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Mahila Partnership Communications Plan A 90-day overarching strategy for building virtual community, streamlining outward communication, and fostering an engaged donor network

In 2017, Mahila Partnership will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary. Our primary efforts in virtual community building will be focused on creating, sharing, and perpetuating valuable content for our target audience. We will be hosting a variety of in-person and virtual events, including on-going fundraiser events like the Virtual Book Club and the Sponsor a Woman campaign. While each event will have their respective messaging and branding, the cohesive messaging of Sponsor a Woman will be at the forefront of our communications. What it means to Sponsor a Woman By sponsoring a woman through Mahila Partnership 2017 campaign, you are providing one woman with menstrual health and hygiene education, supplies, and support for an entire calendar year. Women in the communities we serve: Nepal, Haiti, and India, are often plagued by misinformation about their bodies, their health, and their power. We aim to empower women through investments in sustainable development, culturally appropriate health services, and disaster risk reduction initiatives. When you invest in one woman, you change the trajectory for generations to come.

Social Media Focus

For the first third of 2017, we will focus our efforts on building the Facebook group to be a daily audience engagement platform; investing in our Instagram audience to contain conversational and click-through converting followers; utilizing YouTube to produce short, multi-purpose videos that illustrate our purpose, our projects, and the people we serve; and employing automated engagement, scheduling, and metrics-tracking programs to monitor the impact of our fundraiser and event-specific campaign content. In between campaign content, our messaging will be highly focused on what the impact in ‘one woman’ can be through the lens of our programs and our ongoing Photojournalism project with our partners.

2017 Social Media Strategy January December 2016 was spent creating a more visually appealing grid, by Instagram standards. We will continue omitting the use of hashtags for visibility and instead learn the fine-tuned components of the Instagram algorithm. In January, we will be promoting the Virtual Fun Run, introducing our Team prior to the Feb 17 – 20 board retreat, and continuing to use attractive, illustrative visuals to outline our work. We’ll also be threading the Sponsor a Woman messaging and women-based messaging through the majority of the posts. Follow-up January 2017 established a full-month of grid strategy, auto-engagement, and data recording. We grew our following by more than 150 people and touched on topics such as: Sponsor a Woman campaign, Virtual Fun Run event, Women’s Wellness Workshop event and fundraiser, Sabita our Partner, Team Members: Mari, Angela, and the Board; Wildflowers100, Nepal Eco-Organic Agriculture, Haiti Beekeeping, An Investment in One Woman, Tee shirts, Girls, Sanitary Pads, Quotes & Poems, and Cultural Adherence. The top performing posts featured clear face-forward portraits of women and girls, plants, and poetry and reposts from popular accounts. Flowers, muted color scheme with pops of color, and photos from the field

February This is going to be a busy month. It’s less pertinent to plan every day (aside from the days that can be illustrated by stock/field), but to know ahead of time what MESSAGING we are intent to share. Key Dates: • • • • •

Feb 11 – Women’s Wellness Workshop Feb 17 – Arrive at Board Retreat Feb 18 – Run Now, Wine Later Feb 19 – Tea Party fundraiser Feb 20 – Team leaves for Nepal

Subjects: • • • • • •

Sponsor a Woman Events Board Retreat Team Intros Fundraiser outcomes Nepal Travel

• • •

Wildflowers100 Newsletter/update – Haiti International Women’s Day, coming up March 8 #BeBoldforChange

Hashtags, just in case: #BeBoldforChange




#TheFutureisFemale #RunNowWineLater #Sustainable #VirtualRun #Wildflowers100

Instagram The Mahila Partnership Instagram currently feeds to Facebook and Twitter automatically, with the option for a link in the bio to either our website, current campaign, or latest blog post, as well as powerful audience analytics and review capabilities. How we engage: Instagram Analytics: • • • •

Impressions: Time our posts appeared to an Instagram user (Feed, Discovery, Hashtag or Geotag search) Reach: How many profiles received our post in their feed Profile Views: How many times someone clicked through a post or a notification from our engagement with their profile to view our profile Website Click: Amount of click-throughs on our ‘Link in Bio’

Hootsuite Content Scheduling: • •

Schedule up to one month in advance, including photo or video – caption – hashtags – at-tags (profiles) Receive notification on mobile when it’s time to post, making it a 30-second activity to open in the Instargam app, paste the caption, select the ‘push’ shares (Facebook and Twitter), add a geolocation, and post Monitor hashtags relating to Mahila Partnership target audiences

Instagress Targeted Auto-Engagement: • • • •

Targeted likes and comments based on: Hashtags Those whom we follow The individuals followed by those we follow

• • •

Profiles that mention us Profiles that follow us Scheduled to happen between 12AM – 5AM

Targeted auto-engagement puts our profile in the notifications (HEART icon in the Instagram app navigation) and encourages them to like our comment, click through to our profile, at-tag us in a thank you, and follow us. Facebook

Mahila Partnership Facebook Group: A place for our audience to engage in information, valuable, nurturing conversation with likeminded individuals who mutually support Mahila Partnership.

Virtual 5 – 10k Fun Run: • • • • • • • • • •

Share and pin-to-top EventBrite ticket link Add participants to the group and encourage them via email to introduce themselves Share 5 – 10k running plan download link Share Timeline Photo download for participants to promote involvement Post related blog post written by Founder, Angela Devlen Repost photos by participants before, during, and after the event Share amount raised Share top times Post raffle prize photos Share raffle prize winners

Virtual Book Club: • • • • • • • • • • •

Share and pin-to-top ticket/subscription link Post book list as graphic Share AmazonSmile link to purchase books Share graphic of where subscription fee goes Link to web-page describing book club Share event date for Author Chat Introduce discussion leaders via image post Post weekly discussion topics and engage in conversation Repost shared photos from participants Share quote graphics from book or from discussions Post supplemental reading as articles or Mahila blog post(s)

Mahila Partnership Facebook Page: An outward communication avenue for sharing updates to our organization, projects, brand, and mission. Also a place for creating and hosting Events, sharing new blog posts, promoting campaigns, highlighting partners, and • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Create Events which link to EventBrite tickets/campaigns, the Virtual Book Club discussions or chats, physical fundraisers, and web-chats with founders Share new blog posts and posts in which Mahila is featured Provide updates on branding, website changes, and new opportunities to get involved with Mahila Partnership Share Volunteer and Board Member application Introduce Founders, Board Members, and Staff Promote current campaigns and events Highlight partners Share new media from partners or created by Mahila Partnership team Promote Facebook group, Instagram, Twitter, and MailChimp newsletter Receive pushed posts from Instagram Feed posts to Twitter Auto-post email newsletters after scheduled send Publish downloadable quarterly reports, potentially via Issuu

MailChimp Email Newsletter With the internal integrity analysis of our current list, the subscribers remaining will be the platform from email newsletter communication. On a bi-weekly basis, subscribers will receive any combination of the following: • • • • • •

Updates from our projects in Haiti, Nepal, or India Release of campaigns, events, or opportunities for engagement Recap of dollars raised, event media, or closure of campaign Promote our Facebook group Share open Volunteer or Board positions Direct RSS subscription feed

YouTube: Mahila Partnership is developing a collection of videos for 2017, with the first third of the year seeing the potential for: • • •

Origin Story Re-worked Mahila Musings: Nepal into a single video 30 – 60-minute special with Founder, Angela Devlen

These videos will be sampled down to < 60 second previews to be used on Instagram for promotion.

Google Analytics: While Google Analytics is not a social media platform, it is a power web traffic tracking platform that provides metrics relating to website views and engagement. Google Analytics can provide: • • • • •

Page views Traffic referral locations (where the views link from) Length of time spent on website Number of pages visited Demographic breakdown of engagement

Twitter: Twitter is currently auto-fed from Facebook and Instagram. No further engagement will be implemented in the first third of 2017.

Mahila Partnership SMART Social Media Goals Goals specifically set from Dec 2016 – end of Mar 2017. Upon completion, we will review and report results.

Objectives Specific





Increase engagement

Increase an average of 10 likes per social media post

Social media coordinator will spearhead it

It is directly related to the businesses brand awareness

December 20 – end of March 2017

Increase event views

50 event purchases for Virtual Run Board members and team will promote, alongside scheduled content posting

These dollars go directly to our programs

Jan 1 – Feb 18

Increase group conversation engagement

Receive five unique commenters per discussion post

We will have designated discussion hosts

Increase in conversation fosters virtual community

Dec 2016 – end of Mar 2017

Increase post engagement

Average 30 likes and 5 comments per post

Posts will be scheduled daily to Engagement fosters virtual support current projects and community specific campaigns

Dec 2016 – end of Mar 2017

Increase clickthrough of link-inbio

Average 25% increase per week

We will be regularly updating and highlighting through posts our link-in-bio

Driving traffic to our links promotes potential donations and subscriptions

Dec 2016 – end of Mar 2017

Grow following to 350 followers

Add 232 followers in the next three months

Auto-engagement and crosspromotion drive traffic right to our profile, where following is obvious

More followers equate to greater engagement and weight in personal feeds

Dec 2016 – end of Mar 2017

Facebook 10 Likes per post

50 Tickets sold

5 Comments per post

Instagram 30 Likes / 5 Comments per post 25 % Increase weekly

232 Followers in three months

Blog + MailChimp 30 Views per post

5 Subscribers per post Increase from 1% - 15% in three months

Increase blog traffic

Average 30 page views per blog in the first week

Blogs will be shared on all social media and email newsletter

Higher page views promote our message to a larger audience

Dec 2016 – end of Mar 2017

Increase newsletter subscriptions

Average 5 subscribers per blog

Subscribe ribbon will be present on website, blog page, and individual blog posts

Direct access to our audiences’ inboxes increases the potential for conversion

Dec 2016 – end of Mar 2017

Increase newsletter click-throughs

Average 15% click-through rate

Call-to-action buttons in each newsletter will lead audiences to mutually valuable content

More click-throughs to our website or social media increase donor conversions

Dec 2016 – end of Mar 2017

Increase overall donation collection

Raise $1000 through combined campaigns and increase in social activity by end f Mar 2017

Direct links to easy donation options will be distributed across social media with varied strategic placement

Platform-wide experimentation provides data as to the best conversion tactics for donations

Dec 2016 – Mar 2017

Crowdrise Raise $1,000

Execution Plan Activities to be taken within the social media coordination department to accomplish SMART goals

SMART Social Media Activities 1. Post daily to Instagram about: Projects, Progress, Past, Campaigns, Stories, Organizational Efforts, Involvement, Posts, Events, and People 2. Utilize auto-engagement for Instagram based on defined parameters focused on: Nonprofits, Menstrual Health & Hygiene, Women & Girls, Countries, Disasters, and Agriculture 3. Push all Instagram posts to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr via Instagram posting interface 4. Schedule Instagram posts two weeks in advance (14 – 16 posts) using HootSuite 5. Send Friday social media reporting updates to team 6. Designate ‘Discussion Host’ for Facebook group once weekly for topic from Themes/Questions list 7. Distribution direct donation landing page links across all social media in 1 – 3 locations 8. Change link in Instagram bio once weekly and highlight through post 9. Follow-up with Instagram link change with supplemental Facebook post 10. Add newsletter sign-up ribbon and/or form across website and social media platforms 11. Create bi-monthly Country Update newsletters for Haiti and Nepal (implement India when appropriate) 12. Write one blog about each upcoming campaign and post to Instagram, Facebook, and Newsletter 13. Encourage board members to create two Mahila Partnership social media posts and/or shares per month 14. Conduct monthly Google, Instagram, MailChimp, and Facebook analytics audits 15. Place call-to-action buttons in every newsletter and track click-throughs

Mahila Partnership Communications Plan 1Q17