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Bathroom Renovation for Landlords When managing larger properties, such as apartment complexes with 25 to 200 units, it can be difficult to determine what renovation investments bring a measurable return and which are useless in terms of profits. The most profitable investments are those in the bathroom, as these are the areas where tenants most often look to make a determination about living in an apartment. Clean, well-maintained bathrooms command a higher rent and tenants are willing to submit larger security deposits for these. Why Bathroom Renovations are So Important There are several reasons why bathroom renovations offer the best possible return on your investment. First, it makes the best first impression on shopping tenants. People shopping for an apartment like to visualize themselves living there. Old, outdated shower stalls are an immediate turnoff, especially if it looks dingy or dirty. Bathroom renovations offer an 80 percent return on your investment in terms of higher rent payments. Secondly, a newly remodeled bathroom discourages tenants attempting a DIY project, which can result in disaster. When faced with inferior bathing conditions, tenants tend to resort to painting bathtubs or hiring someone to renovate for them, and then trying to take the cost of this work off of the rent payment. Or, tenants might try to negotiate a lower rent based on the appearance of the bathroom. A nice, new bathroom takes this temptation away so that you can command rent worthy of the unit and the tenant will not try to fix it themselves. How to Get the Best Return on a Bathroom Renovation Investment The top priority should be the shower stalls. Installing shower kits in all of the units is an inexpensive and easy alternative that allows you to update and renovate all of the bathrooms in your complex quickly. When you purchase these kits from a mass supplier like American Bath Enterprises, Inc. you can get the exact size and shape you need even if the bathrooms in the complex are an odd size that requires a custom design. After the shower stalls, the most important considerations are the flooring, toilet, vanity, and bathroom wall. However, it is not necessary to replace each of these items for every new tenant. When high-quality furnishings are purchased, these items should last years before needing to be replaced. What Not to Do During Renovations Many landlords make the mistake of renovating the entire unit each time a tenant moves out. This is rarely necessary. Each time the unit becomes open, check for wear and tear or excessive staining. If none of these are present, the bathroom fixtures can stay in place for the next renter. Avoid: â—? Trendy styles that become outdated in a short time

● Highly personalized colors and styles that do not appeal to a mass audience ● Detail work that becomes easily damaged Do focus on: ● High quality shower stall kits that will last for several lease agreements ● Basic, neutral colors that blend well with whatever decor the tenant would like to use ● Durable fixtures that can withstand rigorous use American Bath Enterprise, Inc. offers a wide selection of shower kits that are ideally priced for apartment complexes. When standard sizes will not work in a particular bathroom design, custom showers are also available. This allows landlords to save money and complete a large number of installations quickly and easily.

Bio: American Bath Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned company which has offered highquality bathroom fixtures and excellent customer service for over two decades. Serving all of the United States and Canada, American Bath Enterprises offers low-maintenance products and can supply custom fixtures if their standard sizes aren't suitable for your needs. Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Bathroom Renovation for Landlords | Landlords can get a better return on their investment with a bathroom renovation than almost any other upgrade...

Bathroom Renovation for Landlords | Landlords can get a better return on their investment with a bathroom renovation than almost any other upgrade...