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Submit Your Best Science The AAN Annual Meeting draws a diverse group of multi-disciplinary experts from around the globe to collaborate on and discuss the latest research in all facets of neurology. Abstract Submission Deadline: 11:59 p.m. CT, October 23, 2017. To submit an abstract(s), complete the online form at For more information, contact or 612-928-6088

Neuroscience in the Clinic Sessions Abstracts are specifically sought for new Neuroscience in the Clinic sessions, which will feature a mix of scientists and clinicians involved in case discussions and panel presentations to integrate scientific research with clinical application. ɌɌ Antisense Oligonucleotide (ASO) Therapy ɌɌOpioid Abuse ɌɌ Challenges in Genetic Diagnoses in Neurology ɌɌ Treatment of Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

ɌɌREM Sleep Behavior Disorder ɌɌImmunotherapy ɌɌAutism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

General Topics ɌɌAging and Dementia ɌɌAutonomic Disorders ɌɌBehavioral and Cognitive Neurology ɌɌCerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology ɌɌChild Neurology and Developmental Neurology ɌɌEpilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG) ɌɌGeneral Neurology ɌɌGlobal Health ɌɌHeadache ɌɌInfectious Disease ɌɌHistory of Neurology ɌɌMovement Disorders

ɌɌMS and CNS Inflammatory Disease ɌɌNeurocritical Care ɌɌNeuroepidemiology ɌɌNeuro Trauma and Sports Neurology ɌɌNeuromuscular and Clinical Neurophysiology (EMG) ɌɌNeuro-oncology ɌɌNeuro-ophthalmology/Neuro-otology ɌɌNeuro-rehabilitation ɌɌPain and Palliative Care ɌɌPractice, Policy, and Ethics ɌɌResearch Methodology and Education ɌɌSleep

Abstracts for the 2018 Scientific Program will be accepted in all areas of neurology and neuroscience.

KEY DATES • AAN Research Program Deadline: October 1, 2017 • Abstract Submission Deadline: October 23, 2017 • Scientific Awards Deadline: October 25, 2017 • Registration Opens: November, 2017 • Abstract Notifications Available: Early February 2018 • Early Registration Deadline: March, 2018


The deadline for abstract submission is 11:59 p.m. CT, October 23, 2017. Be sure to allow plenty of time for writing, proofing by other authors, revision, and submission logistics.

2. SUBMIT YOUR BEST SCIENCE, REGARDLESS IF PRESENTED ELSEWHERE FIRST  he Annual Meeting brings together top scientists and neurologists from around the T world across a wide range of subspecialties to network and discuss advances in the field. While original research is emphasized, submission of previously presented work is encouraged if it is of interest to the field of neurology.

3. SUBMIT ONLINE  ll abstracts should be submitted online. The body of the abstract must be 300 words or A less. A maximum of two abstracts per first author may be submitted (excluding practice, policy, and ethics; research methodology and education; and history of neurology topics).

4. PLAN TO SHOW UP  ll accepted abstracts must be presented by either the first author or co-author at the A Annual Meeting.

5. DELIVER THE DATA  ith few exceptions, authors should be prepared to have results available at the time W of presentation. Note: Successful submission of your abstract is not a guarantee of acceptance.

PRESTIGIOUS 2018 AAN SCIENTIFIC AWARDS Apply or nominate a colleague today.

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RS O T A G STI E V N I NIOR d Related Diseases E S R S FO Pick’s, Alzheimer’s, an D R A AW rize for Research in rd wa kin P search search A • Potam e R e rosis Re in r le c c o S d n le e ip • Neuro for Mult el Prize t s y D n earch • Joh Award ALS Res e r c o n f ie d r c a S in : An Aw • Sleep athic Pa y Award e s s E Neurop a r il o f e h d r S a • ax Aw urology ward ell B. M ry of Ne search A o t e is R H s r • Mitch e e h ord ard for t ment Dis rs y: An Aw r n • Move Disorde e H c C. M onomic t e u c A n r e r o f d • Law tz Awar in Scha w Award Ir e h •T cientific S y g lo o -onc • Neuro

AWARDS FOR YOUNG INVESTIGATORS • Bruce S. Schoenberg International Award in Neuroepidemiology • Dreifuss-Penry Epilepsy Award • Jon Stolk Award in Movement Disorders for Young Investigators • The Irwin Schatz Award for Autonomic Disorders • Michael S. Pessin Stroke Leadership Prize • Wayne A. Hening Sleep Medicine Investigator Award • Harold Wolff-John Graham Award: An Award for Headache/Facial Pain Research • Neuro-oncology Investigator Award • Neuro-oncology Scientific Award • Norman Geschwind Prize in Behavioral Neurology

 WARDS FOR HIGH A SCHOOL STUDENTS • Neuroscience Research Prize


AWARDS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS • Medical Student Essay Award - Extended Neuroscience Award • Medical Student Essay Award - G. Milton Shy Award • Medical Student Essay Award - Roland P. Mackay Award • Medical Student Essay Award - Saul R. Korey Award

AWARDS FOR RESIDENTS • Alliance Awards: Founders • Alliance Awards: S. Weir Mitchell




 he American Academy of Neurology is committed to making a profound difference in the lives of researchers—in turn making a difference in the lives of patients with brain disease. The 2018 AAN Research Program offers 23 award and scholarship opportunities exemplifying our dedication to promoting neurology and neuroscience research and training.

Washington University School of Medicine

$450,000 Career Development Award to support junior investigators interested in an academic career in neurology. Funded by the American Academy of Neurology. *Two available $150,000 Neuroscience Research Training Scholarship to support a mentored award for junior investigators interested in an academic career in laboratory-based neurology research. Funded by the American Academy of Neurology. *Three available $150,000 Clinical Research Training Scholarship (formerly Fellowship) to recognize the importance of good clinical research and to encourage young investigators in clinical studies. Funded by the American Academy of Neurology. *Three available $150,000 Practice Research Training Scholarship (formerly Fellowship) to support practicebased research. Funded by the American Academy of Neurology $130,000 Susan S. Spencer Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Epilepsy (formerly Fellowship) Funded by the American Brain Foundation, the American Epilepsy Society, and the Epilepsy Foundation. $240,000 Clinician Scientist Development Award in Interventional Neurology Funded by the American Brain Foundation and the Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology.

$130,000 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Parkinson’s Disease Funded by Lundbeck. NEW! $130,000 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Headache Funded by the American Brain Foundation and the International Headache Society. NEW! $130,000 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Neuromuscular Disease Funded by the American Brain Foundation and the Muscle Study Group. NEW! $130,000 Clinical Research Training Scholarships in Dementia with Lewy Bodies Funded by the American Brain Foundation and The Mary E. Groff Charitable Trust. NEW! $150,000 McKnight Clinical Translational Research Scholarship in Cognitive Aging and Age Related Memory Loss Funded by the McKnight Brain Research Foundation. *Two available NEW! $130,000 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Multiple Sclerosis Funded by the American Academy of Neurology and Genzyme. $130,000 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Tourette Syndrome Funded by the American Brain Foundation and the Tourette Association of America. *Two available $130,000 Clinical Research Training Scholarship in Muscular Dystrophy Funded by the American Brain Foundation and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

STARRING: VALUE: Our single registration rate eliminates pre-registration for individual courses and gives you the flexibility to explore courses, talks, sessions, and more to maximize your meeting experience. CHOICE: You can choose from 200+ expert-led education courses for the latest updates in your subspecialty field and other topics of interest such as practice management, advocacy, the growing field of telemedicine, and much more. CUSTOMIZATION: We like to think of it as learning without boundaries. Create your own fluid, customized schedule with options both inside and outside the classroom, in your specific subspecialty area of interest, and for your specific career—and personal—needs. INNOVATION: We’re serving up exciting new ways to learn and engage at our dynamic, interactive Experiential Learning Areas that expand learning outside the traditional classroom and offer enriching and thought-provoking topics.

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2018 Annual Meeting First Look  

Submit your abstracts and apply for awards and scholarships for the 2018 AAN Annual Meeting, coming to Los Angeles April 21-27.