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Paws-a-tive Moments Welcome!!

May - June 2012

AAH Open House Annual Fund Raiser Saturday, June 2 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Hope to see you here. Watch Facebook for details.

The team at American Animal Hospital would like you to Paws a Moment to reflect on the joy and happiness your furry friends bring into your life. We enjoy assisting you in keeping your pets healthy and helping them to live a strong life. To learn more about the team at AAH, please check out our website at Select “About” & “Meet the Team” American Animal Hospital team Is Your Pet Microchipped? When a pet is missing, it can be devastating to the whole family. A microchip, a small chip about the size of a grain of rice, may make the difference if you will see your pet again or not. The chip carries a unique number registered only to the owner. In the event your pet would get loose, the odds of being reunited are increased if he is microchipped. When your pet is located, several area agencies have a scanning device that can display the unique number. The microchipping company is then contacted, and the pet is traced back to you.


At American Animal Hospital we use the Home Again microchip. There is a fee for microchipping your pet. Client registration is required with the microchip company. It is then the owner’s responsibility to keep the pet’s record up to date with the microchip company. For an additional annual fee Home Again offers additional services. Visit their website for more information at For more information about having your pet microchipped, contact us at 725-8522. Don’t wait until it is too late. Microchip now and bring them home again.


Is It The Itchy Scratchy Season? Are you noticing more discomfort in your cats or dogs? Are they itching and scratching like crazy? Is their skin red and inflamed? Are their ears infected again? What about their eyes? Your pet could have allergies. Allergies are more common in pets then people might think. Symptoms can be associated with eye irritation and a runny nose. They can also exhibit vomiting or diarrhea. Reoccurring ear infections can also be a sign. If allergies are suspected by your veterinarian there are several options for treatment. Depending on what your pet is allergic to, it may be medication or a simple diet change Following up with your veterinarian is very important too, to make sure the treatment is working. No one likes to see their pets uncomfortable. If your pet is doing the itchy scratchy routine, call us now to help alleviate the discomfort.

Kittens are like potato chips, it’s hard to have just one

Riley Gixxer



American Animal Hospital would like to welcome our newest patients 6 months or younger Draco Simba

Lacey Missy


Koda Paisley



Zoey Bella

Tie Bow

May-June Information  

American Animal Hospital May-June Newsletter

May-June Information  

American Animal Hospital May-June Newsletter