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See Dr. Schulze’s TIPS on how to SURVIVE the HOLIDAZE!

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The Ultimate Guide to Celebrating and “Surviving” the Holiday Season Dr. Schulze’s   clinical tips to survive Holiday food, drink, stress and relatives!


or many decades in my clinic, I saw the outcome of people who lost their focus during the holiday season. Sure we are human, we are not perfect and we all celebrate and party a little too much this time of year. But after a few years of watching my patients self-destruct during November and December, I came up with a plan to keep them healthier while they were celebrating. At this time of year, many of us say we are not going to repeat what we did last year—we are not going to eat any Halloween candy, we are not going to over eat on Thanksgiving, we are not going to eat any candy, cookies, cakes or drink eggnog or alcohol, and we are definitely not going to get into any heavy conversations with negative, dysfunctional relatives... but we do. So in my clinic, I created a survival system and a survival manual for my patients to get them through

the holiday season with minimal damage and with the least physical trauma and emotional drama possible. Amazingly, many of them came out of this season even healthier than they went in, because of my advice. So PLEASE, set yourself up to win this holiday season by being more prepared. It will only take a few minutes to see what I am talking about and it can save you days, even weeks of suffering. These suggestions, are simple and easy to do. Maybe the biggest thing you must do is get prepared by having a few of my herbal remedies on hand, before you indulge. So until 2011 my friends, I celebrate with you the awesome and spectacular year we are about to finish, and I wish you and your family all of the Love, Peace, Joy, Health, Laughter, Fun, Bliss, Prosperity and more Love than you can possibly manifest in the coming year. — Dr. Schulze

TABLE OF CONTENTS No One Runs Out of Candy and Cookies this time of year, But my patients ran out of NUTRITION!.................. See Page 4 Holiday Food And Feasts May Taste Great, But They Are Digestive DISASTERS!......................... See Page 6 Don’t Let A Cold Or Flu Stop The Celebration!....................... See Page 8 Say Bah HumbUg To Stress! Keep Your Holiday Spirits High! . ........... See Page 10 Peace, Joy, Love and SEX! . ... See Page 12 Holiday SAVINGS!................. See Page 14 When The Party Is Over, We Can Help! .................... See Page 15

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No One Runs Out of Candy and Cookies this time of year, But my patients ran out of NUTRITION!

Keep The Party Going With POWERFUL Nutrition And Energy! NUTRITION On-The-Go! 4Over 600% of Vitamin B-12 ENERGY in EVERY Bar!


tarting the week of Halloween and ending the week after the New Year, my patients were more nutritionally depleted, than any other time of the year. Lots of the 3 C’s—Candy, Cookies and Cakes—but no Vitamin-C. Plenty of heavy meats, dairy and holiday foods and add in a higher consumption of alcohol (more sugar) and not surprisingly, my patients were full of fat, sugar and animals, but they were very depleted in vitamins and nutrition. This is one of the main reasons people get sick this time of the year. A serious lack of vital nutrients in your blood, and a surplus of fat and sugar, weakens EVERY system in your body, ESPECIALLY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM.

4200% Vitamin-C, 100% of A, B’s & E in EVERY Bar!

4Organic! Raw! Vegan! 100% Herbal Nutrition!

4NO Added Sugars, NO Chemicals, NO Crap!

So, the first thing I told my patients during the holiday season was to load up on nutrition, because you are not going to get it at the parties. Then, once you take your SuperFood Plus, at least you know you’ve got nutrition in your blood for the whole day. Now, go have some fun!

450% of your DAILY Fiber in every bar! 4Low Calorie! 4Low Fat!


4The vast majority of women and men

SuperFood Bar............................ $38.00

say they deal with stress and depression during the holidays by EATING.


4A Powerful Daily ENERGY Blast to get you through the Holiday Season!

4Nature’s High-Octane SUPER NUTRITION that you don’t get in Holiday Food!

4The ANTIDOTE for candy canes and sugar cookies! 4ASSIMILATES in seconds! Botanical Ingredients: Spirulina Algae, Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella Broken-Cell Algae, Barley, Alfalfa and Wheat Grasses, Purple Dulse Seaweed, Acerola Cherry, Beet Root, Spinach Leaf, Rose Hips, Orange and Lemon Peels, Palm Fruit, in a base of Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Non-Fermentable Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast

SuperFood Plus......................... $36.00 14 ounces / 1 month supply


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(12-pack) 2.12 ounce / 60 gram bars

4Now in EASY and

convenient tablets!

4Get OVER 550%

of your ENERGY Vitamin B-12!

4Get OVER 100% of

your Vitamins A, B’s, C & E!

4ZERO Fat! 4ASSIMILATES in Seconds!

4SuperFood in Convenient Packets for a POWERFUL ENERGY BLAST Anywhere, ANYTIME!

4Add to Soups and Salads for

High-Octane Super NUTRITION!

4DON’T leave home without them! SuperFood Plus............................ $42.00 390 vegan tablets / 1 month supply

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SuperFood Plus.............$24.00 (On-the-Go!) .26 ounce packet / 20 packets per box

See The Holiday Savings On Page 14


Holiday Food And Feasts May Taste Great, But They Are Digestive DISASTERS!

SOLVE Holiday Digestion & Elimination Problems!


4ENSURES a complete emptying 4The ANTIDOTE for holiday food and drink! of your bowel and digestive system by the 4Works FAST on severe digestive disturbances! following morning! 4COMBATS gas, bloating and nighttime 4PROMOTES regular healthy and complete digestive upsets!

uring the holiday months, my patients had the highest incidences of digestive disorders. Holiday food is rich in sugar, fat, grease and cholesterol. It’s hard to digest, and even harder to eliminate and get out of your colon, liver and gallbladder. From constipation to acid reflux, from indigestion and heartburn to diarrhea, gallbladder attacks and appendicitis, holiday eating causes more digestive disturbances and hospital emergency room visits than any other time of the year. You can save yourself a lot of pain and suffering by having my digestive and elimination formulas on hand, not just for yourself, but you can also spread a little joy and relief to your relatives, too.

bowel movements!

Digestive “Shot”........................ $42.00 (3-pack) 1.5 ounces / 45 ml. bottles


4PROMOTES easy bowel movements!

4 The Day After Thanksgiving and Christmas

4RELIEVES constipation

are the top days of the year for emergency room visits for appendicitis ATTACKS.

and maintains regularity!

4 The majority of holiday travelers experience



ELIMINATE WASTE! 4PROMOTES regular, complete bowel

CLEANSES the entire gastro-intestinal tract!

HerbalMucil Plus........................... $24.00 8-oz. bulk powder jar

muscular movement of the colon!

4The ANTIDOTE for holiday food, travel and dysfunctional relatives!

Botanical Ingredients: Curaçao and Cape Aloe Leaf, Senna Leaf and Pod, Cascara Sagrada Aged Bark, Oregon Grape Root, Hawaiian Yellow Ginger Root, Garlic Bulb, Habanero Pepper

Intestinal Formula #1.....................$20.00

90 vegan capsules (575 mg. ea.)

Intestinal Formula #1.................... $54.00

250 vegan capsules (575 mg. ea.)


Call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at

4Have more energy, feel lighter and have a flatter stomach!

4Easily clean out accumulated toxins and waste!

5-Day Bowel Detox.................... $60.00



Bowel Flush “Shot”..................... $42.00

(3-pack) 1.5 ounces / 45 ml. bottles

(with IF #2 capsules or packets)


intestinal vacuum that draws out old fecal matter, toxins, poisons, bacteria, drug residues, mercury and lead!


anti-inflammatory and SOOTHING agent!

Intestinal Formula #2.................... $24.00 25 packets, 8 ounces bulk powder or 250 vegan capsules

Call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at

4PROMOTES regular,

healthy and complete bowel movements!


STRENGTHENS the muscular movement of the colon!

See The Holiday Intestinal Formula #1 MAX.. ............................ $22.00 OnSavings Page 14 4 ounces /120 ml. bottle AMERICAN BOTANICAL PHARMACY f pagE 7

Don’t Let A Cold Or Flu Stop The Celebration!


he holiday season has all the ingredients to increase your chances of getting a cold or influenza infection. You are around more people, shopping in congested stores, attending more parties and traveling. You are eating more sugar and drinking more alcohol (sugar), which depresses your immune system. And, as more and more people get sick, you are simply getting exposed to a much greater level of contamination. Follow my Cold & Flu Prevention Program and use your herbal medicines to keep your immune system running at peak performance, to combat the increased exposure and risk this time of year.

“While pharmacies—the new drug dealers in your neighborhood—are pushing flu shots... Santa suggests this healthy alternative.”

— Dr. Schulze

4 STRENGTHENS your natural immune defenses against colds and influenza!

4 INCREASES the number of

immune cells and immune chemicals in the body and bloodstream!

Echinacea Plus.. ....................... $30.00 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle

4Keeps kids


STAY PROTECTED! SUPERCHARGES your immune system 4 to better protect you during winter months!

1000% RDA of Vitamin-C using 4 Organic Acerola Cherry!

Premixed for easy use! 4

Get my NEW “Cold & Flu Manual”, FREE with any order. — Dr. Schulze Botanical Ingredients: Echinacea Root and Seed, Garlic, Habanero, Onions, Ginger, Horseradish, Acerola Cherry, Elderberry, Blackberry, Yarrow, Boneset, Desert Sage, Lobelia, Elecampane, Kola Nut, Coffee, Licorice, Cherry Bark, Horehound, Coltsfoot, Fennel, Thyme

Cold & Flu Herbal “SHOT”......................... $84.00

(6-pack) 1.5 ounces / 45 ml. bottles


More Healthy Products To FIGHT Colds & Flu!

Call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at

4STRENGTHENS your natural immune defenses against colds and influenza!

4TASTES great! Children’s Echinacea............... $22.00 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle

4 DESTROYS harmful

micro-organisms on contact, especially during winter months!

4 NATURALLY supports clear and open sinus and lungs!

SuperTonic...................................$22.00 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle

4STRENGTHENS your natural immune defenses against colds and influenza!

4HELPS get rid of micro-

organisms that invade your body, especially during winter months!

Throat & Tonsil.. ...........................$15.00 (Spray) 1 ounce / 30 ml. bottle

Throat & Tonsil.. .......................... $24.00 (Tincture) 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle

4Disinfects and purifies

the air in your home, office and car!

4Destroys airborne

bacteria, viruses, pathogens and antigens on contact!

4100% pure essential oils, not diluted!

Air Detox................................. $24.00 4 ounces / 120 ml. bottle

Call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at

4Promotes clearer breathing by opening up respiratory passageways!

4Supports the body’s need to cleanse through coughing!

4STRENGTHENS your immune system naturally!

Lung Tonic...................$28.00 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle

See The Holiday Savings On Page 14


Say Bah HumbUg To Stress! Keep Your Holiday Spirits High!


he holiday season is the #1 time of the year for stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks... even suicide. The stress related to shopping, gift giving, party planning, attending office parties, not to mention the stress of attending family gatherings with dysfunctional relatives, well, it can be more than any human can handle. My Nerve Tonic and Brain Formula helped my patients survive their most overbearing and nasty relatives that were hell-bent on making them feel like they were eight years old again. Now, you can greet these relatives with a smile on your face. This time of year you can guarantee Peace, Love and Joy by starting with a heroic dose of my Nerve Tonic.

Perfect Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers especially for finicky relatives and family that won’t do anything healthy... “Stubborn relatives and fussy kids will get complete nutrition with this tasty bar!”

“Keep your loved ones . healthy and vibrant, in spite . of themselves!”

“Treat yourself, relatives or friends to this powerful cure . for reindeer breath!”

4 restores

4 Santa’s Secret

Weapon against STRESS, ANXIETY and Depression!

memory, sharpens concentration and improves alertness!

4 relieves

4 increases

nervous tension!

oxygen and blood flow to the brain!

4 relaxes and

sedates the mind and body!

4 supports


healthy hearing and eyesight!

natural sleep with no side effects!

Fresh Breath+............$6.00 .25 ounce / 7.4 ml. bottle

SuperFood Bar.........$38.00 (12-pack) 2.12 ounce / 60 gram bars

Protect Formula.. .....$36.00 60 vegan capsules (840 mg)

Fresh Breath+..........$28.00 (5-pack) .25 ounce / 7.4 ml. bottles

Santa’s Secret To Surviving The Holidaze!


hether it is gift shopping at the mall or the parties, everyone needs a little boost this time of year. Instead of coffee, chocolate and sugar, treat yourself to the healthiest Energy “SHOT” available anywhere. Not only does it have numerous herbs like Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Kola Nut, Guarana and Oat Seed to give you an amazing burst of energy, but it also has Nutritional Energy with over 700% of your energy Vitamin B-12, and Power Energy with the two best Energy Ginsengs—Siberian and Panax—plus Circulation Energy with Habanero and Ginger. After one shot, you won’t need any reindeer to pull the sleigh, you’ll carry it around! And, with no energy “crash”, you’ll sleep like a baby and feel even better the next day!

4A Powerful and Effective ENERGY Boost That Lasts All Day Long! 4Increases Physical Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Power, Performance and Vitality!

4Increases Mental Focus! Nerve Formula....................................... $28.00 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle


Brain Formula.................................. $28.00

2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle

Call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at

Energy “SHOT”.. .....$28.00 (3-pack) 1.5 ounces / 45 ml. bottles

Call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at

See The Holiday Savings On Page 14 AMERICAN BOTANICAL PHARMACY f pagE 11

Peace, Joy, Love and SEX! L

adies, the stress of the holidays is enough without any added stress from PMS, Menopause or Hormone Imbalance. Keep centered, balanced and in control all holiday season long!



en, add more love, romance and sex into your holiday spirit. Did you know that Christmas week is the highest sales week of the year for condoms? Don’t miss out on all the fun! These herbal formulas are truly the gift that keeps on giving...


Bring SANITY by BALANCING your 4

A powerful SEXUAL STIMULANT! 4 Stimulates male SEXUAL PERFORMANCE, 4


A POWERFUL extra-strength female 4


formula for crisis situations related to PMS, menstruation, menopause and fertility!

Increases the LENGTH and WIDTH 4 of your erection!

BALANCES your female hormones for 4

Have sex LONGER and MORE OFTEN! 4

better health!

STIMULATES your feminine energy! 4

Female “SHOT”......... $42.00

Male “SHOT”.. ............$66.00

(3-pack) 1.5 ounces / 45 ml. bottles

BALANCE Your Hormones For The Holiday Season! 4REGULATES and

BALANCES a woman’s body chemistry during her monthly cycle!


normal and healthy monthly cycles! Female Formula..... $28.00 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle


4PROMOTES natural female hormone balance!

4HELPS women regain

control and stop feeling those terrible mood swings, irritability and bloating!

Female Plus...... $28.00 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle

Call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at

(3-pack) 1.5 ounces / 45 ml. bottles

The GIFT That Keeps On GIVING! 4STIMULATES sexual energy, desire and performance!

4Have more FREQUENT and harder erections!


sperm production! Male Formula.. ..... $30.00 2 ounces / 60 ml. bottle

Call 1-800-HERBDOC (437-2362) or order online at

4IMPROVES overall

energy, vitality and stamina!

4HEIGHTENS sexual performance!

4PROMOTES harder erections! 4A NATURAL herbal aphrodisiac! Super Ginseng....... $32.00 1 ounce / 30 ml. bottle

See The Holiday Savings On Page 14


When The Party Is Over We Can Help!


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Botanical Ingredients: Dr. Schulze’s Appetite Suppressant Complex: Hoodia gordonii, HerbalMucil Plus (Psyllium husk, Psyllium seed, Marshmallow root, Slippery Elm bark, Aloe Vera leaf)


You Save........... $28.00

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Dr. Schulze’s Fat and Carbohydrate Blocking Complex: Garcinia cambogia, Apple Pectin, White Bean, Bladderwrack, Kelp, Spirulina

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Now Only......... $60.00

You Save........... $20.00

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Dr. Schulze’s Urinary Complex: Uva Ursi leaf, Dandelion leaf

(72-pack) 13.4 gram packets

SuperSlim 30-Day Weight Management System......... $432.00 Includes: SuperSlim Packets (72-ct), 2 SuperFood Plus Tablets (390-ct), Intestinal Formula #1 (90-ct), 12 Energy “SHOTS”, 4 Bowel Flush “SHOTS”, 18-oz. Dr Schulze Sport Bottle, Quick Start Directions and DVD

SHOCKING FACT: 4Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the average adult consumes roughly 20,000 EXCESS calories and gains an average of 10 pounds.

START JANUARY 2ND! SUPPRESS your appetite, BLOCK carbs 4

and fats, BURN more fat and ELIMINATE more waste!

Proven EFFECTIVE in Dr. Schulze’s 4

Hollywood and Malibu clinics with models and celebrities!

100% Natural, 100% Herbal and 4

100% GUARANTEED Weight Management System!

You Save........... $84.00


+ Now Only......... $90.00

Dr. Schulze’s Metabolic Stimulation Complex: Bitter Orange peel, Green Tea leaf, Ginger root, Cayenne pepper

100% Herbal SuperSlim............... $160.00



ome on, we all know that everybody’s New Year’s Resolution is to get rid of any holiday fat and drop 10 pounds by the end of January! So don’t stress about it now, enjoy the holidays. Order Dr. Schulze’s SuperSlim 30-Day Weight Management System now, and then you will have it ready and waiting in your home for January 2nd, when the health party begins!

Now Only......... $66.00

You Save........... $22.00

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