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The Kilmainham Times Wednesday, 8th of January


Ryanair jobs boost in Dublin and Shannon

Nine new flight routes included in announcement by Amelia Arkins

iPhone thief jailed “Speaking at an event is like sex, always nervous at first....” Chartered Accountants Ireland Leinster Society hosted an event in the Gate Room of the Shelbourne Hotel for the ever outspoken Michael O’Leary. In the fifteen minute speech O’Leary announced nine new routes across Europe, as well as creating an estimating 300 new jobs. The jobs which are dispersed between Dublin and Shannon airport includes positions in customer service, sales, piloting and engineers See page 2 O’Leary announces new routes and jobs yesterday at Chartered Accountants Ireland event yesterday

A thief who stole a woman’s iPhone on a park bench has been jailed for four months. Aaron Ryan (23) fatherof-two from Summerhill Dublin 1 was under severe pressure to pay a drug debt when he snatched the phone. Ryan stealing the iPhone 5 in August and damaging it by trying to throw it in a river. The defendant was seen running down towards the Ballybough direction and was seen by Garda Sheng Ke who ordered him to stop. Ryan failed to do so; the court told how he had 62 previous convictions. Ryan contested his charges before changing the plea to guilty. Judge Malone said the victim had not had to give evidence, but she also took into account the lateness of Ryan’s plea.

Lyons Case Deferred for new sentencing.. See more inside

O’Leary announces 300 new jobs and nine new flight routes

Lyons assault case deferred for new sentencing

By Amelia Arkins

Continued from page 4 Furthermore he announced the introduction of 175 new airplanes by September 2014. With the nine additional flights are expected to bring in an extra €700,000 passengers. Earlier this morning Enda Kenny confirmed that this announcement would directly resulting from the government scrap age of the travel tax in last month’s budget. During the summer, the number of none Irish travellers rose to 2.26 million. Among these announcements new customer care services will also be introduced within the next year. A Twitter account will be created, from November 1st quiet flights will be introduced (pre 8am and after 9pm). A big hit for the female passengers will be the introduction of a second small carry-on bag from December 1st. A reissuing of boarding passes has been cut from €70 to €15, providing you check in online. A cunning plan there from the Mullingar man O’Leary. The Ryanair website itself will get a new look in the new digital development plan. The website will be simpler to use, ‘it will takes five clicks instead of seventeen clicks’. Mobile boarding passes are being unveiled from the end of February 2014.


A new app which will attract the younger users of Ryanair is being launched from May. In summer 2014 O’Leary announced that a as yet unnamed family product aimed at families with children under the age of sixteen would be introduced. O’Leary wittily added that anyone willing to fly with his own family would encounter further discounts. Since the air tax has been introduced from the government in 2008 Ryanair has lost €7 million a fact which O’Leary is quick to blame the government.

Last month Ryanair announced eight new flights in Shannon airport which will fly as of 2014. These flights will go to Berlin, Munich, Krakow, Paris, Faro, the Canaries and Nice. New routes to Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Glasgow Prestwick and Kaunas in Lithuania were also announced. Flights to London will also be increased from sixteen flights a week to eighteen. O’Leary has also expressed a interest in increasing traffic at the airports in Kerry and Cork in the future.

By Amelia Arkins

Sex attacker Anthony Lyons will have to wait for a further ruling on a new sentence for the sexual assault on a young woman. The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre believes ‘the sentencing for rape crimes in Ireland is by and large a disgrace and something needs to be done about it’. The case adjourned at the Court of Criminal Appeal yesterday after the DPP brought a challenge to the six month sentence Lyons was given. Lyons was also ordered to pay give the victim €75,000 in compensation, but the DPP told the court the victim had not ‘elected’ to receive it yet. Lyons’ barrister argued how he and his family have suffered a ‘punitive’ level of media coverage. Statements were given yesterday by Lyons and also his three children. Apparently, because of the severity of the case, it has put a strain on his and his wife’s relationship. Lyons alleges, his three children have been ‘hounded’ by the press as a result of their fathers’ actions.

Speaking of companies which have not fared so well namely the Italian airline Alitalia, Michael O’Leary said ‘the longer the incompetent survive, the greater the opportunity for the competition’.

Lyons (52), of Griffith Avenue, Drumconda had pleaded not guilty on the sexual assault of the woman in question in the early hours of October 3rd, 2010.

The flights which Ryanair have introduced today are to Almeria, Lisbon, Bari, Basel, Bucharest, Chania, Comiso, Marrakesh and Prague. Among these flights, Almeria will fly four days a week, Lisbon also flying four days a week with Basel flying eight days a week.

During the trial, Lyons did admit to the attack – he rugby tackled the victim to the ground and physically and sexually assaulted her, this was brought on with an ‘irresistible urge’ by a mixture of alcohol, cholesterol tablets and cough syrup.


What effect did the media constantly following Lyons have as he had not been in a position to stay in Ireland and was also photographed while on holiday along with his then fifteen-year-old daughter. While in the UK, Lyons was a subject to the Sex Offenders register and a report done up by the Metropolitan Police stated that Lyons was considered a ‘low risk’.

Ellen O’Malley Dunlop of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre stated how’ I think it is terribly sad how the victim is forced to wait for another verdict from the case which is too long.’

The effect of Lyons conviction has affected him professionally and with the interest of the media it has forced Lyons to ‘reside from any front-of-house activity’. This also extended to his personal life, and he had to leave his golf club after being told his membership would be withdrawn otherwise. Patrick Sageby SC, for Lyons stated how ‘“It was a very spectacular fall from grace, a very public fall from grace with a level of publicity that has marked him almost as an outlaw in an age where such conduct seems almost mediaeval”. Caroline Biggs SC, for the Director of Public Prosecutions said the DPP viewed the assault committed by Mr Lyons as being at the higher end of the scale for such offences.

The court had to take into account seriousness and aggravating factors of the case including the time it occurred at and the level of violence involved. After hearing submissions the court adjourned the case to a later date.

Lyons leaving court yesterday afternoon after the hearing.

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