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2016 Annual Report

Mahila means woman in Nepalese

In the news:

Hurricane Matthew

October 4, 2016

Raised: $3,473 The Mahila Partnership Board of Directors responded immediately, fundraising for recovery within the first 24 hours. With our partner on-the-ground, Haiti Projects, we were able to positively impact the response and recovery for hundreds in Fond des Blancs, Haiti: ~ The women we sponsor made 300 additional pads to provide to affected women and girls ~ We financially assisted 13 Artisanat employees to repair their homes ~ We co-created a micro-grant program to help women replace livestock and other items lost in the storm ~ Delivered aquatabs and tarps to affected families

More than

$12,000 raised by Mahila Partnership supporterhosted fundraisers and virtual campaigns

As a grassroots organization, our funding model is simple: Donor dollars go directly to disaster response, project costs, and program expenses. Capital sponsorships and corporation contributions cover administrative and operating costs. In 2016, we brought on our first paid staff member, after which we saw an increase in fundraising success, virtual community building, and internal administrative efficacy.

In 2016

32% $25.2k 100% Donor contributions went to natural disaster response. 68% went to sustainable development initiatives.

Approximate corporate contribution support to cover all administrative employee, fees and subscriptions, and operational expenses.

Donor dollars go directly to projects, including funds from fundraisers, direct contributions, and re-occuring gifts.


is the head sewer at the Artisanat in Fond des Blanc, Haiti. In this photo, she is counting sanitary pads handmade by the women of the Artisanat. They earn their wages based on per-piece craftsmanship. Their earnings come in US Dollars, which are a more stable currency than Haiti Gourdes. *** Prior to launching the flagship Health & Hygiene project in 2014, we learned that women either spend the equivalent of their monthly income to purchase a package of traditional, disposable sanitary pads in the market or buy dirty, old t-shirts in bulk that they use to absorb blood. In 2016, we educated 110+ women about how their bodies work and how to manage their periods safely. In partnership with the Haiti Projects sewing cooperative, we employ nearly 100 Haitian women who sew reusable, washable sanitary pads that are distributed through a mobile clinic with accompanying health and hygiene education to women in rural communities near Fond des Blanc.


Women employed in

Fond des Blanc, Haiti

Nepali girls sew their own sanitary pads while learning about feminine health and hygiene! With partner Eco Organic Nepal, we initiated the second Mahila health & hygiene project, named the Eco-Sanitary Program. Students at Kathmandu University spent the second half of 2016 acquiring materials such as sewing machines and fabric, developing the training programs, and putting the finishing touches on the feminine health education.

Our Team Angela Devlen

Julie Morrill

Theresa Schimmels

Audra Grassia

President & Co-Founder

Board Member, Medical Advisor

Vice President & Co-Founder

Chair, Fundraising Committee

Mari Partyka

Board Member, Secretary

Amelia Bartlett Chief of Staff

Mahila Partnership One International Place Suite 1400 Boston, MA Š 2016

Mahila Partnership 2016 Annual report  
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