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JUNE 2011

Celebrated every June 14th in the USA, millions of Americans observe Flag Day by waving the U.S. flag outside their homes and businesses. Veteran's groups and sometimes whole communities also arrange civic functions and special ceremonies in honor of Flag Day. As the legend goes, it was George Washington and two other members of the Continental Congress who asked Betsy Ross to sew the first American flag sometime in the late spring of 1776. The young widow was only in her early 20's when she completed the first flag with thirteen stars arranged in a circle. A year later, the Continental Congress officially adopted the design for the national flag, and henceforward the Stars and Stripes symbolized the U.S. around the world. Why red, white and blue? To the original members of the Continental Congress, red stood for hardiness and courage, white for purity and innocence, and blue for vigilance and justice. JUNE 2011




On June 7, the American Corner Coordinator visited American College campus in Managua. A group of 45 undergrad students watched the movie “an Inconvenient Truth: Global Warming in commemoration of “World Environment Day.” The students expressed their interest in work and help protect the environment by raising awareness within the academic community.

On June 15th, 2011 the Binational Center and American Corner organized a Book Fair at the CCNN Library. Students and teachers visited the Emily Dickinson Library and received free books in English that will help them improve their language skills.


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On June 16th American Corner and Binational Center coordinated a new session of the Reading Club for a group of 6 ELLs. Roberto Mendieta, BNC teacher and AC collaborator was the moderator during the activity. The topic selected was Reality Show Television.

The next session will be July 21th at 2:00pm @ the American Corner

On June 18th, the BNC library/AC coordinator invited the students of the BNC children’s program to attend an interesting presentation about Flag Day. The students learned about the origin, symbols and what the colors represent in the American Flag. All the children enjoyed the program, shared information and researched the library books to learn about this celebration. To conclude the presentation the students worked in pairs to create acrostics related to the word FLAG.

June 2011 JUNE 2011

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A group of 15 Students and 3 teachers from the BNC’s English programs gathered at the CCNN Library to take part of the art and crafts session in honor of “Father’s Day. ” The students created a greeting card for their fathers and shared their stories about how they celebrate father’s day at home.

Written by Sonia Ardila Gutierrez, SIT Alumna My name is Sonia Ardila Gutierrez, English teacher at CCNN in Nicaragua. On June 23 I carried out a workshop for English Teachers “ Skills and Principles of Language Teacher Training” at the American Corner’s host library in Managua. This workshop was attended for 5 English teachers from public schools. The themes covered included different principles and theories such as Adult Learning Theory, The Reflective Cycle and The Experiential Learning Cycle. Finally, it also covered the workshop I designed during the course and its implementation.


June 2011

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June 2011

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