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THE WEE KE ND E R travel guide created by locals, for locals, and for those who want to support local

VOLUME 1, AUG 2016

A quarterly publication dedicated to illustrating and celebrating unique perspectives of the people and culture of St. Petersburg, Florida


Amelia Bartlett Creating the publication you hold in your hands today began when someone referered to the residents of St. Petersburg, as ‘Burgers. It didn’t sit well. There’s something far more essential, artistic, individualistic about the culture and people of this city than to be named after a bar food. Nowhere else could I imagine meeting more than twenty strangers on the internet, willing to contribute to a pipe dream. The folks who walked over from their cafe table to ask about the project, those who offered ideas and gave support; those are St Petians. St Petians are generous, open-minded, progressive, and ingenuitive. They’re kind with spunk, well-humored with a kick, and often there to help before you even ask. Having been born in this city, I thought I knew it well, but until creating this publication, I really had no idea. Anthropologically speaking, St Petian is an ethnography: a description of the culture and customs of a group of people. Each edition is meant to illustrate a single sector of that culture. Ethnologically, it’s occured to me that one needn’t be a resident of St Pete or even have lived here at one time. This travel guide was created to give everyone the opportunity to be a St Petian. To be a St Petian, one must become enculturated: to participate in and appreciate the customs of our people. It is my hope that this guide gets you started on your journey to enculturation. This printed edition of Volume 1, The Weekender, is specially released for the Zine-O-Rama art show at Black Crow Coffee Co on August 6, 2016. The Fall 2016 offical release Will be available in September, 2016. This magazine was meant to be an art project - it has evolved into a masterwork, dedicated to my roots here in St. Petersburg, Florida. This publicationed is dedicated to those who have inspired me, who work tirelessly to preserve and strengthen the local St Pete culture, and to all the St Petians who find joy in exploring and contributing to this city.

Creative Director: Amelia Bartlett Editorial Asistant: Alicia Geigel Logo Design: Leo Gomez Studio Cover Photo: Dylan Melcher Featuring: J.T. Brown Muralist: James Oleson

Copyright © 2016, Amelia Bartlett Photography Instagram: @stpetian Email: Website:




O r a wa lk with yo u r d o g, b i ke r ide, a b reat h o f f res h a i r, e t c .



Crescent Lake Park

Demens Landing

1320 5th St N, St. Petersburg, FL

201 Bayshore Dr SE, St. Petersburg, FL

Expansive, over a mile around, including banyan

Demens Landing is a great starting point for

trees, a dog park, tennis courts, and a playground.

running in and around the more southern part of

Always fellow runners, walkers, and dog trotters,

downtown St. Pete.

but never so busy that it’s uncomfortable. Start inside the island and run south to the Dali, Bonus fun: bring a frisbee or football. Better yet,

continuing on as far down as the University of

lay on the ground and watch clouds. Literally, this

South Florida, St. Petersburg waterfront for a 3+

park could be a half day event.

mile round trip.

North Shore Park

Roser Park

901 North Shore Dr NE, St Petersburg, FL

846 Roser Park Dr S, St. Petersburg, FL

You could do many miles, depending on where

Roser Park is not for the faint of heart. Reminiscent

your landmarks are. For a couple miles, start at

of old-world European backstreets, with houses

North Shore Park and run north along the water to

built right on the road line, hills, and uneven brick

22nd Avenue NE, then turn around and run back.

streets to give you a hard workout.

Double that by starting at Vinoy Park and running

The highest elevation starts at Dr. MLK St S, the

north to 23rd Avenue NE. The houses, the water,

lowest at 3rd St & 9th Ave S. Start by the water and

and the Snell Aisle views are most beautiful in the

go up Roser Park Dr for a 1-3 mile jaunt.

morning light.




Ta ke a s low wa l k t h ro u gh a c entury- es ta bli sh ed tropi c a l p ar a d i s e o f f t h e m a i n- stri p i n St Pete Sunken Gardens

Great for:

1825 4th St N, St. Petersburg, FL

• Brushing up on your nature and flower Driving down 4th Street N, you’d never photography know a place of this magnitude was hidden behind a Carrabbas. But behind tall, lush • Taking the kids out for an engaging, edfences and through a gift shop you’ll find ucational, and tiring afternoon one of the most incredible green spaces on the west coast of Florida. Bonus: attached • A walking meditation to the gardens is the Great Explorations children’s museum • Getting out of the ‘city’ (about a 5 minute Uber, if that) Enjoy the tropical plants, tree canopies, paths, expansive lawns, animals, and more • Classes related to plants such as succuFlorida-native beauty that was established lent planter workshops and seed saving more than 100 years ago.



LUNCH n er a lly d eci d e d b as e d Ge

o n t hree ca tego r i e s :




Casita Tacqueria

Love Food Central

2057 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL


2663 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL Arguably the tastiest, best priced, best

Don’t be intimidated by an all-vegan,

Though it’s billed as an Italian restau-

portioned tacos in town. St Petian Tip:

gluten free menu. Instead, rejoice that

rant, the burger in fries is one of the

Get a Casita bowl with extra (hand-

you can have a pulled pork sandwich

best in town. Soup du jour, salmon

made, in house) tortillas on the side.

made of jackfruit and entirely guiltless

salads, French Greyhounds (cham-

Five tacos for the price of three.

soft serve ice cream cookie sandwich.

pagne-based drink) for lunch, and a


Karma Juice Bar & Eatery

204 Beach Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL

variety of pasta, meat, and flat breads. 1120 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL

209 1st St NE, St. Petersburg, FL

Locale Market

179 2nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL The cuban sandwich with a hibiscus

About as California as it gets in

fresca is the obvious choice, but the

downtown St. Pete, in the best of ways.

Yes, this is also a grocery store, with

lechon plate is the heartiest, tastiest

Smoothie bowls, packed salads, with

three hot bars and a station where they

lunch meal in St Pete. They also serve

dishes for vegans and non-vegans alike.

make poke bowls and sushiritos.

fresh juice and beer.

The best part? Portions are huge so you

Fresh Kitchen

never leave hungry.

Wooden Rooster

104 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL

4447 4th St N #2, St. Petersburg, FL

Cider Press

601 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL

Created by a local group of restauranteurs, this is by far the best place to

Crepes that are fast and filling. Gluten free crepes like you’ve never seen. The

Eclectic menu that remakes dishes you

make your own lunch bowl, fast. Try the

dessert menu is so inclusive, you could

recognize by name with healthy, oft

(gluten & dairy free) almond butter rice

just eat a banana split crepe for lunch.

raw vegan alternatives in a bright, artsy

crispy treats - or don’t, if you don’t want

space in the 600 Block.

to eat the whole package in one sitting.









A di vers e rep re s e n t at i o n o f t he ‘ mi ddle ground’ between am p h i t h e at re s a nd di ve ba rs Hideaway Cafe

Jannus Live

Paper Crane

1756 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL

200 1st Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL

910 5th Ave N, St Petersburg, FL

A small, intimate listening room. The audience and the artist are very connected. It’s an vulnerable space. This isn’t a place to come to drink and talk, it’s a place to experience great songwriting.

Check the event calendar online, and you may find a show you never knew you wanted to see. It feels like you’re in a different world, a capsule.

Warehouse with a loft that people actually live in. Attached to Bloom Art Center, this eclectic music venue / artist collaboration space harnesses a different energy than most places in town.

Those who frequent here are often discerning listeners, coming for the high-caliber lyricism from the variety of artists that pass through.

It’s surrounded by bars and establishments on Central Ave & 1st St N. There’s a huge tree in the center, and with a whole crowd gathered around it, you can’t help but feel like you’re at an intimate show.

It has an authentic underground party vibe. The best kept secret just outside of downtown where folks come to collaborate as much as they do to consume great music.

Che c k Fac e b o ok



1st S a t urd ay






1s t Weekend


2 n d S at urday

ART WALK @maxgarcia




@leogomezstudio @annacooke

CONTRIBUTORS With the utmost gratitude, here are the artists who have contributed to this project. Do yourself a favor by visiting their website, following them on Instagram, and reaching out to forge new partnerships. St Pete thrives on collaboration and we are at our best when inspiring each other. Thank you contributors, readers, and St Petians. Amelia Bartlett - @ameliabartlettphotography - Leo Gomez - @leogomezstudio - Alicia Geigel - @aliciamakes - Dylan Melcher - @dylanmelcher - J.T. Brown - @jtbrownandco - Courtney Lane Kahn - @courtneylanekahn - Max Garcia - @maxgarcia - Shadow 1188 - @shadow1188 - Nina Grace - @ninagracee - Jason Moale - @the_infader - Erica Spitzley - @espitz - Holly Postler - @hollypostler - Tony Palermo - @thebigtoeproductiondiary - Anna Cooke - @annacooke - Will Braciak - @williamhbraciak - Amy Lamb - @nativehousephotography - Hannah Reeves - - Brendan Ragan - @brendanraganphoto - Caroline & Evan Smith - @carolineandevan - Tami Kheen - @tamikheen - Emily Upham - @emill_upham - Hanh N - @hanh_nn - Jen Jacobs - @lifeisaredcarpet & @wanderingwhisk - Emily Nickell - @em1l33 - Tampa Style Magazine - @tampastylemag - Gloria Pastrana - @thenativehummingbird - Cortney Roquemore - @cortsworld_1 - Brian Williams - @chedda_b - Mike Psaledakis - @mike_psaledakis - Alix Emery - @yogini.gnome - SHINE St Pete Mural Festival - @shineonstpete - Skyler June - @skylerjune - Make Me Studio - @makemestudio - Mitzi Gordon - @havebookswilltravel - James Schultz - @schul1ja - Sundial St Pete - @sundialstpete - Ella Jet - @ellajetmusic - Killian Berry - @killian_berry - Dan Kahn - @dankahn Tampa Bay Live - @tampabaylive Kindall Edwards - @kinwards Angela Nguyen - @_angela_nguyen_ Baily Fox - @yungbail_ Cassidy Brooke - @ilayew Rachel - @prizzzyp

Ways to Support Local • Spend your dollars locally • Earn your dollars locally • Choose locally-grown produce when available • Buy from makers, artisans, and curators at markets • Invest in local start-ups • Attend community events • Participate in community-development discussions and activities • Vote in local elections • Leave positive reviews, call management directly with criticisms • Share your skills and interests with the community through creativity, business, and activism • Do your part to keep our city clean • Geotag and hashtag your local photos • Give back to local organizations • Explore your city on foot or by bike How do you support local?

St Petian, Volume 1: The Weekender - Preview  

Preview of the first volume of St Petian, an ad-free, locally curated travel guide to St Petersburg, FL

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