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KNOW YOUR FACEBOOK AUDIENCE A digital marketer offers creative tips for Facebook advertising. BY KIM NGUYEN

The alcohol industry faces many challenges when it comes to digital marketing, from limitations in capabilities to high advertising costs. The rising interest in purchasing alcohol online and the increased competition in the space has been one of the biggest drivers of those increased costs. So how do you get the most out of your ad dollar on Facebook and Instagram? From the more than 240 alcohol beverage brands that we work with at Speakeasy Co., the most successful companies leveraging Facebook advertising have identified their core audiences to target and market to online. If you’re having trouble identifying key characteristics to target in your Facebook advertising, here are a few places to start. TARGET NON-CONVENTIONAL INTEREST TARGETS Let’s say, you’ve narrowed in on the obvious interest categories that are most relevant to your end product. In our world, that would mean people who are interested in whiskey, vodka or “distilled beverages” for example. The next step is to target interest categories that are complementary to your brand. Think about your ideal customers. Who are they? What do they do in their free time? What do they care about? For example, if your brand takes extra care to be environmentally conscious through the entire supply chain process from the product creation to packaging, try targeting the sustainability interest category on Facebook and Instagram. When crafting your ads targeting these users, ensure that your messaging is relevant to that interest category. Using the previous example, mentioning that your packaging is biodegradable would be the key product differentiator among other

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like-brands, and will resonate specifically with the Sustainability interest users. CREATE LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES FROM YOUR EMAIL LIST Facebook allows you to upload an email list that you’ve gathered from either your website or tasting room to create a custom audience to target on its platform. Once the upload is complete, you’ll have the option to create a lookalike audience from this custom audience list. Creating a lookalike audience will prompt Facebook to find and deliver your ads to users who share common qualities to the users in your list. In a nutshell, if you upload a list of your best customers, Facebook will try to find more people who could be potentially new “best customers.” LEVERAGE YOUR SOCIAL ENGAGERS Rather than attempting to only acquire new users to purchase your product, leverage your existing fans and followers to drive additional sales. People who have taken any action on your existing organic posts or ads are more likely to re-engage if presented with another ad. Create two new custom audiences that are specific to the users who have interacted with your brand on both Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to select the option, “Target users who have recently interacted with a post or ad.” Creating this audience segment will allow you to get your brand in front of them again, and help drive these users further down your purchase funnel. CONCLUSION Of course, there are plenty of other useful custom and lookalike audiences to leverage for your Facebook ads, but these are a

It is highly recommended to continually test new audiences to find your perfect marketing mix. fantastic place to start! It is highly recommended to continually test new audiences to find your perfect marketing mix. If you’d like to start selling your spirits online and reach a wider national audience, our team at Speakeasy Co. can help! We handle the technology, warehousing and fulfillment of an e-commerce store, enabling you to start selling direct-to-consumer (where applicable) while staying three-tier compliant. We also offer digital advertising services to drive traffic to your brand’s site using our industry knowledge to help scale your business. See how we can help grow your brand at ■

Kim Nguyen is a data-driven digital marketer who has worked in the realm of digital marketing for e-commerce brands for over 10 years in industries ranging from automotives to travel to consumer packaged goods.