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Bridal Bonanza Amerejuve Inspires Brides, Wedding Parties at Houston Bridal Extravaganza Show

Brides, bridesmaids, moms-of-the-bride, and grooms spun the wheel at Amerejuve’s booth at the Houston Bridal Extravaganza Show.

Amerejuve MedSpa and Cosmetic Surgery is a great choice for any style of wedding, as many brides found at the January Bridal Extravaganza Show. From elegant and formal to fun and casual, any wedding can benefit from Amerejuve’s look good, feel good services, and hundreds of brides, bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride, and grooms stopped by the Amerejuve booth to see how Amerejuve might enhance their look and feel for the big day. Danielle L. won a $500 prize at the Amerejuve booth, and is looking for-

ward to deciding on what services she wants to use for her “rustic country” farmhouse wedding. “I’m excited about it!” she said of all the options available to her at Amerejuve. “That’s pretty awesome.” Bride-to-be Sinem A. was cruising the Bridal Extravaganza with her maid of honor, looking for ideas for her “simple and elegant” dream wedding. “I have an idea,” she said. “Once I see it, I’ll know it.” Bride-to-be Vanessa P. and her groom to be Tim T. visited the Bridal


Amerejuve Woodlands a ‘Jewel’ of a Clinic

Amerejuve Woodlands, located at Cochran’s Crossing Shopping Center, has the distinction of being one of the most beautiful Amerejuve locations, a “jewel in the crown” of the medspa. That same beauty can be seen in the care and dedication of the clinic’s staff. Jeannie Cashman, manager of the Amerejuve Woodlands clinic, said she’s drawn to the beautiful impact her industry can have. “Although I’ve had my aesthetic license since my early twenties, I had gotten away from the industry,” she said. “I made my way back into the Medspa business four years ago. I decided at that point in life to get back to what I love, and I truly love this industry.” Cashman is motivated by the positive effect her work has on


Jeannie Cashman, far right, says she and her team at Amerejuve Woodlands strive to make sure every client is happy.

Amerejuve MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery: Look Good, Feel Good

Page 2 │ The Amerejuve Insider│Vol. 1 No. 7

WOODLANDS, from Page 1

others, both physically and emotionally. “I am a true advocate of women and what makes them feel good about themselves,” she said. “We have so much to offer here at Amerejuve. We can support every person’s need to feel young or just feel better about themselves.” Between earning her aesthetic license and returning to the industry, Cashman continued doing important work and gaining new experience. “After focusing on raising three amazing young men, I partnered in a marketing company for many years,” she said. Cashman joined Amerejuve six months ago as the manager of the Woodlands location, and she has her sights on continu-

Fit Focus

ing to help more men and women look good, feel good. “(I want) for every client to experience the expertise and knowledge of our customer service-driven staff. Also to grow our client base with new customers along with satisfied returning customers,” she said. With Amerejuve and a passionate staff, Cashman is confident that her clinic will continue to expand their influence. “Our team has a passion for this business, our technicians are knowledgeable

“We have so much to offer here at Amerejuve. We can support every person’s need to feel young or just feel better about themselves.” Jeannie Cashman Amerejuve Woodlands Manager and we aspire to make each and every client happy,” she said. “Since you have a choice of where you go for your anti-aging needs, spend your time and money where you will see the best value in both the equipment and the technicians performing the services.” ■

To Fit Your Jeans, Know Your Genes

One of the keys to meeting weight and wellness goals is to work with the body, not against it. Unfortunately, many strategies and diet plans for weight loss try to be one-size-fits-all, but research shows that our unique genetic makeup effects how we gain, store, and lose excess weight. That’s why Amerefit includes genetic tests from Interleukin Genetics and Inherent Health at the beginning of every 3-month weight loss plan. The simple, easy test (just a swab of the cheek) reveals a wealth of information on the best way to approach an individual weight loss plan. Based on the test, each person is divided into one of three categories: Fat Burner, Carb Reducer, or Better Balancer. Fat Burners tend to absorb more fat in their intestines, and therefore store more fat. Carb Reducers tend to gain more weight and have a stronger insulin response when they consume carbohydrates. A Better Balancer tends to have more difficulty burning fat off once they’ve stored it. The genetic tests also reveal whether the body responds better to high intensity or moderate intensity exercise when trying to shed pounds. Based on the findings of the test, Amerefit coaches develop a personalized diet and exercise plan that works with the body’s genetic predisposition. A Fat Burner should control fat intake, while a Carb Reducer needs to reduce carbohydrates in the diet.


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8th Houston Wedding Showcase Reliant Center 14th Valentine’s Day Spend it with someone special!

Word Around Town “Everyone has been very friendly, and I have been very pleased with the price and results of my treatments. So happy about my results. I am so thankful that I went and found out so much about myself. ”

Julio K., Amerejuve Client “The staff are all great and will provide you with a wonderful experience every time! ... Before I started my treatment, 7 months ago, my skin was tired and rundown. Now, I noticeably see a difference! The treatment and their products really work!”

Tanya N., Amerejuve Client “The woman who performed the chemical peel for me was very thorough and careful in her work. She took her time and provided me some at-home advice. My skin was looking better every day!”

Lena A., Amerejuve Client

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Be Mine Valentine’s Day Has Long Been a Holiday Focused on Love

Valentine’s Day has been twitterpating couples for hundreds of years, though the exact celebration of the holiday has changed dramatically during that time. It is believed Valentine’s Day first started as a Roman fertility festival held February 13-15 known as Lupercalia. According to The History Channel, in this celebration, women and crops were touched with strips from a sacrificed goat and dog, which was intended to make the women and the crops fertile in the coming year. Young women would also be paired with young men through a lottery for the coming year, and these pairings often resulted ultimately in their marriage. The Valentine of St. Valentine’s Day is also believed to be related to Rome, possibly referring to one of two martyrs named Valentine, who were both executed by Rome on February 14 of different years. Three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus have been recognized by the Catholic Church. A celebration of fertility and love continued to be celebrated in Europe, with changes instituted by the church to steer the holiday away from its pagan roots. February 14 was officially named St. Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius in 498 AD, The Huffington Post reported.

From The History Channel: According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl -- who may have been his jailor’s daughter -- who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today.



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Surgery Suite Ask the Surgeon

Should My Breast Implant Be Placed Over or Under the Chest Muscle?

Questions? Ask the Amerejuve Surgical Team

Dr. Richard K. Vanik, Director

The choice of breast implant placement depends on the desired final look, recovery time, and other factors that should be discussed with a plastic surgeon.

Multiple factors influence the choice of where to place a breast implant in relation to the chest muscle, including the desired final look and recovery time. The recovery time tends to be shorter for implants over the muscle, while an implant under the muscle usually takes about six weeks for the patient to return to normal activities. An implant placed over the muscle can also be larger. Dr. Richard However, some patients K. Vanik will find they prefer the look of an augmentation where the implant is placed under the muscle, said Dr. Richard Vanik, board-certified plastic surgeon. While the recovery time may be shorter for over-the-muscle implants, “The implant tends to be a little more visible,” Vanik said. “You don’t have as much soft

“It will look more natural underneath the muscle, especially the upper breast because you have more soft tissue covering it.”

Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Dr. Richard Vanik, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon tissue to cover the implant. It’s also more likely to get some hardness around the implant.” In contrast, an implant placed under the muscle is covered with more soft tissue, making the implant less visible and the overall effect more natural-looking, particularly in the upper breast. Vanik usually recommends the dual plane position, a technique of placing the


Dr. Emmanuel De La Cruz

Our surgical team is here to answer your questions! E-mail us at askthesurgeon@ for our monthly feature or call (713) 960-6262 to schedule a free consultation.

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Saying ‘I Do’

Four Reasons to Include a Medspa in Your Wedding Plans Medspas are all about being confident, beautiful, and flawless - making Medspa services an important part of any wedding plans.

1. Be Able to Zip Up Your Dress

Sometimes that perfect dress needs another inch or two of wiggle room to fit like a dream. You can tailor the dress, but why not tailor yourself too? Medspas offer an array of high-tech body contouring services – many of them are painless, non-invasive, and will have you out the door and back to normal, busy life, immediately! Coolsculpting, Vaser Shape, and Vela Shape are all popular options for body contouring. In addition to inch reduction, many of them also target cellulite to give you a smooth, sleek look no matter what you’re wearing. For these types of treatments, you may need to allow a month or two for the technology to get you into prime shape.

2. Be Photo Ready, No Photo Shop Needed

Photo altering technology has come a long way, but wouldn’t you rather be flawless without the computer touch-ups? Medspas specialize in skin rejuvenation for a variety of skin types and tones. A combination of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or facials can have you glowing and photo-ready for engagement photos, bridal portraits, and, of course, the big day itself. These treatments can tackle even

persistent problems, such as acne, acne scarring, freckles, sun spots, uneven pigment, and more. Look for a package with a series of treatments leading up to your target date for beautiful results.

3. Be Wrinkle-Free, Even if You Can’t be Worry Free Wedding plans can take their toll – all those decisions, all that stress! Don’t let

it show on your face; choose injectables such as Botox or Juvederm to smooth away those little lines. These products give a relaxed, youthful look to your face no matter how many times you have to re-do the seating chart. These treatments last for several months, so you can have them done well in advance of your wedding day – one less thing to worry about


Vol. 1 No. 7 │ The Amerejuve Insider │ Page 7

With Amerejuve

Wedding Planning Guide 12 Months Before

Settle on a budget Finalize your date Start finding a photographer Book your venue Start shopping for wedding dresses Schedule a free Amerejuve consultation

11 Months Before

Set up an appointment with a flower designer Book a catering company or make in-house arrangements Begin laser hair removal treatments with Amerejuve Advantage

10 Months Before

Finalize guest list Set up gift registries Search for an officiant Find and book a band or DJ

3 Months Before

Book accommodations for the wedding night Schedule a cake tasting and order your cakes

7 Weeks Before

Proof, print, address, stamp invitations Finalize your menu with the caterer

6 Weeks Before

Purchase wedding bands Mail wedding invitations Confirm bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres with florist Finalize beverage plans for the reception Schedule Botox and dermal filler injections at Amerejuve

2 Weeks Before

Order your gown Order hair accessories Order jewelry Begin CoolSculpting non-surgical fat removal at Amerejuve

Line up your local marriage license Create a wedding day schedule and give to important parties Give a final guest head count to the caterer Confirm all vendors’ arrival or delivery times Visit Amerejuve for a Chemical Peel and Microdermabrasion Facial

6 Months Before

2 Days Before

9 Months Before

Book hair and makeup and set a trial run Book photographer Purchase envelopes and stamps Print, address, and mail Save-the-Dates

5 Months Before

Arrange any rentals you will need Begin eMatrix Skin Resurfacing Treatments

4 Months Before

Choose groom’s attire and make alterations Purchase other bridal accessories (shoes, lingerie, garter) Select and purchase invitations Plan and book honeymoon

Create a wedding day schedule to hand out to members of the wedding party Pack for your honeymoon

The Big Day!

Assign a trusted friend or family member to give checks to vendors Relax, enjoy, and look good, feel good! Sources: Marry This, Amerejuve MedSpa and Cosmetic Surgery

Schedule a Free Consultation 713-960-6262

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BRIDAL SHOW, from Page 1

Download the Amerejuve App

Extravaganza to finish up their wedding plans with catering, photography, and linens for the fall-themed, outdoor wedding set for September. Both checked out the services Amerejuve has to offer, and Tim said he’s doing his best to help his future wife with the planning. “I’m trying,” he said, “But she’s doing a lot of the work.” Many brides are looking forward to the planning phase of the wedding being over so they can enjoy the day itself. Ciji D. said she decided to do a big New Orleans wedding. “Now I’m doing something big, and it’s stressful,” she said. Luckily, the positive benefits of medspa services will last long after the wedding bells finish ringing, helping brides and grooms look good, feel good as they start their marriage together. The Bridal Extravaganza Show has been held in Houston twice yearly since

Brides at the Houston Wedding Extravaganza Show won gift certificates toward laser hair removal, body contouring, cosmetic surgery, and more to help them prepare to look good, feel good on their big day.

1983. The 2014 event, held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, marks Amerejuve’s third year participating in the Bridal Extravaganza Show. Amerejuve, as Houston’s No. 1 Medspa, is proud to be a

Featured Exhibitor. For more information on Amerejuve’s Bridal Packages and Specials, call (713) 960-6262. ■

WEIGHT LOSS DNA, from Page 2

Get Amerejuve on the go! Specials, Schedules, News, and more!

In a study conducted by Stanford Prevention Research Center and the Department of Medicine at Stanford University Medical School, women were significantly more successful at losing weight when placed on a genetically appropriate diet. Those on the proper diet for their genotype lost an average of 13.2 pounds, while those not on an appropriate diet lost 4.6 pounds. Women on the appropriate diet also lost an average of 2.6 inches off their waist, while those on an inappropriate diet lost 1.2 inches. Genetic testing helps ensure the Amerefit program is as successful as possible with every client, ensuring that the plan works with the body, and not against it, to get fit and feel great. To schedule a free consultation with an Amerefit wellness coach, call (713) 7817332. ■

Vol. 1 No. 7│ The Amerejuve Insider │ Page 9

MEDSPA WEDDING, from Page 6 last-minute, and you’ll be sure you’re showing off your smile, not your worry lines.

4. Be Able to Leave Your Razor At Home

There’s a lot to remember to pack for your honeymoon – cross your razor off the list by choosing laser hair removal. This process permanently reduces hair in almost any area of the body, from legs and bikini area to underarms and face. You can be stubble-free for your honeymoon and, even better, save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours over your lifetime when you don’t have to shave or wax any more. These treatments need to be timed to get the results you want on schedule, so plan to start treatments at least six months ahead of the honeymoon. Amerejuve MedSpa and Cosmetic Surgery offers free consultations to plan for your big day. Schedule a consultation now by calling (713) 960-6262. ■

IMPLANT, from Page 5 implant so it is partially under the chest muscle, getting the benefits of both over- and under-muscle implants. In this position, the upper part of the implant is under the chest muscle, while the lower part of the implant is under only the breast tissue, not the chest muscle. “You have better coverage at the top of the breast,” he said, “[And it] fills the bottom of the breast better where you want more projection.” Vanik noted that at every consultation, he carefully discusses each patient’s needs and goals to discuss the best option for them. To schedule a free cosmetic surgery consultation, call (713) 960-6262. ■

Ask Roxy!

Be My Valentine

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Mr. Baldwin and I have planned a quiet night in – wine, chocolate, and a romantic movie. He knows my favorites! Plus, I’m going to need to recover from all the excitement over these Amerejuve Valentine’s specials – watch your e-mail for the latest details! What if I’m going out – what should I wear on my Valentine’s date? Don’t go red – so cliché. And it looks terrible with pink, as I found out the hard way (my junior high school photos are hidden far, far back in the attic). I’m a fan of the little black dress, myself, or mix it up with another bright color that compliments your skin tone. Smooth, hairless legs and arms look great with any outfit for your date night. It’s a little late to get laser hair removal for this Valentine’s Day, but start now to be ready for summer (and all the Valentine’s Days after!) Guys, don’t forget to spruce yourselves up too. A facial will have you looking fresh and alert for your special someone. Roxy Baldwin

What about people who don’t have a date for Valentine’s? Oh, love, the answer is simple: pamper, pamper, pamper! Be your own sweetheart this Valentine’s and treat yourself to that slimmer figure or that rejuvenated look you’ve been wanting. We’re all about look good, feel good, any day of the year. Have a question for Roxy? Ask her!

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority Our goal is for every client to look good, feel good, and become a return customer. Tell us about our successes; tell us how we can improve. Your experience matters to us. Jenn Miller Client Relations Specialist

(713) 960-6262

Page 10 │ The Amerejuve Insider│Vol. 1 No. 7

Vol. 1 No. 7│ The Amerejuve Insider │ Page 11

True Love’s Kiss

Revive Lips for Kissable Softness this Valentine’s Day

Moisture and collagen keep youthful lips looking full and plump, so these are the key ingredients components to any lip enhancement technique or product. Lip Revival from glo includes a peptide called maxilip that stimulates collagen and helps lips retain moisture, keeping them full and kissably soft. The combination of Macelignan, from Nutmeg, and Macadamia Oil in Lip Revival also makes the tissue in the lips more dense, creating a noticeably larger volume in the lips. Lip Revival can be used on any skin type, and should be applied twice daily for the best results. In the morning, it should be applied and allowed to fully absorb into the lips before using lipstick. Lip Revival treats chapped lips, plus it smoothes and plumps the skin, ads protection for the lips, and increases moisture and collagen production, all in one product. ■

Lip Revival from glo repairs, moisturizes, plumps and fortifies lips, and it can be used on any skin type.

Questions about our products? Ask Christina Presnall, our Product Sales Manager, for recommendations for all your skin concerns. E-mail christina.presnall@amerejuve. com

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VALENTINE’S DAY, from Page 4

Paper cards were first exchanged around this holiday in the middle ages, and these were usually made by hand and delivered to friends and romantic interests. Automated card production began in the 19th century. Hallmark started mass-producing Valentine’s cards in 1913. According to the History Channel, one billion cards are sent on Valentine’s Day. It is the second most popular day of the year to send cards following Christmas, for which 2.6 billion cards are sent. ■

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Amerejuve Insider Vol. 1 No. 7  

Amerejuve Wedding Guide, Bridal Extravaganza, Amerejuve Woodlands, the history of Valentine's Day, information on breast implants, and more!

Amerejuve Insider Vol. 1 No. 7  

Amerejuve Wedding Guide, Bridal Extravaganza, Amerejuve Woodlands, the history of Valentine's Day, information on breast implants, and more!