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Every sunrise gifts us a brighter and smarter world.

Day by day electronic

Technologies are converging to a level that a single device / interface can perform multiple functionalities and can support a range of industry standards. Most of these advancements are obliged to one major system aspect- “the intelligence encapsulated within the system”. Our core focus is to develop intellectual properties, which can revolutionize the world to be a better place.

to cater custom industrial requirements. Apart from our expertise in designing core electronics and computer systems, our embedded skills are complementary in developing advanced engineering & instrumentation systems for various industry verticals. It is our global principle to deliver the best quality, on budget, on time with zero defects. Truly we are a single spot for all your embedded needs ,capable of providing services from concept development to mass manufacturing. AMERICAN MEGATRENDS INDIA PVT. LTD. (AMI INDIA), an ISO owned subsidiary of American Megatrends Inc., USA (AMI USA). AMI USA, and has also been involved in rendering embedded solutions and software development services to customers worldwide. AMI India’s philosophy revolves around designing & developing cutting edge computer technology solutions with a commitment to quality and excellence. completed many projects in the areas of BIOS Customization, Embedded OS/RTOS Porting & Customization, IPMI Firmware Development, Win CE, Embedded Linux, Communication Protocol Stack Development, Device Driver Development, Software/Firmware for Storage Devices (NAS & SAN) & RAID Controllers, Mobile Applications and Diagnostic Utilities for hardware diagnostics work. AMI India is also a Microsoft TM Windows Embedded Partner. Our

AMI embedded services group provides solutions to a wide spectrum of organizations such as: Semiconductor companies involved in IP research and development like Intel, NXP, Atmel, Renesas. Defense establishments, Governmental organizations & PSUs who design their own IPs / boards Product development companies in various areas like consumer electronics, healthcare, industrial electronics, automotive, telecommunication etc.

System Engineering Service – Software Development based on popular CPU and MCU cores such as x86, MIPS, PowerPC, ARM, StrongARM, AVR, OMAP, Microblaze.

Development of device drivers & Board Support Packages (BSP) Kernel Mode drivers Windows Legacy drivers Customer drivers for – Windows, Linux & Unixware

Porting Operating Systems (OS & RTOS) Packages Compilers Board Support Packages

Firmware Development For new silicon and new IPs. For DSP processors Enhance performance and power savings. For USB, Bluetooth, I2C, SPI, GPS, RFID, LCD, Keypad and GPIO etc.

BIOS development and customizations Bios utilities development Core customizations Boot loader implementations Custom development for various H/W platforms like POS Systems, Thin Clients, Internet boxes, WEB Pads Industrial control devices, routers.

Custom Software Applications - Development, integration and testing

Middleware Development Customization ( E.g.: Audio and Video codec including MPEG 1/2/4, H.264 and DivX) Porting (E.g.: X server, DirectFB, GTK and other Graphical libraries for various architectures and platforms) Experience in working with DirectShow, DirectDraw and other Windows CE and Windows Vista/XP middlewareframeworks.

Product Development & Engineering Preparing schematics and drawings Selection of multi source components Composing optimal bill of materials (BOM) for scalability Engineering documentation - User & operation Manual, Service Manual

System Engineering Service – Hardware (Perftrends) Intellectual Property(IP) Core Development IP Design & Customization 3rd party IP Integration Chip Design VLSI chip design ASIC Chips - From design to fab tape-out to delivery of working ASIC Chip RTL Synthesis - expertise in Verilog or VHDL FPGA programming Circuit & Board Design Analogue, Digital and Mixed circuit design Radio Frequency circuit design Data Acquisition products by using high or low speed ADCs, Sensors etc. Product design based on Mobile GSM and GPS devices for asset tracking and navigation application Multilayer printed Circuit Board High density – up to 16 layers, 5 mil, 2.5 Ghz High quality design using industrial grade & mil grade components Gate level simulation, FPGA Emulation Post-silicon validation Facilitate environmental tests and compliance tests.

Business Models Consulting Systematic process by experienced professionals Devise best in class solution within a short time Integrated consulting and embedded services provides business continuity Fixed Budget Model On time and on budget delivery Milestone based payments Time and Material Model

Extension of customer’s software engineering facility Reserves resources exclusively who reports directly to the client Attractive long term engagement model

We are first to... Build motherboards based on Intel's 386 and 486 processor platforms Use onboard external cache designs for mother boards Build and ship a quad-Xeon processor system Support USB in BIOS Create a GUI BIOS interface with mouse support

Support SATA in BIOS diagnostics Develop RAID controllers with online expansion capability &

Today we enable more than 65% of computers across the globe‌.

Why American Megatrends? One Stop Solution Spot for all embedded needs Quality on-time with zero defects Excellence by Innovations & IP Creations Rich skill spectrum caters custom requirements Mature processes Well structured support guarantees long relationships

65 %

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Our embedded division offers the following services Embedded OS/RTOS Porting & Customization, IPMI Firmware Development, Win CE, Embedded Li...