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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design Georgia Insititute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia Grade Point Average: 3.6 Zell Miller Scholarship Recipient Undergraduate Design Researcher Georgia Tech Research Institute Worked under Carl DiSalvo References available upon request I am currently looking for a 6+ month long internship


individual project 3 weeks 2013

Can a plywood chair be comfortable? Blend was an exercise in client based design and ergonomics. The project was restricted to using a 4x8’ sheet of plywood. My client requested a relaxing and versatile chair for her home that reminded her of sitting on the beach. Project Takeaways | Blend expanded my prototyping ability and experience in a shop. I also discovered that studio professors aren’t always right.

Wood offers a natural & elegant beauty. Cushions offer universal comfort. Can the two be combined?

Ergonomics Our bodies have a wide range of pressure points that can be agitated after long durations of pressure.

Support Someone looking to take off a load doesn’t want to have to work while they sit.

Versatility Everyone’s body is different and no one wants to sit in the same position for too long.


The chair should look good as well as feel good.

Meet Blend

Blend uses over 300 little pieces of wood, strung together with bungee cords, to create a flexible contoured surface.

Blend was featured in the exhibit “Take a Seat� held in April 2013 in the Ferst Center for the Arts, Atlanta, Ga.

Penetrometer Rack individual project 3 weeks 2013 Sponsored by Micromeritics

Lab technicians need design too. Micromeritics, a particle technology comapny, needed a device to transport mercury filled penetrometers used in their AutoPore IV. The design should communicate safety, confidence, precision, and cutting edge. Project Takeaways | Working directly with a client was an eye opening and rewarding exerience. This project helped further my skills in ethnographic observation and 3D modeling.

An attempt at a rack able to transport penetrometers was made, but it offers little to no support. Technicians use it as a temporary stand while operating machinery.

These racks carry many penetrometers, stem down, which is ideal for drying them. However in that orientation it is impossible to carry them while filled with mercury.

Full penetrometers are often carried throughout the lab, but the current racks make it difficult to do so. The lab technicians opt to carry the mercury filled penetrometers one at a time by hand.

Labs are often cluttered. Carrying a mercury filled penetrometer through that clutter makes a dangerous situation worse.

safe + ergonomic A spill well was integrated to contain mercury and broken glass. A handle creates a safe and comfortable experience.

utility + function

aesthetic + brand

The AutoPore IV is able to test 4 samples at a time, so transporting 4 at a time is ideal. The current rack is used as a momentary stand; this function is maintained.

The product language ties in with the product family with a contemporary touch fufilling the client’s vision of being an industry leader.

To make the rack a safe experience, the penetrometers are supported at the bottom and half way up the shaft. The upper support is lined with silicone and has magnets imbedded for removable rings that further the product’s security.

A New Way to Carry Mercury

A modular system was created to cater to those who may only need to carry 2 at a time. The 2 pieces are hinged and open like a book, so that a technician can access all 4 at once.

anodized aluminum housing

Simplified Manufacturing

silicone rubber

The design is acheivable through sheet metal and plastic bending, which is possible within Micromeritic’s in-house manufacturing capabilities. The open back design & small foot print reduces the amount of material used.

silicone rubber


Cup, Saucer, Spoon individual project 4 weeks 2014

Let’s create a family. Beginning with three key words to drive the design, this project offered challenges in meeting those and still functioning well as a set and individuals. I chose casual, flexible, and unobtrusive to drive my design and strove to give the saucer a place in today’s mobile world. Project Takeaways | Through this project’s duration, I experimented with silicone molding, resin casting, throwing pottery, turning on a lathe, plaster casting, and bending wood.

Designed for Everyday

The design is to be used in any situation; for drinking tea in bed on a rainy day, for dashing off to that class you’re late to, or that important meeting. A saucer was defined as something that prevents spills. The design achieves this with the saucer doubling as a lid and a rest for the spoon. There is a groove in the saucer to allow the spoon to be in the cup when on the go.

Alyssa Mellett 404.788.1847 Atlanta, Georgia

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Industrial Design Portfolio March 2014