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W e ’ r e D i f f e r e n t. W e ’ r e B e t t e r .

When Amelia Bullock founded this company in 1969 she made a very clear decision to create a different kind of Real Estate Company. While she understood that the inherent nature of real estate is steeped in sales she had no interest in building a sales company. Amelia saw that as limited, common, too competitive and not anything special that she would be proud to be associated with. Based on her experience as a Realtor, Amelia focused on delivering something different, something better than a transaction. For her it was the delivery of a great real estate experience. But this would not be limited to only clients. This experience had to be something all parties were invited into. And felt. To achieve this, Amelia created a “fairness principle” that defined the specific nature with which she would deliver on her promise. The result of Amelia’s way of doing things surely attracted clients. But it also attracted unique professionals that found her way of doing business true to their own hearts. Barbara Wallace was the first. She became Amelia’s business partner back in 1970. Together they have spent the last forty years doing what they do best - being fair, being smart, being socially mindful and building a company that stood firm on these principles for us and everyone who works with us. We coulda been a much bigger company. By all accounts we shoulda had lots more agents. And we sure woulda made considerably more sales as a result. But none of those things move us. Quantity never took precedent over quality. And sales never took precedent over smiles. This is how it was, how it is, and how it will always be.

A C ompany of VAlue s , Vi s i o n , & E x p e r i e nc e . In 1969, Amelia Bullock Realtors was a company of one. However, the service Amelia provided far exceeded what it appeared one person could do. In short, she was amazing. Open. Honest. Fair. and Transparent. It was important to us going forward that we define ourselves to ensure that what we provided clients was consistent with what Amelia provided then. We understood that if we grow, the only way to do it right is through consistency and delivering on our promise every day and for every client. Our values are now what they have always been.

Our Vi s ion Stat e m e n t

Amelia Bullock Realtors is dedicated to providing service with quality, value and integrity to everyone. From our clients to anyone who is involved in the transaction. We are a company where people are the difference and respect for all people is paramount to all else.

Our Ph ilo so ph y

Through our joint effort, we are building a company of lasting values, boldness and spirit - a company committed to the success and satisfaction of the people we represent.

Our Uni que Fact o rs Longevity, Experience, Reputation

Compa n y C o r e Va l u es Treat everyone with respect. Be honest, fair and transparent. Earn client trust. Deliver legendary service, everyday. Create excellence at every opportunity. Embrace the power of innovation. Drive change with gusto. Care for our community.

Th e Ameli a Bullo ck Dif f e r e nc e . Over the past 40 years, we have listed and sold 15,000 homes in Austin. What we specialize in is knowing how to price them, how to market them and how to make each one stand out as special. Here's a list of the ten things we do that will get your home sold.

The A m e l ia B u l l ock B ra n d Around these parts our brand means something. Amelia Bullock Realtors is locally owned and has been serving the Greater Austin Area for over 40 years. An Amelia Bullock listing means the process from beginning to end will be professional and meet your every expectation.

R each Amelia Bullock Realtors has a marketing and distribution agreement with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, one of the largest Internet distribution networks in real estate. As a result more buyers and more agents, in more places, throughout the country and the world, will see your home.

Exp os u r e Each and every Amelia Bullock listing has its own dedicated website that includes a dedicated URL with your property address. Each features crisp, quality photographs, including technology that e-mails your listing directly to buyers, looking for homes just like yours.

Stagi ng Presentation is everything. It highlights the strengths of your home and allows your home to appeal to potential buyers. When needed, we will bring in our staging experts and reveal its greatest assets.

Neg o t iat o rs We have a reputation for being top negotiators. This doesn’t mean we argue better than everyone else. Or like to pick fights. It means we know what battles to pick and we know how to emerge the victor. We succeed because at the end of the day, we are reasonable and fair.

Mass i v e S y nd i cat i o n In the old days putting your home in the local newspaper was a big deal. Today that hardly matters. Through our affiliations and marketing partnerships your home will be listed on the best trafficked websites on the Internet including Google Base, Trulia,, FrontDoor (HGTV), Zillow, enormo, and many more.

Ma n age r ia l a nd S ta f f s u p p o r t Our corporate headquarters is comprised of quality executives and individuals who understand economics, finance, market metrics, trends providing long term forecasting and vision that serve the benefits of our agents as well as our clients. We have full-time non-selling management at each office location.

Educati o n a nd T r a i n i ng There are few occupations that sit at the crossroads of change like real estate. Beyond the obvious and ongoing social changes that occur over time, we are affected by modifications in housing laws, technologies, advertising platforms, shifts in consumer spending patterns, market trends, social media and much more. As a result, continued education and training on everything is what keeps us young and nimble and able to meet all your needs.

L uxury S e rvi ce s All homes valued at $750,000 and above receive our Special Presentation Service program which includes a personal concierge who oversees all showing appointments, prepares your home for every showing and is present at every showing to insure that your home is shown properly and safely. Amelia Bullock is the only firm in Austin that offers this personalized service. Furthermore, given our unique affiliation with Luxury Portfolio, your properties are syndicated throughout their global network, across their website at as well as being featured on

O ur We bs i t e While most brokerages rely on templates and homegrown Websites to feature their brand and merchandise their listings, we built our site using the nations top designer and development company. Our goal was to provide users with the best experience possible and your home with a showcase environment to be seen, be witnessed and sold.

Intere st i ng FA CT HERE.

of home buyers begin their search online

We realize the importance of internet exposure for our clients, which is why we have invested significant time and resources to our internet marketing services and website. Our fully integrated approach showcases your home before the largest possible audience of qualified buyers. Property Search - We offer the latest in property searching technology. Our map search allows buyers to pinpoint their search by specific neighborhoods and streets. The Explore the Neighborhood™ feature allows buyers to discover points of interest - banks, restaurants, grocery stores and more - that surround your listing. Neighborhood Information - We feature detailed profiles of Austin neighborhoods including video, photos, news, housing market data, school ratings, open homes, and area listings. Virtual Tours - Our virtual tours use large panoramic photos to help potential buyers visualize living in your home. Using unique technology, our panoramics are high in quality and load lightning fast.

M o r e E xpo sure = More B u y e rs Bottom line: If you list your home with Amelia Bullock Realtors, buyers will find your home on the internet.

OUr L istin gs Appe a r A l l Ove r the W eb . Web Presence - When you list your home with Amelia Bullock Realtors, your home will be advertised on our exclusive website, updated daily. You will receive global and local web exposure of your home through our links to,, and (for selected properties).

Your home's listing will also appear on over 600 Leading Real Estate Companies of the World速 National and Global Home Search websites at

Registered Users of the Amelia Bullock website can sign up for daily or weekly search alerts that will email your listing directly to them when it matches their search criteria.

Every property listing features photographs, property details, virtual tour (if available) and local information including maps, market data, nearby shopping and restaurants, and school information .

We are proud to have earned the Website Quality Certification (WQC), presented by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World 速 to member companies that have demonstrated excellence in website design, functionality and execution

Wh ere Au st i n F i nds i t ’s Rea l Estat e

G o wh e r e th e b u y e rs a r e : Online. In addition to our award winning website, and you will find us on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube. We even have a Blog that’s written by our talented agents and staff.

Introducing the new Home Search tab exclusively offered by Amelia Bullock Realtors. The only place on Facebook to search for any home in the Greater Austin Area.

The Amelia Bullock property search has gone mobile. Search all listings in Austin Area from your iPhone

Virtu a l Tour s

Virtu al Tour s A V i r t ua l T o u r P r o m o t es Y o u r P r o p e r t y Instead of just looking at photos, step inside them with our powerful Virtual Tour marketing tool. A Virtual Tour is designed to reach potential buyers and promote your property in a powerful new way. Listings with virtual tours get clicked more than listings without a virtual tour. More clicks mean more potential buyers for your home.

Pi ct u r es Our virtual tours use large panoramic photos to help potential buyers visualize themselves living in your home. Using unique technology, our panoramics are high in quality and load lightning fast. Plus, still photos can be used to showcase those unique rooms and features that can't be captured with a panoramic photo.

I n f o r mat i o n Give buyers what they want - information! Listing data such as number of bedrooms, baths, living areas, etc... are just a few of the many features that can be included in your virtual tour presentation.

D e tai l s Your agent can also enter text to go with each photo. Like an inperson showing, you can describe the finer points of the amenities such as granite counters, oak cabinets, tile floors or a magnificent view.

Intern e t E x p os u r e With our virtual tours, your tour will be automatically linked to many websites including: •






P rint Ma rket i ng

Th e Ame l ia B u l l ock R e alt o rs S ign

A S ign o f E xce l l e nc e The bright yellow Amelia Bullock Realtors yard sign has been a recognizable mark of distinction in real estate since 1969. Our colorful residential yard sign is designed to increase traffic, communicate important information and make a strong curbside impression.

Le adin g RE & Lu x u ry P o r t f o l i o

Le ad ing RE & Lu x u ry Po r t f o l i o

Sh ow ing th e Hou se You N ever Get A Secon d Chance T o Make A Fir st Impress ion The "curb appeal" that your home offers prospective buyers is extremely important. Begin with your lawn, fertilize if necessary, and keep it neat and trim. Your Front Door Is A Welcomin g Sign To Pro spective Buyers Make sure it is clean and paint it, if necessary. A seasonal decoration, such as a wreath, adds an inviting touch. Wear And Tear Make Buyers Uneas y Minor imperfections that we often overlook in our own homes tend to turn prospective buyers off because they overestimate the cost of repairs. Faded and scraped walls, as well as any scratched woodwork, should be restored to good condition. A little paint and furniture polish can go a long way in increasing the appeal of your home. Th e Bri gh ter Th e Better Clean windows and open draperies highlight your walls and ceiling. By letting in natural light, you are letting buyers see how bright and cheery your home can be. Avoid Clutter Buyers have a hard time looking past clutter. By removing items that you seldom use, you let people see the space your home has to offer. Items such as newspapers and toys should be put away, and stairways should be clean and free of clutter as well. A Clean Kitch en Is A Mu st Many buyers judge housekeeping based on the condition of the oven and stove. Make sure both look as shiny as possible. Clean the interior of your dishwasher, removing stains, especially on the door. Clean out your kitchen cabinets, packing away unnecessary items. Countertops should be clean and free of clutter as well.

Leav e Your Home When It's Being Shown Having people in the house while it is being shown can be very distracting for buyers. Most people like dogs, but they distract attention. So try to keep your pet out of the way during showings. Sparkling Bathrooms Will Help Sell Your Home All tile grouting, and vinyl coverings should be clean and free of soap scum. Fixtures should be free of watermarks and polished. If there is a window in your bathroom, open it to allow a fresh breeze to flow through. Making Repa irs Now Ca n M ean A High er Price Later Since buyers tend to overestimate the cost of most repairs, it is generally in your best interest to make necessary repairs yourself rather than leave it to them. If closet doors or screen doors are off track, or if doorknobs are loose, fix them. Dripping faucets and cracked molding also suggest neglect to prospective buyers. By fixing them now you should be able to get top dollar for your house. Let Your Agent Do The Ta lking If a prospective buyer asks you questions or starts a conversation about your home, be polite but try to avoid entering an in-depth discussion with them. Your agent is trained to increase the buyers' interest in your property and easily overcome objections they might have. Night Showings In order to best highlight your property, remember to turn on porch lights and any other outside lights for night showings. Inside, try to have the house well lit throughout when the hour of appointment nears.

Sell Th e Hous e Firs t Do not attempt to sell the prospective buyer furniture, rugs or drapes in the house, as this practice will detract from the interest in your home. If the prospective buyer desires any personal property, discuss these issues with your agent at a later date.

Spe c i al P r ese n tat i o n S e rvi c e s

At Amelia Bullock Realtors, we don’t just show homes, we “present” them. Offered exclusively for executive homes, this unique service will enhance your home’s all-important first impression. After arranging the showing with owner and agent, our Special Presentation Service (SPS) representative arrives at the home 15-20 minutes prior to client appointment. Our representative enhances the home presentation by attending to lights and draperies adjustments, securing pets, and greeting the clients. This preshowing preparation highlights the home and its strongest features. It is very important to have someone who knows the home to be able to present the property to other agents and their clients. Our SPS representative points out special features in the home such as a hidden closet, wine cellar, and other features unique to the property. She also notes any questions and observations made by the customer. When the agent and clients leave, our SPS representative returns the home to its pre-showing state and secures the home. This Special Presentation Service has been offered exclusively at Amelia Bullock Realtors for over fifteen years. Our list of satisfied customers is growing everyday. To find out more about this unique service, please call Ruth Curran at 512.345.2100.

To learn more about Ruth and this exclusvie service, view her video on You Tube.

What t o E x p ect . . . C o n t ract t o C l ose


Ti tle C ompany

Loan Application Pro cess Begins

Closer, Reciepted

Loan application pro cess inclu des: • Verification of Buyer’ s income • Stability • Credit His tory • Assets to Clo s e • Confirmation of Property’s Value (Appr aisal)

Abstrac t Pla nt and Ta x Department Exa miner

Abstrac tor Doe s a Title sea rch T itle se arch includ es: • Sea rch of History of property • Ow ners of R ecord • L iens • Clouds on Title • Do cuments filed by Legal De scription • Sea rch of Buyer and Seller • L iens, Law suits, Div orces , Probates • Documents filed by Per son’s na me, no property de scription.

I nformation gath ered and packaged

Buyer sub mitted for approval

Buyer a pproved

Lender sen ds clo sing in sru ctions.

Commitment to Issue T itle Insurance

Ev e ry o n e W a nt s t o Cl o s e C loser Title Company recei ved closing in struc tions from Lend er.

T itle company orders: Sur vey, Warr anty Dee d , Note, Dee d of Trust, Rele ase Lien, Pay off figures from existing loa n, T ermite R eport * S o m e l e nd e r s order a nd sen d with clo sin g i n s t r uct ions to t h e Title Co.

Prepa ration of d ocuments

C l o s i n g and Funding

Community I n vo lv e m e n t

Community I n vo lv e m e n t

Fo l e ys S ch l o tzs k y ’s 3M Fo rd M o t o r C o m pan y S ch l u mb e rg e r Te ch nol Abb ott Lab orator i es G -T ech Advanc ed Mic ro D ev ic es o gy C o r p o rat i on Gas t i n ge r W al k e r Ha r d e n AIM Mutu al F unds S c i m e d L i f e S ys tems A r chi t e c t s A m b iote c E nvironm e n ta l C o nS c o t t an d Wh i te Clini c GE S EM ATE C H sultant s G e n e ra l M o t o rs S e t o n H os p i tal A merica n Airline s G r e e nM o u n tai n . c o m S m i t h Ba r n e y AMP Pack ag ing GTE Mo b i l n e t S o l ec t r o n T e x as A mway H ar t G raph i cs S o u t h la n d C o r por a A pple Computer HE B A pplied Materi als tion/7-11 H uge s & L u c e LLP A ptis ICP S o u t hwe s t A i r lines I BM d o f the C o m pan y we A rtcarve d/Comme mWe o rat iv S o u t hw aere prou K eees tpe r n Bell IMS B ran ds S o u t hw e s t e r n Bell Techt eg r atBullock ed S o lRealtors u t i o ns has provided A rt h ur Ander sen &For C o Over . n o lrelocation ogy Re s o urc es , I nc . 40 Years,I nAmelia I n t e rc r af t AT &T S p r i n t assistance on a wide spectrum - from the individual transferring In tan e r nal v e n u e or S ecompany. r v ic e A u s tin Community Cemployee o l l ege to moving W h i tae , D D S entireR edivision WeS Senjoy Io m ega A u s tin I nd epen d en t Scho o l S t. D avi d’ s H o s pital working relationship with human resources departments, personnel IXC D i stri c t S tat e Fa r m In s ur an c e Ja m esand B akcorporate e r & Ass recruiters o c iat es of companies B a ker & Bott s LLP and placement services S tat e o fthat Te x as have successfully moved employees to and from the Greater Austin J C Pe n n e y s B an dwi dt h Gener a l S u n R iv e r D ata Sy stem s area J o hn s o n & J oh n s o n Tadp o l e T e ch n olo g y B ers en, J amil & Go o dso n LLP Ke a n e Tan d e m C o m p u ters B i llin g Conc epts C o r p o raLi vi ng C e n t e rs o f A m e r ica T eprovides ch m ar T e chnolo g ies t i on Amelia Bullock Realtors full time Relocation Department Lo c k he ewhen d In tassisting e r n at i o nal T e mare p l evisiting -I n la n d BMC support to our associates customers who Lo is Pau l Par t n e rs T e rad y n e B ri gha m Oil and Gas our area or who have recently relocated here as well as to large and L o t us D e v e l o p m e n t C o r p oT e x aco Ch e m ica l B ri s tol-Myer s S qu ibb town. T e of x as A &M U n i v ersity B ro wn-Ma roney Lawsmall Fi r mcompanies who rat iare o n recruiting employees from out T e x as D e pa r t m ent of C ab letron Mar t i n D ec k e r TOTCO Our relocation services P u b l ic S af e t y C ar bome d ics Max Sinclude: e rv T e x as H ighway DepartC arroll Tou ch Sy st e ms MC E C ash Ameri ca MC I ment • Area Tours C i r c uit City Micr os o f t T e x as I n s t r u m ent s C i sc o Mo t o r o la S e m icInformation o n d u c t o rs Th e E p isc o pal Th eo• Relocation Packets/Community C i ti z ens Nat i o na l In s t r u m e n ts l o gi cal S e m i na ry of t h e C i ty of Au stin Nat i o n al S e m ic o nd u ct o r S o u t hw e s t • International Services C MP Med ia Nat i o n s Ba n k Th e Li m i t ed C o ca Col a No r th A u s t i n M e d i cal C e nTho m ps o n & K n igh t P C Housing C olum bia He alt h C a•r e Rental Assistance/Interim T iv o l i ter C ompaq T ocqu i g n y Adv erti s in g Norwest Mortgage Services • C ry s ta l Semi-Con d uc t o r T o k y o E l e ct r o n Ameri ca N o ve l l T r aco r O m n i fa x C SC Continuum Group Move Assistance T r i l og y O rac l e C o r p. C ypress Semi con du•ct o r T r i mb l e Nav igation O r igi n S y s t e m s D EC/Di gital U n i o n Paci f ic Ra ilro ad pcO r d e r .c o m D el We bb Corporat•i o nHome Marketing Assistance U n i s y s C o r p o ration Pe nc o m S ys t e ms D ell Computer Co r p o rat i o n U n i t ed S tat e s Air F or c e P e ps i c o D ell Prod ucts LP • Corporate Owned Property Management U n i t ed S tat e s Army P f iz e r Phar mace u t i cal C o . D i lla r ds U n i t e d S tat e s P o st OfPhar mac o D y na m ics ReD TM Corpor ation D uke Energ y s ea r ch f ic e D un anRelocation d Br adstre e Services t Phi l l i ps S e m i - C o n d u c t o r Th e U n i v e r s i t y of Tex as D uPont Photomask s Ph o t r o n ics UP S 1-800-531-5029 Eaton Ma nufactur i ng Po w e r C o m p u t i ng U S A A I n s u r a n c e E DS RJ R Nabi sc o V i t ess e ERC OT relocation@ameliabullock. Radi a n I n t e r nat i o nal V TEL E rns t & Young Ro c k we l l Wa l - Mar t Fa rm Cre d it B ank Ro l m W e e d In s t r u m e nt Fa rmer’s I nsur a nce Ro u n d R oc k In de p e n d e n t W e s t i n gho u s e M otor Co. F DIC S cho o l D is t r ic t W i lsh i r e F i n an c ial SerFI C I n s ur ance Gro u p Sa m s u n g A u s t i n S e m ic o nvi c e s F i sh er- Ro semount S ys t e ms Xerox d u ct o r

I n-Hou s e Mor t gage S e rv ic es

Please meet Colette Phillip our in house Mortgage Loan Consultant affiliated with Benchmark Bank, Affiliated Mortgage Company. On a professional level, Colette has won numerous professional awards including Loan Officer of the Year and many others during her 20-year career, speak volumes about her professionalism. However, choosing her to be our in house loan officer speaks praise to her attention to detail and servitude to our clientele. Colette brings a wealth of knowledge to your process that not only stems from her two decades of experience but from the information she gathers on a daily basis monitoring all local and national market trends. “Cead mile failte” (a thousand welcomes), is a saying often heard in her home country of Ireland that you can experience here as Colette’s door is always open to questions concerning a new home loan, refinance your existing mortgage, or about any of these loan programs offer that include: •

Conventional, Jumbo, FHA and VA financing

Interest Only and Arm Products

Home Equity Loans

One-Time Close Construction Loans

Lot Loans

Investment Property Loans up to 100% Financing

Competitive Rates

P reparin g Yo u r H o m e f o r Sal e Here is a checklist of preparations to make before showing your home. Be sure to consult your Amelia Bullock Agent to find out what improvements they recommend.

» d e - cl u t t e r

Go through your home room by room and ask yourself what you can throw away and what you can box up and put in storage. Then do it again. Pay extra attention to areas like bookcases, shelves and kitchen and bathroom counters.

» o rga n i Z e

Storage space can be a dealmaker or breaker, so go through your closets and pantries and throw away, give away or put away anything you don’t need. Clean out bedroom closets so that hanging clothes are aligned and have ample space. Remove items from closet floors. Reorganize and clean out your kitchen cabinets and line up dishes and glassware. Make sure bathroom and kitchen drawers are neatly organized – even your junk drawer.

» cl e an

Give your home a deep clean from top to bottom, including windows, upholstery and carpet, and the refrigerator and oven - yes, buyers actually open them. Vacuum floors, wipe down kitchen and bathroom countertops and empty waste baskets daily.

» pa i n t

A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive, most effective way to enhance the appearance of your home. Be sure to use neutral colors, but keep in mind that darker tones can give smaller spaces, such as powder rooms, an intimate feel. Consult your agent for recommendations. At a minimum, make sure to wash all walls and windowsills.

» b r ight e n y o u r h o m e

Light gives the impression of space, so it’s important for every room in your home to have ample light at any time of day. Prior to showings, wash windows, raise blinds and turn on lights. Add floor or table lamps to brighten dark rooms or corners.

» m ai n tai n y o u r h o m e ’s e x t e r i o r

If you live in a single-family home or townhome, maintain your lawn and landscaping. In a condominium, pay attention to the area in front of the doorway. Keep it neat and inform the superintendent of any problems, such as burned-out lights. Make balconies, decks and patios inviting with potted plants and flowers.

» m ak e r e pa i rs

Consult with your agent prior to undertaking a large-scale home improvement project, but go ahead and make easy repairs such as touch-up spackling and painting, replacing a cracked window or torn screen, fixing a leaky faucet and changing burned out light bulbs.

» r e m ove p e rs o n a l p r o p e r t y

If you do not plan on including personal property such as window treatments or light fixtures as part of the sale, then remove them and put them in storage before your first showing. This prevents a buyer from wanting them and trying to negotiate for them as part of the deal.

» r e m ove p e ts

Keep pets out of the home during showings. Also be sure to conceal their food bowls and litter boxes.

» h i r e a h o m e i nsp e c t o r

Hiring a professional, licensed home inspector prior to putting your home on the market allows you to spot potential problems and make repairs before buyers make them an issue.

» d i scl os e e ve ry t h i n g

By law, sellers must disclose existing structural and mechanical problems, flooding and other defects to potential buyers. Withholding this information can cause a much bigger headache than the problem itself.

L o ca l Info - MU D Ph one n u mb e rs, e tc .

ABR Book Draft  

ABR listing/buyer book

ABR Book Draft  

ABR listing/buyer book