullock, offered core classes in modern, ballet, African dance styles, composition/improvisation, and repertory. Additional weekly classes with notable faculty were also offered to expose students to different dance styles such as hip-hop and Pilates. The program for young dance students ages 12-16 focused on strengthening dance technique and fostering individual creativity.


January Intensive (December 29, 2007 – January 8, 2008) In addition to its annual summer program in Durham, new and returning students followed the ADF to its winter home for the 13th annual photo by Aaron Greenhood January Intensive. The eleven-day workshop drew students to New York where they were immersed in the city’s vibrant dance scene, learning directly from the artists who create it. In addition to technique, composition, improvisation, and repertory classes, students also attended a performance by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and participated in panel discussions moderated by Tommy DeFrantz and Michael Helland. Faculty included Rodger Belman, David Brick, Jeffery Bullock, Shani Collins, Gerri Houlihan, Ishmael Houston-Jones, John Jasperse, Martha Myers, Jennifer Nugent, Pam Pietro, TaraMarie Perri, Sara Procopio, Lisa Race, Renee Redding-Jones, Linda Tarnay, Antonietta Vicario, Reggie Wilson, and Andrea Woods.

Dance Professionals Workshop Every year, working dance professionals are invited to select a week to participate in the ADF Season as part of the Dance Professionals Workshop. The DPW offers the flexible structure needed to pursue a week of study specifically tailored to the professionals’ artistic needs. In 2008, 26 dance professionals immersed themselves in the Festival, attending performances, taking studio classes, observing workshops, and meeting informally with ADF faculty and special guests.

Scholarship Auditions In 2008, over 280 students participated in 15 national scholarship auditions in locations across the country. Students applied for young artist tuition scholarships and awards were based on creative potential, technical ability, and financial need. Full and partial scholarships were awarded to 156 promising students thanks to the generous support of the Durham Arts Council, Fox Family Foundation, the Harkness Foundation for Dance, and individual donors. Special scholarships were offered in the names of Martha Hill, Martha Myers, Gerald Myers, Stephanie Reinhart, Julia and Thomas Saltz, Terry Sanford, Bessie Schönberg, Estelle Sommers, and Lou Wall.


Hollins University/American dance Festival programs

Few graduate programs provide students with the wide range of creative experiences, stimulating seminars, and networking opportunities as the HU/ADF MFA program in dance. Under the direction of Donna Faye Burchfield, ADF’s Dean and Hollins University’s Professor of Dance, the 2008 season marked the program’s fourth year. The degree offers a flexible yet rigorous course of study using the resources of both institutions. The program offers tracks designed to suit the differing needs of mid-career artists, teachers, dance professionals, and students. This summer session featured multiple performances by MFA participants. In 2008 the HU/ADF paired to introduce the BA/BFA combined degree program in dance, which is the first of its kind in the country. Building on the existing partnership between the two institutions, this is a unique choice for qualified students who are equally passionate about dance and their academic studies. As students complete their undergraduate degrees and prepare for a professional career in dance or graduate study, the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate offers a year of time, support, and networking. The program is ideal for students who want to immerse themselves in a focused work environment that has a direct professional relationship to choreography, performance, and new directions in the field of dance. MFA Faculty, mentors, distinguished guests Glenna Batson Douglas Becker Jen Boyle Jeffery Bullock Donna Faye Burchfield Ananya Chatterjea Tommy DeFrantz

Anne Kilkelly Irene Dowd Mark Haim Curt Haworth Ishmael Houston-Jones John Jasperse Pauline Kaldis Rafael Lopez-Barrantes

Pamela Pietro Ben Pranger Neta Pulvermacher Charles L. Reinhart Kim Rhodes Diane Shooman David Tinapple

INTERNSHIPS The ADF offered more than 30 internships in various areas of arts administration and production during the 2008 Season. Designed to enhance participants’ understanding of arts administration and non-profit organizations, ADF interns also benefitted from the Festival’s position as a creative laboratory and a magnet for national and international exchange. ADF interns had the opportunity to take dance classes, attend performances, and participate in weekly seminars on relevant issues in the arts. Speakers at this year’s seminars included leaders from ARTS North Carolina, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, the Durham Arts Council, the NEA Arts Journalism Institute for Dance Criticism, PMG Arts Management, Shen Wei Dance Arts, and Walltown Children’s Theater.

NEA Arts Journalism Institute for Dance Criticism (June 21–July 11)

speakers, teachers, and choreographers. Aditional funding was provided by the U.S. Department of State.

Alumni Weekend (June 28–29)

Artists, students, faculty, musicians, critics, and production and administration staff who have been involved in the ADF were invited to come together to rediscover the Festival during the 2008 ADF Alumni Weekend. Participants enjoyed a Bantaba by Chuck Davis, master classes, a picnic lunch out on the lawn, and performances. Guests also attended the Teaching Tribute and Scripps/ADF Award Ceremony.


Hosted by the ADF, the Institute for Dance Criticism brought together nine critics from across the US and three from Columbia to further develop their analysis of dance while expanding their knowledge of the dance world’s past and present. The three-week program, led by Director Suzanne Carbonneau and Institute Associate Nancy GaleotaWozny, offered some of the dance scene’s top professionals the opportunity to enhance their dance journalism education by attending ADF performances, writing reviews, participating in movement workshops, observing classes, and taking part in discussions with ADF guest 2008 Summer Faculty Ruth Andrien Shodekah D Bouma David Brick Jeffery Bullock Jose Bustamante Tessa Chandler Ananya Chatterjea Daniel Clifton Kelly Colbert Shani Collins Wendell Cooper Elizabeth Corbett

Douglas Corbin Jefferson Dalby Brenda Daniels Ruth Day David Dorfman Vladimir Espinosa Adriane Fang Kimberly Fitch Parker Gard Natalie Gilbert Miguel Gutierrez Mark Haim

The 2008 ADF store featured a variety of m e r c h a n d i s e, including Alex Katz’s stunning 75th anniversary season poster, dancerinspired jewelry created specifically for the ADF by design company Michou, and the always popular “season tee,” this year featuring art by Lara Hanson. The store was also thrilled to introduce Who’s Not Afraid of Martha Graham?, an intimate, lively, and highly selective look at modern dance, written by ADF Philosopher-in-Residence Dr. Gerald E. Myers. All proceeds from the store benefit the ADF Scholarship Fund.

Erika Hand Rafael Lopez-Barrantes John Hanks Corbett Lunsford Iyun Harrison Deborah Matthews Curt Haworth Toby Matthews Ellen Hemphill Jennifer McGinn Gerri Houlihan Dianne McIntyre Ishmael Houston-Jones Yvonne Meier Claudia Howard Queen Celeste Miller John Jasperse Jennifer Nugent Robert Kaplan Kraig Patterson Yang Keun Kim Ursula Payne Sharon Kinney Jimena Paz

Jillian Peña TaraMarie Perri Lila Pierce Pamela Pietro Sherone Price Neta Pulvermacher Lisa Race Atiba Rorie Khalid Saleem Paula Sanchez Richard Siegal Sarah Skaggs

Keith Thompson Michael Wall Ken Ray Wilemon Abigail Yager Ming-Lung Yang Hou Ying Jesse Zaritt


ADF in the Community

ADF Project Dance Valuing the importance of community and education, the ADF continued to dedicate time and resources to ensuring youth the opportunity to explore dance’s full potential. 2008 Highlights: Community Day at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University included an African Dance and Drumming Workshop with Stafford Berry & Osei Appiagyei, Paperhand Puppet Intervention, Hoops with Julia Hartsell, Scrap Exchange, tours of the museum, and more.

Creative Movement Workshops included Mark Haim at the Edison Johnson Recreational Center, Hou Ying at the Walltown Recreation Center, and Richard Siegal at the Campus Hills Recreation Center.

photo by Robyn Morawski

Dance/Movement Awareness Residency included an informal showing led by William McClellan of Dayton Contemporary Dance Theatre at Walltown Children’s Theatre funded by the Southern Arts Federation. The Experience Dance program donated 194 tickets to organizations that work with individuals families, youth and seniors in need and who otherwise could not attend performances.


Funding for ADF Project Dance was provided by the Durham Merchants Association Charitable Foundation and Duke Energy. Additional support was provided by the City of Durham.


ADF Tours

The ADF received support from 200 talented and dedicated volunteers. Members of the Triangle community took advantage of opportunities ranging from ushering at performances to hosting cast parties or leading tours of the ADF School. Volunteers became active participants in the Festival by contributing their time and skills in the ways that they know best.

Festival tours offered community members the opportunity to go behind the scenes to witness modern dance in the making. Tours of classes were led by ADF docents and began with a video presentation about the history of ADF and its programs. Over 195 people attended ADF tours this summer. Groups who attended included RTI-PCCO, Brentwood Childcare, Duke Young Writer’s Camp, Women’s Club of Raleigh, Dream and Discover, and House Theatre Arts Group.

Up Close with the Artists

Modern Scene Up Close with the Artists seminars, moderated by Co-Director Jodee Nimerichter, brought ADF students and choreographers together to discuss topics of artistic, cultural, and historical importance in the field of dance. These free and open to the public seminars were held with Eiko & Koma, Zvi Gotheiner, John Jasperse (as pictured), Ronald K. Brown, Donald McKayle, Cleo Parker Robinson, Doug Varone, and the ADF’s Past/Forward choreographers and directors, Rodger Belman, Mark Dendy, Katherine Duke, and Don Redlich.

Six Plates Wine Bar of Erwin Terrance in Durham paired with an ADF volunteer team to host ADF Modern Scene’s Six Nights at Six Plates. Each Friday of the festival featured a different theme with complimentary hours d’oeurves and specially selected wines. Dozens of people of all ages joined the after performance party to socialize, watch the season highlight film featured on screen at the wine bar, and enjoy delicious food and wine.


ADFs Global Reach

International Choreographers Residency program

Experimental, and Student Work. Adjudicators screened over 140 submissions to select the 20 films, including five US premieres and one world premiere, which were screened at Duke’s Nasher Museum of Art and White Lecture Hall. Conexiones, submitted from Venezuela by Lidice Abreu, received this year’s Certificate of Distinction. Eleven countries were represented over the course of the three-day Festival, which coincided with Screendance: The State of the Art.

SCREENDANCE: THE STATE OF THE ART 2 ICR Bula Pagarlava’s informal showing

Since 1985, the International Choreographers Residency (ICR) program has magnified our already vibrant international community by bringing 405 international choreographers, dancers, and teachers to the ADF. The 2008 ICR program brought 25 international choreographers and dancers from Argentina, China, Germany, Mongolia, Russia, and Taiwan. The participants added to the ICR program’s rich history of sharing new cultural viewpoints with the ADF community through collaborations, informal performances, and discussion panels. Support for the 2008 ICR program provided by the Asian Cultural Council, CEC Artslink/Open World Leaders Center, the Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan and Taipei Cultural Center, the Esther and Otter Seligmann and Arnhold Foundations, and the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

13th Annual Dancing for the Camera

Conexiones, still by Lidice Abreu

The 13 annual Dancing for the Camera: International Festival of Film and Video, directed and curated by Douglas Rosenberg, featured juried works in four categories: Choreography for the Camera, Documentary, th


Screendance: The State of the Art 2, Curating the Practice/Curating as Practice was the second conference hosted by the ADF in a series designed to facilitate an ongoing discussion among both makers and scholars of screendance. Attendees hailing from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Finland participated in four days of panels, presentations, screenings, and demonstrations, discussing the field’s most cutting-edge theories and making valuable connections along the way.

Institutional Linkage Program While participating in the 2007 ICR program, Ivan Estegneev expressed the need for more access to modern dance classes in his home community of Kostroma, Russia. In response, the ADF collaborated with Estegneev, the director of Dialogue Dance, on a linkage program and sent distinguished faculty member Ming-Lung Yang to Kostroma Ivan Estegneev at ADF for a two-week teaching residency in May 2008. While in residence, Yang taught technique, composition, and repertory classes at the Dialogue Dance School to dancers from Kostroma and Moscow. The participants performed a repertory piece at the conclusion of the residency.

38 Countries Participated in the 2008 ADF Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Canada China Columbia Cuba Dominican Republic Egypt

Finland France Germany Ghana India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica

Japan Mexico Mongolia Portugal Russia Singapore South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden

Switzerland Taiwan Trinidad & Tobago Turkey United Kingdom United States Venezuela Vietnam

2008 ADF Shanghai February of 2008 marked the first ADF Shanghai. ADF Dean, Donna Faye Burchfield, and distinguished faculty members Gerri Houlihan, Ming-Lung Yang, Nicholas Leichter, and Erika Hand journeyed to Shanghai on behalf of ADF for a twoweek teaching residency. The group taught 2008 ADF Shanghai participants (photo courtesy of Shanghai Theatre Academy) technique, improvisation, and composition to over 130 dancers, participants performed in an informal showing choreographers, and teachers from all across that reflected the work of the students in the China. At the conclusion of the residency, the composition and improvisation classes.

ADF Archives

The ADF Archives, under the direction of Dean Jeffrey, collects, preserves, and makes accessible manuscript collections, business records, film, video, and photographs chronicling the history of the ADF and modern dance. Duke University’s Lilly Library holds the ADF Video Viewing Collection, more than 500 videos copied from the ADF Archives, containing footage of performances, classes, panel discussions, showings, interviews, and special events dating from 1930 to 2008. The collection grows each season and is a yearround resource for the general public as well as students, choreographers, teachers, critics, and scholars.

The ADF is a member of The Dance Heritage Coalition, a historic collaboration that seeks new ways of preserving our dance heritage. This summer the archives fielded research requests, mounted an exhibit of festival posters, and continued documenting performances, classes, seminars, and other ADF activities.


2008 ADF Contributors

Champion ($100,000+) National Endowment for the Arts SHS Foundation

Pioneer ($50,000$99,999) Andrew W. Mellon Foundation City of Durham North Carolina Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment for the Arts Trust for Mutual Understanding

Producer ($10,000$24,999) Altria Group, Inc. Anonymous CEC ArtsLink/Open World Leaders Center Council for Cultural Affairs in Taiwan Giorgios Hospitality Group* Florence Gould Foundation The Harkness Foundation for Dance Japan Foundation Mary Duke Biddle Foundation RBC Wealth Management The Esther and Otto Seligmann and Arnhold Foundations The Shubert Foundation United States Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs

Leader ($5,000-$9,999) Bernstein-Lipsett Family Fund Capezio/Ballet Makers Dance Foundation Fox Family Foundation, Inc. Herald-Sun** Catherine and Carlton Midyette


New England Foundation for the Arts Judith Sagan Julia and Thomas Saltz Philanthropic Fund Southern Arts Federation SunTrust

Pacesetter ($2,500$4,999) Asian/Pacific Studies Institute, Duke University Mimi Bull CEC Artslink News & Observer** Alex Sagan and Julie Altman Paul and Ann Sagan Sebastian and Barbara B. Scripps The Wachovia Foundation

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2008 Awards

Samuel H. Scripps/American Dance Festival Award Laura Dean was honored with the Samuel H. Scripps/ American Dance Festival Choreography Award for lifetime achievement in modern dance during the ADF’s 75th Anniversary Season. The $50,000 award, an amount increased Jodee Nimerichter, Laura Dean, from $35,000, honors those Charles L. Reinhart choreographers who have dedicated their lives and talent to the creation of our modern dance heritage. Rodger Belman created a movement choir honoring Dean, which was performed by ADF dancers prior to the ceremony. Charles L. Reinhart presented the award during the June 29th ceremony, which featured a film documenting Dean’s dance work and a performance of Skylight (1982) by ADF dancers.

Laura Dean’s Skylight

Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching

Dianne McIntyre

The ADF Community filled Griffith Theater with love and appreciation as the Festival honored Dianne McIntyre with the 18th Balasaraswati/Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke Endowed Chair for Distinguished Teaching on June 28. Remarks were given by Martha Myers, Donna Faye Burchfield, and Shani Collins. The Chair was established in 1991 and recognizes the dual role of teachers in passing on dance history and tradition and in guaranteeing the future creativity of the art form. It is endowed through generous contributions from Louise Elcaness Scripps, with additional support from Walter Beinecke, the daughters of Joy Ann Dewey Beinecke, and the ADF.

Doris Duke/SHS Foundations Awards for New Work At the core of ADF’s mission lies the commitment to encourage and support the creation of new modern dance works by both established and emerging choreographers. In honor of this mission, the ADF established the Doris Duke Awards for New Work in 1998 to be given annually. In 2008, with matching support from the SHS Foundation, these prestigious awards were renamed and awarded to: Robert Battle, Two Redux and Reel Time John Jasperse, Pure Larry Keigwin, Air and Mirror, Mirror Pilobolus in collaboration with Basil Twist, Darkness and Light Shen Wei, Connect Transfer (new version)


Pilobolus’ special shadow tribute to the ADF’s 75th Anniversary!


Charles L. Reinhart Director

Jodee Nimerichter Co-Director

Honorary Chair for Anniversary Seasons First Lady Mary P. Easley

Honorary Chairpersons

Donna Faye Burchfield

Mrs. Laura Bush • Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton • Mrs. George Bush Mrs. Nancy Reagan • Mrs. Rosalynn Carter • Mrs. Betty Ford

Martha Myers

Board of Directors

Dr. Gerald E. Myers


Dean Emeritus


Cynthia Wyse

Director of Administration & Finance

Sarah Tondu

Director of Performances & Community Relations

Dean Jeffrey Archivist

Ellen Jacobs Associates

General Press Representative

Cayte Connell

Office Manager/ Special Projects Associate

Molly Brown

Marketing & Community Relations Associate

Roger W. Hooker, Chair Charles L. Reinhart, President • Martha Myers, Vice President Judith Sagan, Secretary • F.V. Allison, Jr., Treasurer Brenda Brodie • Mimi Bull • Nathan Clark • Richard E. Feldman Pamela M. Green • Donald McKayle • Allen D. Roses Ted Rotante • Sebastian Scripps • Nancy Sokal

Advisory Committee

Robby Barnett • Trisha Brown • Martha Clarke • Merce Cunningham Chuck Davis • Laura Dean • Garth Fagan • Eiko & Koma Anna Halprin • Stuart Hodes • Betty Jones • Bill T. Jones • Alex Katz Juanita Kreps • Meredith Monk • Carman Moore • Mark Morris Gerald Myers • Daniel Nagrin • Ohad Naharin • Eleo Pomare Jeannette Schlottmann Roosevelt • Paul Taylor • Twyla Tharp Michael Tracy • Doug Varone • Jonathan Wolken

Nicolle Wasserman

Director of School Administration & Student Affairs

Concetta Duncan

Press & Marketing Associate

Monica Barco

Graphic & Web Designer

Michele Wilson

Development Associate

Jocelyn McIntosh

Executive Assistant

Tarsha Kelley

Finance Assistant

Thank you for sharing the 75th season with us! –The 2008 Staff, Faculty, and Interns

Cara Clark

Registrar & Student Services Coordinator

David Ferri

Production Manager

Sara D. Davis


Caroline Williford Videographer

Melody Eggen

Costume Designer

Oswald Nagler

Design Consultant

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2008 Annual Report  

Annual Report for the 2008 season of the American Dance Festival