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Mixmag Case Study

Mixmag is an English dance music magazine. Nick Decosemo is the current editor and it is owned by Development Hell Ltd. First published in 1983 by Disco Mix Club, it was one of the world’s first dance magazines and was originally only a 16 page black and white newsletter for DJs. But when House Music became popular, DJ and then editor, Dave Seaman turned it into a magazine that covered all the dance and club culture. When the magazine’s circulation hit 70,000, during the acid house era, it was sold onto EMAP Ltd. in the 1990s. It was then bought out by Development Hell in 2005, and was relaunched in May 2006 with a whole new look. They decided to change the focus from young hard-core clubbers, to a more varied range of dance music lovers. It has adapted with its audience, getting more mature as the clubbers that were about when they were first published grow older, and dance music has started to become calmer and more sedate. Mixmag has a wide range of content. All of it is based on the dance lover and raver scene. Much of it talks about the latest nightclubs and the events they have hosted, however it does do quite a few interviews with artists, some more in depth than others. As well as this, they also talk to their audience a lot, getting their opinions on the latest news in the raver world. They also do features on fashion and tech, letting their readers know about the latest fashions and the newest high tech equipment for DJs. The adverts that feature in the magazine also follow the same theme as the rest of the magazine. Many of the adverts are for nightclubs, some in the UK and some from around the world. They all mention events that they will be hosting and some of the DJs that will be playing. Other adverts are for headphones or tech that aspiring DJs would need. Some of the less common adverts are for things like jewellery, alcohol and clothes, but they still do follow the theme of the rave scene. The main readers of Mixmag are in the 18-24 year old age bracket, with the median age of 24. Also the majority are male, with a 59% margin. However, they still get quite a few females read their magazine (41%) and ages ranging from 13-65+. The majority of their readers come from the United Kingdom, with others from the US, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Many of the readers live in cities and are single, according to their Ratecard. Obviously the readers are very into dance and rave music, and are often found at the latest nightclubs. Mixmag does reflect the values of their readers by including many of their opinions in the magazine. They obviously take their readers thoughts into very close consideration when making their magazine, when choosing the articles, nightclubs and adverts that will appear in it. They know that their readers are very passionate about their music, so make their magazine equally passionate about it.

Mixmag case study  
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