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Condition Affects 1 in 10 Women Estimated 7 million U.S. women have PCOS, half go undiagnosed

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a Could You or a condition that affects an estimated 7 million women in the United States, Woman in Your 50 percent of whom go undiagnosed. Life Have PCOS? Amerejuve and the PCOS FoundaSee Page 7 tion invite Houston to change that statistic by joining the Amerejuve PCOS Awareness 5k Fun Run & Walk on Sept. 28 to help spread understanding of this serious condition. “It’s important to diagnose PCOS because PCOS has a lot of risk factors, including stroke, cancer, diabetes, heart attacks,” said Andranique Henry, Program Coordinator with the PCOS Foundation. “Diagnosis can help eliminate some of those factors.” PCOS Foundation President and Founder Lisa Benjamini-Allon said many young women with PCOS experience problems

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that are dismissed as puberty. “The majority of these women are not getting diagnosed,” Benjamini-Allon said. “Out of those people that are getting diagnosed, the majority of them are not even familiar with what PCOS is. If they understand and learn about PCOS, we can lower all those risk factors.”

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‘AmereTeen’ Dream Amerejuve services target acne, unwanted hair for school picture day

Amerejuve PCOS Awareness 5k Fun Run & Walk How you can help: • Donate • Volunteer • Fundraise • Register (Team or Individual) • Learn more about PCOS

Multiple cysts on the ovary are a strong indicator of PCOS, a condition associated with serious health risks for women.

With school in session and picture day around the corner, teenagers can turn to Amerejuve for clear, smooth skin. Amerejuve’s experts tailor personal skincare plans, giving teens (and their parents) the best tools for healthy skin. One option is a package combining chemical peels and A personalized treatment sched- microdermabrasion, two treatments that ule can do wonders for acne-prone cleanse pores and balance the skin. teen skin.

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Nutrition Tips for a Successful 5k Run or Walk If you’re training for a marathon, then what you eat is an essential part of your training. Marathon runners in training need to make sure that they are getting the right nutrients and the right amount of fuel to allow the body to recover and Saba Umar rebuild efficiently. Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

1. For your everyday lifestyle, we recommend a low carb diet, but for those training to be part of a marathon, it is essential to have

a fairly high intake of carbohydrates. This is because carbohydrates provide glycogen stored in muscles and the liver, where it waits to be delivered to muscles via the bloodstream in the form of glucose. Finishing a marathon without hitting the wall requires storing and conserving enough glycogen fuel. 2. The following calorie distribution for a marathon runner would be a good place to start: 50 – 65 % calories from complex carbohydrates 15 – 25% calories from fat, unsaturated as much as possible 20 – 25% calories from protein. Use

higher percentage if you are weight training Good Carbohydrates: Potatoes, yams, beans, peas, wheat bread, bananas, macaroni, spaghetti, cereal, raisins, apples, bagels, syrup, brown rice, corn, apples, carrots, root vegetables

3. For the three days pre-race, increase carbs from 55 percent of your diet to 70 percent, and up your calories 4. Marathoners need more protein than sedentary people. Protein is essential for marathoners for repairing muscles and keeping the immune system strong.

5k FOOD, Page 3

Success Story

‘Empowered’ Client Equipped to Achieve Goals

Jan, Amerefit Client

Amerefit Success

Amerefit clients can see amazing results when they choose a personalized approach to weight management. Amerefit uses medical testing to develop a tailored plan for each client’s specific needs and goals.

For a Free Consultation, Call 713-496-0703

Since April of this year, Kingwood area woman Cheree B. has lost 25 pounds, dropped four dress sizes and gained the confidence to continue losing weight for her wedding next year. She credits Amerefit for being a big part of her transformation, she told the Insider. “It works. You should do it,” she said. “They want you to achieve your goals. They are caring people and will help you in any way possible.” Cheree said she’s tried other programs and been unimpressed with the results. That changed when she joined Amerefit. Even more than her figure, Cheree says the major changes have been emotional. “My self-esteem has totally been up since I started. I’m happier that I’ve seen more results than being disappointed,” she said. “That’s given me more inspiration to keep going and not stop.” Alexa Roth, Cheree’s Amerefit

wellness coach and nutritionist, said she’s seen the change in her client’s outlook. “She has a lot more confidence for sure,” Roth said. “She is empowered.” Much of that confidence, Roth said, comes from Cheree’s new knowledge and understanding about making decisions about her health. “She realized she knew everything she needed to know. She could sit there and make the decision,” Roth said, noting this is the goal of the Amerefit program. “We’re curbing behaviors, we’re giving them the education. It’s the basic nutrition education everyone needs to stay healthy and at a healthy weight.” Cheree said that Roth’s availability and guidance has been a big factor in helping her stick with the program. She hopes that, with the


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Good Protein: Low fat milk, beans, green peas, lean beef, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese, yogurt, nuts, peanut butter, cottage cheese, tofu and soy products 5. Vitamins are highly recommended and will give you adequate supplies of the minerals your body needs. Take multi-vitamins daily as a supplement. Also, keep in mind you need plenty of calcium and iron. 6. As far as drinks are concerned, make sure you drink lots of water before and during the marathon to keep hydrated. However do not overdo it as it can lead to hyponatremia, or low sodium due to overhydration. Sports drinks are a good alternative too, as they provide a bit of carbohydrates for extra energy as well. ■ Saba Umar holds an M.S. in Nutrition. Amerefit offers nutrition planning, personalized wellness coaching, and much more. (713) 781-7332

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Surgery Suite Hi Def Vaser Reveals Natural ‘6-Pack’

Everyone has the muscles and tendons that create the coveted “6-pack” look in the abdominal area – they’re simply not visible on most of us. Hi Def Vaser is the technique of using Vaser Liposuction to remove stubborn fat and reveal the natural muscle definition underneath. Dr. Ravi Somayazula, a board certified cosmetic surgeon with Amerejuve Medspa and Cosmetic Surgery, said Vaser’s ultrasound technique works particularly well on the tough tissue that men have Hi Def on their chests and abdomens. “Someone who’s pretty fit and is looking for that extra bit of definition, Vaser is good for that particular area. Same for the hips and flanks and upper back area,” he said. “You can use it on guys to ‘etch out’ that 6-pack.” The revered “6-pack” look is created by the natural structures of the abdomen that make two vertical lines intersected

In contrast to traditional liposuction, Hi Def Vaser also has benefits for men and women. “There’s a sooner return to work. There’s less bruising; there’s less swelling in the short term,” Somayazula said. For patients with high body fat percentages, Vaser may not be able to reveal the underlying muscle definition, but patients can still benefit from the quicker recovery time. Like all liposuction, Vaser Lipo works by emulsifying the fat and Vaser helps reveal the musculature of the body. allowing it to be suctioned out of by two horizontal lines, but it often hides the body. Different types of liposuction under a layer of fat. only vary in the tools the surgeon uses, “[Vaser Lipo] sucks out the fat in those Somayazula said. Traditional liposuction particular areas so you can see what you requires the surgeon to exert a lot of already have,” Somayazula said. Hi Def Vaser is particularly popular for motion and force to break up the fat. Vaser, or Variable Amplitude Sound Encreating muscle definition in body builders and for treating men with gynecomas- ergy Resonance, uses ultrasound to break tia, a condition in which they grow excess up the fat. ■ breast tissue, Somayazula said.

Social Media Prompting Cosmetic Surgeries amerejuvemedspa

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Many social media venues emphasize photos, photo sharing, and photo tagging – from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn. Some users are turning to cosmetic surgery to look better online. A recent poll shows that social media, especially photo sharing, is influencing a recent rise in facial plastic surgery. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery said its surgeons reported a 31 percent increase last year in requests for surgeries from patients wanting to look their best in online photos. The study indicated that rhinoplasty, Botox, and facelifts were the procedures most likely to be attributed to social media concerns. The organization also reported that 73 percent of all cos-

metic procedures in 2012 were cosmetic, as opposed to reconstructive, which is an increase from 67 percent in 2011. For a free consultation about how plastic surgery can achieve results for you, call (713) 960-6262. ■

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Surgery Suite Ask the Surgeon

What are gummy bear breast implants? “Gummy bear” is a common term for breast implants made from a highly cohesive type of silicone gel as opposed to the primarily liquid saline implants. “The advantage of the gummy bear implant is that it tends to hold its shape better than saline implants,” said Dr. Richard Vanik, Amerejuve’s Director of Cosmetic Surgery and a board certified plastic surgeon. Vanik said women who have lost fullness in the upper part of the breast, such as after pregnancy, can benefit from the FDA-approved models. “The gummy bear resists gravity better than the other implants,” he said. Experts also say the implants’ ability to retain shape means Low Moderate High it’s easier to control and predict When considering breast augmentation, it’s important to conthe finished look of the breast sider all the options for implants and their characteristics.

augmentation. Vanik said one drawback is that the highly cohesive “gummy bear” implants are the most expensive of the three types available. Saline implants, which are silicone shells filled with salt water, are Dr. Richard the least expenK. Vanik sive, followed by less cohesive types of silicone gel implants. Vanik said few Houston surgeons are trained to use highly cohesive implants, but he is pursuing credentials and Amerejuve will soon offer the implants. For a free cosmetic surgery consultation to discuss any of our procedures, call Amerejuve at (713) 960-6262. ■

Questions? Ask the Amerejuve Surgical Team

Dr. Richard K. Vanik, Director

Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz

Our surgical team is here to answer your questions! E-mail us at for our monthly feature or call (713) 960-6262 to schedule a free consultation.

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PCOS Champion

Diet, Medication Offer Control Over PCOS for Houston Woman For geologist Amy Ondrus, the first signs that something was wrong began in puberty with missed menstrual cycles and dramatic weight gain – 40 pounds in four years – that she initially dismissed as no big deal. “I’ve always been an active person,” she said, so she knew she hadn’t gained weight from lack of exercises. Ondrus thought, “I’m not a skinny person, oh well.” In college, Ondrus took advantage of accessible health care to get the irregular menstrual cycles checked out. The quick answer was birth control – until they saw her Triglycerides levels: over 300, when 150 is considered normal. The connection her doctors didn’t make, and continued to miss for over 10 years, was the common cause: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Ondrus had some success eating a lowcarb diet to curb her Triglyceride levels, and she began seeing regular cycles and weight loss. When she slipped back to eating an unhealthy diet, the symptoms came back, and she fluctuated back and forth for seven years. Then, in 1998, On-

drus had what she calls her “breakthrough.” “I learned about PCOS from an article in Cosmopolitan magazine that my mother tore out and sent to me,” she said. Her mother recognized the symptoms of the condition as the Since seeking treatment in 2003, Amy Ondrus says she’s learned to manage her PCOS and is enjoying an active lifesame list Ondrus had struggled with for years. style. The Katy resident enjoys hiking and kayaking. “I continued to struggle for another Even armed with this three or four years,” Ondrus said. “I knowledge, it was years before Ondrus found a doctor who would treat her con- knew I could be doing better.” Then, a friend from Venezuela, where dition. Even when she brought the conPCOS is much more widely known and dition up with her OBGYN, the doctor treated, worked with Ondrus to find a dismissed the condition because Ondrus doctor who took the condition seriously wasn’t interested in having children, so in all its effects. Both friends became pashe saw no need to treat it. Ondrus did research on her own, however, and wasn’t LIFE WITH PCOS, Page 11 convinced.

PCOS, from Page 1

PCOS risks can be managed with early detection.

Benjamini-Allon said a woman should be diagnosed with PCOS if she presents two of three primary symptoms: irregular menstrual cycles, elevated levels of androgens (sex hormones such as testosterone), and follicles or cysts on the ovaries. Other symptoms of the condition can include acne, excess hair growth, thinning hair, fatigue, and others. The majority of female infertility has also been linked to PCOS. Lack of awareness contributes to the low diagnosis rate, Henry said. “There’s not a lot of research in it. A lot of

people don’t know about PCOS, even a lot of doctors,” she said Last year’s Amerejuve PCOS Awareness Fun Run & Walk had 600 participants, and the goal for this year is to grow that number to 800 participants, Henry said. Register or donate online at the PCOS Foundation Web site. Those interested in PCOS can learn more at a free symposium the following day, Sept. 29, at the Hilton Hotel on Post Oak Blvd. For registration and more information about upcoming events or PCOS, visit ■

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Detect PCOS Early What Symptoms Indicate PCOS?

There is no single test to diagnose PCOS. Some common signs and symptoms to look for are: • Irregular menstrual cycles • Irregular periods also called Oligomenorrhea • Weight gain, Overweight • Difficulty losing weight • Excess hair growth on face and body- called Hirsutism • Darkened patches of skin • Skin tags • Infertility • Thinning hair • Insulin resistance • Type 2 Diabetes • High cholesterol and high triglycerides • High blood pressure • Cysts on the ovaries (multiple) • Pelvic pain • Depression • Anxiety • Sleep apnea (when breathing stops for a short period of time while asleep) • Decreased sex drive • Increase in stress levels Source: PCOS Foundation

PCOS has been linked to serious conditions in women, including diabetes, heart attack and stroke. It’s also a leading cause of infertility. Excess hair growth is one symptom associated with PCOS, but the condition presents differently in different women.

What Should I Do if I Might Have PCOS? 1. Learn more about PCOS. The PCOS Foundation offers information, events and symposiums to teach about the condition. 2. Discuss the condition specifically with multiple doctors – not every doctor is familiar with the condition, and a common tendency is to treat symptoms without finding the underlying cause. 3. Seek out specialists with expertise in PCOS. 4. Ask what you can do to help mitigate your risks. PCOS is not curable, but it is manageable, especially when it comes to reducing the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke. 5. Find a support group. You’re not alone – many women in the U.S., and even Houston, live with PCOS. Reach out to them. 6. Educate your friends and family. They, in turn, can spread awareness to others.

Learn more at the PCOS Foundation The PCOS Foundation says a support system is important for managing the condition.

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EMPOWERED, from Page 2

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guidance and lifestyle changes she’s gained from Amerefit, she’ll lose another eight or nine pounds as she prepares to wed next year, and Roth is confident that she will succeed. Amerefit is a unique program in that it offers a truly personal approach to weight control and wellness management. Clients who enroll in the program are medically tested to determine their metabolism, genetic disposition toward nutrition and exercise, and any food sensitivities. Roth said the metabolism test is especially important. “There’s a lot of power in that number because you know how many calories you need,” she said, noting that metabolism is tested multiple times during the program to ensure the best results. “It will fluctuate while you’re losing weight. That way, we’re keeping them constantly losing

weight.” Cheree also Based on inforcombined Ameremation from the fit’s weight and preliminary tests, wellness program Amerefit develops with body contoura plan tailored to ing services from each client, and a Amerejuve Medpersonal wellness spa and Cosmetic coach keeps up Surgery to further with clients every her great Cheree B. fine-tune step of the way, results. Between Amerefit Client dropping pounds monitoring progress, providing with Amerefit and accountability and encouraging them to taking advantage of Coolsculpting and meet their goals. Velashape at the medspa, she’s lost 6 The personalized aspect of the proinches in her waist, 2.5 inches in her hips gram is one of its best aspects, Roth said. and 1.5-2 inches of circumference in “It’s not like other diet plans where we each leg. give you a quick, cookie-cutter solution “It’s worth it, because I’ve seen better where you’ll lose some weight and then results than I would,” she said of complateau,” she said. “No two people lose bining services from the two partner weight the same. We need to treat it case companies. by case.” As Cheree completes the final month of her program, she’s looking forward to being a successful Amerefit graduate and keeping up with the lifestyle changes she’s learned to make. But if she does need a little extra help in the future? She says she’ll call Amerefit. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call (713) 496-0703. ■

“They want you to achieve your goals. They are caring people and will help you in any way possible.”

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La Centerra at Cinco Ranch Home of the Amerejuve Katy Location 23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd.

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Quality Care

New Amerejuve Training Director Commited to High Standards Misty Miranda has a philosophy about Amerejuve Medspa and Cosmetic Surgery: clients get both the high quality care of a medical clinic and the friendly relationships of a spa. “That’s the expectation our clients deserve,” Miranda said. “When they walk in, they automatically feel the crisp medical side and the relaxing spa side.” In her new position as Director of Training and Development, Miranda’s goal is to ensure every Amerejuve location is constantly improving to provide the best possible experience. Miranda knows Amerejuve from the ground up by design, and she’s been groomed for leadership since joining the company two years ago. She started as a technician, then moved up to manager. Now, she’s taken another step with Amerejuve, taking on responsibilities for all Amerejuve locations

around Houston. Miranda is working to implement top protocols and aesthetics between all the Amerejuve locations and continue the company’s dedication to extensive training and high quality service. “I plan on doing a lot more events to get more of the community involved,” she added. Miranda says her four years of experience in the medspa industry will serve her well as she takes on her new role. “I know what it takes to run a store, to make sure staff environment is great, morale is great,” she said. “I’ve been in their shoes as a tech and a manager.” Miranda is a certified phlebotomist and

Amerejuve Director of Training and Development Misty Miranda aims to maintain high standards across every Amerejuve location, from education and customer service to the look of the clinics.

medical assistant in addition to being a certified Laser Hair Removal Professional and Laser Safety Officer. These credentials make her an optimal candidate to continue Amerejuve’s tradition of high quality training for its staff. As she takes on this new role, Miranda says her education, experience and history with Amerejuve will serve her well in making sure every client who walks through their doors gets the best treatment available. ■

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority Our goal is for every client to look good, feel good, and become a return customer. Tell us about our successes; tell us how we can improve. Your experience matters to us. Monique Villasenor Client Relations Specialist

(713) 960-6262

Page 10 │ The Amerejuve Insider│Vol. 1 No. 2

Too Much Sun this Summer? We’ve Got You Covered Skin products combat sun damage The summer is drawing to a close, and you may be starting to see the effects of those days you forgot the sunscreen. Hyper-pigmentation is a common sign of aging caused by the sun, and Amerejuve offers a number of products that work to reverse sun damage. HQ Advance from Glo Therapeutics will have the quickest effect on sun damage. This powerful topical treatment primarily combats hyper pigmentation with ingredients such as Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone, which lighten skin, and Tretinol, which encourages new cell growth. HQ Advance is used every other night to prevent the production of pigment and melanin, stopping sun spots and other signs of aging in their tracks. HQ Advance is also not usually recommended for sensitive skin. When using this product, it’s important to pair it with a good Vitamin C product and SPF 40 to protect the skin and its progress. Ultra 15% Vitamin C, also from Glo Therapeutics, helps renew the skin and protect from further sun damage while increasing skin elasticity, decreasing wrinkles and promoting healing. Ultra 15% Vitamin C is not recommended for acne-prone skin, but those with oily skin can choose the 15% Vitamin C for similar benefits. ■

Sun damage often appears as hyper-pigmentation on the skin, which can be treated with topical products with ingredients for skin lightening, such as Kojic Acid and Hydroquinone.

Questions about our products? Ask Christina Presnall, our Product Sales Manager, for recommendations for all your skin concerns. E-mail christina.

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LIFE WITH PCOS, from Page 6 tients of Dr. Michael Allon, and from there Ondrus learned about the PCOS Foundation and has gotten involved in the Amerejuve PCOS Awareness 5k. Since then, Ondrus said, “Life has been grand. … I now understand the disease, I have medications to help me.” Support groups have also been a big part of helping Ondrus stay motivated, she said. “It keeps me inspired to do the right thing,” she said. Now, Ondrus is compassionate toward women who struggle with the symptoms of PCOS without knowing the cause, and many of these symptoms can be embarrassing. “It’s not just the weight,” she said. “It’s the extra hair. That’s a society faux pas.” Extra hair on women is often the subject of hurtful jokes, and women with PCOS are listening. “Other people think it’s a joke and it’s funny,” Ondrus said. “[It’s] huge hits on your self-esteem.” Ondrus said it’s important to find a doctor who will consider all aspects of PCOS. “Make sure you are treating the whole person and not just the fertility part,” she said. While 70 percent of female infertility is linked to PCOS, Ondrus pointed out that PCOS presents differently for different people, and there are many symptoms other than infertility. As an example, she said, her sister has also been diagnosed with PCOS, but the two have had different symptoms from the condition. For Ondrus, it’s been irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, and excess hair. Her sister has struggled with infertility. “It can be easier to deal with or harder to deal with,” Ondrus said. For women diagnosed with PCOS, Ondrus said, it’s important to have a positive outlook and to be prepared for a life-long journey. “You can get your energy back. You can start to feel better about yourself,” she said. And, while the process of eating right, exercising, and finding the proper medications can be a difficult one, there is lots of support available. “It’s not the end of the world,” Ondrus said. “It’s something I have control over.” ■

Ask Roxy!

Roxy covers the ins and outs of body contouring

What does “body contouring” mean?

Roxy Baldwin

When we talk about body contouring, we usually mean tailoring the shape of your body. Many of us would like flatter tummies, firmer thighs, and smaller love handles (like mine!). We can achieve these effects with surgery, with noninvasive clinical treatments, with a personalized weight and wellness plan from our friends at Amerefit, or by combining multiple strategies to get the look you want.

Which noninvasive body contouring treatment is the most effective?

This is a great question – such a great question, that the answer for each person is going to be different! Amerejuve offers several non-invasive body contouring treatments that work in different ways to reduce size, smooth skin, and clear cellulite. The best choice for you will depend on your goals, lifestyle, schedule, and the areas you plan to treat. Some treatments permanently destroy fat cells, while others reduce their size. Luckily, you can come in for a free consultation to find the treatment that is perfect for you. Have a question for Roxy? Just ask! editor@

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(713) 960-6262

I’m your editor, Kelsie! I’m a University of Houston alum in creative writing and journalism. Questions? Comments? Want to share your story about Amerejuve or Amerefit? We’d love to hear from you!

Kelsie Cleboski,

AMERETEEN, from Page 1 In a chemical peel, Amerejuve technicians apply Glycolic Acid, a natural exfoliant that removes dead and damaged layers to reveal the healthy skin beneath. In microdermabrasian, the skin is gently buffed, encouraging new cell growth. It can be used to help treat and prevent mild to moderate acne and improve the appearance of acne scars. For a more intensive treatment for acne scarring, Amerejuve also offers IPL Photofacials. The procedure can be used to treat a number of skin imperfections other than acne scarring, including sun damage, freckles, fine lines, broken capillaries, and others. The effects of the IPL appear gradually following the treatment, leaving skin fresh and glowing.

Laser hair removal is also a great option for permanently reducing unwanted hair. Upper-lip hair, unibrows, and thick arm hair don’t stand a chance against stateof-the-art laser technology. To protect and enhance the benefits of treatment, Amerejuve also offers excellent lines of skin products for all skin types, including dry, oily, and mature. Amerejuve’s sister company, Amerefit, also offers a teen weight loss program that emphasizes healthy weight control and the skills to make good choices for a lifetime. For a free consultation, call Amerefit’s Teen Weight Loss Program offers Amerejuve at (713) 960-6262. ■ healthy weight loss through personalized testing, planning and coaching.

Join us Sept. 28 to raise PCOS Awareness!

Sept. 28, Register @

Thanks for reading! Call and claim $10 off any Amerejuve Service:

Promo Code PCOS News (713) 960-6262


The non-surgical body contouring treatment that


Reveal the real you with CoolSculpting. ®

Show off the body you’ve always dreamed of with CoolSculpting: the non-surgical body contouring treatment that freezes and naturally eliminates fat from your body. No needles, no surgery and best of all, no downtime. Developed by Harvard scientists, CoolSculpting is FDA-cleared, safe and clinically proven. We will develop a customized CoolSculpting treatment plan to address your specific areas of concern so you can say goodbye to stubborn fat!

Procedure by Edward Becker, MD Results and patient experience may vary. Ask us if CoolSculpting is right for you. In the U.S. and Taiwan, non-invasive fat reduction is cleared only for the flank (love handle) and abdomen. CoolSculpting, the CoolSculpting logo and the Snowflake design are registered trademarks of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. © 2013. All rights reserved. IC1384-A






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