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Make sure you have the right insurance coverage before a storm hits

Strengthening a garage door for storms





How high wind can stress a garage door Storm winds exert the most pressure and suction at the corners of a home, where most garages are located

Older garage doors in good condition can be reinforced with a vertical bracing kit; the brace is installed before a storm hits and removed afterward

U-bolts attach top of post to bracket on wall above door Top bracket


1 Garage door bends inward and outward, eventually pulls away from its tracks

2 When door breaks free, wind enters room, can blow roof off


Reinforce door at its weakest points with posts; for single doors, use one brace; for double-wide doors, use two or Cost $150 per brace




Taking small steps now can be a big help later if a big storm hits the Crossroads. Hurricane season continues through Nov. 30. Joyce Moeller, a Farmers Insurance insurance agent in Cuero, said homeowners can prepare for a potential disaster by keeping record of everything in their home. “The best thing to do is take video of everything in the home,” she said. “Keep receipts for large items, and be sure to store them in a safe box outside of the home.” Today, there are ways to easily keep inventory of valuable items that might be damaged in a disaster, Moeller said. Electronic versions of receipts can be scanned and saved for retrieval at a later time, if they’re needed. Also, she said it’s important that homeowners have appropriate insurance for their area. If they live in a flood plain, flood insurance might be something to consider. “A lot of people look at the premium, and find out later they might not have full coverage,” Moeller said. Be sure to check the deductible on wind storm, flood and hail coverage, and check how high or low their deductibles are, she said. Sometimes, rates change. So before something happens, talk to insurance agents and go over details, she said. If and when a disaster happens – whether it be a hurricane or a broken water line that causes flooding, homeowners can be

72 H O U R S

Brackets attach hinges to post

Metal post Heavier tracks may need to be installed; wind can force door out of track or pull track from wall if fasteners are not secure

Emergency battery power unit Turns on lights and opens garage door for 20 cycles Cost $499 Track


Metal post

Floor brace


Metal brace is bolted to floor to secure bottom of post; it can be removed for storage and screws left in

Cement floor Motor

Release handle

prepared to meet with a claims adjuster. Moeller said homeowners need to be ready to document everything again. Go over the valuable items and begin by writing everything down or taking photos of

Manual operation To open door if power is lost, pull release cord connected to track

the damage, she said. “Report the day and time and what happened,” she said. This is important information any insurance company will be looking for after a disaster happens.

© KRT Source: Secure Enterprises, Broten Garage Door, University of Florida and Institute for Business and Home Safety Graphic: Belinda Long, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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