Craft Spirits July 2021

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Gary Spedding, Ph.D., is the owner of Brewing & Distilling Analytical Services. A biochemist, analytical chemist and sensory specialist, he’s here to educate us all. Gary knows so many people in the industry and is very enthusiastic about sharing ideas with fellows in the business. Some people complain that they don’t like walking across a tradeshow hall with him as they really would like to make it to the other side before the show ends. Learn more at

Kim Nguyen is a data-driven digital marketer who has worked in the realm of digital marketing for e-commerce brands for over 10 years in industries ranging from automotives to travel to consumer packaged goods. Over the last year, she has worked with craft beverage brands who have partnered with Speakeasy Co., a leading integrated direct-to-consumer solution for beverage alcohol brands, to start selling their products online on their digital advertising efforts to improve site traffic and scale revenue.


The Art, Science and Business of Distilling

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