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Mahila Partnership Reporting January, 2017

In January 2017, we implemented the first Mahila Partnership Marketing Reporting project. Across our social media platforms, we connected analytics gathering applications and monitored activity throughout the month to inform the eventual first quarter Community Building report. Gathering this information monthly and quarterly will allow us to tailor our investments in community building, choose more fitting methods of outreach, and ultimately provide our audience with content that benefits them the most. What this is not is an ROI report. As we build our community, our focus is less on return and more on growth and information gathering. The more we get to know our audience, the more we can provide for them. When we are in a place of providing the most valuable content and tailored experience, the returns that we aim for: donations, awareness, engagement, will follow naturally. This month there will not be comparisons to prior data. February analytics will show comparison between then and now.

Instagram Definitions to know: • • • •

Instagram Algorithm:

Impressions: The number of times the post is seen. Reach: The number of unique accounts who saw the post. Engagement: Likes + comments per post. Follower: Individual connected to our account so that our posts show up in their individual “feed”. It is not guaranteed, however, that they will see our post, even if it is posted at the time they are online, according to the algorithm. Like: Someone “likes” a photo on Instagram, thereby validating it and adding weight to its value.


Similar to the complicated Facebook news feed algorithm, the Instagram feed will rank your posts higher in your Followers’ feeds based on: • • •

Timing: How recently your photo/video has been shared. Engagement: The amount of likes and comments your post generated. Previous interactions: How often the person interacted with your posts in the past.

Followers: 266 (+ > 100)

Total Posts: 29

Total Likes: 754

Average likes per post: 26

Average comments per post: 2

Total Comments: 57

Top Posts By impressions & reach

Subject: Woman, our partner Sabita. Description: tells a story. Post time: 9pm. Color scheme: Neutral, blue. Total impressions: 223 Total reach: 141 Total engagement: 46

Subject: Woman, model. Description: Event announcement. Post time: 9:30am. Color scheme: Neutral, blue, fuchsia.

Subject: Woman and child, seemingly foreign. Description: Our program, sponsor a woman. Post time: 12:30am. Color scheme: Green, bright orange and pink.

Total impressions: 221 Total reach: 135 Total engagement: 20

Total impressions: 198 Total reach: 122 Total engagement: 36

Preliminary analysis: Our impressions and reach are governed by the Instagram algorithm, which shows that it’s favoring our posts of women most. The contrasting color schemes of neutral with a pop of color show up in the top performing posts across the board. Additionally, it’s been less about what time a post is made and what the description contains, but what the actual content of the image is. The stock model wearing our tee shirt was shown to more people than just about any other post this month. The algorithm prioritizes posts that will be interesting to the masses who are engaging with posts that are similar to ours. Additionally, our account is in the preliminary growth stage, meaning that posts toward the end of the month naturally have more engagement due to the fact that each post we make shows a significant percentage increase in engagement overall for our account. As we gain more engagement overall, the percentage change per post will decrease and we’ll have a more accurate content-bias analysis of what is most effective for the Instagram algorithm.

By engagement:

Subject: Girls, clearly foreign/indigenous. Description: Inspirational/event. Post time: 12pm. Color scheme: Neutral, teal. Total impressions: 181 Total reach: 113 Total engagement: 51

Subject: Reposted poem with illustrations. Description: Our work, sponsor a woman. Post time: 1:45pm. Color scheme: White with black.

Subject: Woman, clearly foreign/indigenous. Description: Our work, event. Post time: 4:45pm. Color scheme: Neutral with fuchsia, blue. Total impressions: 111

Total impressions: 167

Total reach: 76

Total reach: 111

Total engagement: 40

Total engagement: 40

Preliminary Analysis: Engagement is based entirely on users, and the amount of users than have the potential to engage is dependent on our follower basis and the Instagram algorithm. We are currently unable to determine whether an engaged user is connected to us via following, but there is a discrepancy between highest engagement and highest impression/reach rate. The photo of Sabita is the second highest-engaged photo, and was already noted as the highest engaged post of January. The discrepancy shows that engaged users prefer more ‘authentic’ photos and posts. While a majority of the comments we’re receiving are auto-engaged posts, the weight that their engagement gives help our post show up more in our followers’ feeds. This is an important distinction as we curate our future posts, subject matter, and field-oriented media gathering.


Conversions are the foundation of return-on-investment in marketing. By following the paths our community takes from their first point of engagement to our desired end result, we can tailor that pathway to be easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately more effective for our outlined goals. Potential Pathways: The highest level of return comes from link activity: Donation, event engagement, ticket purchase, download, blog view, sign-up • • • • • • • • •

Impression  Engagement Impression  Reach Impression  Engagement  Follow Like  Profile view  Follow Profile view  Follow Profile view  Link activity Profile view  Private message External link  Profile view  Link activity Auto-engagement  Profile view  Link click  Completion of link activity

In our current conversion calculation capabilities through the establish analytic reporting applications, we are only able to track conversions weekly. In February, we will track these conversions weekly to ensure the monthly report is comprehensive. This month, only the final week of January is available for analysis. Week of January 24 – 31 Impression  Reach: 18.75% Reach  Engagement: 68.68% Profile views  Link clicks: 2.15% What we will watch for next month: During the process of preliminary analytics analysis, it’s come to my attention that to accurately track these conversions, there will be both an interaction between many other sources of data as well as the necessity to track more information: • • • •

Follower increase by day, week, month Post engagement with description directing a link-click and link-clicks related Ratio of change in engagement between full-links and bit-links (appearance – engagement) How much time I spend directly on Instagram

Instagress Instagress is the auto-engagement application we used to stay connected with our audience and grow our community through targeted, curated engagement based on parameters. The parameters set include hashtags, locations, types of accounts, and piggy-back accounts in which we engage with their followers because they provide similar content and value as Mahila Partnership. What we’ve seen in this first month of auto-engagement is that by utilizing Instagress between midnight – 6am EST, the first Instagram check of the morning shows a high volume of engagement back with our profile in the form of liking our comments, commenting back, and following us. Total engagements for January Likes: 4690

Comments: 1251

Followers gained: 178

In February, by tracking the Instagress engagement per day, we can better understand the relationship between our auto-engagement, our increase in engagement with our profile, and what direct impact that is having on our audience pathways and conversion rates.

Facebook Group The Mahila Partnership Facebook Group re-enacted on Nov 22, 2016. Angela Devlen, Julie Morrill, Amelia Bartlett, Mari Partyka, and Theresa Schimmels added individuals from their network within the first few days of group activity. The group is primarily the space for communication, article sharing, and interpersonal relationship building. Our intent to build community in 2017 is built on the foundation that the Facebook group is a place for our followers/audience to get to know us so we can connect Mahila Partnership’s purpose on a deeper level. Pre-2017 Activity Total board and staff members: 9 Members added by board and staff: 119 Membership requests: 2 Posts: 27

Made by admins: 21

Made by members: 6

Program-related: 5

Personal/Conversational: 8

Post types Article: 8

January 2017 Activity Total members: 150

Promo: 5

Total invites remaining to join: 54 Members added by board and staff: 2 Membership requests: 1 Members added by members: 3 Posts: 10

Made by admins: 10

Made by members: 10

Program-related: 0

Personal/Conversational: 3

Post types Article: 1

Promo: 6

Highest Engagement Posts

This post has 17 comment-interactions, only 30% of which are board members. This is the highest seen and highest performing post in the Facebook group. It’s personal, visual, a great story, calls out members of the team, and was pinned for a short time during the month of December.

Our second highest performing post, seen by many, and is a personal/promotional post for our volunteer applications. There is quite a long description and the engagement is high in relation.

Mari’s posts are on the higher end of engagement in the group, however the majority of the interaction with our team.

Recommendations Throughout the group, the highest performing posts with our community (not our board members) are personal photo-based based with stories or updates from the team. Individuals “like” impersonal images, articles, and word-based personal posts, but it’s as if folks are involved in this group to stay up to date with Angela and Julie and their endeavors with Mahila Partnership. General participation has decreased through January and was higher in December when we were posting a variety of types of content, keeping our community engaged on many topics – one may interest them, three may not, but they are still keeping the group closer to the top of their mind. I recommend we put together a short list of “discussions” we’d like to see, connections we’d like to make, awareness we’d like to share, and value we’d like to provide to the Facebook group. This will guide how often, when, and what we post to build momentum outside our board participants.

Facebook Page Our increased focus on Instagram prompted the decrease in focus entirely on the Facebook page for the first quarter of 2017. The Facebook page is fed automatically from Instagram and was not previously a large source of traffic or conversion for our initiatives. Still, engagement continues with the auto-fed content and the rich analytics from inside Facebook provide insight on how our already established community values our posts. Page views: 54 (+206%) Page likes: 10 (+67%) Combined post reach: 2908 (+148%) Post engagements: 639 (+100%) Future Scheduled Engagement While it’s been very hands-off to Facebook, adding a weekly direct share of either a campaign we’re running, the volunteer application, a new blog or update to the website, or our newsletter sign up could bolster our engagement overall. Upon producing the videos planned for the next three months, sharing videos directly to YouTube AND to Facebook will ensure we keep our YouTube audience (and can repost those to Facebook later), and will ensure we are taking advantage of the “auto-play” function prioritized for videos uploaded directly.

Top Posts

Analysis Promotional post made directly to the page from Nov 2017 that is worth noting as our most engaged post on Facebook (aside from the promoted post), featuring a photo from the field, a link to our Volunteer Application, and a board member testimonial from co-founder Julie Morrill. This post was shared and received its primary engagement on shared posts (via personal profiles). Notable, this photo has a large number of “other clicks”, which includes clicking “see more”, from which we can infer that those who did engage with this post were interested in reading the personal anecdote in the description. Engagement percentage: 15.5%

Analysis Auto-fed Instagram post from Dec 31, but worth noting that it is still the second-most community-resonated photo for Mahila Partnership. The color scheme is a deeper brown with muted pastels, subject matter being more symbolic as it is simply a beautiful photo of spools of thread, meant to represent our connection to sewing. This post also tags our partner, Haiti Projects, and includes one hashtag: #sustainable Engagement percentage: 7%

Analysis Auto-fed Instagram post with a short description featuring a photo from the field, posted at 9:30pm. This is the most engaged post of January, 2017. We are unable to see who shared the photo but it received almost entirely all of its engagement on the shared posts. The color scheme is a muted green and brown but the subject matter shows a direct location where our work is coming to fruition. A notable happening is that this photo promoted 23 “other clicks�, which includes page views, meaning this photo primarily drove traffic to our page, most likely from the shares to someone’s personal page. Engagement percentage: 10%

Preliminary Conclusion A majority of our engagement of the Facebook page is coming from individuals reposting posts to their personal pages. This prompts those who engage with the posts via the shared version to view our profile or engage when they are not otherwise connected to us. Focusing more on creating and sharing content that is “sharable” may drive traffic to our page, links, and ultimately increase our conversion rates. Additionally, posts with longer descriptions are garnering a higher rate of engagement, potentially due to the “curiosity” of what lies beyond the Read More button, whose clicks are tracked in the “other clicks” section. Promoted Post Run Now, Wine Later EventBrite Ticket Link Reach: 821

Engagement: 18

Engagement percentage: 2.7%

Link clicks: 3

Shares: 1

Dollars spent: $20.00

Tickets bought as a result: 0

Preliminary conclusion While promoting the post created higher engagement that our other posts, this engagement was mainly due to the higher number of impressions and reach (times the post appeared and unique individuals that saw the post). The percentage rate of engagement to reach is lower than non-promoted posts, as the reach is inflated but the engagement remains the same. It may be pertinent to, when deciding to boost posts, choose a post-link image that is more “engaging” (informed by other post analysis) with a description that prompts further engagement.

EventBrite Run Now, Wine Later Primary traffic-to-purchase driver: Facebook sharing + Facebook event Women’s Wellness Workshop Primary traffic-to-purchase driver: Facebook event This event has a diverse range of traffic sources, mainly from inside of EventBrite’s event search. This search platform could be leveraged for future events.

Crowdrise No donations this month.

In the future, a new Google Analytics property ID will be created for each Crowdrise campaign in order to track traffic, demographics, and user flow. This will inform how and where we market the campaign, what we design the content, and how we craft the language used, based on our reported audience.

Website Analytics Using Google Analytics The Mahila Partnership website currently receives the majority of its traffic from direct-link usage, with organic search second and social third. Traffic Overview: Users: 199

Page views: 452 (avg 2.27)

New users: 156

Avg session: 1:25

Page views: 318 (avg 2.07)

Bounce rate: 61%

Avg session: 1:02

Bounce rate: 68%

Typical user flow: Home page  About page  (typically have bounced) Projects page  Stories (only 4 made it this far in January) Fascinating to note: only 26% of our traffic from Facebook is from new users. The remainder of our traffic comes from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, MP Newsletter, Haiti Projects, and Bing – in that order. Recommendations If we were to make one update to the website in the month of February, it would be to the about page. The majority of all users goes straight to the about page, which currently contains a large header image the user must scroll down below to reveal approximately five lines of content without a call to action, the description of our work or our team. We could better leverage this as a “landing page” to hook users into engaging with the rest of the website based on the audience value data gathered from their diverse engagement across our platforms.

Blog Tuesdays show the highest web traffic by volume. The highest performing blog is Mari’s Run Now, Wine Later post, which received 21 views. The majority of the other blogs on the website have not be viewed once, or were viewed only once last year.

Mailchimp Mahila Partnership sends an average of 3 newsletters per month, not including the Blog-toRSS automatic campaign, triggered by the post or edit of a blog. Subscribers: 297

Unsubscribes: 39

Avg open rate: 26% Avg click rate: 1%

As our list grows, the percentages will decrease as the discrepancies will be larger. However, diagnosing the issue with the blog-to-RSS campaign may help with click-through, as well as reevaluating past newsletter layouts and content, which provided a higher click-through rate, to optimize our current communication.

Mahila Partnership January Marketing Analytics  
Mahila Partnership January Marketing Analytics