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The Business Resource Guide The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in Making Money Online An Insider’s look at the bitter reality in some online marketing models Prepared by Jeff Learner

You've been searching for a good home business to create some extra money to pay the bills or maybe you have a burning desire to be among the worlds wealthy, Right? Is your vision something like this? You wake up to a breathtaking view of the ocean (or maybe the mountains, you pick the view), having a cup of coffee and logging into your internet accounts to see how much you earned while you were sleeping. The stress of paying the bills is gone, money is no longer a factor and life just couldn't get better! Is it Possible Or Is It All A Scam? You know that there are people making great money on the internet living the lifestyle you are dreaming of so how can you make it happen. I'm here to tell you it is possible‌but, you have to be careful. 90% Of You will be Scammed! I am dead serious, Here's why. Fact: There are no get rich quick business! (we all know this, but the thought of easy money has a huge appeal). Fact: 95% of the businesses that claim you can get started with as little as $49 -$99 dollars provide you with information that is outdated and incomplete garbage; but deep down, you knew you really couldn’t start a true money pulling business for less than a hundred bucks. Fact: After getting involved in the majority of these business you will get very limited training and have to spend thousands in the end to learn what you need to know to have a successful home business. Ok, enough of the bad new (almost), finding the right home based business can be a scary and confusing task, I know I've been there more than once.

Introduction: My Past . . . and Your Future If you’re reading this Report because you saw something about my Success with internet marketing that caused you to take some action, welcome. If you don’t know anything about me, I’ll give you the bulleted version of my background: -- I worked in clubs playing the piano till I saved enough money to buy a franchise --The Franchise collapsed and I was over $250,000 in D\debt just 2 years ago -- I got a little desperate and started searching for a way to make extra money online, (anything to start paying down the debt) -- I got a little greedy in my decisions about which online opportunities to follow. -- My debt continued to grow while investing money I didn’t have in one scam and Get-Rich-Quick scheme after the other. -- I pulled my head out and finally started following a sound online marketing model – and started making money. -- One year later, I found myself financially free. I went from one of the 97% statistical failures to being in the top 3% of online earners. (My family, by the way, went from wanting to strangle me, to being very grateful for our good fortune!) In The last 18 months I have earned in Excess of ONE MILLION dollars online

-- I have found, after all these years, what I believe to be the most lucrative online business model for creating an abundant lifestyle from home. It isn’t Get-Rich-Quick and it isn’t Lie-Back-and-Push-aButton, but it works for anyone who is prepared to master it. (We’ll look into that later in the Report.)

So, why did I compose this Report in the first place? There are three main reasons I made this Report: 1. I wanted to expose some of the shenanigans that go on in online marketing models and applaud the good aspects. 2. I really want to spare would-be online marketers all the crap I went through in climbing to the top levels in online income. There is a lot of stuff you need to be aware of, a lot of stuff they don’t tell you regarding the most popular models. 3. I actually want to give you the opportunity to partner with me in my most successful business. If you can identify with some of what I reveal in this Report, you may be an ideal candidate for joining an elite group of top-earning marketers. And, if you think that makes me too biased to show you the honest truth about online marketing. . . well, you don’t have to read any further. Here’s what this Report will cover I’m going to examine the 3 most popular online business models that have the potential for massive income. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a website selling your own product or services, or are band new to these marketing concepts, this report is sure to turn some lights on for you.

The most popular money-generating models are not what I picked, but what most wet behind the ears and seasoned entrepreneurs find themselves in : 1. Affiliate Marketing 2. CPA Networks 3. Multi-Level/Network Marketing & Business Opportunities Without further introduction, let’s break them down, one by one. Affiliate Marketing: Road to Riches or Path to Nowhere? In its broadest terms, Affiliate Marketing refers to any marketing efforts taken on by an outside party to sell someone else’s product. Affiliate marketers are like independent sales people, earning a commission on every sale they help generate. The online world makes it easy to tell where a lead came from that resulted in a sale. So, affiliate marketers are essentially interested in driving targeted traffic to a sales site. Now, there are a number of ways of doing this, for the purposes of this Report, however, we’ll concentrate on the widely-used ClickBank model as an example of where to find products to market. ClickBank is a web site that is set up to display a number of different products for businesses that want affiliate marketing partners, a warehouse for affiliate products so to speak. So, here’s how it works: Affiliate marketers go to ClickBank, search for a product that they want to sell (there are products ranging from hemorrhoid cures and losing weight to how to make money from home).

As a general rule of thumb, affiliate marketers get about half of any sale and some products offer commissions as high as 75%. Now, it sounds great from the beginning, you get to market a product that you don’t have to store or deliver and can make a 50% commission on the sales price, what could be easier? Here’s the catch, to be successful (i.e., to make money), affiliate marketers have to get good (very good) at picking products, deciphering sales metrics and getting traffic with the highest conversion rates at the lowest prices. There is VERY little margin for error in this process, as most of the products don’t sell for more than $100 and a high percentage sell for the usual e-book price of $39.95 which means on average you make $20 bucks a sale. So, What’s the big deal, twenty bucks would be great. It used to be that affiliate marketers only needed to put up a quick page with basic information or a direct link to the product sales page website. Then they could concentrate on fine-tuning their conversion rate with one simple page, with some minor conversion tweaks and virtually set the system on cash generating autopilot. Well, Google didn’t like how some affiliates were using this system and stopped showing ads that went to the same website (a.k.a. landing page). They also started cracking down on the quick websites most marketers could throw up on the web in an hour. So, affiliate marketers did things like putting up product review sites, which had more relevant information that Google wanted, but was basically promoting the affiliate product. Well, Google didn’t like that either. These days, unless you’re an advanced or “super-affiliate”, you basically need to build a “real” in depth original “content” website to avoid what is known as the Google slap.

Ahh, the Google slap, a marketers nightmare, basically Google comes along and says they don’t like you anymore and takes away all your advertising. Imagine going to bed making 5k to 10k per day and waking up making nothing, all because Google changed the way it wanted to play in the sand box. Actually they blame the FTC, but that’s another story. (Super-affiliates know certain ways around some of the restrictions, but you REALLY have to know what you’re doing.) There’s nothing terrible about having to put up a legitimate website for the product offers you’re promoting. It’s just that the notion of fastand-easy money with affiliate marketing is pretty much dead. It can be a solid business, but it takes time, resources and CONTINUOUS testing to pull it off. Testing means that for every product you want to market, you have to test it to see if it really sells well and about 2 out of 10 are usually hits, the other are wasted time and money. So, to Break down what you need to do with affiliate marketing: • • • •

You pick a product, Build a website, Pay to have your ads shown Analyze your metrics and see if it will be profitable

The Affiliate Marketing landscape is strewn with the carcasses of newbies who thought making money would be quick, simple and not cost much. As someone who has failed (many times) and succeeded (spectacularly!), here is my overall evaluation of Affiliate Marketing: The Good: -- You don’t need your own product. -- It is fairly easy to sign up and get started with Clickbank. -- Cost for getting started is relatively low, but expect to put out some additional money for websites and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads if you want a legitimate chance for success. The Bad: -- If you hope to get decent free traffic, you really have to know SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and stay on top of Google’s latest rules for your paid ads. -- Until you get some experience, it can be VERY difficult to know which products will be profitable, and even then it’s still averages out to 2 out of every 10 products will pull down some cash for you. -- Overall income potential can be very profitable but to earn a six figure income, you will have to generate about 500 sales a month of a forty dollar product. The Ugly: -- Over 95% of people who start in Affiliate Marketing fail to make any money and few earn more than a part-time income. Unless you’re well-funded to pay others to create sites for you and can weather the large learning curve, Affiliate Marketing is a lousy choice for beginners to make real money with a home-based business. Moving on… CPA Networks: Does it All Add Up?

Cost-Per-Action Networks, are actually a form of Affiliate Marketing, with companies such as Commission Junction, NeverBlue and Hydra just to name a few, that warehouse these offers. The name says it all, people promoting products through a CPA Network make money when their leads take a particular action. This could be anything from entering their email address to view a particular offer to taking a trial offer on a teeth whitening product or submitting their information on mortgage application. So in this model, companies are basically paying you to get leads to sell their stuff too (sounds pretty easy). So, the upside is that there are a lot of ways to earn and not much action is required in many cases for you to get paid on the lead. The downside is that you’ll need to drive TONS of traffic to be able to make any decent money, as your commissions are based on the type of actions and generally range from $1.00 to $15.00. Since we’re talking about making money, how do CPA Networks rate? Well, it IS easier to get a potential customer to take some small action than it is to sell an entire product. The operative word here is “small.” When you’re making $1, $10 maybe $20 per action, you have to drive a whole lot of people to even think about making any decent money. In simpler terms if it cost you $5.00 per action and your commission was $10.00 your profit would be $5.00. To make $10,000 a month, you would need 2,000 people to take some action (That’s a lot of traffic). Now, the only way to really achieve that volume of traffic to a website is Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), but once again, you run into the same issues as with ClickBank affiliate offers. You can’t just direct link your ad to the publishers site (Google rules again) You’re going to have to put up your own site for each offer, with good content.

This brings up another aspect of CPA Networks that they don’t particularly like to talk about. And that’s the approval process. To be accepted into a CPA Network, you have to state how you intend to promote the offer you’ll pick and have your own website for them to look at. This and other screening criteria that can make it really difficult to even get your foot in the door, especially if you’re new to all this. Basically the networks are looking for reputable experienced marketers rather than wet behind the ears newbies…Who Said Life Is Fair? So, even if Google wasn’t cracking down on more marketing strategies, CPA Networks will be holding a hammer over your head, too. You can’t blame them for only wanting seasoned veterans to promote their stuff, but as long as you know how to answer their questions right you can get in the door, and your website doesn’t need to be spectacular either. Bottom line: Like Clickbank, it isn’t enough to just find a wellconverting offer. You really need to know the in’s and out’s of PayPer-Click advertising and do a lot of testing before you can start seeing more than a small part-time income. It can be done successfully, (there are people making 100k PER DAY using this model) but you’re fooling yourself if you think it’s a fast or easy way to make money online. So, here’s my overall evaluation for CPA Networks:

The Good: -- You don’t need your own product. -- There are thousands of offers to choose from. -- Cost to get started is relatively low, but expect to re-invest any profit for some time before realizing even a modest, sustainable income. The Bad: -- Just as with any ClickBank offer, you’ll need an optimized website for each offer you promote to have any real chance for decent results. -- Suffers the same Catch-22 scenario for beginners: you can’t really be profitable until you get some experience, but you can’t keep getting experience unless you’re profitable – or have deep pockets. -- Can be difficult to be accepted by a CPA Network if you’re just starting out or have limited experience. -- Overall income potential is limited by extreme competition and low payouts. The Ugly: -- Over 97% of people who join CPA Networks fail to make even a small part-time income. Most quit the CPA marketing within months after spending a ridiculous amount of money on unprofitable advertising and little to no profit. Unless you have a lot of time and money to devote this probably isn’t for you.

“The next model has been around for a long time with some subtle marketing changes” Multi-Level/Network Marketing & Business Opportunities: Myths, Realities & Possibilities The classic MLM/Network Marketing structure is dogged with a bad reputation, causing most to run scared when they hear the name. Statistically speaking, the success rate of those entering an Multi-Level-Marketing business is about 3%, so right from the start you know 97% of the people joining an these Network Marketing opportunities will fail. At their best, Network Marketing provides a way for almost anyone to essentially start their own business without a huge upfront investment. It’s like having a franchise of a bigger business, without having to open a store (except for the product most that gets stuck in your garage). For the persistent, this model can provide a handsome income, working from home, without ongoing overhead. At their worst, MLMs and have been used over and over as Get-RichQuick scams that pop up briefly and then vanish – leaving only the founders and early investors with anything to show for it. This is where MLM’s got saddled with the reputation of being nothing more than Pyramid Schemes, where new investors are paying for the profits of the people on top, with no chance of sustaining their own growth. The truth is, some MLMs were Pyramid Schemes. It’s just unfortunate that an entirely legitimate (albeit not my choice) business model is painted with this broad brush. And all because a tiny fraction of greedy bastards abused the rules for their own gain.

I have nothing but disdain and disgust for anyone who starts any business that isn’t about providing value to their customers. Grrrrr! Don’t get me started. Anyway, let’s look at these Network Marketing Business Opportunities (From now on, I’ll just call them all MLM’s .) Here’s how it works: So, you sign up with a company that sells some kind of product or service. You can make money on selling that product or service as an independent salesperson. However, the real income is in recruiting new independent salespeople, for which you get a commission on their future sales (Think Amway, Mary Kay or Monavie.). The whole idea is to get the people you recruit to, in turn, recruit their own people, thus building your “downline.” Now, if you’re good at this, you can generate a geometric expansion of people “underneath” you, all paying you some degree of commission. So, people who are really good at selling or have a high degree of persistence can eventually reach a kind of critical mass in their downlines. When this happens, top performers can make very good money, without having to continuously market the business to new recruits. You’ll manage your own top performers, but basically you’ll generate more and more residual income without any additional effort. Sounds great, right? The problem, as with the other models, is that there are VERY few people who ever make it to this lofty position. The vast majority drop

out – usually within 3 months, something the people at the top don’t like mentioning to the people on the bottom. And it’s not so much that the odds for success are so poor or that nobody tells you if you do make it, Don’t count on any real financial success for 18 months – 2 years No, what really bugs me is that they don’t give you a realistic idea of what it will take and what to expect. Which brings me to one of the fundamental drawbacks with MLM’s that you need to know about. The Myth of “Tell 3 Friends to Tell 3 Friends” If you’ve seen as many presentations for MLM’s as I have, you’ll notice a common theme. They all tend to gloss over what it will take to get even your first downline started. The classic scenario they weave for you is to get “just three people” to sign up under you. Then, each of them only has to get “just three people” to sign up under them. Presto! You’ll have an army of a dozen soldiers, ready to add ever-bigger downlines under your command! Where to begin? Make a list of your friends and family of course. For sure out of that list of 100 people you know, at least 3 of them will want to be rich with you. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? Just three people to get the real money started. Well, it isn’t that hard – if you don’t mind showing the opportunity to 100 or more people! Actually, unless you become a really good presenter, you might need to talk to 200 people a day. That’s right, 200 people a day and if your lucky, 1% of those will come on board with you (at one point I was generating leads and talking to 300 + people a day, for 25 bucks a sale INSANE!).

So, it can be done. Like any sales goal, it becomes a numbers game. If you talk to enough people, you’ll eventually reach your goal. But the notion that you’ll be able to just speak with friends and family is nonsense. “Warm Market”, my rear-end. Anyone who’s actually done this knows that your friends and family are some of the toughest and most skeptical prospects you could possibly approach! (I’ve seen some major riffs in relationships develop as a result of pushing MLM’s. It can get ugly!) It’s like making a kid eat spinach, they resist and resist, but eventually you hound them sooo much they just give in only to quit a few weeks later (in their hearts they just want you to succeed). Wait, it gets worse. Another cold, hard truth is that the attrition rate – the number of people who sign up but drop out – is extremely high for this business model. I’ve seen anywhere from 75% to 85% cited as the average attrition rate within the first 3 months! In 6 months, that goes up to over 97%. So, even if you yourself are diligently working the business, don’t count on many of those under you to do the same. The thing that really gets to me is that the vast majority of MLM’s perpetuate all this. They continue to use “Friends and Family and Three Foot Rule” marketing model and other equally ineffective marketing plans that have been proven NOT to work. Never heard of the Three Foot Rule? Simple, tell everyone within three feet of you about your business and Wham, you’ll be rich. They COULD give you a more realistic idea of what it will take, but they figure that would scare everybody off – which it probably would.

Now, to be fair, there are now more MLM’s that are seriously trying to harness online strategies to deal with the numbers game. But even that is hit or miss, unless you really know what you’re doing. So, here’s my evaluation of Multi-Level/Network Marketing & Business Opportunities: The Good: -- Like the other models, the product is supplied for you. -- Of the three models, this one has probably the best chance of making a lot of truly residual income. (Meaning you’re not constantly having to promote to gain new prospects.) The Bad: -- There is usually monthly product purchase minimums, and if you can’t sell it, you end up with a garage full of lotions, potions and juice that will take you a lifetime to consume. -- The so-called marketing plans for most MLM’s are basically worthless. Only a very few have serious solutions to the numbers game, but those solutions can be expensive The Ugly: -- It’s unanimous for all models: Over 97% of people who buy into a MLM will drop out before seeing any real money. The lucky ones will at least make their original investment back. The lucky ones. -- Unless you’re willing to talk to everyone you know and are willing to wait more than a year for a modest return on you time and energy, the vast majority of MLM’s are a brutal way to start a home-based business.

Conclusion: Is there any hope? So, are you totally depressed yet? That’s not my intention, I assure you. I’m just so sick and tired of the endless promises of easy-moneyfrom-the-comfort-of-your-own-home, I had to speak

out. You need to have your eyes wide open if you’re going to attempt any of these models. Otherwise, you’re another lamb being led to the slaughter house of broken dream and shattered promises Does that sound harsh? Good. It’s meant to. It’s meant to shake you up. Before you start to get dollars signs in your eyes – like I did – from seeing some of these offers, you need to be aware and beware. So, is there any hope? You bet (you knew I’d have an answer here) I will tell you about one of the absolute best, most stable investments I have ever found in my years and years of pursuing and being punished by home-based businesses. It’s one of the major reasons I am in the top 3% of online income earners. It isn’t Get-Rich-Quick. (Nothing is, unless you’re a really, really lucky gambler!) What it does do is solve the problems that has plagued the success of the average person associated with these other models. First, though, I must tell you about a fundamental principle you need to embrace if you’re serious – about making serious money.

Low-Ticket/High Numbers vs. High-Ticket/Low Numbers Even if things weren’t tough right now, we’ve lived for a long time in a culture of deals and discounts. People look at companies like Walmart, for instance, as an example of the power of being a lowcost leader. Well, let’s look at Walmart. They did have years of rapid growth. (Not really that hard to do considering the gigantic resources and buying power they have.) But, now Walmart is beginning to stagnate badly. They are starting to lose vendors who are tired of being squeezed for the tiniest margins to their own profits. Well, you might say it’s because of the bad economy. I’ll grant some of that, but it brings up two important points: 1. If your business is dependent on a growing overall economy, you’re not much better than a gambler in Vegas. 2. If your business has to constantly sell in Massive volume to grow, it’s simply not sustainable long-term. And that brings us to the fundamental principle I mentioned, an idea that you need to embrace if you really want to be financially free. Not just wealthy, but free to have the life style and life goals you want. Here’s the principle: It’s better to sell higher-priced items to fewer people than lowerpriced items to many people. Sounds stupidly obvious, right? I mean, would you rather sell ten $1000 item or sell 500 $20 items?

“But,” you say, “it’s really hard to sell a big-ticket item!” Really? It’s hard? Harder than selling 500 products? Even if we bump that lowpriced item to $100, that’s 90 more sales you’ll have to make. Is that 90 times easier than one more difficult sale? You’re making the same profit. Now, as patently apparent as this is upon examination, most business owners still think they need to give a deal or a discount to attract more buyers. That only works in the short term. Long-term, it’s a business strangler. The vast majority of customers don’t buy deals, they buy perceived value. And those are really apples and oranges. “But,” you still insist, “I don’t know how to do that!” Well, I can help you. I told you I would reveal one of the best home-based business models I’ve ever come across. What I didn’t tell you was that I would personally coach and mentor you. Would that interest you?

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Here’s what I’ve got for you: If you just wanted the information in the Report, you can stop reading here. I hope you’ve had your eyes opened a little, from someone who’s been in the trenches. I sincerely want to wake up the masses

who jump at all the bogus offers and unrealistic promises of online riches. If I’ve succeeded at that, I’ve accomplished my goal. The one last piece of advice I would give you is to get a mentor if you’re going to start a online business. Not just any Mentor, but someone who has been there is successful and can coach you. So, if you’re still reading, here’s my personal recommendation for how you can make real money online: I invite you to be one of my partners in Carbon Copy Pro, an online opportunity that was invented to address the worst problems of the work from home internet marketing businesses. A system that will teach you how to market anything to anyone, anywhere in the world. Let’s face it, there are 1.8 Billion users of the internet today. A home business who’s mission is to create 100 millionaires by 2012 and solves all of the marketing problems with these other business models is dedicated to nothing less than perfection. With this cutting edge system, you’ll learn how to leverage every possible avenue for success with things like Twitter, Facebook, myspace, how to master and dominate Google, Yahoo and MSN. We will teach you how to invent yourself and create YOU inc. Carbon Copy Pro, takes ALL the aspects of internet marketing and puts them under one roof. I spent over $30,000 learning how to be an internet marketer and everything I’ve learned and damn near everyone I’ve learned from is attached in some shape or form to Pro. If you’re interested in a really ingenious marketing and moneygenerating system, I invite you to apply for a personal partnership with me. (You do have to apply, because I don’t take on just anyone.) But if you’re committed to no-kidding WEALTH and SUCCESS and are ready to forget all the Get-Rich-Quick B.S., become a real Entrepreneur with a group of Elite Marketers, I will personally coach you in how not to become another bad statistic.

I’ll mention it again: I am in the top 3% of online Entrepreneurs. This isn’t pretend and it isn’t hypothetical. If you have the desire to start making some real money AND be coached and mentored by someone who IS among the top earners, I can help you get there. If we have a match, this will the beginning of an entirely new and lucrative lifestyle. The application process costs $39 to even apply to see if we have a match, (of course we offer over $149 in bonuses as an ethically incentivized bribe)

Your Bonuses

Your Application is 100% refundable if you’re not accepted or if you decide that for whatever reason, you don’t want to do business with me

Here’s the link to apply:

www.WorkWithJeff.Com I truly wish you all the success you can handle, Jeff Learner P.S. I have to cut new applicants off at a certain point (I’m not cloned!), so I would urge you to apply soon if you’re seriously thinking about it. Click Here to get started: www.WorkWIthJeff.Com

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