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April 2009


American Corner Nicaragua 

American Nicaraguan School International Fair

Earth Day at University of Science and Technology

International Book Day at BNC

Book Exposition Earth Day, International Book Day

Maya Angelou Birthday.

Local Media Outlets Reports

AC Nicaragua Info Stand at American Nicaraguan School International Fair On April 17, American Corner Coordinator, Education USA adviser and IRC Managua set up an information stand at the International Fair a day long event organized by the academic community of the American Nicaraguan School. AC information stand was set up side by side to the U.S. Embassy that included a representation of the Boys and Girls Scouts, and the U.S. Marines detachment. A large crowd of 600 students, parents, business and foreign diplomatic representatives took part of this annual event that included folkloric dances and artistic representations from various countries. IIP outline series on US history, geography, US maps and copies of President Barack Obama op-ed related to the Summit of the Americas were distributed to stand visitors.

American Corner Nicaragua

Educational Exchange Opportunities Outreach Program for National University English Students On April 15th, 2009 AC coordinator and EdUSA advisor visited the National University Campus in Managua to promote State Department scholarship programs to a group of 21 English major students. Also they screened President Obama Biography to the student who lead a discussion about the historical moment that resulted in his 2008 election as the 44th US President. 21 students (Male: 8, Female: 13) All students received copies of Forum magazine, EdUSA brochures and flyers with information about the scholarship program.

EARTH DAY April 22

On April 22th, 2009, AC coordinator programmed a movie screening and discussion at the University of Science and Technology in Managua to commemorate Earth Day with senior students of Law and International Studies Schools. The Oscar winner movie “An Inconvenient Truth: Global Warming ” was the highlight of the program attended by 52 students and faculty. The audience discussed the topics covered by the film and the purpose of this activity was to create awareness within the community of students to learn importance of protecting the environment on a day to day basis: collecting and recycling, saving energy at home, use of public transportation, etc. All participants received a post produced handout with a compilation of America.Gov recent articles about climate change , and USG environmental policy. Página 2

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International Book Day Read athon at American Corner On April 23rd, a group of 18 schoolchildren attended a program dedicated to promote reading in commemoration of the International Book Day at the library of the BNC in Managua. AC coordinator made the introduction to all participants about the importance of reading and why the world celebrates International Book Day. The program also included an award ceremony to those children who read more books in the last three months at the AC library. A total of 6 winners were selected among a group of 30 teens and children who are frequent visitors of the AC.

23 April: a symbolic date for world literature for on this date and in the same year of 1616, Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all died. It is also the date of The winner in the teen category: Berman Gerardo Aburto a 15 years old elemenbirth or death of other tary student who read 20 books since February. prominent authors such as Maurice Druon, The winner in the children category: K.Laxness, Vladimir Clardy Salazar, a 8 years old who read 26 books in Nabokov, Josep Pla and total. Manuel MejĂ­a Vallejo. It was a natural choice for UNESCO's General Conference to pay a world -wide tribute to books and American Corner Nicaragua authors on this date, encouraging everyone, Promotes Reading and in particular young Visit us and learn more about our people, to discover the educational activities and programs for youth pleasure of reading and gain a renewed respect for the irreplaceable contributions of those who have furthered the social and cultural progress of humanity. PĂĄgina 3


American Corner Nicaragua

Elementary Schools visits American Corner To celebrate EARTH DAY AND INTERNATIONAL BOOK DAY On April 24th a group of 140 students and teachers from the Angloamericano bilingual high school in Managua visited the AC host library in commemoration Earth Day and International Book Day. 80 Female and 69 Male), First the visiting group toured the host library facilities including the art gallery and antique coin collection room. AC coordinator escorted them during the visit and prepared a full program that included a briefing with information about the AC resources, books and diverse educational activities. The students watched the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth: Global Warming”, after the conclusion of the movie they were asked to write a brief summary about the Oscar winner documentary. The English teachers copies of the most recent issue of Forum Magazine, IIP Pubs, US maps and other printed from IIP outline series.

Primary School

American Corner Coordinator invited teachers and students to come and use the AC resources for their classes.

High School

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Guided Group Visit April:   

80 Children from Jardin de Rosas, preschool 80 HS students from Movimiento Solidario 70 Economic School university students from National University Leon campus

Local Media Outlets Reports American Corner Programs

Bolsa de Noticias, April 24 reported a note about Earth Day program at University of Science and Technology La Prensa Sunday Magazine, May 03, 2009.

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American Corner Nicaragua

AMERICAN CORNER is joint initiative of the Central Bank, Centro Cultural Nicaraguense Norteamericano and the U.S. Embassy in Managua. It contains a collection of American Literature, Culture, History, U.S. Government and other periodicals on topics of interest. AMERICAN CORNER has a small collection of audiovisual resources on topics like: American Music, American History, and Biographies. AMERICAN CORNER has two computers with Internet. These resources are located on the second floor in the Library reading area. AMERICAN CORNER schedules movie presentations every week, or by visitor’s request. All our services are free of charge. AMERICAN CORNER is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 -2:00pm I f you need more information please contact: Lic. Nubia Manzananes, AC Coordinator American Corner is located at: Second Floor of the Biblioteca Roberto Incer Barquero in Managua


Newsletter / April 2009  

American Corner is a Library from the American Embassy, Binational Center and Central Bank Library in Nicaragua

Newsletter / April 2009  

American Corner is a Library from the American Embassy, Binational Center and Central Bank Library in Nicaragua