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How To Set Up A Digital Video Recorder For A Security System Installing digital video recorders around establishments and homes is one way of securing your establishments and homes against unauthorized entries and burglaries. Some people even hire the services of electricians or installation specialists to install these video recorders but most people just perform a do-it-yourself process in installing these videos to save on money. The DVR features The DVR is an electronic device that uses a software that records a video footage in a digital form. The video footage is then stored and saved in a storage device such USB or a computer hard drive. The distinctive feature of a digital video recorder is its ability to record video footages in compressed file for maximum storage. The DVR has many use, it is used by people to record TV shows. Lately however, DVR is gaining popularity as a security device. More and more business establishment owners and homeowners are installing DVRs for security purposes. Here are some steps to follow in setting up a DVR: 1. Look for the best location to install the DVR. Usually, these are locations in the house or establishments that are possible targets of burglars of thieves or those places that attract unwanted attention like garage door openings or windows. Preferably, install the DVR security cameras in places where it is hard to reach like the ceiling joints. 2. The next step is to figure out the wiring connection of the DVR camera. It is recommended that you use industry standard, RG59 Siamese cables because these are generic wires that are used in CCTV and DVR installations. The manual of the DVR usually gives a detailed instructions as to what wire connects to what. Best follow the instructional guides to accurately know the connection of each fire. 3. After determining how the wiring connection works, you have to ascertain which part of the house or establishment would be the best point of entrance for the wires coming from the outside. Some prefer one direction to which the wires will enter to in order to have that steady wiring flow that would connect to that main DVR and monitor station. 4. Setting up the main DVR and monitor station should be strategically placed in an area that is convenient to the overall wiring system of the DVR. This should be a place that is not accessible to children or office staffs. 5. While setting up the DVR recorders and the main monitoring station, you should simultaneously consider the location of the power plugs for these devices. You can either install separate power sockets to supply to each DVR or you can install a power supply box and plug for these devices; in effect you only have one line of power supply for all the devices, from the DVR security cameras to the main monitoring system. 6. The last step in this process is the installation of a monitor to the main DVR monitoring device for larger viewing of the footages captured by the DVR

How to set up a digital video recorder for a security system supercircuits s70  

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