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Your liver literally helps EVERY system of your body to work better and stay healthier. However, even conventional doctors will tell you that long before most diseases even surface the liver is overloaded, weak, and unable to perform its job. That’s why it is so important to cleanse your liver on a regular basis.

Meet The Cleansers:

Why Cleanse Your Liver? Your liver is keeping you alive every second of every day. In fact, it does more jobs for you than any other organ in your body. Medical science is still discovering the many functions it does for you and, in my opinion, they will never know everything. What we do know is that it creates glucose, the body’s only chemical that gives us pure ENERGY to do the things we want to do in life. That alone is a great reason to keep your liver clean and healthy. But more than that, the liver also creates digestive fluids needed to digest foods, along with enzymes that neutralize toxic poisons in your blood. It creates hormones, breaks down fats, kills bacteria and viruses, synthesizes protein, and stores everything from immune cells to iron to Vitamins A, B-12, D, E, K, and on and on and on…

Start Fresh. Modern living in most of the civilized world is a toxic, poisonous, and actually lethal experience. What is in your food, water, and air is trying to create disease and kill you every second of every day. Thank God for your liver, because it’s saving your life, every day. Your liver is the ultimate detoxification organ in your body. Unfortunately, in our modern world, most of the food you consume is dusted with, grown with, dipped in, sprayed, mixed, colored, flavored and preserved with thousands of different toxic chemicals, and then packaged in toxic containers. It’s the same with the water you drink and the air you breathe. Everything you eat and drink is digested and then travels through your liver FIRST, before entering your bloodstream to feed every cell in your body.

PREVENTS DISEASE Your liver removes all of this harmful material from your blood that, if left behind, will cause heart attacks, strokes, circulatory disease, cancer, neurological diseases and a hundred other diseases. This is why many doctors will often say that when you have almost any disease, your liver was sick long before your disease developed.

MORE ENERGY It’s your liver’s job to convert carbohydrates you eat into glucose. Glucose is the primary ENERGY source of the human body. Your liver makes glucose

and then stores it for you as a reserve energy supply. When you need energy anytime, 24/7, your liver releases this stored glucose and WOW! You get an energy blast second to none, better than coffee! Keeping your liver healthy and clean simply helps you have all the energy you need, whenever you need it.

SO CLEAN IT The bottom line is that there is no escape from the toxic, environmental overload on your liver. If you live anywhere on this planet (and especially in America), your liver is likely overworked and congested with the toxic waste it has been constantly trying to keep out of your body and bloodstream. Think about it, my friends. Considering that there are about 100,000 new chemicals floating around in our environment and our bodies, a little flushing, cleaning and protecting of your liver once a year doesn’t seem so extreme, does it? The bottom line: keeping your liver healthy…keeps you healthy. Liver flushing and cleansing causes the liver to empty its toxic contents, so it can start fresh and work more efficiently, to give you many more years of trouble-free service.

No One Can Escape The Toxic Onslaught. No One. Given our modern world, this means your liver has the single most stressful job in your body by a long shot. In fact, if you were asked to choose between being an air-traffic controller at Los Angeles International Airport, or doing the job of a liver for one day, you’d be smart to take the airtraffic controller job.

This is because the liver is involved, one way or another, in nearly every bodily process, its focus being on the crucial job of DETOXIFYING the body at every step. This need for your body to detoxify is more important than ever before, because we live in a more toxic environment than ever before in history. First, our modern American diet, rich in animal flesh, fried foods, refined oils, and chemical additives, will weaken and overload your liver. Add in alcohol, tobacco, and environmental pollution, and the liver is starting to get severely overworked.

Now, add the stress of modern life, along with all of the environmental toxins we are absorbing every second, from the air we breathe, to the clothes we wear, the furniture we sit on, the rooms we spend time in…and WOW! Toxins are EVERYWHERE! Is it really any surprise our livers are so overwhelmed and possibly even sick? Despite the stacked odds against a healthy liver, the amazing reality is that optimum liver function can be restored: Even a damaged liver is able to regenerate, much like skin heals and regrows after it’s been cut. The bad news is that an overloaded liver can be hurt, sick, and damaged for a very LONG TIME before its energy reserves are pushed so hard that disease and deterioration are even detected.

Some Signals Your Liver May Be In Distress… The average American typically chooses to treat all of these ailments with over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Unfortunately, this only further harms their already overloaded liver, while they continue with their liver-destroying lifestyle.

• High Cholesterol • Diabetes • High Blood Pressure • Weight Gain • Depression • Chronic Fatigue • Allergies • Cellulite • Pot Belly • Irritable Bowel

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• Asthma • Indigestion • Abdominal Bloating • Skin Rashes • Eczema • Acne • Rosacea • Liver Spots • Hot Flashes • Irritability

7 Toxic Things Your Liver Is Constantly Working To Neutralize and Flush Out of Your System 1. Alcohol 2. Air & Water Pollution 3. Pharmaceutical Drugs 4. Insecticides & Pesticides

5. Food Additives 6. Environmental Chemicals 7. Parasites, Bacteria & Viruses

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Your Liver Is Keeping You Alive Every Second

Sick & Diseased Liver

Although, your medical doctor would like you to believe that they have figured your liver out and got it all down, the reality is that your liver is the most metabolically complex organ in the entire human body, even more than your brain! Modern medicine is still discovering all of the things the liver does to keep you alive every second of every day. The tasks are up to 260 unique functions, and counting. Bottom line: your liver has numerous different microscopic functional units and is as complex and infinite as outer space! One of the main reasons I know God is a Natural Healer (and NOT a medical doctor) is the liver itself. It is so incredibly complex that it’s best to just leave it alone, create a healing lifestyle for it, and DON’T TOUCH IT—HANDS OFF.  Now, let me try to boil it down and make understanding the functions of the liver as simple as possible…

FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE Your entire blood supply first passes through your liver, especially the blood from your digestive organs which contains nutrition and the end-products of digestion. This process happens BEFORE this blood enters your general circulation to the rest of your body. To simplify it further, your liver is the DEFENSIVE BARRIER between the things you take into your

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Healthy liver

Congested Gallbladder

“Disease doesn’t just happen overnight. Heart disease, cancer—nearly ALL disease—develops months, even years after your liver failed to keep your body and blood clean.” — Dr. Schulze

body and the blood that feeds that body, which is why it is often called “your first line of defense”. Damaged liver

ENERGY & NUTRITION Your liver is your life force and the source for your ENERGY. Your liver synthesizes the sugar glucose from carbohydrates or starches that you eat. Glucose is the most important carbohydrate in your body’s metabolism. It could just be called PURE ENERGY, because it is used by your brain and every other cell of the body for just that: ENERGY. If you’re feeling low energy, fatigued and sluggish, no matter how much sleep you’re getting or how well you’re eating, it’s time to do a liver cleanse.

Cirrhosis of the liver

DETOXIFICATION Your liver is the blood detoxification organ in your body. The liver detoxifies, neutralizes, renders harmless and eliminates all of the harmful toxic poisons, chemicals and substances you may ingest, and keeps them out of your bloodstream. It produces many different enzymes that actually convert toxic poisons into harmless chemicals which are then eliminated in the bile that your liver excretes. 

Digestive System

The main idea in Natural Healing (as opposed to conventional medicine) is to prevent disease and protect your body before it gets sick. And your liver (more than any other organ in your body) prevents you from getting sick! Call 800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at | 7

It Only Takes 5 Days!


Your body is really no different than your car—it needs routine maintenance. That is why Dr. Schulze used this liver program for over 20 years in his clinic with thousands of people. Many of them were told that they needed liver transplants and gallbladder removals but, instead, they cleaned their liver and gallbladder out with this five-day program. In his clinic, liver and gallbladder flushing was mandatory, not optional.


Best of all, when you cleanse the liver it does its job of producing glucose much better, which means you can feel the vibrancy and energy in your life!

REAL PEOPLE, REAL RESULTS No surgery needed!

“I had three gallbladder attacks and met with my M.D. He ordered an ultrasound and after reading the results told me it was time to part with my gallbladder. I did the gallbladder flush and I have a medical report that reads, ‘No evidence of gallstones as noted on the ultrasound.’ Yes! No surgery! I feel great and I decided to keep to Dr. Schulze’s recommendation and will complete a flush every three months.” — Spring Y. in Bonney Lake, WA

I love this program! “Today is my fourth day on the liver cleanse and I’ve noticed that my acne has started to dry up. I also feel more energetic and lighter. I don’t feel hungry at all, just more balanced and mentally sound. I love this program.” — Jacqueline B.

5-Day Liver Detox ✓✓ Cleans your blood of unhealthy accumulated deposits ✓✓ Coats and protects your liver cells and helps to eliminate harmful, dangerous contaminants ✓✓ Helps to dissolve and remove hardened sediments from the gallbladder

The Original, Most Effective, and Still The Best!

✓✓ Promotes a clean liver so you have all the ENERGY you need when you need it

What’s Inside The 5-Day Liver Detox Box? L-GB Formula

The herbs in this formula are famous for their ability to protect, stimulate, and cleanse the liver and gallbladder.

Detox Tea

A powerful stimulant, especially to the stomach, liver, and digestive side of the pancreas that also cleanses the skin and detoxifies the blood, liver, and gallbladder.

Detox Formula

This is a very powerful cleansing formula that scrubs the accumulated toxins and poisons out of the body’s blood, fat, and cells.

Quick-Start Guide

Simple instructions to get you started quickly.

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Clean Out and UnClog Remove Waste and Increase Oxygen to Your Heart & Brain. Beyond the obvious seasonal 5-Day Liver Detox to flush and cleanse the liver regularly, it is important to protect your heart and brain, and lower your risk naturally, especially if you are over the age of 40. Heart attacks and strokes are the #1 cause of death in America. They are caused by cholesterol build-up blocking either the coronary artery (to your heart) or the cerebral artery (to your brain).

“Clogged arteries are the cause of the majority of heart attacks and strokes and other circulatory diseases.” — Dr. Schulze

One of your liver’s main jobs is to filter and balance the amount of fat and cholesterol in your blood. However, once the liver becomes overloaded and overworked by too much cholesterol and environmental toxins in the body, it can’t do its job efficiently, and your risk of blockage, heart attacks, stroke, and death skyrockets.

Clogged Artery

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Normal Artery

UnClog And Diffuse The Ticking Time-Bomb!

Increase Oxygen & Circulation For Sharper Concentration And Memory!

Heart Formula

Brain Formula

✓✓ Strengthens and tones the heart ✓✓ Maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol ✓✓ Increases overall heart health and circulation

✓✓ Stimulates circulation and reduces congestion in the brain ✓✓ Increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain ✓✓ Supports healthy hearing and eyesight

Heart Formula is made with the most potent and organic Hawthorn Berry, which binds to, coats, and protects your heart cells. It contains numerous phytochemicals that help the heart to pump both more easily and with more force. The formula also promotes healthy heart circulation, a regular heartbeat, and is a potent “cardiac boost” for the elderly by giving them more energy. Everyone needs to protect his or her heart, brain, blood vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries. EVERYONE.

The main herb in Dr. Schulze’s Brain Formula is Ginkgo Biloba leaf. It has been shown to increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain, and has been clinically proven to support brain health. It even increases memory capability, helps diminish the symptoms of dementia, promotes a sense of physical and emotional wellbeing, enhances healthy hearing and eyesight and much, much more. Do It Right: 1 to 3 times a year, take every day for a month

Powerful Results: 2 to 4 times a year, take every day for a month

Fight The Top Three Causes Of Death For Only $1 A Day

Protect Formula

Support your heart, liver, and brain while eliminating free radicals that speed up aging and cause disease. Fight back against the daily bombardment of stress and pollutants that break down your body and cause disease. When You Need It: Every day.



PEOPLE AT RISK I would put ALL of my ill, older, or at-risk patients on the same formula—my Protect Formula—at least until they were eating well, cleaned up, exercising and back to loving life.


PEOPLE WE LOVE We all have someone we want to save and protect but they are not going to change their ways. I designed Protect Formula for those people who we can’t get to do anything for themselves, except swallow one pill.


ANYONE OVER 40 My Protect Formula is the edge you need to help you think more clearly, protect your health, and live a more vibrant life.

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The Powerful Program That Saved His Patients And Made His Clinic Famous Dr. Schulze’s Incurables Program An Intensive Detoxification Program For Champions! At last, a serious detox that is clinically proven, powerfully effective, and life-changing. This program is for anyone who has been told by their doctor that they should be seriously concerned about their health. Dr. Schulze’s famous Incurables Program has helped thousands of people regain their health and naturally heal themselves. With additional healing routines like the herbal heating bath, cold sheet treatments, high enemas, rectal garlic enemas, and juice fasting, Dr. Schulze’s patients have experienced healing miracles on this program. This is the program for you if you want to regain control of your life and need to turn your health around. Don’t give up hope—this program gives life-altering results!

✓✓ CLINICALLY-PROVEN with thousands of patients for a powerfully effective and life-changing impact

✓✓ Contains 18 of Dr. Schulze’s most POWERFUL foundational herbal formulas ✓✓ Three decades of clinical EXPERIENCE—now in a box

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How It Works: After doing this program, people often remark that they have incredible energy and that they look and feel better than they have in 30 years. Here is what this program will do for you:


Modern life exposes us to thousands of different poisons and toxins every day. The quality of our food, water, and air has degenerated, especially over the past 25 years. Modern living, with its lack of exercise and above average levels of stress, inhibits our body’s natural ability to remove waste, such as urine, feces, mucous, acids, bile, pus, etc. The build-up of these toxins and waste in our body directly causes cancer, heart disease, neuromuscular disease, digestive disease, diabetes,

arthritis, and other diseases. This program is a strong, detoxifying flush. It will facilitate the removal of old, accumulated poisons and toxic chemicals trapped in the waste. It will draw out and purge them from your fat, muscles, intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bloodstream, lymphatic system, tissues and cells. This program will also stimulate and boost your immune system. It will give your body the nutrition to build itself back up to be able to heal itself naturally.


Your brain is an organ, just like any other organ in your body. It can only work well when it is supplied with sufficient blood, and that blood must be rich in nutrients. Your brain is constantly problem solving and communicating with trillions of cells, while manufacturing numerous

metabolic chemicals that tell your body to do everything from balancing your hormones to recovering from jet lag. From slight memory loss to Alzheimer’s, from bad days to chronic depression (even insanity), ALL brain and emotional dysfunction has its roots in bad circulation, nutritional depletion, and waste build-up.


Since ancient times, fasting, nutrition, cleansing with herbs, detoxification, and even giving enemas with hollowed out gourds, has been practiced to increase spiritual ability and closeness to God. Whatever your spiritual beliefs or religion, my 30-Day Cleansing and Detoxification Program will increase your ability to hear and understand the Word of God, to receive divine messages and let God work through you.

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Reverse The Aging Process... Top 3 Reasons To Take Vitamin-C Complex Every Day! #1 REVERSES THE AGING PROCESS

Free radicals are like pieces of glass circulating in your body that damage and kill your cells. Worse, the more free radicals in your body, the faster you AGE! The good news is that an antioxidant will inhibit, neutralize, and STOP free radicals. One of the most powerful nutrient antioxidants known on the planet is Vitamin-C. Vitamin-C STOPS free radicals from hurting you!


Collagen is a protein found in your skin and flesh. It is the main component of what is called fibrous or connective tissue in your skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. It is even in your arteries, veins, and bones. One of the most powerful nutrients needed for your body to produce collagen is Vitamin-C Complex.


Vitamin-C is found in extremely high concentrations INSIDE your immune cells. It is quickly consumed when your immune system is fighting off infections. This is why consuming abundant Vitamin-C helps give your immune system the powerful FUEL it needs to protect and heal you!

Super-C PLUS ALL of the Vitamin-C and Vitamin-C Complex nutrients in this formula are natural and derived solely from the whole plants in the formula. Nothing is extracted, isolated, fortified or synthetic. This formula is 100% natural! Dr. Schulze’s Super-C Plus is made using only 11 organic and wild-harvested herbs—with no sugar or chemicals— giving you over 500% of your daily Vitamin-C and Vitamin-C Complex nutrients. This is REAL Vitamin-C!

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INGREDIENTS MATTER: Vitamin-C Complex occurs naturally within fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It is a unique complex of a wide variety of nutrients, which is why it is called Vitamin-C COMPLEX. It is much more than just one single chemical such as ascorbic acid. It is Vitamin-C, plus numerous bioflavonoids (also known as Vitamin P such as hesperidin, rutin, quercetin, quercitrin, flavones, catechins, anthocyanidins, and tangretin). There are over 5,000 important natural Vitamin-C Complexes and flavones found in food. In just one study of 475,000 people living in 10 European countries, people whose diets are rich in flavones had a much lower incidence of cancer. They were not taking chemical ascorbic acid, but eating foods rich in Vitamin-C Complex. All of the Vitamin-C Complex nutrients are recognized, assimilated, and utilized by your body. They are super-foods and powerfully nutritious— stimulating, building, and repairing nutrients for your body. They are a live, organic complex of nutrients, enzymes, co-enzymes, antioxidants and trace minerals.

Synthetic Vitamin-C, or ascorbic acid, is not found in nature and it is not a food. It is a synthetic chemical. It can only be made in a laboratory, from sugar that has been mutated with extremely harsh and powerful toxic chemicals like nail polish remover and chlorine bleach. It is NOT alive. It is DEAD. Outrageously, almost EVERY SINGLE popular Vitamin-C supplement on the market today is made using chemically-synthesized ascorbic acid. WHY? Well, for one reason and one reason only: it is extremely CHEAP! Ascorbic acid is cheap “vitamin chemotherapy.” This is why a single dose of ascorbic acid only costs a thousandth of a cent! Most well-known research about the amazing healing and health benefits of Vitamin-C was NOT done on ascorbic acid, but done using foods rich in Vitamin-C. Don’t be misled! The benefits of NATURAL Vitamin-C are not supported with chemical ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid does kill bacteria but, like antibiotics, it kills your “friendly” bacteria, too. It destroys your needed intestinal flora, which is why it often causes stomach upset, intestinal upset, and bleeding.

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Cleanse Now & Triple Your Energy

What If You Could Have Energy Now And Add Years To Your Life…Just By Doing A Simple Cleanse A Few Days A Year?

See Inside.

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