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IMMIGRATION What We Can Do About It The nature of our nation -- its identity and character -- should concern for every American. America is more than a geopolitical boundary. We are an extended family who are meaningfully connected through common genetic inheritance. This bond of kinship provides a sense of community and serves as the basis for our national identity. Over the course of the past few decades, we have witnessed a tremendous decline in our ability to effect change through the political process. Such loss of sovereignty has developed to the point where the desire of the American people has been entirely dismissed by the ‘Republicratic’ political establishment and the corporate media. The most glaring example of this decline is the failure to control who enters the U.S. For decades, especially since the Immigration Act of 1965, increasing waves of foreigners, a majority of whom possess no connection to our society and culture, have entered the country against the will of the majority of U.S. citizens. This “social dumping” has resulted in catastrophic consequences for average Americans, driving up prices and lowering wages, disallowing us from raising and supporting families and thereby continuing our way of life. It has affected us economically and socially, as we have been forced to absorb large quantities of Third World populations.

More important, however, is the effect such massive immigration has had on our own identity, on the way we view each other and the nation as a whole. We have become atomized and are alienated from our fellow Americans, and many of our people have lost sight of the culture and traditions which have for centuries bound us together as a people.

Immigration Moratorium

Many of feel that this is no longer our country. We have been brushed aside so often and to such an extent, both politically and territorially, that whole segments of our people have begun to give up on the idea of America entirely.

By imposing massive penalties -- up to and including imprisonment -- on those who employ or house illegal aliens, we will make it impossible for illegal aliens to work, live, and, therefore, remain in the United States.

That we could so regrettably lose sight of who we are is among the greatest horrors imaginable. Our identity is our most precious inheritance and is a source of incredible strength. Pride stems from identity, as do courage, honor, empathy and charity which are family values linked to kinship bonds.

Voluntary Repatriation

If we do not act in the interests of our people immediately, we will become an oppressed minority in our own country within 25 years.

Solutions We accept that ethnic and racial minorities, who comprise 92% of the world’s population, will always be a part of America. While it was extremely wrong for the federal government to allow tens of millions of foreign peoples in without so much as asking the American People, the American Freedom Party’s policies toward immigration are sensible and fair.

The American Freedom Party will immediately effect a moratorium on all immigration, except in special cases, such as legitimate claims to asylum.

Expel Illegal Aliens

Recent immigrants, or those who have become citizens since 1965, who have a genuine need to return to their respective countries of origin will be afforded generous cash grants to help them return home. Simply agreeing with this message is not enough. If we do not act in the interests of our people immediately, we will soon become a minority in our own country. The Republicrats and the corporate media will continue to destroy our culture and way of life until there is not a hint of it left. The American Freedom Party is capable of defeating the enemies of our people, but we need your help. Don’t give in, fight back!

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