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‘Amerejuve Advantage’ Launched ‘Amerejuve Advantage Laser Hair Removal’ Personalized, Flexible, Effective

Amerejuve MedSpa and Cosmetic Surgery announces Amerejuve Advantage Laser Hair Removal, a personalized, flexible subscripton for full body laser hair removal. Amerejuve Advantage Laser Hair Removal includes a year of laser hair removal treatments, a choice of a facial treatment, and a choice of a body contouring service. “Amerejuve Advantage provides the best of both worlds: quality and price. It offers full body laser hair Amerejuve Advantage Laser Hair Removal is a revremoval at a very affordable price olutionary package for full body laser hair removal, plus choice of a facial treatment and body contouring – almost 50 percent lower than the national leading providers such as treatment.

Kingwood Manager Named Amerejuve Employee of the Year

American Laser and Ideal Image,” said Vincent Chitolie, Chief Operating Officer of Amerejuve. Amerejuve developed this program as an improvement on the traditional one-package purchase, which doesn’t adapt to how a person’s body, and hair growth, may change over time. Full Body Laser Hair Removal Laser hair removal can be performed on unwanted hair on nearly any area of the body, though popular areas include underarms,


Houston Area Police Officer: Amerefit Made the Difference

Trich Dunn, clinic manager of Amere“Trich’s drive and passion to build juve Kingwood, has Amerejuve Kingwood as a successful been named Amereclinic has been a great asset to our juve’s employee of the company,” said Dr. Morteza Naghavi, year. founder and CEO of Amerejuve. “She The corporate manhas gone above and beyond to serve agement team saidTrichher clients and generate new business Dunn Dunn’s enthusiasm Clinic opportunities for Amerejuve. We’re Manager Trich Dunn and dedication have delighted to have her as part of the Clinic her invaluable to Packages! Amerejuve family, and I’m pleased to Ask me aboutmade Cosmetic Surgery Combo Manager, the company over the honor her as employee of the year.” Kingwood L O O K G Oyear. O D F E E L G Dunn O O has D been with Amerejuve for past


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Amerejuve MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery: Look Good, Feel Good

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Success Story

How Godfrey Got His Groove Back

Police Officer Loses Weight, Gains Energy, Stops Diabetes Medication Houston-area police officer Godfrey Eta, 55, was struggling to recover after his knee surgery last March. He had gained some weight, but with low energy, joint pain, and the effects of diabetes, he was struggling to take the pounds back off, despite having been active previously. That all changed when Eta joined Amerefit. “No aches, no pains, no sluggishness, nothing. Just a completely different feeling,” he said. Eta was previously diabetic, but since starting with Amerefit his blood sugar tests have improved to the point that he is now considered “pre-diabetic,” and his doctor took him completely off his diabetes medication. Eta is amazed by the results he’s had from Amerefit, and he credits it all to the thorough testing and supportive encouragement and advice from his

“Before I came here, weight loss was trial and error. ... That’s really what convinced me Amerefit was the right program. It eliminated the guess work.” Godfrey Eta, 55 Amerefit Client Amerefit wellness coach, Candy Benoit. “She’s the most wonderful counselor I could ever hope to meet,” he said. The tests in particular have been eye-opening, he said. Eta was trying to eat healthy, but it wasn’t until Benoit administered a food sensitivity test that he learned his body reacts negatively to chicken, beef, and egg whites, foods that are normally thought of as healthy. “Before I came here, weight loss was trial and error,” he said. “That’s really


14 months, bringing her experience with customer service and sales in the airline industry, telecommunications, and other small businesses. “I’ve managed people, I’ve managed things,” she said with a laugh. “And people interest me. I’ve always enjoyed people.” Dunn particularly stepped up when Amerejuve Woodlands needed assistance after a staff change, and she was effectively managing two clinics for about two months, fighting through Houston traffic to travel back and forth to keep things running smoothly. Dunn said her motivation comes from the challenge of keeping up with a growing business and adapting to new developments to

what convinced me Amerefit was the right program. It eliminated the guess work.” Benoit said Eta had great results quickly once his body’s triggers were identified. “Within days, he was like a totally different man,” she said. Eta said Amerefit has been a permanent lifestyle change for him, for the

ensure her clinic is the best it can be. “That keeps me rolling. Every day when you wake up, it’s a new day,” she said. “That’s life.” Dunn has also enjoyed seeing Amerejuve grow, and she’s looking forward to continuing to be part of that growth. “I’m looking forward to really see Amerejuve grow and expand. … Just watch it grow and go,” she said. Dunn has enjoyed being part of Amerejuve’s growth so far, and she looks forward to seeing the “American dream” of the company continue to come true. In her free time, Dunn enjoys spending time with her her grandchildren. ■


Congratulations to Trich and the Kingwood Clinic! Amerejuve Kingwood 1570 Kingwood Dr. Kingwood, TX 77339 (713) 960-6262

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Cosmetic Surgery Gains Popularity

Cosmetic Surgery is a growing trend, both in the United States and around the world. The earliest recorded cosmetic surgeries were skin grafts in India in 800 B.C. Modern plastic surgery appeared in the early 1800s with cleft palate repair, and the field has become increasingly popular and far-reaching since. Even iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe had a cosmetic surgery in the 1950s, and the records were recently made public. With increasing popularity and cutting edge medical advancements, cosmetic surgery is safer, more affordable, and more convenient than ever. In 2012 alone, 1.6 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in the US, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the most popular procedures in the world are liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, tummy tuck, and nose reshaping. In the United States specifically, facelifts are also high on the list of popular procedures. Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure in the U.S., according to the ASPS, and 186,000 of these procedures were performed in 2012.

Women make up 91 percent of patients, but cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular among men. That demographic saw a 5 percent bump in cosmetic procedures, which includes surgical and noninvasive procedures, between 2011 and 2012. According to the ASPS, 40-54 is the most popular age range to elect to have cosmetic surgery, and that age group comprises 48 percent of the total cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. In a recent article on cosmetic surgery, Cosmopolitan for Latinas noted that cosmetic surgery can be used to shape the face and body to a variety of desired contours and proportions, not just to a single cultural or ethnic ideal. In addition to improving physical appearance, cosmetic surgeries can

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also have positive psychological effects. A study published in Plastic Surgical Nursing found that women who undergo breast augmentation report higher self-esteem after their procedures. Using the 30-point Rosenberg Scale to measure self-esteem, the average score increased from 20.7 before the procedure to 24.9 after the procedure. With clear goals and expectations, cosmetic surgery results are natural and beautiful. Every plastic surgeon is part doctor, part artist in crafting each surgery to maximize both safety and aesthetics. The key to a successful cosmetic surgery is to work closely with a reputable surgeon and to have clear goals and realistic expectations. As with any medical procedure, it’s also important to consider recovery time, physical and emotional support, and your overall health in preparing for a cosmetic surgery procedure. Your surgeon will be happy to discuss all of these aspects with you during your initial consultation and subsequent preparations. After a successful cosmetic surgery, you’ll look like you, only improved or more refreshed. In the hands of Amerejuve’s skilled cosmetic surgeons, you can be confident that you’ll look good, feel good with your surgery results. ■

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Surgery Suite Ask the Surgeon

Do Breast Implants Affect My Risk of Breast Cancer? No, breast implants do not change your chances of getting breast cancer. Dr. Richard K. Vanik, board-certified plastic surgeon and director of Amerejuve plastic surgery, said implants do not make a patient either more or less likely to develop breast cancer later on. “There’s nothing about having a breast implant that is going to change their risk of breast cancer. It doesn’t increase it, and it doesn’t decrease it,” he said. Breast implants also Dr. Richard don’t make mammoK. Vanik Breast implants have no impact on a woman’s grams less effecrisk of developing breast cancer, Dr. Richard K. tive as it was once Vanik, board-certified plastic surgeon, said. believed, Vanik said. The key is to en are more likely than men to develop simply communicate with the technibreast cancer (but men can develop breast cian before every mammogram. cancer), and the risk of breast cancer in“The technician can use some different techniques to image the breast and not so creases with age. A number of genes can much the implant,” he said. “They can get contribute to the risk of breast cancer, but mutations to the BRCA1 or BRCA2 a very effective mammogram that way.” genes have been shown to be particularly According to the American Cancer linked to breast cancer risk. Society, the top breast cancer risk factors The ACS recommends women conduct include gender, age, family history, and a number of genetic mutations. Wom-


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Dr. Richard K. Vanik, Director

Dr. Ravi Somayazula


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Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz

Our surgical team is here to answer your questions! E-mail us at askthesurgeon@ for our monthly feature or call (713) 960-6262 to schedule a free consultation.

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New Year

Five Must-Have Goals for 2014

Setting goals now can help make 2014 the best year ever! We’ve got some musthave goals to look good, feel good all year long. 1. Eat Healthier Eating healthier isn’t about sticking to some popular diet, it’s about eating right for your body’s specific nutritional needs and food sensitivities. Amerefit’s food

SUCCESS STORY, from Page 2

sensitivity testing, metabolism testing, and meal planning will have you on track to eat what your body actually needs, not what a celebrity or late-night infomercial says that it needs.

better and have more energy too. But, for that extra pep, Amerefit has B-12 Injections that give your body the natural nutrients it needs to get through the day, energetically!

2. Rev Up My Energy Put down the cup of coffee. When you’re eating better (see Resolution 1!), you’ll feel

3. Manage My Time Take the time, and guesswork, out of

better. He’s eating healthier, feeling better, and spending less money, since he’s stopped purchasing unnecessary and ineffective supplements. With increased energy and the absence of joint pain, he’s enjoying exercise again, and is fitter than he’s been in years. Benoit said she’s confident Eta will maintain the changes he’s made and continue gaining energy and increasing his activity and fitness levels. “He’ll absolutely be able to stick with it. He understands it’s not just a 3-month thing, it’s a lifestyle change,” she said. With Amerefit testing, Eta knows what his body actually needs to be at its best. “I look better, I feel better. … I feel the difference, I see


“He’ll absolutely be able to stick with it. He understands it’s not just a 3-month thing, it’s a lifestyle change.” Candy Benoit, Amerefit Wellness Coach the difference, I live the difference.” he said. “Believe in it. It works.” To schedule a free consultation to discuss how Amerefit might benefit you, call (713) 781-7332. ■

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bikini area, and legs for women and chest, back, and abs for men. The treatments use high-quality medical lasers to target unwanted hair while it is in the “growing” phase of the hair cycle, safely and effectively preventing the hair from growing back. Multiple, carefully scheduled treatments are the best way to ensure maxi“Our program schedules laser mum hair reduction in treatments to better match a the treated areas. client’s hair growth. We feel “Our program takes that this is the best approach into account the bito long-lasting and effective ology of hair growth hair reduction.” and the variability of growth in different Dr. Albert Yen, body areas and among Vice President of different individuals,” Medical Affairs said Dr. Albert Yen, Vice President of Medical Affairs at Amerejuve. “Because groups of hair follicles go through this growth cycle at different times, scheduling laser hair removal treatments based on a fixed schedule of every 4-6 weeks is unlikely to be optimally effective. Our program schedules laser treatments to better match a client’s hair growth. We feel that this is the best approach to long-lasting and effective hair reduction.” Laser hair removal can now be performed on any skin tone with the proper type of lasers, and Amerejuve clinics are equipped with the most trusted lasers available. The procedure works best on dark hair, and Amerejuve offers free consultations, including a thorough skin and hair evaluation. In addition to removing unwanted hair, this innovative package cares for the whole body with both a choice of a facial revitalizing treatment and choice of a body contouring treatment.

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Facial Treatments For facial treatments, the package comes with a choice of a microdermabrasion or chemical peel. In microdermabrasion, the outer, dead and damaged layer of skin is buffed away to reveal fresher, newer skin beneath, and this treatment can be used to treat mild scarring, hyper pigmentation, or dullness. It’s a popular part of regular monthly skin care. Or, clients who purchase Amerejuve Advantage may opt instead to have a chemical peel. In a chemical peel, a chemical exfoliate, such as Glycolic acid, is applied to the skin.


Page 8 │ The Amerejuve Insider│Vol. 1 No. 6


The peel removes dead and damaged layers to reveal the younger, healthy skin underneath, leaving skin looking refreshed. It’s also a popular treatment for active acne.

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Body Contouring For body contouring, the package comes with a choice of a treatment of either VASER Shape or VelaShape, two body contouring services that help slim and smooth trouble areas, including cellulite. VASER Shape uses ultrasonic therapy and massage to increase circulation and smooth problem areas, including temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite. VelaShape combines bi-polar radiofrequency, infrared light energy, vacuum and mechanical massage to reduce the size of fat cells and fat chambers, smoothing the skin’s surface and reducing circumference. Both treatments are a popular solution to extra inches. ■

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Ask Roxy!

Looking Ahead to the New Year

What’s your favorite memory from 2013? Joining the Amerejuve team! I’m happy to be at a place that values looking good and feeling good as much as I do.

RESOLUTIONS, from Page 6 hair removal. Amerejuve Advantage offers laser hair removal for one hour a month for a full year, letting you schedule your treatments ahead of time and reduce the time and money you spend shaving and waxing. Over a lifetime, you’ll save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. Stop getting rid of hair that will only grow back, and get rid of hair for good! 4. Lose the Mirror With Amerejuve’s menu of services, you won’t need the mirror – you’ll know you look good, feel good. Whether you’d like to lose those few extra inches, cellulite, stretch marks, acne, sun spots, wrinkles, or other signs of aging, Amerejuve can develop a personalized treatment plan for you. 5. Spend Smarter Amerejuve always offers competitive pricing with exemplary service, but did you know it now has Amerejuve Rewards? Automatically earn points every time you purchase from Amerejuve and redeem them for discounts and free services. Sign up now at Ready to start your New Year right? Schedule a free consultation at any Amerejuve location to discuss your goals and how Amerejuve and Amerefit can help you achieve them. Call (713) 960-6262. ■

What are your New Year’s resolutions? 2014 is going to be a healthy new year for Roxy! I really need to work on my flexibility (I’ve always been a little stiff), and I need to Roxy get moving. I spend a lot of time just standBaldwin ing around. I also want to eat healthier – good things in means good things out. Amerefit food sensitivity testing also helps make sure everyone is eating right for their own body, not someone else’s! You never know until you get tested what foods might be setting you back in your health and wellness. What was your favorite Christmas gift? My Amerejuve gift cards, of course! There’s nothing like the feel of a crisp plastic card loaded with cash to spend at my favorite place. The only problem is deciding what to spend it on, considering all of the great treatments on Amerejuve’s menu of services. Body contouring? Laser hair removal? Facials? Botox? Dysport? Put it toward a cosmetic surgery? The possibilities are endless! I guess what I really need to do is decide what my goals are and come in for a consultation for advice. Have a question for Roxy? Ask her!

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority Our goal is for every client to look good, feel good, and become a return customer. Tell us about our successes; tell us how we can improve. Your experience matters to us. Jenn Miller Client Relations Specialist

(713) 960-6262

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Vol. 1 No. 6│ The Amerejuve Insider │ Page 11

Skin (Re)Solutions

Products Promote New Cell Growth for Refreshed Skin When making your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget your skin! It’s had another year of sun, wind, rain and pollution, and it could use some love and renewal. Two of Amerejuve’s products are especially helpful for encouraging new cell growth and repair in the skin. Super Serum helps tighten and strengthen the cell matrix of skin for an anti-aging effect. Peptides in the serum encourage cellular turn-over, meaning your skin, like you, can turn over a new leaf for the year. This product is recommended for all skin types to create stronger, healthier skin. For those with damaged skin, whether from aging, sun damage, wounds, or post-treatment, Repair Complex helps to sooth and renew. Many medspa skin treatments work by creating tiny wounds in the skin, which stimulate natural healing processes that boost collagen and new skin growth. Repair Complex helps that repair process happen more quickly, reducing redness and irritation. The Human Oligopeptide-1 in this product accelerates the growth of surface skin cells, which can also reduce wrinkling in the skin and help with wound healing. ■

Super Serum and Repair Complex help your skin make a New Year’s resolution to be firmer and healthier.

Questions about our products? Ask Christina Presnall, our Product Sales Manager, for recommendations for all your skin concerns. E-mail christina.presnall@amerejuve. com

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self breast exams beginning in their 20s and have a clinical breast exam every three years in their 20s and 30s. Beginning in their 40s, women should have a mammogram yearly. A health provider may recommend beginning mammograms earlier, or even ordering MRIs, for women who have an increased risk for cancer. These are important recommendations to pay attention to, whether a woman has breast implants or not. To schedule a free cosmetic surgery consultation, call (713) 960-6262.■

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Amerejuve Insider, Vol. 1 No. 6  
Amerejuve Insider, Vol. 1 No. 6  

'Amerejuve Advantage' launched to offer flexible, personal laser hair removal, Amerejuve announced employee of the year, Amerefit client imp...