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American Vernacular in Northern California Amtni Phillips's Portrait of Catherine Van Slyck Dorr and an extraordinary painting by Erastus Salisbury Field that combines elements of divine intervention with allusions to the American Civil War are included in "American Vernacular: Folk Art from the Collection," on view through April 16, 1995, at the University Art Museum at the University of California at Berkeley. The exhibition consists of50 works culled mostly from the donated collections of W.B. Carnochan and N.C. Edebo. Also included are several engaging portraits of children, landscapes, rare mourning pictures, Civil War banners, Biannual HSEAD Meeting in Decorated tinware and papiermache from the collection of Sara Tiffany of Bluffton, S.C., will be part of three collections prominently displayed at the biannual meeting and exhibition of the Historical Society of Early American Decoration(HSEAD), to be held on April 29 and 30,

Horace Pippin at The Met

PORTRAIT OF ALEXANDER DIX; attributed to Sarah Perkins (possibly "The Beardsley Limner"); Connecticut; c. 1785-1795; 011 00 canvas; 36 27/ 3 4". Collection of University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley, gift of W.B. Carnochan.

stovetop figures, and animal weathervanes, mostly by 18thand 19th-century New England artists. For more information, call 510/642-0808.

"I Tell My Heart: The Art of Horace Pippin," the largest retrospective of the work of this important self-taught AfricanAmerican artist, will be at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York through April 30, 1995. Featured are 67 paintings, drawings, and burnt wood panels selected from the exhibition of Pippin's works organized by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia. Many of the works of art in this exhibition have not been presented publicly since the artist's death in 1946. The exhibition is accompanied by

SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST; Horace Pippin; West Chester, Pennsylvania; 1943; oil on fabric; 16 x 20". Private collection, courtesy Galerie St. Etienne, New York.

Drossos Skyllas Exhibition in Chicago

South Carolina 1995, at the Sheraton Inn Charleston on Lockwood Drive in Charleston, S.C. Sara Tiffany is an artist, teacher, researcher, collector, and protegee of fellow HSEAD member Maryjane Clark. Also featured will be beautifully decorated tinware




1616",11 4°,14 k•2>

TRUNK; attributed to Mercy North 11798-1838); fly Creek, New York; c. 1820-1830; oil paint on tin; 5/ 3 4 8/ 1 2x 4/ 1 2.Collection of Sara Tiffany, Bluffton, South Carolina.

from the collection of Roberta von Willer, handmade Christmas cards from the delicate hand of former HSEAD president Walter Wright, and numerous pieces by HSEAD members and original articles of decorated tinware, glass, and wood. Exhibition hours are Saturday, April 29, 9:00 AM.11:00 P.M. and Sunday, April 30, 9:00 A.m.-12:00 P.M. The public is invited, and admission is free. For more information, please call Shirley Baer at 617/659-4974. TRAY; Sara Tiffany; Bluffton, South Carolina; Papier-mâché, gold leaf, and free hand bronze—reproduction of original tray c. late 18th to early 19th century; stamped Ryton and Walton, Wolverhampton, England; 18/ 3 4 14%.,". Collection of Sara Tiffany, Bluffton, South Carolina.


a fully illustrated catalog. For information, call 212/879-5500.

In'tuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art will be presenting "Self: The Paintings of Drossos Skyllas" at Corporate Art Source, Inc. in Chicago from May 5 through June 3, 1995. Curated by David Russick,this exhibition is the first retrospective of the artist's work since 1973. Skyllas(1912-1973), a Greek immigrant who lived in Chicago, was a self-taught painter known for his meticulously and lushly rendered portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. For more information, call In'tuit at 312/759-1406.

DIANE, SUNRISE REFLECTION; Drossos P. Skyllas; Chicago, Illinois; 1960; oil on canvas; 42 50". Collection of Roger Brown, courtesy Phyllis Kind Gallery, New York.

Folk Art (Spring 1995)  

Show Quilts: The Collection of the Museum of American Folk Art • William Edmondson • On Some Little-Known Miniature Portraits By Well-Known...

Folk Art (Spring 1995)  

Show Quilts: The Collection of the Museum of American Folk Art • William Edmondson • On Some Little-Known Miniature Portraits By Well-Known...