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About Us 

Marketing Fuel is a business that has been running for over 10 years and prides itself on its customer service and quality of data supplied. We work hard with each client in order to find the data list(s) that will work best for their project using our existing knowledge and experience in the industry.

As a Marketing lists provider, we have been honoured to work with some of the largest businesses in the UK providing them with quality data lists for a variety of different projects.

It is our firm belief that data should be measured by its quality, not quantity. We would rather discuss the data required than merely providing a client with reams of data that is of no use.

Where many of our competitors require purchases of vast sums of records for minimum orders, depending on the list we can provide data at minimum quantities as low as 1000/2000 records and are happy to supply our clients with volume discounts (discounted percentage is list dependent). The reason for this? We have so much faith in the quality of the data we supply that we not only have a 95% accuracy guarantee, we can even provide a small sample with any data count, although there are T’s & C’s.

Email Marketing Data Lists 

In today’s world of technology and ever more numerous handheld devices capable of sending/receiving emails, email lists are a great way of getting your campaign to the individuals you need to target. With the pressure for businesses to increasingly rely less on paper and focus on digital mediums to carry out business has only increased the number of businesses that are reachable and some may well see email campaigns as ways to strive towards a paperless system. Emails are quick and easy to send, particularly with the production of a generic email template for a campaign which can be easily adjusted, if needed, to make it more appealing to its intended recipient.

Newsletters are a particularly effective way of keeping leads informed of any new services, products or offers and they can be personalised to suit each individual on your list(s).

Email marketing data lists – We are also able to offer assistance with email campaigns through a system supplied and used within the office.

Telemarketing Data Lists 

Enhance your telemarketing campaign results by using freshly verified call centre leads.

Providing reliable and up-to-date telemarketing data lists is a main specialist area of ours, we take the hassle out of sourcing outbound calling data allowing you and your agents to focus on generating leads.

With our background and previous experience in outsourced telemarketing we fully appreciate the methodologies in place to develop and maintain a successful sales team – who are fully trained, motivated, using the appropriate technology and supported by using viable prospect leads.

Ensuring outbound contact-centre agents are using the best possible data can be a tricky process, with multiple list providers offering what seem like identical lists, but in reality are very different when it comes to utilising the data. We use our expertise to ensure you don’t waste your time with “pile it high sell it cheap” style data companies, or have to deal with empty promises and exaggerated accuracy levels.

Mailing Data Lists ď‚—

High Quality Mailing Data Lists by Marketing Fuel


Some may think that postal mail is an outdated means for receiving information yet it continues to be an incredibly useful tool for any direct marketing. This is still one of the most effective means of directly marketing your products/services to those who may be interested, with postal records giving you a direct way to physically send something to potential leads. It can sometimes be easier to send out a mailshot, particularly if you find yourself with limited time and/or resources for marketing campaigns. A mailshot allows a large spread to be delivered with a call to action leaving each lead free of any pressure to buy. Â Sending something via post which is addressed directly to an individual means that they may well open that piece of marketing and make a decision or respond to the call to action you have placed within. Post can feel a lot more personal and is a means of reaching those less technologically inclined of a marketable universe. Everyone knows that post will only ever be delivered during the week and during daylight hours removing any concern or hesitation from leads that they will be contacted during unsociable/awkward hours.

Contact Us ď‚—

Marketing Fuel Intertec House 1 Tomlins Avenue Frimley, Camberley Surrey, GU16 8LJ, UK Tel: 01276 691199

Telemarketing data lists  

We provide Telemarketing Data, Mailing lists, Marketing Lists, for your business to consumer (b2c) and business to business (b2b) marketing...

Telemarketing data lists  

We provide Telemarketing Data, Mailing lists, Marketing Lists, for your business to consumer (b2c) and business to business (b2b) marketing...